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This article is about a MapleStory update. For other uses, see Big Bang.

Big Bang is a major update in MapleStory, which came about when the Black Wings had resurrected their dark leader, the Black Mage, who had caused destruction to the world and its citizens many years ago before he got sealed away by the Heroes. When the Black Mage had returned to reality, he cast a spell on Maple World, causing Victoria Island to rearrange completely, and all of Maple World's monsters to change level, power and looks.

Now, more than ever, the Explorers of MapleStory are needed once more to band together with the Cygnus Knights, the Heroes, and the Resistance to defeat the Black Mage and once again return peace to Maple World!

Part 1 : Big Bang

The core coding of MapleStory is completely rewritten, with changed map layout and a new User Interface.

  • Victoria Island was rearranged and made easier to get around.
  • All areas were overhauled.
  • User Interface was revamped.
  • EXP needed to level up for all levels were significantly reduced.

Part 2 : The Resistance

The Resistance (Battle Mage and Wild Hunter) are the rebellion against the Black Wings and they will free their home, no matter the cost. Using new magic and their natural skills, new heroes will join the legends of Maple World to battle the minions of the Black Mage. Hiding as ordinary Edelstein citizens by day, by night a growing legion will band together to overthrow the Black Wings.

Part 3 : Mechanic

Mechanic, the third part of the Resistance comes to aid. These reinforcements are armed with powerful tools and machines that rival the Black Wings.


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