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AWAKE is an update following RISE.

1st: Spring Spring Project

  • AWAKE Events
  • Spring Spring Project (Quality of Life Improvements) 
    • Item Inventory Revamp (More spacing, new "Decorative" tab where Cash Equipments will utilise this space)
    • Maple Auction / Legion Improvements.

2nd: Sharenian Knights

3rd: Sellas



  • Continental Naming Difference:
  • GMS will also receive KMS ver. 1.2.332's job balancing part during this patch.
  • MSEA release the 4th V Skill in the first part of the update, and will receive the Union Arena event before the Grand Athenaeum Episode 6.
    • Zen did not receive the new V skill, instead CMS and TMS released new job Mo Xuan to replace Zen eventually.
  • In KMS, the director of that time is Wonki Kang (강원기, Gang(Kang) Won-gi) (2015 ~).
  • During the premiere preview, the MapleStory director mentions about areas like Cernium from the Glorion Expedition is planned to be added eventually. It is also noted that many post-Level 250 contents are in the works.
Availability of MapleStory: Awake
Korea Japan China Global SEA Taiwan
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Major Updates

MapleStory Big Bang.png Big Bang (July) MapleStory Chaos.png Chaos (December)


MapleStory Jump!.png Jump! (March) MapleStory Legends.png Legends (July) MapleStory Advance of the Union.png Advance of the Union (October) MapleStory Justice.png Justice (December)


MapleStory Tempest.png Tempest (July) MapleStory Unlimited.png Unlimited (December)


MapleStory Mark of Honor.png Mark of Honor (July)


MapleStory Cygnus Returns.png Cygnus Returns (January) MapleStory RED.png RED (July) MapleStory FLY.png FLY (September) MapleStory You & I.png You & I (December)


MapleStory Season2.png Season 2 (April) MapleStory Spark.png Spark (July) MapleStory Gentleman.jpeg Gentleman (August)


MapleStory Star Force.png Coordinator's Touch: Star Force (July) Maple Ice & Burn.png Maple Ice & Burn (December)


MapleStory GiSeungJeon12.png Giseungjeon12 (February) MapleStory Reboot.png Reboot (June) MapleStory Heroes of Maple.png Heroes of Maple (November)


MapleStory V.png V (June) MapleStory Beyond.png Beyond (December)


Nova Logo.png Nova (June) ARK Logo.png ARK (December)


Black Mage Logo.png Black Mage (June) Adventure Logo.png Adventure (December)


Glory Logo.png Glory (June) RISE Logo.png RISE (December)


Awake Logo.png Awake (June) NEO Logo.png NEO (December)

Mainly based on Korean MapleStory timeline and title

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