For the character, see Black Mage.

Black Mage (KR:검은마법사 romaja: Geomeunmabeopsa) is an update following ARK. It introduces the Tenebris Expedtion World Event as a gateway to defeat the Black Mage. It also introduces a 3rd set of class-specific 5th Job Skills. 

1st: Gathering of Heroes

  • World Event: Tenebris Expedition (Part 1)
    • Opening of Maple Alliance Outpost
    • Scattering Wishes Event (2 Weeks)
    • Alliance Support Event (2 Weeks)
  • Tera Burning Event to Level 200
  • Level 200-220 EXP Reduction
  • Maple Content Guide Revamp
  • Hyper Skill Changes
  • Vanishing Journey Weekly Quest
  • Monster Park: Chu Chu Island Dungeon
  • Esfera Daily Quest
  • New Resolution: 1280*720
  • Beta Test Resolution: 1920*1080

2nd: Prelude to War

  • World Event: Tenebris Expedtion (Part II)
    • Alliance Rank System
    • Alliance Supply Shop
    • Alliance Skill System
    • Defense Mission: Captive Soldiers (2 Weeks)
    • Defense Mission: Sky Helper (2 Weeks)
    • 100 Person Defense Mission: Karianne's Attack
    • Change of Maple World: Darkness Messenger
    • Change of Maple World: Black Chains
  • Tenebris Expedition 1st Region: Moonbridge

3rd: Labyrinth

  • World Event: Tenebris Expedition (Part III)
    • Alliance Rank: Hero can now be obtained. 
    • Alliance Skill Update: Legend Tab
    • Alliance Supply Shop Update
    • Defense Mission: Flame Bird's Help (3 Weeks)
    • Defense Mission: Twilight's War (3 Weeks)
    • Change of Maple World: Strike
    • Change of Maple World: Desire Harrier
  • Tenebris Expedition 2nd Region: Labyrinth of Suffering
  • 3rd Set of Class-Specific 5th Job Skills

4th: Final Battle

  • World Event: Tenebris Expedition (Part IV)
    • Alliance Rank: Legend can now be obtained. 
    • Defense Mission: Light of Purification (Until Black Mage is defeated)
    • Defense Mission: Final Naval Warfare (Until Black Mage is defeated)
    • Change in Maple World: Aura of Life
    • Change in Maple World: Crevice of Darkness
  • Tenebris Expedition 3rd Region: Limina 
  • Tenebris Expedition World Boss: Black Mage
  • Quality of Life Updates 

5th: New Beginnings



  • In KMS, the director of that time is Wonki Kang (강원기, Gang(Kang) Won-gi) (2015 ~).
  • In Latin, "tenebris" is the dative and ablative plural of "tenebra", which means "darkness".
  • A limen or a liminal point is the threshold of a physiological or psychological response. A stimulus is perceivable on one side of a limen but not on the other side. It is borrowed from the Latin word "limen" which means "threshold".
  • The first patch for MapleSEA was renamed to Alliance to Arms, while the last patch is renamed to Black Mage: Adventures Anew!

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