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Legion Coin
Etc Legion Coin.png
Description A coin acquired with your Legion's hard work and cooperation.
You can exchange it for various items or use it to increase your Legion rank at Dame Appropriation and Squire Pancho in major towns.
Max per slot 9,999
Sold for Cannot be sold
Dropped by None
Rewarded from
Notes This coin is used to purchase items from Squire Pancho Sanza.
This coin does not go into your inventory, and is shared across all characters in your world.
Armor ArmorAccessory
Weapon WeaponSecondary Weapon
Recovery PotionFoodCurePet Food
Equipment ScrollRebirth FlameSoul Weapon
Equip Enhancement Scroll
Others ArrowBagBulletFamiliar CardMastery BookRecipe
Summoning SackTeleport ItemThrowing Star
BagLeftoversQuest Item
Profession AbrasiveCrafting MaterialItem CrystalMagic Powder
HerbOreRefined HerbRefined Ore
BagChairDecorative ItemTitle
Cash Item
Cash ItemCubePet
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