RED is a three-part update featuring a reorganization of Explorers, a new job and a new area. It is unveiled in MapleStory 1st Festival at COEX on May 19, 2013. The update is an acronym of "Revolution, Evolution, Delight".

Part 1: 1st Impact

Overhauled Explorers


  • New mastery booksMastery Book 20 and Mastery Book 30, have replaced separate books, allowing players to obtain a Mastery Book of their choice.
    • Classes no longer require skill-specific skill books; they will be automatically learned upon advancing to 4th job. This includes Hero's Will.
    • The new Mastery Books include Maple Warrior
    • Books obtained from the new Mastery Books have a 100% success rate.
    • Both books are sold by Luna in Henesys or Illiad in Leafre.
      • Mastery Book 20 costs 7 million mesos.
      • Mastery Book 30 costs 10 million mesos.
    • Dual Blades’ 2nd~3rd job skills that require mastery books can be obtained through the Dual Blade Training Book. This book is sold by Taeha in Kerning City's Secret Garden for 100,000 mesos.

Other Additions and Changes

  • Profession Revamp
    • Level 11 (Craftsman) and Level 12 (Meister) was added to Professions. 
    • Players can now simultaneously learn mining and herbalism. 
    • New items can be created when reaching Level 11 or 12.
      • Alchemists are able to craft new potions and extractors. 
      • Players with Accessory Crafting are able to craft new accessories and Flame of Reincarnation (KMS only).
      • Players with Smithing are able to craft new cubes and new Level 145 Meister weapons. 
  • Maple Mileage System
    • Allows characters to fund 30% of Cash Shop items when completing certain tasks (KMS only).

Part 2: Child of God

  • New Feature: Auction House
    • Similar to GMS's Maple Trade System (MTS), with searching and sorting functions, purchasing with mesos and auction capabilities. 
    • A limit of 5 items can be placed on the Auction House at one time. 
  • New Class: Zero
    • The Child of God, Zero, starts at level 100 and has two personae, Alpha and Beta. 
  • New Area: Mirror World (Shadow Temple)
    • A new area, created by the Black Mage, has been added to Zero's storyline. It features renewed background music and 'mirrors' the Maple World.
  • Other features:
    • Customizable training areas
    • Premium Hunting

Part 3: Kritias

  • New Area: Kritias
    • Kritias is a world merged area with high-level monsters. 
  • New Major Boss: Hekaton (1 vs 100)
  • Real-time PvE system, Commander's Invasion
  • Bamon League

Addition to RED update[1][2]



  • In KMS, the director of that time was Sejun Ko (고세준, Go(Ko) Se-jun) (2013 ~ 2014).
  • Global MapleStory released only Part 1 and 2 of the update, under the names "First Impact" and "Zero".
    • Kritias (without the boss Hekaton) was released much later, at "Mark of Honor: Hieizan Temple" patch.
Availability of RED
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan
Available Available Available Available[3][4] Available Available


  1. Ver. 1.2.199 Update. KMS. Retrieved 14 October 2017. This update was originally not part of the RED update, but was added as an addition to it.
  2. Update Information. KMS. Retrieved 14 October 2017.
  3. The third part of RED was changed from Delight to Defiance.
  4. The Trade Republic of Commerci area is included in this update.
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