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Luminous (KR:루미너스) is one of the six Heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and like Evan (and Freud before him) is a master Magician. He uses a Shining Rod as his primary weapon and an Orb as his secondary weapon.

Formerly known as "the last of the five heroes", he dealt the final blow to the Black Mage once and for all. However, upon doing so, he became tainted with the Black Mage's dark power and struggles to keep a hold of his dark side.


Luminous confronts the Black Mage

The Six Heroes

Luminous, the Magician of Light, was the last remnant of light cast out by the Black Mage upon his awakening as a Transcendent. Instead of fading away, that ball of light shot up into the starlit sky and fell back down upon the ruins of the Aurora Great Temple, manifesting as a small boy. Because of this, the mages of Aurora called him the Starchild. Luminous was raised by the surviving members of Aurora, some of whom persisted as spirits through the power of light even after their deaths. To prevent the Black Mage from finding them, the mages of Aurora moved their headquarters to a pocket dimension called Harmony. Even in spite of their countermeasures, however, the mages knew that the Black Mage would one day come for Luminous. In order to protect him, they raised a girl named Lucia, who was also strong in light magic, as the false Starchild. Luminous grew up as best friends with Lucia, unaware that she had been raised as a lamb for slaughter. When the Black Mage came to destroy the last of his light, Luminous managed to escape and Lucia remained behind to be killed in his place in order to make the Black Mage believe that the threat of the Starchild had been dealt with. Luminous was one of the many people who gathered at the Dragon Master's Tower, which was lit by Ryude and his band of soldiers in order to warn Maple World that the end of the world was approaching. He joined Freud and four others to become the Heroes of Maple who fought against the tyranny of the Black Mage.

During the last days of the war, Phantom and the other Heroes received a letter from the Demon, who planned to betray the Black Mage. The Heroes took the chance opportunity and stormed the Temple of Time. While Freud, Afrien, and Mercedes stormed the Black Mage's throne room, Phantom, Luminous, and the pirate hero took out the aerial forces with the Lumiere, after which they landed near the Black Mage’s throne room. With Aran and Phantom covering them, Luminous and the pirate hero entered the Temple of Time. As they approached the throne room, they were stopped by Guwaru. Just as they were about to fight, Magnus appeared from behind and stabbed Guwaru, absorbing the spirit magic inside of him in order to permanently lengthen his lifespan. Declaring that he was done with Maple World, Magnus left and used the newly created Interdimensional Portal in order to return to Grandis.

Luminous and the pirate hero entered the throne room, where they saw Afrien and Mercedes unconscious, and Freud heavily injured. Freud told them that the Black Mage’s power far exceeded their own, and that they could not hope to defeat him. Instead, he hoped to use the remaining Seal Stones in order to seal the Black Mage away by having them absorb the stolen Transcendent powers, thus creating a powerful Seal of Time, though he added that it was merely a theory, as the Seal Stones had never been used in such a way before. He used a spell to freeze time, allowing Luminous to place the seals around the Black Mage. However, Freud then informed them that there was one more component needed to activate the seal: the time of one living person. After a heated argument, the pirate hero chose to become the sacrifice. His time was absorbed into the Seal Stones, causing all traces of him to vanish from memories, photographs, and any other object that proved that he once existed.

Freud told then Luminous that in order to create the seal, they needed to force the Black Mage into drawing out his full power so that he would have no choice but to resort to using the Transcendent of Time’s power. After placing the spell on the Seal Stones, Freud undid the time freeze, and Luminous engaged in a fierce duel with the Black Mage. Luminous used the full extent of his light magic to counter the Black Mage’s dark magic, forcing the Black Mage to use the power of time. Immediately, the Seal Stones absorbed the stolen power and activated the Seal of Time.

As the Seal of Time began activating, the Black Mage attempted to shatter the seal. To prevent this from happening, Luminous charged forward to stop him. However, the physical contact between the Black Mage and the last remnant of his light resulted in a power transfer, and Luminous inadvertently absorbed a trace of the Transcendent’s dark power, turning one of his eyes crimson red. With the Black Mage sealed behind the Gate of the Present, the Heroes were summarily expelled from the Temple of Time and cast down from the sky into the burning land of Leafre. Luminous managed to find a way back to Victoria Island and began to head towards Elluel, but only made it as far as Ellin Forest before he was frozen.

Main Story

After Centuries

Luminous and Lania

Over the centuries, the Black Mage’s seal began to weaken. Though this meant that the Black Mage would soon return, it also meant that the curse on the Heroes would weaken. The first hero to awaken from the ice was Luminous, who found himself in the forests of Ellinia. He was greeted by a young girl named Lania and her talking cat Penny. When he asked her to take him to Elluel, Lania was confused, as she believed that Elluel was a fairy tale, along with the Black Mage. After learning that centuries had passed since the sealing of the Black Mage, Luminous realized that the world was at peace and decided to settle down. He accepted Lania’s offer to come live with her, and the two spent many happy years together.

Sojourn's End

Luminous out of control

One day, Lania sent Luminous to the market in order to get fresh supplies. Luminous had lately been suffering from headaches, and while Lania walked him outside, he felt his chest tightening as dark power built up inside him. Just as he yelled for Lania to stay back, black chains shot up from the ground around him. Luminous then passed out for a while, and after he awoke, he found Lania’s house in ruins and Lania lying motionless on the ground as the forest burned around them. Luminous was anguished to feel the Black Mage’s power inside him and wondered what could be done.

Light Path

Luminous decided to resist the power of the darkness and saved Lania. Over the next several months, Luminous rebuilt Lania’s home and returned everything back to normal. After finishing repairs, he told Lania that he was going on a journey to find a way to remove the darkness inside of him before he hurt her again. He then decided to recall the power of light, which he hadn’t used since the Black Mage’s curse had weakened him. He tested his rudimentary light magic on the Bubblings, after which he headed into town in order to learn more about the changed world, as well as to find a way to contact Aurora. He then spoke with Arwen the Fairy and asked if she knew where Mercedes or Elluel was. Arwen had never heard of Elluel, but recognized Mercedes’ name as that of one the five Heroes who had been cursed into eternal slumber. Luminous asked whether she had seen any elves, as Elluel was close to Ellinia. Arwen told him that she had never heard of elves either and insisted that there were no other towns in the forest besides Ellinia. Finally, Luminous asked her whether she had ever heard of Aurora, which Arwen denied, though she told him that Grendel the Really Old likely knew about Aurora, as he was extremely knowledgeable.

Luminous went to the Magic Library, where he met Grendel’s student, Lolo. Lolo told Luminous that Grendel had stepped out, and that he didn’t know when he would be back. However, he told Luminous that he could take a message. Luminous asked whether he had ever heard of Aurora, to which Lolo said that the name sounded familiar. Lolo explained that Grendel had made him read every book in the Magic Library when he had first started, and that he had seen the word ‘Aurora’ next to a strange emblem, which Luminous realized was likely Aurora’s symbol. Lolo told him that he had seen it on an ancient scroll, but that he would need time to find it. While he searched, Lolo asked Luminous to help him with his chores. He first asked Luminous to find his cleaning supplies, which had been stolen by the Royal Fairies. After Luminous recovered them, Lolo told him that he had found the scroll. Upon reading it, Luminous realized that he had never seen such a scroll before, speculating that it had likely been used to select members of Aurora. However, the scroll mentioned that it was possible for one to reach Aurora’s sanctum of Harmony, even without mastery over light magic. Luminous told Lolo that he was indebted to him for finding the scroll, and so Lolo asked him for another favor, which was to extract Polishing Sap from the eyeballs of Evil Eyes.

After Luminous returned, he found that Grendel had also arrived. Luminous asked Grendel whether he had any knowledge of Aurora, but Grendel informed him that the organization had died out centuries ago. However, he promised to help Luminous find a way to reach Harmony in exchange for helping the people of Ellinia. Lolo first told Luminous to help Anne, Dr. Betty’s daughter, as she was often lonely due to her mother’s focus on her research. Annie told Luminous that Curse Eyes had taken her stuffed bears and asked Luminous to get them back. After finding them, Annie told him that Shane seemed unwell and suggested that Luminous check up on him. Shane told Luminous that Cold Eyes had ruined his garden and stolen the seeds of his rare herbs. After Luminous recovered the seeds, Shane told Luminous to check up on Betty to see if she needed any help with her research. Betty asked him to bring Surgeon Eye tails for her research. After he brought them back, she thanked him for his help, as she now had time to spend with her daughter and mentioned that Grendel had been looking for him.

In the Magic Library, Grendel gave him a moth-eaten scroll and explained that it was related to Aurora. Upon reading the scroll, Luminous heard the voice of the Second Master of Aurora, who told him that the path to Harmony was open to those who could solve the Four Paradoxes: Cold Flame, Hot Chill, Destructive Creation, and Eyes that See Darkness. Grendel agreed to help Luminous solve the paradoxes and gave him a Vampiric Lantern, which could collect light from monsters. He first sent Luminous to hunt Flaming Mixed Golems for the first paradox, as their cores were cool to the touch but capable of starting fires. Next, he hunted Icy Mixed Golems for the second paradox, whose cores did the exact opposite. After that, he hunted Axe Stumps, who had axes integrated into their bodies. The axes were created as part of the Axe Stumps, even as the axes destroyed trees. Finally, Luminous hunted Evil Eyes, whose eyes were accustomed to dark caves. After solving the paradoxes, Luminous thanked Grendel and asked if there was a secluded place where he could conduct the ritual. Grendel suggested that he go to the Golem Temple, where Luminous was able to successfully open the path to Harmony. There, he met the spirit of his old mentor, Vieren, who was glad to see Luminous after centuries. Vieren explained that after Luminous left to fight the Black Mage, he had learned as much as he could from the Second Master of Aurora, though he couldn’t learn everything. Luminous reassured Vieren that he had done as much as he could and asked whether the master had died peacefully. Vieren told him that the master had died peacefully in the same valley where they buried Luminous’ old friend, Lucia.

Dark Path

Luminous decided to embrace the Black Mage’s power and left Lania to die, claiming that he was now a creature of the darkness. He wondered whether this was how the Black Mage saw the world, with everything else beneath him. After testing his new powers on the Bubblings, he realized that dark magic was much easier than light magic. He then decided to visit town in order to learn about how the world had changed. There, he met Arwen the Fairy and demanded that she tell him about the Black Mage. A frightened Arwen stammered that she only knew that the Black Mage had been sealed away centuries ago by the Heroes. Luminous expressed disbelief that the possibility that centuries had passed and told her to reveal what she knew of Aurora, to which she told him that she didn’t know anything and asked him to leave. When Luminous refused to leave, Arwen threatened to scream, but Luminous used his magic to freeze her in place. Terrified, Arwen agreed to answer any questions he had. Luminous asked if she knew anyone who was well-versed in magic, and so she told him to seek out Grendel in the Magic Library.

There, he encountered Lolo, who told him that Grendel had stepped out, and that he didn’t know when he would return. Lolo offered to take a message, but Luminous decided to ransack the library himself for answers. When Lolo tried to stop him, Luminous threatened him by asking what he intended to do, making Lolo freeze in terror. After searching the library, Luminous expressed his annoyance that he couldn’t find anything about Aurora. Lolo offered to find it for him, which Luminous accepted, telling Lolo that he would vent his anger out on the nearby monsters while Lolo searched. Soon after, Luminous returned and Lolo gave him a moth-eaten scroll with Aurora’s symbol. After reading the scroll, he realized that it was a test used for new members of Aurora. To his annoyance, he realized that the scroll was incomplete and ordered Lolo to find the rest. However, Lolo stammered that he had already found everything that he could and asked Luminous to leave. Furious, Luminous used his powers on Lolo and banished him to a netherworld. Furious that he couldn’t find the other half of the scroll, Luminous decided to vent more of his anger out on the local monsters before returning to the library, where he found that Grendel had returned. Grendel was able to sense a dark aura emanating from Luminous, who realized that Grendel had knowledge of dark magic and demanded that Grendel teach everything he knew about the darkness. Grendel refused and instead offered to help Luminous find information on Aurora in exchange for Luminous killing the monsters terrorizing Ellinia.

After destroying the Curse Eyes, Cold Eyes, and Surgeon Eyes in the forest, Luminous returned to the library, where Grendel gave Luminous the rest of the scroll. Upon reading it, he heard the voice of the Second Master of Aurora, who told him that the path to Harmony was open to those who could solve the Four Paradoxes: Cold Flame, Hot Chill, Destructive Creation, and Eyes that See Darkness. Grendel agreed to help Luminous solve the paradoxes and gave him a Vampiric Lantern, which could collect light from monsters. He first sent Luminous to hunt Flaming Mixed Golems for the first paradox, as their cores were cool to the touch but capable of starting fires. Next, he hunted Icy Mixed Golems for the second paradox, whose cores did the exact opposite. After that, he hunted Axe Stumps, who had axes integrated into their bodies. The axes were created as part of the Axe Stumps, even as the axes destroyed trees. Finally, Luminous hunted Evil Eyes, whose eyes were accustomed to dark caves. After returning, Luminous demanded that Grendel tell him of a place where he could conduct the ritual in peace. Grendel suggested that he go to the Golem Temple, but demanded that Luminous return Lolo. After bringing Lolo back, Luminous went to the Golem Temple and successfully opened the path to Harmony.

There, he met the spirit of his old mentor, Vieren, and told him that he had embraced the darkness. Vieren was bemused at the thought of Luminous, the Magician of Light and the hero who sealed the Black Mage, becoming a dark magician himself. He asked if Luminous had come to Harmony in order to learn dark magic, claiming that they had many books on the matter. Luminous told Vieren to disappear, but Vieren warned him that he was much stronger than the last time they had seen each other. As the two prepared to duel, Luminous heard the distant voice of Lania telling Luminous to stop, claiming that she had been waiting for him since even before she forgot. Though confused by both the voice and its words, Luminous felt the darkness welling up inside him again, and just like before, he yelled for her to stay back, right before passing out. When he awoke, Luminous felt that he had a bit more control over himself and told Vieren what had happened.  

Collecting the Auguries

Luminous told Vieren about the darkness inside of him, to which Vieren replied that his research indicated that light and darkness were both two sides of the same coin. Luminous was adamant that the two powers were opposite, but Vieren suggested that since Luminous had both powers, he could learn to control the darkness, rather than remove it. Vieren then used his powers to resonate with the light in order to temper the darkness inside Luminous, allowing him to gain control over both the light and the darkness. He then gave Luminous an Aurora Prism, which would allow him to return to Harmony whenever he wished. He also warned Luminous that the darkness could still overtake him at any point and suggested that Luminous try making the darkness his own, reminding him that light and darkness were merely two sides of the same coin. He wondered whether they might even be able to fulfill their master’s dying wish of collecting the Auguries, whose combined strength would allow one the master the darkness. Vieren explained that there were five Auguries, and that he knew where they all were.

Luminous then began collecting the Auguries, finding the first one in the hands of the Mole King at the Ellinel Fairy Academy. Next, he found the second Augury at Gold Beach in the hands of Captain Darkgoo. To find the whereabouts of the third Augury, Vieren sent Luminous to Kerning City. There, he met with JM From tha Streetz, who offered to reveal its location in exchange for eliminating Stirges in the Kerning City subway. After Luminous completed the task, JM told him to speak with the Dark Lord, who had been entrusted with the Augury by Aurora long ago. The Dark Lord gave Luminous the Augury and revealed that it was not he himself who had been entrusted with it, but a previous Dark Lord, who prophesied that it would one day be reclaimed. Luminous then returned to Harmony and told Vieren that it seemed as though their quest for the Auguries had been planned long ago. Vieren replied that when the Auguries had first been made, it was entirely possible that their current events had been foreseen. Luminous then traveled to Riena Strait, where he obtained the fourth Augury. Vieren then told him that the final Augury had been entrusted to a brave warrior, who had passed it down as a family heirloom. To find the descendent of that warrior, Luminous went to Sleepywood, where he met a warrior-in-training named Ilji. After learning that Luminous had come for the Augury, Ilji sent him to his brother, Manji, in Perion. There, Manji told Luminous that their family not only had the Augury, but a prophecy alongside it that foretold that one would eventually arrive to claim it. To see if Luminous was truly the one prophesied, Manji asked him to defeat the Fire Boars and Iron Boars as a test. After having proven himself, Luminous took the Augury and returned to Vieren.

With the five Auguries, Vieren prepared to inject their power into Luminous in order to melt away the hold of the darkness, though he warned Luminous that it was ultimately up to him to conquer his own darkness, as the Auguries would only do so much. He told Luminous to focus on the saying “The light shines brightest in the deepest dark”, and after a painful ordeal, Luminous felt a new sensation within himself, as though the light and darkness had merged into one. Having conquered the darkness, Luminous felt that he was ready to face Lania once again. Though he believed that he had no right to see her after having caused her so much pain, Luminous still wished to protect her from harm. Upon arriving near their home, Luminous was shocked to find the Black Mage’s servants in the area. He rushed home to reunite with Lania, who was overjoyed to see him, though she was upset that he had been gone for so long. Luminous then promised never to leave her side again. However, he did ask whether she felt as though she were being watched, but Lania said that she hadn’t felt anything out of the ordinary. Luminous was relieved, as it meant that the Black Mage’s servants hadn’t found Lania yet, but he also realized that it wasn’t safe and told Lania that he needed to find a way to protect her.

Protecting Lania

He returned to Harmony and told Vieren about his encounter with the Black Mage’s servants. Vieren suspected that if the Black Mage’s minions were resurfacing, the Black Mage himself may not be too far behind. Luminous decided that he would hunt down the Black Mage, but he first needed to ensure Lania’s safety. Vieren suggested setting up a Sentrobo, one of Aurora’s old sentry robots, at Lania’s house. Though there were no Sentrobos left in Harmony, Vieren was confident that he could build one, provided that Luminous got him the necessary parts. While he prepared the energy crystal, Vieren told Luminous to collect Wooden Boards, Slates, and Skeledog bones from the Excavation Site. With the materials Luminous brought, Vieren was able to create a Sentrobo, R2-B2.

Vieren then told Luminous that their next mission was to gather information in order to find out what the Black Mage was planning. He recommended that Luminous seek out a secret organization that researched extraterrestrial threats to Maple World. Luminous traveled to the Excavation Site, where he met with Agent M. Though Agent M was initially cautious of Luminous, he nevertheless agreed to consider Luminous’ proposal if he were to help him. First, he asked Luminous to defeat Skeleton Soldiers and bring their ribs as proof. Next, he asked Luminous to defeat Skeleton Officers and bring back their pelvic bones. Finally, he had Luminous defeat Skeleton Commanders and bring back the skulls of the horses they rode. After completing these tasks, Agent M told him that his boss had approved giving Luminous access to their information network. They also agreed to dispatch an agent named Agent O near Lania’s home for easy access, who would remain disguised as a merchant in order to remain inconspicuous.

Even with Agent O keeping watch on the house, however, Luminous still felt uneasy about Lania’s safety. Vieren suggested making a Light Barrier, much like the one that protected Harmony. He told Luminous that the crystal they needed for the barrier was in Sleepywood, though it would be a problem down the line as to how they would refine it. Still, he asked Luminous to go speak with The Rememberer, who told Luminous to go to the Cursed Temple and speak with the Insignificant Being. The Insignificant Being told Luminous that the necessary materials could be found inside the temple, but he was afraid that they may have been corrupted by the evil presence of the monsters inside, and so he asked Luminous to bring Tauromacis Blood for a purification spell. Next, he asked Luminous to bring crystal fragments from the Taurospears, as finding a perfect crystal would be too difficult. After Luminous brought the materials, the Insignificant Being purified the crystals for him.

Luminous returned with the crystals to Vieren, who told him that he would need to craft the fragments into a Lambent Crystal. He suggested that Luminous go to the town of Ardentmill, where he could find someone to craft them. In Ardentmill, Luminous spoke to Elder Grant, who directed him to the master craftsman, Intaglio. Intaglio was able to craft the Lambent Crystal, which Luminous brought to Vieren. Vieren then used the crystal to create a Barrier Stone and told Luminous to set it up around Lania’s home, even offering to come with Luminous, as the power of the Barrier Stone would allow him to leave the confines of Harmony. Luminous set up the barrier and returned to Lania’s home, where Lania asked Luminous about Agent O and the Sentrobo. Luminous promised her that they were there for her safety, as well as Vieren, who had decided to move in and look after her.

Guwaru From Beyond

Agent N informed Luminous that the Omega Sector agents had discovered a crack in time inside Helios Tower in Ludibrium, and that they believed that the Black Mage was behind it. Luminous went to investigate the crack in time in the Time Control Room, emerging centuries into the past in Ellin Forest. He made his way into Altaire Camp, where the refugees immediately recognized him. One of the magicians, Perzen, informed him that dark energy lingered inside the forest, which he suspected had something to do with the Black Mage. He then gave Luminous a scroll that would take him where the energy was concentrated.

Upon using it, Luminous was transported to the Forest of Spirits, where he found that he unable to sense the darkness anymore. He then encountered Guwaru’s Vestiges, and after defeating them, he proceeded further into the forest until he met an uncorrupted Guwaru. Surprised, he asked Guwaru how he was still alive, as he had believed that Magnus had killed him during the final battle. Guwaru explained that he could not be killed, as he was a part of the world itself. Luminous asked him where the Black Mage was, but Guwaru merely replied that he neither knew nor cared. When Luminous asked if he was still a Commander, Guwaru explained that when Magnus had destroyed his body, it had severed the Black Mage’s hold on his mind, meaning that he was no longer loyal to the Black Mage. He told Luminous that, in many ways, he was the same Guwaru whom Luminous had encountered on the battlefield, but in many ways, he was not. He then added that he sensed the Black Mage within Luminous, who explained that he had absorbed a trace of the Black Mage’s darkness. Guwaru noted that the light and darkness within Luminous were resonating, which was something that he had never seen before in all his existence. As Luminous felt too similar to the Black Mage, Guwaru asked if they were related. Luminous admitted that he had darkness within him, but he claimed that he surely couldn’t be as similar to the Black Mage as Guwaru claimed. Guwaru told him to believe what he wanted and asked Luminous to leave him, as he needed to continue his work.

Investigating the Lion King

Agent N reached out to Luminous and told him that he might be interested to know that the Silent Crusade had recently discovered the Lion King’s Castle in El Nath. Luminous was surprised that Von Leon was still alive, as he had assumed that the Lion King had fallen bravely in battle. He went to speak with Vieren, who told Luminous to verify whether Von Leon was still an active Commander. After thoroughly investigating the castle, he concluded that Von Leon was not a servant of the Black Mage anymore, but rather, he was just a man whose heart and soul had been torn out.

The Grand Crystal

Some time later, Vieren told Luminous that he had encountered an interesting phrase in one of the books in the Aurora library: “The ultimate light is the slumbering gold.” Vieren believed that the riddle referred to the Grand Crystal of legend and suspected that it was hidden in the Golden Temple. Luminous obtained the Grand Crystal from Ravana inside the Golden Temple, and from the crystal came the voice of the Second Light Master, who recognized Luminous and called him the Starchild. When Luminous asked what it meant, he explained the story behind the birth of the Black Mage and how Luminous had been born from the light cast out by the Black Mage, which had shot up into the heavens and landed back down, which was why the mages of Aurora called Luminous the Starchild. Luminous realized that Guwaru was correct in believing that he and the Black Mage were related, quickly becoming dejected by the revelation. However, the master told him that Luminous was everything good about the Black Mage in physical form, meaning that he was nothing like the Black Mage. However, he also explained an uncomfortable truth and asked for Luminous’ forgiveness in advance. He told Luminous that his close friend, Lucia, had been raised as the false Starchild so that the Black Mage would kill her in Luminous’ place. Luminous was shocked by the news, but the master promised that he had ensured that Lucia had been able to reincarnate and live a new, safer life. With that, he disappeared and left Luminous with his conflicted feelings. Luminous went to see Vieren and told him that he blamed himself for the deaths of Lucia and the mages of Aurora. However, Vieren told him that it was no one but the Black Mage’s fault, causing Luminous to snap at him that he was the discarded remnant of the Black Mage, making them one and the same. As Lania consoled him, she was intrigued to hear the name Lucia, as it seemed very familiar to her. Even after Luminous left, she continued pondering over the name and why it seemed so familiar.

The Black Mage Returns

Luminous challenges the Black Mage

As the leaders of Maple World began to mobilize in the wake of the Black Mage's return, Agent N reached out to Luminous and explained that the Black Mage was on the move, likely near Lania’s home. He told Luminous that Agent O had just sent them the message, and though the other agents were on their way, he wanted to let Luminous know before they arrived. Luminous used the Aurora Prism to return to Lania’s home, where he found the entire forest warped with the power of darkness. He saw Vieren nearby, who apologized weakly for having failed. Luminous asked him where Lania was, to which Vieren told him that he had no idea how the Black Mage had found them, but added that the Sentrobo had been destroyed. Though Agent O and Penny had managed to hide, Vieren couldn’t stop the Black Mage from taking Lania. Vieren then attuned the Aurora Prism to the Black Mage’s location so that Luminous could go after him. Luminous used the Prism to arrive in a different area of the forest, where he heard Lania calling out to him. He followed her voice and discovered her collapsed on the ground. Suddenly, she cried out as she was engulfed in a great wave of darkness. Possessed by the Black Mage, she began to attack Luminous with dark magic. Luminous used his powers to drive the darkness out of Lania, who collapsed motionless on the ground, just as the Black Mage himself appeared.

The Black Mage mocked Lania for her weakness, claiming that she had faltered before a mere sample of his power. Having both Lucia and Lania taken away from him, Luminous swore that the Black Mage would suffer for what he had done. The Black Mage asked if Luminous was shaken and called his compassion a rotten crutch. Disgusted with the Black Mage considering love a weakness, Luminous challenged him to a duel and promised to show him the power that love had granted him. However, the Black Mage refused and said that he wanted to save their final battle for another time. After he vanished, Luminous was relieved to see that Lania had awoken, who revealed that she was remembering memories of being Lucia in her past life. She told Luminous that she had never blamed him for her death and told him to stop feeling sorry about everything. Though Luminous protested that she wouldn’t have died if it hadn’t been for him, Lania snapped at him and said that they were together again, and that it was all that mattered. However, she reminded him that, no matter what, she was still Lania. With a weight lifted off his heart, Luminous told Lania that they should head home.

Birth of an Alliance

An Explorer was sent by Athena Pierce to contact Luminous in order to ask whether the Heroes could reseal the Black Mage. The Explorer traveled to the forests of Ellinia and found the rebuilt Sentrobo guarding the area. After defeating it, Luminous appeared and began questioning them. The Explorer explained why they had come and asked if the Heroes could reseal the Black Mage since they had all been freed from the ice. However, Luminous told them that it would be impossible for two reasons. He first explained that he had lost his powers after emerging from the ice and assumed that the same fate had befallen the other Heroes. He then explained that Freud’s creation of the Seal of Time had fractured the flow of time in Maple World, and that using the same spell again might have dire consequences.

Some time later, Agent N reached out to Luminous and told him that Cygnus had found out that they were working together, and that she wanted to meet with Luminous. Luminous traveled to Ereve to meet with Cygnus, who asked him if he had been surprised by her invitation. He told her that he was surprised that she even knew him in the first place, as few seemed to remember the events of his time. Cygnus explained that her family had always watched and waited, but added that it wasn’t the reason she had asked him to meet. She told him that she was planning on forming an alliance in the hopes of uniting the various factions of Maple World, despite their differences. Though centuries ago, there were only five who stood against the Black Mage, she told him that there were hundreds who stood together in present day. Luminous was impressed by Cygnus’ resolve and told her that she reminded him of Empress Aria, wondering what Phantom would think of her. Believing that her cause was noble, he asked her to call upon him whenever she was in need of his power.

After receiving unanimous confirmations, the First Continental Conference took place and the Maple Alliance was officially created.

Final Quest

Lania called Luminous back and asked him why he only came when she invited him. Before he could respond, she laughed and said that she already knew that it was because he was on an important mission. She then told him that she had been remembering some old memories of when she was Lucia, and how they would stroll together through Harmony.

Meeting Shade

While searching for Luminous, Shade ran into Lania at the Magic Library. After learning that he and Luminous were friends, Lania excitedly took him to her home. Just then, a horde of Lupins arrived and Lania lamented that she hadn’t brought the Sentrobo with her. Shade told her that he would take care of it and defeated all the Lupins. As they moved closer into the forest, more Lupins appeared. Just then, Luminous arrived and defeated them all. Lania introduced him to Shade, asking if he recognized his old friend. Luminous was confused, claiming that had never met Shade before, but Lania told him that Shade had told her stories about the Heroes from centuries ago. Luminous immediately put up his guard and demanded to know what Shade was after. Devastated that Luminous didn’t recognize him either, Shade apologized to Luminous for having burdened him the most, as Luminous was the only one who could have activated the seal. He added that that he didn’t want to go through the same experience again, as twice was more than enough. He told Luminous that he was glad to find him happy, even happier than the last time they had seen each other, and told Lania to take care of Luminous before leaving. Lania called after Shade, but Luminous tried to stop her and explained that Shade was a stranger. However, Lania reproached him and explained that such sad, longing eyes couldn’t be directed towards a stranger. Soon after, Shade crossed dimensions to Grandis, causing Luminous and Lania to forget about him.

Black Heaven

The day before the operation, Luminous went to visit Lania, who was overjoyed to see him. She cooked Luminous’ favorite mushroom soup and Luminous decided to stay the night. The next day, Luminous began to head out when Lania stopped him and made him promise that he would return home safely.

Heroes of Maple

Luminous and Lania in Heroes of Maple

Evan and Mir traveled to Ellinia and attempted to convince Luminous to join them in their quest to carry out Freud's will. Though Luminous initially dismissed Evan as a novice, he later changed his mind and traveled with Phantom to the Sanctum of Abraxas, where they rescued Mercedes and Evan from a trap. They eventually discovered the Eye of Abraxas, a massive airship, and used it to travel to Earth, where the Transcendence Stone lay hidden.

Mercedes, Phantom, and Luminous disguised as partygoers at the museum gala where the stone was being held and infiltrated inside, where they found the Transcendence Stone. However, Phantom and Luminous got into an argument and while Mercedes attempted to break it up, Damien appeared and stole the stone while they were distracted.

After returning to Maple World, Luminous and the other Heroes fought Damien, who had stolen the powers of the Transcendent of Life. After defeating him, they scattered Alicia's life force in order to save Maple World.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Freud for Luminous.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Luminous is "Light of the World".


After a large celebration party, Evan unexpectedly decided to visit Freud’s birthplace, where he found the other Heroes. Evan was surprised, as they had told him that they had ‘other stuff’ to do and sent him off like a child. Aran laughed and said that she had changed her mind, but that it was worth the trip to see the baffled look on his face. Mercedes told Aran not to make fun of Evan, as he did help them save the world. Luminous noted that it appeared as though they all had the same ‘stuff’ to do. Just then, Phantom appeared in a flash and saw that they had beaten him, though he declared that the star of the show always appeared last. Mercedes snapped that he was meant to be at another extravagant party, but Evan broke up the fight and said that with Phantom, all the Heroes were there, as well as himself. Phantom then told Evan not to discount himself, as he was one of them after helping save the world, which Mercedes agreed with. Phantom noted the irony of the grand Heroes who had defeated the Black Mage celebrating in an abandoned shack to mope about their long lost companion. Mercedes then suggested watching the moon and stars, visible from the broken roof. They wondered whether Freud ever watched the sky as they had, but Phantom pointed out that there likely hadn’t been a hole in the roof while he still lived there. Aran mentioned that she recalled how Freud had many holes in his roof, and that he had been too lazy to fix them. Shade countered that Freud was less lazy and more content with the feeling of a rundown cottage. The Heroes then looked back fondly on Freud and his eccentric ways. Soon after, they prepared to leave when Evan asked when they would see each other again. The Heroes reassured him that they were like family, and that they would see each other again at the next crisis, as they were Maple World’s greatest heroes.

At Lania’s house, Vieren told Luminous that, despite having helped defeat the Black Mage and returning safely, he was moping like a puppy who had lost its favorite toy and asked what was the matter. Luminous reassured Vieren that he was fine, and that he was merely reminiscing about old times. Though he knew that the Black Mage was evil, Luminous still acknowledged that the Black Mage was his other half. Though he despised the Black Mage, who reminded him of all that he had lost at the Black Mage’s hands, he also hated himself for having come from the same darkness and couldn’t help but blame himself for everything the Black Mage had done. Vieren reminded him that the Black Mage was gone, and that he didn’t need to let the Black Mage hold him back anymore. Luminous asked about the darkness still inside him, but Vieren told him that, just as there was darkness in everyone, there was light too, even in the Black Mage. Just then, Lania arrived and told Luminous how glad she was to see him. Vieren pointed out how Luminous’ friends accepted him as he was and urged him to do the same. Luminous thanked Lania for how she had always shown him such kindness and told her that knowing that she was awaiting him was what kept him going. He also thanked Vieren for his wisdom and hoped that he could count on his counsel for many years to come.


While searching for Grendel the Really Old, the Adversary, Elwin, and Lily traveled to Morass, where they encountered the White Mage. Luminous asked the White Mage if the darkness that he received from the Black Mage would disappear. The White Mage told Luminous that the darkness was now a part of him and said that he'd have to learn to love that darkness, just as 'she' did.


Black Mage: Origin

Some time after the World Tree incident, Luminous agreed to tutor Evan and began teaching him the complex theory behind magic. Evan, unable to keep up, began wishing that he had been born with natural talent. However, Luminous warned him that overwhelming talent could corrupt a person. To demonstrate this, he took Evan to the ruins of the Aurora Great Temple in the Forest of Peace and told him the origin of the Black Mage and how he fell to darkness. Evan asked Luminous what the point of even trying was if such a powerful mage could fall to ruin. Luminous reassured him that if humans could turn from brilliance to shadow, then even a regular child could attain greatness, pointing out how Evan had ascended from a simple farmhand to the Dragon Master. His faith renewed, Evan eagerly agreed to continue studying under Luminous in order to become stronger.

Job Advancements

Once you reach Harmony, the player will turn Level 30 automatically if it hasn't been reached. Talk to Vieren to advance into 2nd job.

Subsequent advancements simply require to reach level 60 for 3rd job and 100 for 4th job and then accepting Vieren's quest.



  • Luminous caught heterochromia from the Black Mage's curse.
    • Luminous is the first class who has heterochromia, followed by Ark.
  • Luminous is the "light" that the Black Mage cast aside, which explains why he became tainted so easily.
  • Though not confirmed, it is speculated that Luminous is the 'spare' for the Black Mage, the Transcendent of Light, just as Tana was a spare to her sister, Aeona.
  • Luminous' storyline has several references to Star Wars:
    • His struggle to resist the darkness is similar to the temptation of the dark side of the Force.
    • Vieren is known as Beer-Wan in KMS, which is a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    • The name of the Sentrobo is R2-B2, a reference to R2-D2.
  • From the Heroes of Maple, Luminous is shown to have nicknames:
    • From Phantom: "Nerd"
    • From Lania (and later Evan): "Lumi"


  1. Luminous is a being created from the light left behind by the Black Mage.
  2. Announcement on official MapleStory's Twitter page.
  3. Also provides the voice(s) of Mercedes (Female) and Aria.
  4. Announcement on her Twitter page
  5. Also provides the voice(s) of Black Mage, White Mage (MapleStory Black Mage Prologue "Origins"), Freud (Shade cutscene), Damien, Elite Bosses (Black Knight (Hardin), Mad Mage, Rampant Cyborg (Quieg), Vicious Hunter, Bad Brawler), Gelimer (Black Heaven in game), Grendel the Really Old, Melange, Sharen III, and Ergoth.
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