For information on the Blockbuster titled "Heroes of Maple", see Epic/Heroes of Maple.

Heroes of Maple (KR:히어로즈 오브 메이플 romaja: hieolojeu obeu meipeul lit. Heroes of Maple) is an update following after REBOOT which will introduce revamped classes of Aran and Evan, and the 2nd Blockbuster of MapleStory.

This update will mainly feature the heroes of MapleStory.


This part of the update features a thorough revamp of the two Heroes, Aran and Evan.


This part of the update brings the second blockbuster of MapleStory, featuring the Six Heroes of Maple World. The Blockbuster is divided into 4 parts.


After the Black Mage was sealed, Freud was the only hero left. However, he saw a future vision of the new threat that might endanger the world. He entrusted the future to his friends and eventually his successor, Evan.

Act 1

Many years later, Freud's successor Evan and his dragon Mir travels to the snowy mountains to find Afrien. During his quest, he teamed up with Aran and EunWol/Shade on his journey.


Joining the Resistance is Blaster, part of the Warrior class.

Act 1.5

Evan asks Phantom, Luminous, and Mercedes to join him on his adventure.

4th: Desert's Harmony

Act 2

Evan joins forces with Mercedes, Phantom, and Luminous to find the desert’s giant ruins of Abraxas.

God of Control Content

New content which challenges player's limit of control through various stages. 

5th: Black World

Act 3

The heroes use Abraxas to go to the modern world of Seoul and look for the Transcendent Stone.

6th: Damien

Act 4

The heroes attempt to stop Damien as the source of life continues to deplete in Maple World. Will they be able to save Maple World once again?


A new major boss, Demian, is avaliable.

New Area: Fallen World Tree

A new area that is set for Level 190+ players, where the remaining Demon Army lingers there. It's where players can challenge Damien in Normal and Hard mode, after they completed Heroes of Maple blockbuster.



  • In KMS, the director of that time is Wonki Kang (강원기, Gang(Kang) Won-gi) (2015 ~).
  • MapleSEA did not receive the Blaster class on the Heroes of Maple update.
  • MapleSEA receives the God of Control content along with Corrupted World Tree, and Damien Boss.
  • In GMS, God of Control is known as Maple Runner.

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