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For Phantom's skill, see Tempest.

Tempest is a six-part update following Justice, and before Unlimited. It contains Luminous, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, a new world, new enemies, adjusted job advancements, and hyper skills.

Part 1 : Into the Storm

  • All classes except the Cygnus Knights get a minor revamp:
    • Third job advancement now requires Maplers to be at Level 60 instead of 70, and Fourth job advancement is now required to be Level 100 instead of 120;
    • Several quests, level requirements on certain equipment and EXP needed to level up between Levels 60 to 75 and 100 to 125 were adjusted accordingly.
  • Secondary stats on most equipment were removed, and auto-assigning to stats does not input AP into the secondary stat.
  • Honor EXP needed to level up is significantly reduced, and the time restriction for earning Honor EXP in Azwan is removed. Several circulators were also merged.

Part 2 : Luminous

Part 3 : Protector of Dragons, Kaiser

Part 4 : Idol of the Battlefield, Angelic Buster

Part 5 : Traitor Magnus

Part 6 : Beginning of Evolution, Hyper Skills



Availability of MapleStory: Tempest
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan
Available Available Available Available[1][2] Season 2[3] Available


  1. As the Hyper Skills update was replaced by Root Abyss content, Hyper Skills were introduced in the following minor patch Hyper Evolution.
  2. Tyrant's Castle was released along with Angelic Buster.
  3. Tempest is released together with parts of Unlimited as the Season 2 update.
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