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NPC Lucid

Until the world is shrouded in sweet dreams... The festival must go on.

― Lucid

Lucid is the one of the Black Mage's commanders, and has the ability to manipulate dreams. She sits atop of the Nightmare Clocktower in Lachelein.


Early Life

Lucid's early life flashbacks can be found within the cracks of subconscious located in Lachelein Downtown. As players run through the quest line of the city, more cracks can be unlocked. To unlock a crack, players will have to accept the quest given by clicking on the crack. Each quest will require 10 Dream Fragments, which can be found by killing the monsters in the area.

First Crack of Subconscious


Lucid in her early life

It is revealed that Lucid was an elf from Elluel and she used to be friend with Athena Pierce and Danika. The flashback was set in the time when Lucid first discovered her ability to manipulate dreams. After a day of training with Athena, Lucid decided to continue her training alone at night. But no matter how hard she tried, her archery skills wouldn't improve. She was desperate because she wanted Mercedes' attention. And then, while accidentally falling asleep, a dream appeared inside her mind. In that dream, she performed her archery skills exceptionally well, hitting all of the targets with great accuracy and earned the recognition of Mercedes herself. After waking up, Lucid then realized she had the ability to control dreams to such an extent that her dreams could be mistaken as reality.

Second Crack of Subconscious


Mercedes and Lucid

One day, Lucid made a music box as a gift for Mercedes, who loved it very much, in order to make an impression. Lucid wanted this gift to be for Mercedes to enjoy only. However, unlike what she had planned, everyone in the town came to listen to her music box.

Third Crack of Subconscious

Athena and Lucid both asked Mercedes to come with her and fight the war against the Black Mage. However, Mercedes denied both of them because it was too dangerous. Not giving up, on one night, Lucid decided to follow Mercedes into combat, only to see Mercedes talking to Athena. Mercedes had entrusted Athena with the task of taking care of Elluel and its treasure while she was gone.


Mercedes and Athena Pierce discussing as Lucid observes

Fourth Crack of Subconscious

Being jealous of Athena, Lucid isolated herself with her dreams in a cave. She also erased everyone's memory so no one could remember or recognize her. And then, when the Black Mage was sealed by the five heroes, the freezing curse struck Elluel. Everyone including Mercedes was frozen and Lucid suffered the curse as well. However, Lucid wasn't asleep, she was kept awake for years because of her ability. This drove Lucid to insanity.

Fifth Crack of Subconscious

Lucid BM

The Black Mage confronting Lucid

In one particular dream, while Lucid was frozen, she crossed paths with the Black Mage, who offered her more power and a new world. Lucid accepted the offer and with her new power, she broke free of the ice trapping her and brought her madness to the world.

Sixth Crack of Subconscious

In the present, the Alliance is arguing about the existence of the Gate to the Future. Meanwhile, Lucid and the Black Mage are watching. Lucid said that everything was going according to plan even though the Alliance has discovered the Future world was just an illusion. She also asks about the new world Black Mage promised but all she sees is pure darkness.

Shocked, Lucid creates the City of Illusions Lacheln, where festivity never ends and happiness is forever. She also decides to spread this dream all over the Maple World, hoping the Black Mage would change his mind about a world without light.