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RISE is an update following Glory. This update introduces existing system revamps, boss revamps, two new areas in the Arcane River region, and the new class Adele. 

1st: Reverse City

  • Arcane River New Region : Reverse City, expansion area for Vanishing Journey
  • EXP reduced from Level 170-200 by 19%.
  • Guild System Revamps.
  • Maple Guide Revamps.
  • Vanishing Journey & Chu Chu Island Maps Improve.

2nd: Adele

  • New Class: Adele, a Warrior of the Flora branch
  • New Grandis area: Ristonia

3rd: Yum Yum Island

  • Arcane River New Region: Yum Yum Island, expansion area for Chu Chu Island
  • Easy Mode Lucid added, HP reduction for Hard Lucid
  • Gloom and Darknell heavily revamped, Added Chaos mode for Gloom and Hard mode for Darknell, along with new items for the Pitched Boss set
  • Genesis Weapon questline adjustments.
  • Elite Monsters and Runes adjustments.
  • New Pollo and Fritto portals.



Availability of MapleStory: RISE
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan
Available Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable


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