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Season 2 is a SEA-exclusive six-part update following Justice and before Cygnus Returns, combining Tempest and most of the updates in Unlimited. It contains many changes and additions including a new UI, increased drop rates, a new realm, adjusted job advancements, hyper skills, new character classes and Monster Life.

Part 1 : Season 2

Unlimited UI Equip

The new equipment UI in MapleSEA

  • All classes except Cygnus Knights get a minor revamp. Third job advancement now requires Maplers to be at Level 60 instead of 70, and Fourth job advancement now requires Maplers to be at Level 100 instead of 120. Several quests, Level requirements on certain equipment and EXP needed to level up between Levels 60 to 75 and 100 to 125 were adjusted accordingly.
  • Secondary stats on most equipment were removed, and auto-assigning to stats does not input AP into the secondary stat.
  • The drop rate of all equipment has been increased from 5 to 10 times its regular rate, and its potential has a greater chance to be a rank higher than Rare.
  • Many equipment were given Additional Options, further increasing the stats of the item.
  • Secondary equipment implemented for all classes.
  • Bits system added, where players can collect Bits to receive set effects.
  • All tooltips are replaced with a sleek new one.
  • Honor EXP needed to level up is significantly reduced, and the time restriction for earning Honor EXP in Azwan is removed. Several circulators were also merged.
  • All existing party quest entrance NPCs have been moved to three maps: Party Quest Entry: Beginner, Party Quest Entry: Intermediate and Party Quest Entry: Advanced.
  • Hyper Skills for Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Kaiser, and Angelic Buster are added.
  • Zakum, Horntail, Pink Bean, Von Leon, Cygnus, Arkarium and Hilla received some changes.
  • Monster Park Extreme added.
  • Area Revamp: Kerning Square.
  • New Areas: Fantasy Theme Park and Sakura Castle.
  • New Party Quest: Tangyoon's Cooking Class.
  • New Boss: Chaos Pink Bean.

Part 2 : Vengeance Reborn

Part 3 : A Star is Born

Part 4 : The Fallen Nobles

Part 5 : The First Hybrid

Part 6 : Monster Life

  • Monster Life makes an opening which allows players to receive buffs based on their beauty of their farms.



Availability of MapleStory: Season 2
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Major Updates

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Mainly based on Korean MapleStory timeline and title

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