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The Black Mage, formerly known as the White Mage, is a recurring evil entity that threatens Maple World, and is also the Transcendent of Light. He is known to cause mass events related to other characters, especially the Heroes.

The White Mage believed that researching the ultimate light could let him fix the world's imperfections, leading him to study dark magic to find the ultimate light in the heart of darkness.

When the White Mage had finished his research, he realized a truth that shook him to the core. He believed that everything he had pursued had been impossible all along, for the world was little more than an experiment. He concluded that there was no ultimate light, for as long as there was light, there was also darkness. However, he saw that there did exist an ultimate darkness. The White Mage cast aside his light and embraced the power of dark magic, becoming the Black Mage who intent on destroying Maple World.

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