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Martini was a naval officer who worked with Gelimer and his Black Heaven Project. 

50 years before the events of
NPC Admiral Martini
Black Heaven, Irvin questioned Gelimer and Martini about their use of human experiments.

Martini said that it is worth in order to keep their people warm. When Gelimer was constructing the Black Heaven, he required more coolant. He took to Rien to harvest their ice, which would cause issues in their climate. He needed someone to watch over the Rien operation so he told Martini to do it. Martini obliged due to his declining health. When an adventurer tries to stop the Rien operation, Martini laments over how death is inevitable and that the cold grip of death eases him. He orders his troops to destroy all evidence of their time in Riena.

Towards to end, Martini was seen in a gas-filled Gelimer's Lab on the Black Heaven. Athena Pierce quickly told him to put a gas mask on but he said he is ready to accept his death. He begins to look back on his life and how he lived a life of regret. He then passes.


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