Maybe we should just stay as spirits? With this body... I feel like I'm going to become something I'm not.

― Lotus, talking with Orchid after being transformed into a human

Lotus, known as one of the Wing Masters, was one of the Commanders of the Black Mage and is Orchid's twin brother.


Becoming Humans

Orchid and Lotus were once Spirits of Darkness who resided in the Forest of Peace. During his research, the White Mage encountered the two. Orchid was rather playful toward him although Lotus seemed rather harsh. Seeing Orchid's curiosity about human feelings, the White Mage offered to grant them human bodies if they helped him understand the darkness. Taking on a physical form was a taboo for spirits, as doing so would result in them losing their natural immortality and invulnerability. Because of this, Lotus had a bad feeling about the arrangement, though he agreed to accept it after seeing how happy it made his sister. After awakening as the Transcendent of Light, the Black Mage recruited them as his twin Wing Masters, to whom he also granted the power to manipulate gravity. During the war, the Black Mage sent Lotus and Orchid to assassinate Empress Aria under the guise of negotiating terms of peace. At the final battle, Phantom engaged in a vicious battle against the two Wing Masters and severely wounded them, placing Lotus in a coma. Orchid vowed to revive Lotus and took his body away from the Temple of Time.

Erasing History

Though Lotus remained comatose, his spirit was capable of leaving his body and possessing others. It was speculated that the mysterious war 300 years ago was due to his influence. Over the centuries, Lotus used his powers to manipulate the records of history, erasing all references to the Black Mage and the Heroes. The legendary hero Tristan, the warrior Mu Young, the 7th Dark Lord Sung, and his apprentice Jin, discovered that a mysterious threat had been destroying records of key events in Maple World, and so they took it upon themselves to stop it. Under the guise of hunting Lord Balrog, the four tracked down the threat below the Cursed Temple. Knowing that it had the power of possession, they shielded their minds to keep the enemy from possessing them. What they didn’t anticipate was that Sung’s adopted daughter and Jin’s lover, Syl, had secretly followed them. Lotus took over Syl’s body and attacked them. Unwilling to strike her down, both Sung and Tristan allowed themselves to be killed by Syl before Jin wrested her sword out of her hands. After Lotus released her, she was horrified to see the bodies of her father and Tristan, as well as a bloody sword in Jin’s hands. With no memory of her time being possessed, she concluded that Jin had killed Tristan and her father, and so she swore revenge against him. Jin became the 8th Dark Lord and Syl took to the shadows, adopting the title of Lady Syl and founding a rogue group of thieves called the Dual Blades, whose purpose was to overthrow the Dark Lord and seize control of Kerning City.

The Black Wings

Over the centuries, Orchid spent all her time trying to find a way to revive her comatose brother. Eventually, she came across Gelimer, a scientist who specialized in medicine and biotechnology. Many years before he met Orchid, Gelimer planned to conduct experiments in order to create the ultimate being, for which he kidnapped several children in Edelstein in order to use them as test subjects. When Orchid approached him, he was amazed at the perfect body Lotus had been given by the White Mage. Though he promised that he would revive her brother, Gelimer secretly plotted to keep Lotus for himself and turn him into the ultimate android. Orchid then founded the Black Wings to carry out her plans and recruited members by claiming that she was planning to resurrect the Black Mage, who would grant them all their wishes. Gelimer began experiments to create an augmented clone of Lotus’ body by making copies of his genetic code and splicing it with that of other creatures. Whereas he conducted his genetic experiments in the Verne Mine, he secretly funneled Black Wings resources into his own private research, creating a secret facility from which he conducted his android experiments away from Orchid’s prying eyes.

Driving Out the Demons

After Phantom made his debut to Maple World, he began investigating the Black Wings and learned that someone had been erasing records of the Heroes. His investigation took him to Wiz the Librarian, who Lotus possessed in order to attack Phantom. Soon after, Phantom's intelligence gathering group contacted Phantom and told him that they had discovered that Wiz had been controlled through spirit possession, which allowed a soul to enter another person’s body. In order to investigate the technique, Phantom went to Sleepywood and met The Rememberer, who was an expert in spirit possession. The Rememberer was shocked to see what he described as an unholy terror on Phantom’s back and asked Phantom what he had gotten mixed up in, as there was a terrifying burden on his back invisible to Phantom. He told Phantom that he would make a charm to weaken the creature, explaining that Phantom would need to talk to it and make it go away. In order to help make the charm, Phantom entered the Cursed Temple and collected Tauromacis Blood. The Rememberer then crafted the charm and told Phantom to use it at a Shaman Rock. After Phantom activated the charm, he was teleported to a cave, where he found an unconscious Mu Young and the soul of Lotus hovering over him. Lotus greeted Phantom and explained that, though his body remained comatose for centuries, his soul was able to roam free. Phantom told Lotus that he was surprised to see him alive after their battle at the Temple of Time. Lotus replied that he couldn’t die while knowing that Phantom and the other Heroes were running around free. He confirmed that he had been the one who had possessed Wiz, explaining that he had discovered the power after his soul had left his body. To demonstrate it once again, he possessed Mu Young’s body and began to fight Phantom. After being defeated, Lotus released Mu Young and commended Phantom for having regaining more of his strength.

Before Lotus left, Phantom asked if he had been the one erasing the Heroes from history. Lotus was amused that Phantom had discovered his scheme and told him that he had been erasing records of the Black Mage, with the Heroes’ erasure being incidental. Phantom asked what Lotus was planning, to which Lotus merely told him to figure it out himself. With that, Lotus disappeared and Phantom was sent back to Sleepywood. Phantom wondered whether Orchid knew that Lotus could possess people, though he was really interested in knowing why Lotus had been destroying historical documents. Based on what he had learned, Phantom knew that Lotus’ physical body was comatose somewhere in Maple World, and so Phantom decided to destroy Lotus’ body in order to get rid of his soul. Knowing that he and Orchid were inseparable, Phantom surmised that they would still be close together, concluding that Lotus’ body was somewhere inside the Verne Mine.

Lotus as a ghost in Phantom's storyline.

Soon after, Phantom learned that all the energy being harvested in Edelstein was coming from the Power Plant, which was being funneled into a single point inside the mine. He decided that he would go himself to destroy Lotus. He rushed to the Verne Mine and infiltrated the Power Plant. Past Orchid’s room, he found a hidden laboratory, where he discovered Lotus’ comatose body floating in a tank. Phantom mocked Lotus about how far he had fallen compared to the time when he and Orchid had ransacked Ereve. Though he admitted that he wasn’t one to attack a defenseless foe, he added that he was also smart enough to recognize an opportunity. Just as Phantom was about to kill him, Lotus’ soul possessed Phantom and seized control of his body. An amused Lotus asked Phantom whether his senses had been so dulled that he would fall for such an easy plot, musing that it was possible that Phantom had merely been fooling everyone into thinking that he was as clever as he claimed. He explained that possession was difficult to perform, as only the weak-minded were susceptible to his powers from a distance. Knowing this, he manipulated Phantom into coming close to his body, where he could easily possess him.

He told Phantom that he knew that he would fall for his trap, as once he had his sights set on revenge, he had a one-track mind that couldn’t see the bigger picture. With that, he forced Phantom to leave Edelstein and travel to Ereve. There, Lotus had Phantom approach the garden where Cygnus was resting. Phantom realized immediately that Lotus was planning on having him kill Cygnus, thus eliminating the leader of the Alliance and turning the world against him. Cygnus spotted Phantom and approached him, glad to have a chance to see him again after he stopped Hilla. Phantom struggled desperately to remove Lotus’ hold on his body, but when he realized that he couldn’t stop himself, he desperately cried out for help. Just then, the soul of Empress Aria appeared, much to Lotus’ shock. She explained that, while she didn’t have the power to destroy him, she could drive him out of Phantom for good.

Gelimer's Betrayal

In the Verne Mine, Orchid continued to lament over Lotus’ condition and demanded to know whether Gelimer’s experiments would truly bring him back. Gelimer assured her that Lotus would return in perfect form. He also proposed the draft of a massive airship he was planning to build, Black Heaven,

Lotus upon being resurrected by Gelimer.

and convinced Orchid to approve the project. Soon after, Gelimer moved Lotus from Orchid’s room to a new area of the laboratory called the Evolution Lab. There, he finished transforming Lotus into an android. Orchid soon discovered the Evolution Lab and demanded to know why he had moved Lotus without her permission. She threatened Gelimer and reminded him that his experiments should have concluded months ago. Gelimer promised that Lotus would awaken imminently and demonstrated his claim by releasing Lotus from his pod. Orchid was overjoyed to see her brother awake, but soon grew confused when he wouldn’t respond to her. Gelimer then commanded Lotus to execute Program Alpha-97, which caused Lotus to turn on his sister and drain her half of the Wing Master powers. Gelimer revealed that he had succeeded in taking control of Lotus, one who had the ability to control others, and explained that he had deliberately

Lotus attacking Orchid under Gelimer's command.

kept Lotus’ brain in hibernation since his powers were all that Gelimer wanted. Severely injured, Orchid weakly asked why Gelimer needed Lotus’ body. Gelimer explained that the Black Mage required a vessel, not another follower, and with that, he left Orchid to die and took Lotus with him. He also allowed the Alliance to learn about the Evolution System, which captured battle data and used it to enhance Lotus' combat algorithms. Gelimer eventually sought out the Commanders and presented Lotus’ enhanced body to them, claiming that it would be the perfect vessel for the Black Mage to inhabit. Though the Commanders were plainly aware of Gelimer’s hidden agenda, they nevertheless accepted him into their ranks, although they refused to make him a full Commander. With the support of the Commanders and free of Orchid’s oversight, Gelimer was in the perfect position to achieve his goals unobstructed.

Black Heaven

Soon after, Gelimer launched Black Heaven and hooked up Lotus to the central computer, hoping to launch Retoxin upon the people of Maple World in order to turn them into drones connected to Lotus' hivemind. The Alliance was able to successfully defeat Lotus, who grew unstable. As Lotus continued powering up, the Alliance realized that he was overexerting himself until Orchid herself arrived and hugged her brother to calm him down. She asked Lotus to go back to becoming a Spirit of Darkness with her once the Black Mage’s power returned. Lotus told Orchid that his soul had spent centuries roaming Maple World trying to get his voice to reach her. Though, at first, he only wanted revenge against Phantom for what he did to them, he began changing after Gelimer forced him to hurt her. He asked if Orchid would continue living as a human for a bit longer together when Gelimer, unable to abide his creation rebelling against him, used his kill switch on Lotus. As Gelimer released Retoxin the Retoxin bombs, Orchid used the last of the Wing Master power she had obtained from Lotus in order to levitate the bombs back to Black Heaven before causing them all to detonate at once.


Despite his death at Black Heaven, his service to the Black Mage was not over. Hilla resurrected him along with Damien at the Labyrinth of Suffering in order to fight against the Adversary.


Wing Master Webtoon

Nexon has commissioned author to draw Wing Master, which serves as a prologue of Black Heaven's story.

Wing Master at Maplf (English Translation of line)



  • Lotus and Orchid are the names of two flowers.
  • Xenon is given the appearance of Lotus when male and Orchid when female, separately from the option to Xenon's own style.
  • Lotusroid is modeled after Lotus, albeit with the wrong hair, eyes colors, and skin tone.


  1. Also provides the voice(s) of Orchid, and Roo-D.
  2. Also provides the voice(s) of Aran (Female), Mir, and Alicia (Main body).
  3. Also provides the voice(s) of Alicia (Soul), and Dorothy.