The birth of an Alliance

The Maple Alliance refers to the alliance formed between the Explorers, the Cygnus Knights, the Resistance, and the Heroes formed by Empress Cygnus to prepare for the oncoming threat of the Black Mage. The Alliance later expanded to include the Nova, several champions of Grandis, Kinesis, Zero, and the Temple Keepers. In overseas content, the Alliance also includes the Sengoku warriors, Jett, Chase, and Mo Xuan. The Alliance takes action directly several times in major events such as Black Heaven and the final battle in Tenebris.

The Alliance was introduced during the Advance of the Union update. Every character who is a part of the Alliance receives the medal A Member of The Maple Alliance, which is proof that they're part of the Alliance, and a skill, Will of the Alliance.


Birth of an Alliance

Shortly after the Black Mage's return, Lucid was recruited as a Commander and was tasked with creating a false illusion in the Gate to the Future. Cygnus was troubled that the people of Maple World were losing her trust in her leadership as the rift between the Resistance and the Cygnus Knights widened and the Black Mage's return threatened the world. Upon learning of rumors that the Cygnus Knights were fated to betray Maple World, Cygnus sent her Knights to investigate the Temple of Time. Shocked by the future that awaited them, Cygnus wondered what she could do to regain the trust of the people. She then asked Neinheart to arrange a royal meeting between herself and Mercedes. At the meeting, Cygnus asked Mercedes for her counsel, not only as a fellow royal, but also as one who had once faced the Black Mage. She told Mercedes that she had been recently plagued by nightmares, and that she had come to realize that the Cygnus Knights couldn’t defeat the Black Mage alone. However, she also realized that they would be unstoppable if the rest of Maple World stood alongside them. Because of this, she was planning on creating a worldwide alliance and asked Mercedes for her opinion. Mercedes confessed that it would be difficult to accomplish if the people of Maple World couldn’t look past their differences. However, she told Cygnus that despite it being difficult, it was what Maple World needed. She explained how centuries ago, she had watched Maple World fall to ruin because its people couldn’t look past their own selfish needs. In the present, however, she believed that Cygnus could bring about a new era of strength to defeat the Black Mage, and so she supported Cygnus’ decision. Cygnus thanked Mercedes for her insight and invited her to the upcoming conference she was planning to host. Soon after, she learned that Luminous was active in Maple World and summoned him to Ereve, where she invited him to join her conference.

Neinheart then sent several Knights to contact the major world leaders. He sent the first Knight to Athena Pierce, hoping that her personal experience of the Black Mage's tyranny would help her see the necessity of the conference. Athena readily agreed to join the conference and sent one of her Explorers to send her confirmation. A second Knight met Claudine in Edelstein and delivered the invite to her. Claudine was unsure of what to do, as she wondered whether Vita's death could have been averted if she had accepted the Cygnus Knights' help. She sent a Resistance member who was close to Vita to investigate Gelimer's role in her death, after which the Resistance member reported back that Vita was an experiment that Gelimer had created at the behest of Orchid, the founder of the Black Wings and a Commander. Realizing that their enemy was much larger than they had believed, the Resistance agreed to attend the conference. Claudine also reached out to the Demon and Xenon and asked them to join. Meanwhile, a final Knight delivered an invitation for Aran to Lilin. Lilin told them that Aran would be there and later summoned Aran to Rien, where she excitedly explained that the invitation was recognition that Aran was truly one of the Heroes.

After receiving unanimous confirmations, the First Continental Conference took place and the Maple Alliance was officially created.

Twilight Perion

With the creation of the Alliance, the Black Mage ordered Lucid to create yet another illusion to spread distrust amongst its members. Lucid then expanded her illusion of the ruined Victoria Island to include a destroyed Perion ruled by the traitorous Resistance and spread that vision in the form of a nightmare that all the people of Maple World continually experienced whenever they slept. In order to solve the crisis, the Alliance held an emergency conference, and though the Resistance and Cygnus Knights continued to bicker, Athena Pierce continued to keep the peace. With the help of Grendel the Really Old, the Alliance was able to cure the people of their nightmares and disprove the false future once again.

Hilla's Gambit

Soon after, Hilla attempted to destabilize the Alliance's leadership by posing as a noblewoman and claiming that she was the true heir to Ereve. As she began turning the tide against Cygnus, Phantom unexpectedly made his debut after centuries and exposed Hilla's fraud, thereby saving Cygnus' claim to the throne.

The Forgotten Hero

Though he learned that he would disappear once the Black Mage died, Shade resolved to put an end to the Black Mage and approached Cygnus in the hope of accessing Ereve's intelligence on the Black Mage. To his surprise, Cygnus went one step further and invited him to join the Alliance.

Evolution System

After Gelimer betrayed Orchid and forced Lotus to attack her, he left her for dead in the Evolution Lab, where the Resistance eventually discovered her. As they nursed her back to health in order to interrogate her, Claudine mobilized the Alliance and asked one Alliance member to investigate the Evolution Lab. Soon after, Orchid escaped the Resistance and returned to Evolution Lab, where she accessed Lotus' AI that monitored the Evolution System. Realizing that the AI wasn't her brother, Orchid grew angry, causing the system to view her as a threat and attack her. The Alliance member took Orchid back to the Resistance, where Claudine reported that Orchid was in a coma. As the Alliance continued to use the Evolution System in order to learn more about it, the system recorded the combat data of countless Alliance members and imprinted it onto Lotus in order to have him analyze and enhance his own battle algorithms, thus making him even stronger.

Root Abyss

After learning that Alicia was sealed in Root Abyss, the Commanders sent Damien to capture her. However, Damien hoped to steal Alicia's power for himself and created four Seal Guardians to trap her inside, hoping to allow her to recover her full powers for him to steal. Word soon reached the Alliance that a previously uncharted area in Sleepywood had appeared. Neinheart summoned an Alliance member and asked them to investigate. After learning that Alicia was the World Tree, Neinheart mobilized the Alliance to defeat the four Guardians and free Alicia. With the Alliance member’s help, they were able to defeat the Seal Guardians and brought Alicia back to Ereve, where she was absorbed inside the gemstone on Shinsoo’s forehead for her safety.

Fight for Azwan

At the behest of the deceased citizens of Azwan, the Alliance launched its forces in order to liberate Azwan from Hilla. They succeeded in taking back the city and driving Hilla out, thus giving them access to the countless treasures of Azwan. After Hilla’s disappearance, it was believed that she had left Maple World for good.

Cygnus Awakens

Neinheart requested that the next Alliance meeting be somewhere else than Ereve, as he wanted Cygnus to gain real-world experience by leaving the island. However, they soon learned that Ereve was under attack as Damien kidnapped Alicia. Upon returning to Ereve and seeing Shinsoo's body, Cygnus' latent Transcendent powers manifested, causing her to partially awaken as the fourth Transcendent. Her new powers allowed her to strengthen the Cygnus Knights.

Nova Alliance

As Kaiser and Angelic Buster continued exploring Maple World in the hopes of finding a Transcendent to ally with, Neinheart took notice of the Nova and summoned Kaiser to Ereve, where he invited the Nova to join the Alliance. After learning that Magnus served both the Black Mage and Gerand Darmoor, Kaiser returned to Pantheon and let the Heliseum Council know about the Alliance's offer. Soon after, the Council approved of the plan and sent Kaiser to deliver their response to Ereve. Over time, several other champions of Grandis joined the Alliance, including Cadena, Illium, Ark, Hoyoung, Adele, Kain, and Lara.

Soon after, the Alliance discovered the Black Mage's laboratory beneath Magatia and uncovered several documents on the Transcendents, which they shared with the Nova.

Siege of Heliseum

With the support of the Alliance, the Nova launched their attack to take back Heliseum from Magnus. Shortly after, Hilla and Gelimer invaded Heliseum in an attempt to reach Magnus in order to confront him about his loyalties. The Alliance pushed back Hilla's invasion and soon established the Heliseum Reclamation HQ. With the support of many warriors of Maple World and Grandis, the Nova successfully defeated Magnus and took back their capital city.

Black Heaven

After learning that Gelimer was planning to use a massive airship called Black Heaven to attack Maple World, the Alliance prepared a land defense against his forces. However, Cygnus experienced a vision of the future with her Transcendent powers and insisted that the Alliance meet the Black Wings in air combat, although they had no prior experience in aerial defense. Nevertheless, the Alliance sent its best fighters aboard Phantom's airship, the Lumiere, and began to fight against Black Heaven. Though nearly disastrous, the battle was ultimately a success for the Alliance, resulting in the deaths of both Gelimer and Lotus. However, the hero of the Alliance was fatally poisoned by Gelimer's Retoxin, but with the full support of the Alliance, Cygnus used the final Seal Stone to revive them, inadvertently transforming them into an Adversary. Elsewhere, the Black Mage sensed the creation of the Adversary and ordered Damien to launch his attack on Maple World with the demon army.

Hero of Seoul

Kinesis was sent to Maple World when the White Mage of Earth began to fuse the two worlds together. As he struggled to bring the displaced citizens of his city back to Seoul, his heroics gained the notice of Neinheart, who invited him to the Alliance.

Heroes of Maple

When Damien took the Rien Archipelago, the Alliance sent its forces to regain the fallen land. Meanwhile, the Heroes of Maple conducted a secret operation to obtain the Transcendence Stone and traveled to the Nihal Desert, where they defeated a sizable force of the demon army and traveled to Earth in the airship, the Eye of Abraxas. The battle in the desert resulted in a temporary ceasefire as Damien ordered his forces to remain on standby while he personally led the expedition to Earth. The Alliance quickly moved to fortify their defenses and to protect the displaced civilians while the fighting was halted, although they quickly moved to evacuate when Damien obtained the Transcendence Stone and used his new powers to drain the life force of Maple World. After the Heroes defeated him, Alicia scattered her life force to restore the vitality of the world. The Black Mage then opened the Gate of the Present, allowing the Alliance to enter the Arcane River.

The Arcane River

As the Adversary and Temple Keepers explored the Arcane River, Neinheart grew obsessed with learning the Black Mage's plans following the World Tree incident. After searching the Black Mage's laboratory once again, he discovered the Scroll of Prophecy, which contained records of every major incident in Maple World's history caused by the Black Mage, including future events. Neinheart continued keeping a close eye on the Adversary's progress as they traveled across the Arcane River. Following the Adversary's discovery of Erda experiments in Yum Yum Island that fused together Maple World's most powerful heroes and villains, Neinheart grew concerned, as such an ability was not one that any of the Commanders possessed. Cygnus then ordered an advance party, composed of Ollie of the Cygnus Knights, Shubert of the Resistance, and Melange of the Nova, to follow the Adversary and regroup with them. Shortly after, massive chains emerged from the skies, pulling the three worlds into the Arcane River. Neinheart took it as a sign to mean that it was time for the final battle and began making preparations for a final confrontation with the Black Mage.

In Esfera, the advance party and the Adversary worked together to stop Will from enacting the ritual that would allow the Black Mage to steal the powers of Aeona, Grandis' Transcendent of Light. However, the Adversary refused to take her life and allowed the Black Mage to gain the powers of creation and destruction. After a short expedition into Sellas to recover a relic of Aeona, the advance party and the Temple Keepers were recalled to Maple World, where Neinheart brought them to the Outpost, the staging ground for the new Alliance fleet, led by the flagship, the White Spear. The Alliance then launched hundreds of airships to Tenebris, where they struggled to take the fight to the Black Mage as forces of darkness such as Gloom and Hilla opposed them. Tenebris then transformed into a large giant, whose Light of Annihilation decomposed Alliance members into Erdas. Meanwhile, the Adversary battled the Black Mage as Cygnus attempted to lead the fight against the giant. Eventually, the Adversary managed to defeat the Black Mage, putting an end to battle and restoring those who were vaporized into Erdas.

The Holy City

Following the battle with the Black Mage, the Alliance was financially crippled, barely able to cover the cost of repairs for their nations, although Maple World reaffirmed its commitment in aiding their allies in Grandis against Darmoor. Soon after, they discovered Will in Esfera and captured him. While interrogating him, Will forced Grendel on a journey that led to Maple World and Grandis fusing together. After Will escaped custody, Prince Carlisle of Cernium crossed the forgotten sea to request the Alliance's help, promising that Cernium would repay them handsomely. As the Alliance was incapable of funding large operations anymore, Cygnus created the Glory Guard, a small squad of elite operatives, as opposed to large armies. Hoping to unlock the power of the Ancient Gods to fight back against Gerand Darmoor, Neinheart sent the Adversary and the Glory Guard, led by Edea, to Cernium. There, they discovered that Cernium was facing invasion from the High Flora army led by Havoc, the First Apostle of Lightning, and Gilmore, who claimed to be the Chosen One that could wield the Holy Sword of the Sun God Mitra.

As Edea and the Adversary investigated the Ancient Gods with Aaron, the librarian of Cernium, they discovered that Seren had the potential to be the Chosen One, though she refused to believe in the possibility, as she had secretly lost her faith in Mitra. With the High Flora army at the gates of Cernium and Seren refusing to believe in herself, Edea used her power as acting commander to withdraw the Alliance's support, as she believed that the Alliance would be placed in the way of certain doom. Soon after, however, Aaron revealed that all the various factions of Cernium originally believed in the same god, meaning that Seren had the support of the people. As Edea returned to the library to validate a theory she had about Gilmore, the false Chosen One, the Adversary, being the new acting commander in Edea's absence, gave the Alliance's support in aiding Cernium once again. Together, the Alliance and the knights of Cernium successfully repelled the High Flora army as Seren awakened as the Chosen One. In the aftermath of the battle, a ceremony was held to officially recognize Seren as the Chosen One. During the ceremony, Aaron forced Mitra to possess Seren. Recognizing the Adversary as her natural enemy, Mitra attacked the Adversary and the resulting battle shattered Mitra's holy sword. Aaron then revealed himself as Gerand Darmoor and shattered the Seal Stone within the Adversary, thus destroying the only weapon that the Alliance had against the Transcendents. Enraged by the destruction of their holy relic, the people of Cernium chased the Alliance out of Cernium, shattering any hope a partnership with the wealthy city.

End of the Alliance

As the Glory Guard continued their expeditions in Grandis to discover traces of the Ancient Gods, the Alliance slowly began to fracture, as the people of Maple World felt that they had no reason to get involved in a fight for another world after the Black Mage’s defeat – the very purpose of the Alliance’s formation – had come to pass. Meanwhile, Grendel was shaken by Will forcing him to replay through the memories of the Black Mage and then escaping, all while the Cygnus Knights had been entrusted to prevent it, causing him to withdraw his support in the Alliance after losing his faith in them. As a result of the various factions withdrawing, the Cygnus Knights were left as one of the few groups still committed to fighting, as Cygnus knew that the fusion of Maple World and Grandis meant that a threat to one world was a threat to the other. The Chief Knights were then left to lead their divisions on various missions. Hawkeye and the Thunder Breakers were sent to investigate Havoc in Cernium, Eckhart and the Night Walkers were sent to investigate the Specter army, Oz and the Blaze Wizards were sent to investigate the mastermind behind the Yum Yum Island experiments, Mihile and the Dawn Warriors were sent to recapture Will, and Irena and the Wind Archers were sent to investigate leads on the Ancient Gods.

In the wake of the Alliance' fragmentation, Neinheart and several others believed that a new Alliance needed to be formed. On Grandis, Kaiser continued rallying the various people of the realm in an attempt to unite together, though he struggled as he found that the people of Grandis were far more difficult to unite than the people of Maple World.