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MapIcon esfera.png Living Spring 3
Map Living Spring 3.png
Continent Arcane River Area Esfera
Street Esfera Return Map Living Spring
Level 235+ Damage over Time None
Swimming? No Flying? No
Death Count None Potion Restrictions No restrictions
Recommended Force / Power Arcane Power: 560
NPCs None Monsters
Portals Living Spring 2, Living Spring 4
Notes None


  • Continental Naming Difference:
    • GMS: Living Spring 3
    • KMS: 생명이 시작되는 곳3 (生命-始作-3, Saengmyeongi sijakdoeneun got3)
    • JMS: 生命が生まれる場所3 (Seimei ga umareru basho 3)
    • TMS: 生命起始之地3 (Shēngmìng qǐ shǐ zhī dì 3)
    • MSEA: Where Life Begins 3
Vanishing Journey*
MapIcon Road of Vanishing.png Vanishing Journey* MapIcon Reverse City.png Reverse City*
Chu Chu Island*
MapIcon ChewChew.png Chu Chu Island* MapIcon YumYum.png Yum Yum Island*
MapIcon Lacheln.png Lachelein*
MapIcon Arcana.png Arcana*
MapIcon Morass.png Morass*
MapIcon esfera.png Esfera* MapIcon Sellas.png Sellas*
MapIcon moonBridge.png Moonbridge* MapIcon TheLabyrinthOfSuffering.png Labyrinth of Suffering* MapIcon Limen.png Limina*
*World Map available
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