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Artwork Aran's Polearm

The polearm Maha is a part of

Maha is the spirit of Aran's polearm, frozen alongside her after the battle against the Black Mage.


Maha is intensely loyal to his wielder, seeing Aran as an equal partner. He is shown panicked over Aran's body in the Leafre of the Past, having been broken in the previous onslaught.

In the present, Maha is enraged over being forgotten by his owner, having to endure the previous few centuries alone. After Aran manages to remember their history together, Maha calms down, and begins to work alongside her once again.


Maha was forged by the greatest smith in the Maple World in Mu Lung, but was not granted to anyone for the longest time, due to its immense power and sharpness capable of harming even its user. Maha laid dormant until Aran came and requested the "greatest polearm" there was, showing no hesitation over the dangers of wielding him. Aran was granted Maha after showing her worth.

During the fight against the Black Mage, Aran was gravely wounded when fighting off the entirety of the Black Mage's army, and Maha was shattered in the process. With the help of the player/Aran's future self, Maha managed to repair himself enough to take Aran and escape to Rien, where they would be frozen.

In the present, Maha awakens, angered over his owner forgetting him. After demanding to be remembered, Aran soon remembers the trials she overcame in order to obtain Maha, and the two reconcile. 

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