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Skill Let's Rock! Let's Rock!

  • Class: Pink Bean
  • Type: Active
  • Maximum Level: 1
Pink Bean is a huge music buff, and has no qualms about busting out with his instruments. Each instrument has its own special effect.

MP Cost: 15, Cooldown: 5 sec

Electric Guitar: Max Enemies Hit: 12, Damage: 150% +2% per level, Number of Attacks: 4, When attack hits, party members' ATT and M. ATT will increase by 10% for 5 sec

Whistle: Max Enemies Hit: 12, Damage: 150% +2% per level, Number of Attacks: 3, Hit Enemies will get DoT of 150% + 1% per level for 5 sec

Megaphone: Max Enemies Hit: 12, Damage: 850%+ 6% per level, Hit enemies will have their accuracy decrease by 50% for 5 sec.

Pink Bean
Skill 1st Job : Pink Bean
Pink Bean intro

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