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Justice (KR:저스티스 romaja: Jeoseutiseu) (or Renegades in GMS) is a three-part update between Advance of the Union and Tempest. It contains several overall adjustments, an Explorer Thief and Explorer Pirate revamp, and a new Hero of Maple class, Phantom. A new area is added, Azwan, where players must fight against an undead army.


With the Black Mage and his Commanders continuing to threaten the Maple World, Explorer Thieves and Explorer Pirates must rise up to do justice.

Part 1 : Beginning of the Counterattack

Part 2 : Phantom


This patch introduces Phantom, a Thief Hero of Maple, who had fought with the others and sealed away the Black Mage. Like the others, he woke up and is now fighting once again to defend Maple World.

MapleStory Azwan.png

Part 3 : Azwan Liberation War

This patch releases Azwan, an underground city that has disappeared and is under the control of the Black Mage. Players must battle through endless waves of the undead to earn Honor EXP and Inner Ability.

Exclusive Content

New Jobs

  • Zen (CMS, TWMS and MSEA)
  • Jett (GMS)


  • In GMS, the update that revamped Dual Blade and Pirates is called "Mutiny".


Availability of MapleStory: Justice
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan
Available Available[1] Available[2] Available[3] Available[2] Available[2]


  1. JMS skipped Azwan for Momijigaoka in The Sengoku Era. Long after, Azwan got a modified release, the Tower of Trials.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 The exclusive job Zen is included in this update.
  3. The exclusive job Jett is included in this update.
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