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FLY is a three-part update following RED. Similar to RED, it follows an acronym:

  • Festival in MAPLE;
  • Let’s MAPLE!;
  • Your Story, MAPLE.

Part 1: Festival in MAPLE

  • All Heroes and the Resistance were reorganised with new skills and effects.
    • A new jaguar for Wild Hunter was added, and Wild Hunters have the ability to switch between captured jaguars.
  • Two party quests, Moon Bunny's Rice Cake and First Time Together have been turned into Cross World Party Quests, meaning that all characters from different worlds can join a party.
  • The Soul Weapon system was updated,
    • A new Soul Collector that documents all souls was added.
  • The storage UI was updated.
    • The format changed from a list to block layout, similar to the item inventory window. 

Part 2: Let's MAPLE!

Part 3: Your Story, MAPLE

  • Guild System revamp
    • Guild maximum level has been raised from 10 to 25.
    • Guild skills completely revamped.
      • Guild skills use GP and IGP instead of mesos. GP skills for the whole guild while IGP skills only affect individually.
    • Guild Point system reorganized.
      • Guild level is now based on the contributions from all guild members. 30% of the contributions are given to the guild while the remaining 70% will be given to the member as IGP (Individual Guild Point).
  • Family System removed



Availability of FLY
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan
Available Available Available Available[1][2] Available Available


  1. The first patch of the update which includes the revamp for Cannoneer and Dual Blade was called "Grand Athenaeum".
  2. Part 2 and 3 was added to the second patch, called "Legacy of Nine".
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