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Regional Servers

MapleStory is a game which originates from South Korea that has gain worldwide popularity over the years since its launch in 2003. In order to cater to the players outside of South Korea, regional servers, along with their localised variations, were introduced around the globe.

All servers require players to play in their own regions where attempts of entering a different regional server may be unsuccessful as their IP addresses will usually be blocked by the server. Some servers’ registration processes also prevent foreign players from creating an account in the game. Moreover, due to physical constraints, players will experience lag if they play on servers outside of their own regional ones.


These servers are further divided into "worlds" where different communities and distinct economies exist within. The purpose of inputting several different worlds is diverting traffic to prevent overpopulation on one single world that can cause displeasure to one’s gaming experiences (e.g. the lack of training grounds for one to level up their characters).

MapleStory Korea

MapleStory Korea (KR:메이플스토리 romaja: Meipeul Seutori), also known as KoreaMS or KMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves South Korea. Its primary language is Korean. KoreaMS  is owned and operated by NEXON Korea Co., Ltd..


World Reboot KR
World Reboot 2 KR
World Scania KR
World Bera KR
World Luna KR
World Zenith KR
World Croa KR
World Union KR
World Elysium KR
World Enosis KR
World Red KR
World Aurora KR
World Arcane KR
World Nova KR

Worlds (Tespia)

World Test World 1 KR
World Test World 2 KR

MapleStory Japan

MapleStory Japan (JP:メイプルストーリー romaji: Meipuru Sutōrī) , also known as JapanMS or JMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves Japan. Its primary language is Japanese. JapanMS is owned and operated by NEXON JP Co. Ltd..

JapanMS was temporarily closed on 13 March 2011 because of the tsunamis hitting northeastern Japan, but has resumed since 24 March 2011.


World Kaede JP
World Kurumi JP
World Yukari JP
World Reboot JP

MapleStory China

MapleStory China, officially called Adventure Island Online (CN:冒险岛 pinyin: mào xiǎn dǎo), also known as ChinaMS or CMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves China. Its primary language is Simplified Chinese. ChinaMS is owned and operated by Shengqu Information Technology Shanghai Co. Ltd.

Until September 2019, there were 44 regular worlds in CMS. Due to population differences between worlds, worlds in all gateways were merged. On September 17th 2019, worlds in Gateway of Clouds are merged into one world "Hilla" (consisted of Maria, AlexCassandra and Moon Bunny), and the world "Seven Star Sword" in Gateway of Darkness is renamed to "Von Leon".

On November 22nd 2019, worlds in Gateway of Water are merged into one world "Magnus" (consisted of Lith Harbor - Edel & Ludibrium - Stein , Korean Folk Town - Pantheon & Rien - The Secret Garden , Ardentmill - Leafre & Mirror World , Elluel - Azwan & V5).

On March 27th 2020, worlds in Gateway of Light are merged into one world "Damien" (consisted of Emerald , Black CrystalGold Plate & OpalGarnet , Diamond - Cat's Eye Stone & Moon Rock , TopazSapphire & Aquamarine - Star Rock , Amethyst - Black Pearl & Mars Stone)[1].

On May 7th 2020, partial worlds in Gateway of Wind are merged into one world "Orchid" (consisted of Slime - Fire Boar, Jr. Necki - Pepe, Octopus - Star Pixie and Orange Mushroom)[2].

On June 11th 2020, remaining worlds in Gateway of Wind are merged. The first world "Blue Snail" is renamed to "Lucid", and remaining worlds are merged into one world "Will" (consisted of Shroom - Ligator, Ribbon Pig - Stone Golem, Lorang - Tortie, Lupin - White Rabbit, Yeti - Hector and Wild Kargo - Drake).


Gateway of Wind
Gateway of Wind

World Lucid CN
World Will CN
World Orchid CN

Gateway of Light
Gateway of Light

World Damien CN

Gateway of Clouds
Gateway of Clouds

World Hilla CN

Gateway of Darkness
Gateway of Darkness

World Von Leon CN

Gateway of Water
Gateway of Water

World Magnus CN

World (Tespia)

CMST will generally be opened within 2-3 weeks before the end of the current version of the official server, and closed within 1-2 weeks after the version of the official server is updated, and meant to test the content of the next official server version update. In addition to the follow-up of the original content of KMS, CMST may also test various overseas exclusive theme dungeons and activities earlier.

Obtaining a CMST account requires waiting for participating in the CMS official forum Tespia group recruiting activity. However, you cannot copy characters from the official server, and you must train a character from scratch, so CMST version updates will not erase players data.

World Test World CN July22 T162

MapleStory Global

MapleStory Global, also known as GlobalMS or GMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves North America, Oceania and Europe[3], but it has once served a global audience, excluding those from countries that already have their own version. Its language is English. GlobalMS is owned and operated by NEXON America Inc..


North American branch: Until August 2019, there were 17 regular worlds (Scania, Bera, Windia, Broa, Khaini, Mardia, Yellonde, Bellocan, Chaos, Kradia, Nova, Galicia, Renegades, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, Demethos), and one Reboot world. Due to the huge population differences between the regular worlds, it was decided to merge all worlds besides Scania and Bera into two worlds: Aurora (consisted of Windia, Mardia, Yellonde, Bellocan, Chaos, Kradia, and Nova) and Elysium (consisted of Broa, Khaini, Galicia, Renegades, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, and Demethos)

Gateway North America
Gateway North America

World Scania GL
World Bera GL
World Aurora GL
World Elysium GL
World Reboot GL

European branch: The European branch was founded in June 2016 after Nexon Europe, including MapleStory Europe (EMS) was migrated into Nexon America. The existing player base of EMS, who were playing at EMS servers Kradia and Demethos, were transferred into a world called Luna. In July 2018, a Reboot world was introduced, and it is referred to by the players as "EU Reboot" or "REUboot", to distinguish it from the NA Reboot.

Gateway Europe
Gateway Europe

World Luna GL
World Reboot GL


MapleStorySEA (South East Asia), also known as MapleSEA or simply MSEA, is the version of MapleStory that serves Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Its primary language is English, but the translation is entirely different that GMS' one, being an almost direct translation from the Korean source. MapleSEA is owned and operated by AsiaSoft Online Pte. Ltd..


Due to huge population differences between the worlds, it was decided in March 2019 to merge all worlds in D2J alliance (Delphinus, Eridanus, Izar, Fornax, Gemini, Hercules and Jynarvis) into one world, called Draco.

World Draco
World Cassiopeia
World Bootes
World Aquila

MapleStory Taiwan

MapleStory Taiwan (TW:新楓之谷 pinyin: xīn fēng zhī gǔ. Directly translated name is "New Maple Valley"), also known as TaiwanMS or TMS, is the version of MapleStory that serves Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Its primary language is Traditional Chinese. TaiwanMS is owned and operated by Gamania Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd.


World Aria TW
World Freud TW
World Ryude TW
World Rhinne TW
World Alicia TW
World Orchid TW
World Reboot TW


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