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Explorer Magician is one of the five class archetype jobs introduced to MapleStory. Explorer Magicians make use of unrivaled magical power to attack foes from a variety of ranges, usually in the interest of backing up comrades and keeping foes from all directions at a safe distance.

Three types of Explorer Magicians exist: Magician (Fire, Poison), Magician (Ice, Lightning), and Bishop.

When the player reaches Level 10 as a Beginner, aspiring Magicians will be sent to the Magic Library in Ellinia to talk to Grendel the Really Old, who will advance the player to a Magician. The player will be given an HP and MP boost, as well as a basic magician weapon.

Upon reaching Level 30, Magicians will be given the choice to advance to a Wizard (Fire, Poison) (eventually becoming Arch Mages (Fire, Poison)), Wizard (Ice, Lightning) (eventually becoming Arch Mages (Ice, Lightning)), or Cleric (eventually becoming Bishops).

Job Branch

A Magician (Fire, Poison) combines the elements of Fire and Poison to apply DoT (damage over time) to their enemies, while gaining additional damage as they maintain multiple sources of DoT.

A Magician (Ice, Lightning) combines the elements of Ice to freeze / slow down enemies and Lightning to shock enemies.

A Bishop uses Holy elemental attacks to heal allies while also specializing in party support, granting various damage and utility boosts to allies.

All 3 Explorer Magicians can choose to wield a Wand or a Staff.

Job Advancement Tree
1-10 10-30 30-60 60-100 100-300
Novice 1st Job 2nd Job 3rd Job 4th Job & above
Beginner Magician Wizard
(Fire, Poison)
(Fire, Poison)
Arch Mage
(Fire, Poison)
(Ice, Lightning)
(Ice, Lightning)
Arch Mage
(Ice, Lightning)
Cleric Priest Bishop

Open Advancement

The Open Advancement system was introduced during Part 1 of the RED update. It allows Explorers to switch jobs in their class by paying a certain amount of mesos, which increases based on your character's level as well as the number of times you have previously used the Open Advancement system; as an alternative, players can use Job Advancement Coins (obtained via special events), which will take priority over the meso cost.

Features and Rules

  • Players must be an Explorer, at least level 101 and have made the 4th job advancement.
  • One can only change jobs once a day.
  • One can only change jobs in their specific class (e.g. a Bishop can switch to a Magician (Fire, Poison) or a Magician (Ice, Lightning), but a Bishop cannot switch to a Corsair).
  • All Skill Points are reset upon switching.
  • Mastery Books used before switching will be reset.
  • V Skills (Skill Nodes and Boost Nodes specific to that class) will be locked and unable to be used, but they will not be removed.
  • After switching classes, a Level 100 weapon box for that class is received.
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Characters and Skills
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  3. Also provides the voice(s) of Demon (Male), Neinheart, Carlisle, Dr. Y, Kudan, Regulator, Dutiful Regulator, Regulator Sergeant, Thief (Male), and Baroq.
  4. Also provides the voice(s) of Cygnus, Irena, Aria, Athena Pierce, Female Student (FriendStory), Ghost (FriendStory), and Lepi, Thief (Female), Dual Blade (Female), and Olive.
  5. Also provides the voice(s) of Neinheart, Hawkeye, Shade (Male), Gupi, Baroq, Hiver, Hoodlum, Magnus (FriendStory), Grendel the Really Old (Borderless/Convergence), Black Mage (Borderless/Convergence), Handsome Monk, Warrior (Male), Thief (Male), Dual Blade (Male), and Tess.