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Lara is an Anima Magician who uses a Wand as a primary weapon and an Ornament as a secondary weapon.


Main Story

Meeting Gri

On Narin, a young sheep Anima girl named Lara was walking through the plains when she was stopped by three thugs named Tough-Looking Hyuk, Cheeky Myung, and Licky-lips Yeol, who demanded that she hand over her valuables. She willfully handed over her few coins and a rice ball, making the thugs feel uncomfortable about taking such a pittance from a young girl. However, they noticed a golden bell she was carrying and told her to give it up. Lara told them that she couldn’t hand it over, as she was on a journey to make the bell ring. She explained that the village she came from was said to have a purpose that needed to be fulfilled. Some time ago, she was led by land spirits, which she called the Mountain Kids, to a building, where she encountered the bell. When the elders discovered that the bell shined for Lara, they told her that they once held trials to find the one with whom the bell would resonate, but they gave up after no one was able to activate it. However, as the bell shined for Lara, they believed that she was the one who was prophesized to make the bell ring again and fulfill the village’s purpose. Meanwhile in Narin Village, a wolf Anima named Gri was stopped by the Magistrate’s guards, who reminded him of his outstanding fees. Suddenly, a Mountain Kid appeared near Gri, who used its presence to warn the guards to back off unless they wanted it to attack, though he knew that the land spirit was harmless. After the guards ran off, Gri noticed that the land spirit was following him, and he was reminded of the last time he had seen the land spirits with his brother, Gru, when he was younger.

He then made his way to the outskirts of town, where he found the three thugs confronting Lara. Seizing the opportunity, he decided to con her into giving up her money by saving her from the thugs. However, the thugs realized what Gri was trying to do, and as they argued over who would get the money, the land spirit appeared before Lara, causing a strange glow that she recognized as being similar to the bell’s warmth, which flooded her with a new understanding of the spirits. As the thugs advanced on Gri, Lara used her new command over the spirits in order to stop the fight. After the thugs retreated, Lara thanked Gri, who told her it was just one Anima looking out for another. Lara decided that they were now friends and introduced herself to him. Gri reluctantly reciprocated, wondering to himself when was the last time he ever gave his name out, as most of Narin Village only knew him as “street wolf”. Lara asked if Gri could show her around town, to which Gri agreed, hoping to lower her guard so that he could swindle her. In town, Lara and Gri encountered a kid named Rami, whose kite had gotten stuck in a tree. To Gri’s annoyance, Lara decided to help Rami and went to collect shoes from Sprout Silkworms in order to throw at the kite. When her plan didn’t work, Gri told her that they would need a ladder. Lara then asked why Rami was flying a kite, to which Rami explained that she used to fly kites with her mother, who couldn’t remember those moments anymore. Lara reassured Rami that people sometimes forgot the important things in the chaos of life and resolved to find a ladder. They encountered a man named Silvergrass, who told them that his ladder was in his home, but that he couldn’t go inside because he had lost a brooch which he had gotten for his wife for their wedding anniversary, adding that he couldn’t remember what it looked like either. Though Gri told her that trusting people blindly was foolish, Lara went in search of the brooch and found the carrot-shaped jewelry in the hands of Flower Field Bunnies. Once again, Gri recalled Gru telling him that it wasn’t bad to put his trust in other people. Lara presented the brooch to Silvergrass, who gave her the ladder in exchange. To Gri’s amazement, Lara bravely climbed the ladder, even though she had never climbed so high before, as she was confident that Gri would catch her. When Lara slipped, Gri moved to catch her, but wind spirits appeared and stopped her fall. Lara then gave the kite to Rami, who promised never to get her kite stuck again. In order to help her keep the promise, Gri taught her how to fly a kite properly.

Investigating the Bell

Gri then noticed Lara’s bell and asked her about it. Lara explained that it was her village’s treasure, and that it meant a lot to her, even though the bell didn’t ring. Seeing an opportunity to steal it, Gri offered to take the bell to a man who was good at fixing antiques. Since he lived in a shady part of town, he offered to take the bell and bring it back to her. To his surprise, Lara readily trusted him and handed the bell over. Gri brought the bell to a sketchy merchant and asked how much the bell was worth. The merchant used a magic detector, which shattered immediately, indicating that the bell possessed tremendous magical power. He urged Gri to return the bell to its owner, explaining that its pristine condition meant that it was important to them. Recalling Lara’s words about how much the bell meant to her, Gri felt guilty and decided to return it, though he fully expected her to have realized by then that she had been swindled. He returned to find her talking to the Magistrate’s guards, just as he expected, but as he came closer, he was surprised to find that Lara was arguing with the guards, telling them that Gri wasn’t the street wolf they thought he was. After the guards left, Gri asked why she handed the bell to him. When Lara explained that she trusted him as a friend, Gri came clean and told her that he had been trying to swindle her, and that he wasn’t a good person. However, Lara told him that if he didn’t believe her, he should believe the spirits, explaining that they rarely approached anyone, let alone followed them, unless they were a good person. Though she called them “Kids”, she said that they knew more than her, especially about people’s energy. She explained that the spirits were drawn to positive energy, which was like sunlight to them. Though Gri tried arguing that the spirits had made a mistake, Lara cited how he ran to catch her when she was falling off the ladder, how he offered to teach Rami how to fly her kite, and how he came back to return the bell.

As Gri wondered himself why he had returned, Lara asked him why he didn’t hide his Anima features, telling him that her grandmother had taught her how to hide them, as they could sometimes scare people. Gri told her that he knew how to hide them, but that he didn’t care if people saw, as they already called him “street wolf”. Lara then wondered how else they could look into the bell, as the merchant didn’t know anything. Gri told her that the town had an antique shop, though there was a mountain of knickknacks to look through. They arrived at Granny Dume’s antique shop, where she confused Gri for his brother, Gru. She asked him if he was still trying to take back the antique that the Magistrate had stolen, to which Gri reminded her that he wasn’t Gru. While looking around the shop, Lara accidentally broke a bowl. To make up for it, Granny Dume asked them to find a toy she had bought for her son. They found the toy amidst Flower Wings, but Gri noted that the toy was old. They returned to the shop, only to find her adult son Naru behind the counter. Naru explained that he had asked for the toy when he was a child, but that his mother had lost it shortly before his birthday. To apologize for the confusion, Naru allowed them to pick anything from the shop free of charge. While searching the shop, Lara and Gri encountered sun spirits, who presented a book to Lara. They opened the book, entitled “The History of Mysticants”, which had several pages torn out. From what they could make out, mysticants were left in the world as a result of an unknown influence. They came in all shapes and sizes, making it difficult for ordinary people to recognize them, and they existed independently of mortals’ wills. The bell mysticant, however, was created for a specific purpose that set it apart from the others, though the rest of the book was too torn to learn more about it. They also found a note signed from the Merchant Prince of the Back Alleys, who wrote that he had borrowed the missing pages.

As they left the stop, Gri found it odd that Granny Dume couldn’t remember him, but was able to remember a much more distant memory of her son’s toy. While walking through town, they encountered the Magistrate, who demanded that Gri pay his dues. As Lara argued with the Magistrate, several river spirits drenched the Magistrate, as well as the contract he had made with Gri. Furious, the Magistrate ordered his guards to arrest them. As Gri and Lara ran from the guards, a woman named Hannah helped them by hiding them in her studio. Hannah lied to the Magistrate that she hadn’t seen the two, to which the Magistrate reminded her of their agreement, and that, as her art patron, he expected a new painting soon. After he left, Gri and Lara came out and thanked her. As Lara marveled at her paintings, Hannah invited them to come visit whenever they wanted. After they left, the guards found them once again and the pair spent the next several days running and hiding. During their misadventures, the Magistrate visited Hannah and threatened her to finish her paintings on time. She reminded them of her deal to only use one person per month for her plans, to which the Magistrate grudgingly agreed.

Soon after, Lara and Gri ran into the thugs they had met at the outskirts of town, who pledged their loyalty to them, recognizing Lara and Gri as the only two people to have crossed the Magistrate and gotten away with it. They explained that they were inspired to rebel against the Magistrate and wanted Lara and Gri to lead them. Gri immediately protested, claiming that he was a lone wolf, and that he planned to leave the village once his debts were paid. Lara then remembered that they also owed a debt to Hannah and decided to visit her studio in order to thank her. There, Hannah told them a bit about the Magistrate’s visit earlier, and how he had threatened to tear all her paintings to shreds since he wasn’t satisfied by her latest work. Upon learning that Hannah ran out of paint, Lara offered to help collect the ingredients that she used to make her paints. As Lara headed out, Gri told her that he would go on his own to collect some of the ingredients, as he worked faster alone. While Gri collected white petals, Lara collected pink and yellow petals from the Flower Field Bunnies and Flower Drift Bunnies. Soon after, Lara returned to the studio, but found that Gri had not yet returned. As Lara watched Hannah paint, Hannah explained that she was friends with Gri’s father, who used to be a calligrapher with excellent brushwork. After he died, the Magistrate called “back taxes” on his estate and took everything that Gri and Gru had. Gru was determined to recover a particular keepsake that the Magistrate stole, and so he would work for Hannah to earn enough money in order to buy it back. When Lara asked if they were able to recover the keepsake, Hannah told her that, soon after, Gri had the worst day of his life when Gru suddenly disappeared with all the money they had, leaving Gri alone in debt.

Lara suddenly decided to go after Gri, who had just finished collecting all the white petals. Lara ran into him on his way back to town and told him that the reason she believed in people was because her grandmother had once told her that, as long as she held her faith, people would pull through the way she trusted them to. She promised Gri that the next time he was in trouble, she would help him through it. Just then, they were approached by the thugs, who presented a business proposal in order to make money. To Gri’s surprise, Lara seemed interested in the proposal, and when he asked why she needed the money, she explained that it was a secret. After learning that the thugs were attempting to swindle others, she told them to find a legitimate way to earn money. As they respected Lara for defying the Magistrate, the thugs readily agreed. After the thugs left, Gri called Lara out for her naivety, explaining that morality wasn’t black and white, as he and the other thugs swindled people in order to survive, rather than because they didn’t know better. Lara acknowledged that she was born in a happy home, but added that she was willing to learn about Gri’s hardships if he explained. Uncomfortable from Lara’s forwardness, Gri brushed it off, claiming that she didn’t need to hear his sob story and walked off. As Lara began to chase after him, she noticed a commotion on the street and rushed over, thinking that Gri was involved.

Standing Up to the Magistrate

At the town square, Lara found the Magistrate and his guards threatening Arisol and her daughter Rami, the girl whose kite had been stuck on the roof. The Magistrate gave Arisol one final warning to pay her taxes. After he left, Lara approached Arisol and asked if she was in trouble. Arisol explained that the Magistrate levied exorbitant taxes on the townspeople and that, if they were unpaid, he would take their home and kick them out to the back alleys. When Lara asked how she could help, Arisol asked her to defeat the Sprout Silkworms and Flower Wings, as they were stealing from the townspeople. After helping Arisol, Lara continued to search for Gri. Some time after Lara left to search for him, Gri arrived at the town square and encountered Arisol and Rami. Arisol thanked Gri for helping Rami with her kite and added that even Lara had helped them a while back. She also apologized on behalf of the town for rejecting Gri, telling him that it wasn’t his fault for what happened to him. She explained that the town was afraid of the Magistrate, and so no one reached out to care for him when he was left alone. Gri was suddenly reminded of Lara’s words about trusting others and the promise she had made to him about helping him when he was in trouble. He shook off the memory, wondering why he was suddenly remembering it.

After heading to the back alleys, he ran into the thugs, who told him that they wanted to give up swindling others and get back their original livelihoods before the Magistrate kicked them to the streets. Gri told them that if they wanted their old lives back, they needed to take it for themselves, as they couldn’t expect someone else to stand up for them. As he made his way back to the town street, he ran into the Magistrate, who began to insult Gri and his brother. Just then, Lara arrived and told Gri that she had learned a new trick from the Mountain Kids. A massive earthquake suddenly took place as Lara commanded the land spirits to shake the ground, causing the guards to retreat in fear. However, the earthquake abruptly stopped when the Mountain Kids fell asleep, making Lara realize that she still needed to practice maintaining her connection to the spirits. However, she revealed that she had snuck the thugs and many of the townspeople through Hannah’s studio, all of whom then appeared and began standing up to the Magistrate. Furious, the Magistrate ordered Gri to call off the mob in exchange for telling him where to find his father’s keepsake. However, Gri refused, telling him that he wouldn’t allow the Magistrate to pull any more strings. The Magistrate then threatened Lara, claiming that she had no right to meddle as an outsider. Lara then pointed out that the land was all connected, meaning that she couldn’t ignore injustice, no matter where it happened.

Suddenly, a river spirit appeared from the Magistrate’s clothes, and Lara then revealed that she had created the earthquake as a distraction so that the spirit could steal the Magistrate’s storage key. After the Magistrate was chased out of town, Lara and Gri went to the Magistrate’s storage room, though Gri told her that the keepsake wouldn’t be there, as the Magistrate had made it sound like it was hidden somewhere else when they chased him out of town. However, he noted with disgust how many treasures the Magistrate had stolen in his never-ending greed. Lara told him that her grandmother used to say that it happened when wishes turned to obsession, and that the line was crossed when one started wishing things would go better for them than others. When Gri asked Lara what she would wish for, she told him that she would wish for him to be free. When Gri pointed out that they had already made it happen by chasing the Magistrate out of town, Lara decided that her wish would then be to make the hopes and dreams of the people who wanted the bell to ring to come true. She then realized that they should tell Hannah about what happened, but Gri told her to go on ahead, as he wanted to help Lara learn more about the bell, since she had been too busy helping him. Once Lara left, Gri continued searching the storage room. One scroll in particular kept catching his eye, though he dismissed it as part of the Magistrate’s collection.

The Bell Rings

At the Dalbourde Studio, Lara thanked Hannah for allowing the townspeople to secretly pass through her studio in order to drive the Magistrate away. Hannah told Lara that, thanks to her, she would be able to paint at her own pace and asked if Lara could help her with it. She asked Lara to find a special type of water from Sunlight-Seeking Spheres in the back alleys. After bringing her the water, Hannah asked if Lara had learned more about the bell. Lara told Hannah that the bell was a special type of mysticant, which intrigued Hannah. Just then, Lara remembered the note in the book she found and decided to investigate the back alleys. There, she met the sketchy merchant, who told her that he had thrown the missing pages away. Undeterred, Lara hunted down the pages from the Gluey Leaf Flies over the next several days. After finding all the pages, Lara glued them together and realized that there was an extra page from another book, which she held onto. With the book restored, Lara learned that any sickness caused by a mysticant could only be cured by another mysticant, which was why the bell had been created in order to react to other mysticants and purify their evils. Lara asked the merchant if he knew more about mysticants since he took the book, but he replied that it was a secret. Lara then went after Gri, as the merchant breathed a sigh of relief that Lara was no longer around to keep prodding about his client.

Back in the studio, Gri asked Hannah if she had seen Lara. Hannah mentioned that Lara had been out for a few days, likely trying to find a way to ring the bell. She also confided to Gri that Lara seemed to be obsessed with the bell, and that she seemed to be trying to hide it from Gri. He dismissed her concerns, claiming that Lara was an open book, to which Hannah told him that he should come to the studio that night, as Lara had something special planned. Some time after Gri left, Lara arrived and told Hannah that the bell reacted to evil mysticants. When Lara asked if Gri was okay, Hannah told her that Gri was planning to leave town soon and suggested that she leave him alone, as he had been through a lot. Hannah then told her that she had an idea on how to ring the bell and asked Lara to come later that evening. When Lara arrived later on, Hannah showed her a paintbrush, with which the bell was subtly resonating. Hannah told her that the bell’s resonance meant that the brush was an evil mysticant, meaning that they needed to destroy it. She asked Lara to set fire to the brush herself while holding the bell in order to destroy the mysticant. Just then, Gri arrived and was shocked to find Lara burning the paintbrush, which was his father’s keepsake. Devastated and furious at Lara’s apparent betrayal, he stormed off, upset at himself for believing in Lara’s speeches about trust.

After Gri left, Lara felt utterly alone and realized that even the spirits had left her. Hannah explained that, because Lara’s heart had been broken and she had lost her innocence, the land spirits would not be drawn to her, as they only appeared before those who were pure of heart. She then revealed that the brush was completely unharmed, as mysticants couldn’t be destroyed in such a manner, and that the brush had the power to gouge out happy memories and paint them on a canvas. Due to her arrangement with the Magistrate, she would take a memory from one person every month in order to paint it for the Magistrate, which was why so many people in town were missing crucial memories. Back in the village, Gri was brooding when the spirits began to flock around him and drew him towards the antique shop. There, Granny Dume gave him a stuffed wolf doll, explaining that Lara had saved up to buy it for him. Inside the wolf’s mouth, Gri found a letter from his brother, which explained that the reason he had been trying so hard to find the keepsake was because he had realized that the brush was an evil mysticant that needed to be destroyed. Realizing that Lara hadn’t betrayed him, he rushed to the Magistrate’s storage room, where he opened the scroll that had caught his eye earlier. Inside, he found a painting of himself and Gru playing with the land spirits, and Gri realized that the fact that he remembered that moment was because it was Gru’s memory, meaning that his brother hadn’t abandoned him, but rather, he had been kidnapped by the Magistrate and Hannah.

Gri rushed back to the studio, where Hannah demanded that Lara give her the bell. Just then, Gri arrived with the spirits and reaffirmed his trust in Lara, who realized that the spirits hadn’t left her heart, but that her heart had left them. Having made her heart whole once again through her faith, Lara regained her affinity with the spirits and used her powers to fight Hannah. However, the evil energies of the mysticant strengthened Hannah, who easily defeated both Lara and Gri. As Hannah moved to kill them both, Lara offered herself and all her happy memories in exchange for Gri’s life. Realizing that Lara had countless happy memories, as well as the fact that she was an outsider whom no one would ask around for, Hannah eagerly agreed. As Gri tried to stop Lara from sacrificing herself on his behalf, the bell resonated with both their strong desires to put the other forward, causing it to ring with an ethereal note. Its warm glow destroyed the brush mysticant and erased both Hannah and all of her paintings.

Heading to Maple World

The next morning, Lara and Gri walked through town as Gri explained that his brother had gone to pay the Magistrate when he had been kidnapped for Hannah’s paintings. However, he told her that he was ready to let his brother go and asked where Lara would go next. Though she wasn’t sure, she was confident that traveling would help her uncover the mystery of the bell. She asked if Gri would come with her, but he explained that he wasn’t sure what his purpose was with his newfound freedom and asked for some time to figure it out before he reunited with her. After saying their goodbyes, Lara continued on her way when she encountered the shady merchant, who hailed her the Hero of Narin. He told her that the Shadowdealers knew nearly everything that happened in Grandis, and so they would likely be able to help her with the bell. He gave her a letter of introduction and directed her to Savage Terminal in order to meet with Gen. As she headed out of town, the merchant’s client, Kaling, appeared and told him that his actions had disrupted her plans. However, she told him that she was willing to change the deal and asked if the bell was a mysticant. The merchant told her that he couldn’t divulge his clients’ information, though Kaling bribed him into revealing everything he knew about Lara and the mysticant.

Lara soon arrived in Savage Terminal and met with Coney, who introduced her to Cadena. Upon showing her the letter, Cadena grew furious and used her chain to tear it up, telling Coney that the letter was a contract with Mr. Hazard. Suddenly Gen arrived and diffused the situation. After Cadena stormed off, Gen apologized for her behavior and explained that there had been a recent power struggle between the Shadowdealers and that, though Gen had tried to clean up afterwards, the letter seemed to slip by them. He took her back to his hideout, where he explained that Cadena was angry because Mr. Hazard had attempted a terrorist attack on the city. As the Shadowdealers dealt in equal transactions, he offered to tell her anything she wanted to know as payment for Cadena’s behavior. Lara asked about the state of Grandis, from which she learned that the Anima had vanished. She also learned about the Transcendents of Grandis, as well as the Overseers, who were said to have created the three worlds. Additionally, Gen told her about the Interdimensional Portal that led to Maple World, where Lara hoped to learn more about the bell. When Lara asked if he knew about the bell, Gen told her that their trade didn’t cover restricted information, as it was beyond the scope of their equal transaction. When he offered to sell the information at an exorbitant price, Lara told him that she didn’t have that kind of money and thanked him for his help.

She then went to Pantheon, where Tear and Kyle met her at the outskirts at Fenelle’s instructions. They escorted her to the Great Temple, where Fenelle looked into Lara’s heart in order to determine whether she was worthy of using the Interdimensional Portal. Fenelle sensed that Lara had a strong will and fully trusted others, which she considered to be both admirable and rare. Having passed Fenelle’s test, Lara arrived in Maple World, where she was greeted by Grendel the Really Old, who sensed the energy of her mysticant and invited her to Ellinia, as he was studying similar powers there. After showing him the bell, Grendel thought to himself that the bell was crafted in antiquity by an ancient deity or something comparable. He then offered to introduce her to Athena Pierce in Henesys, who could help her on her journey. Athena suggested helping others during her travels in order to gain more experience with Maple World.

Third Job Advancement

Some time after she began her journey, a sun spirit brought her a letter from Gri, who told her his theory that the bell rang because of their willingness to sacrifice themselves, rooted in the thought that each was more important than the other. This understanding helped her grow closer to the spirits, thus increasing her powers.

Joining the Alliance

Soon after, Athena Pierce contacted her and told her that Fenelle and the Shadowdealers recommended that she join the Maple Alliance. Lara traveled to Ereve, where she was officially welcomed into the Alliance by Neinheart and Cygnus.

Fourth Job Advancement

In Maple World, Lara received a letter from Gri, who asked if she would join him in searching Hannah’s old studio for clues. Lara arrived early at the Dalbourde Studio, where she encountered Kaling. As they began talking, Gri arrived and warned Lara to stay back. He confronted Kaling, explaining that the villagers had described how she had been snooping around the studio for days. Kaling asked what the two of them had done, claiming that it was something to take note of when a mysticant was destroyed. She asked to see the bell, but Gri told Lara not to give it to her. Lara asked Gri why he was so worried, as Kaling was a fellow Anima. However, Gri told her that Kaling wasn’t an Anima, as he couldn’t detect an Anima scent from her. Kaling then used one of the Four Perils to close her fist around Lara, completely smothering her. In its grasp, Lara sensed an inauspicious power that sought to swallow the entire world. She called upon the spirits to help free herself from Kaling, who then recognized that the bell had been created by the sages of Grandis. After cursing the sages for their continued interference, Kaling decided to leave, though she warned Lara that she always took what she wanted in the end. Having grown closer to the spirits through the encounter, Lara was able to strengthen her powers.

Final Quest

Through Lara’s adventures, she was able to strengthen her connection to the spirits. Suddenly, she sensed a strange energy emanating from the bell and she was transported to a dark dimension filled with tormented shades. She heard the voices of the shades crying out for the bell to ring, lamenting their lack of humanity. Suddenly, Tai Yu broke through the shades and told her to step aside, claiming that she could not withstand the power of the shades. Lara told him that she had made the bell ring and then told the shades that she would save them no matter what. Tai Yu then admonished her, explaining that the power of the bell could go sideways and consume her, just as it had done to the shades. Lara asked who he was, to which Tai Yu replied that he was just a simple wanderer and told her that he came from the realm of the sages. He then asked her why she did something so reckless and Lara explained that she could sense the shades’ sadness and pain. Tai Yu realized that her innocence was likely why the bell had responded to her.

He then told her that the shades were known as the Sinners, who imprisoned themselves in the realm of the sages as atonement for the crime of forsaking their humanity. Though the bell was their only chance for redemption, many had lost hope that the bell would ring after so long. Lara told him that she wanted to bring hope to the people that needed it, and that she wanted to thank the Sinners for holding on for so long. She added that she wanted to give them hope that she would save them. Upon seeing that the bell had turned warm, Tai Yu was amused that she was just as incorrigible as his apprentice. When Lara asked who his apprentice was, Tai Yu told her that he was a wanderer as well, and that she would likely cross paths with him. He then decided to take his leave, allowing her to keep custody of the bell. Lara asked if she would meet him again, to which Tai Yu said that they would once she gained more skill with the bell. After leaving, Tai Yu told himself that this was sure to cause an uproar in the realm of the sages because of his interference, though he admitted that there was plenty of blame to go around and shook his head at the old codgers there.

Heliseum Reclamation

While on her travels, Lara was approached by Kain on behalf of the Shadowdealers, who told her that the Nova were preparing to retake Heliseum. Kain was surprised that Lara readily accepted without even considering stipulations, payments, or even details. He connected her with Beldar in Pantheon, who explained their situation and asked her to help them. After taking Downtown Heliseum, Beldar summoned her back and thanked her for her help.

Black Heaven

As Lara was about to board the Lumiere, Gri arrived to see her off. As they exchanged pleasantries, Gri asked if she was okay with everything going on, as she had gotten involved in heavy stuff and wondered about her calling to make the bell ring. Lara explained that, though making the bell ring was important, she realized that helping people was part of her calling as well. Gri laughed and told her to take care of herself before she climbed aboard.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Gri for Lara.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Lara is "Conqueror of Destiny".


Lara returned home to her village and greeted the elders Salom and Dorry, who called over Lara’s grandmother, Sodam. Sodam asked Lara how she had been, to which Lara began explaining about everything that had happened to her, including the secret of the bell. Soon after, Lara returned to Narin Village, as she was eager to see the people she had met at the first stop in her journey. There, she ran into the thugs Tough-looking Hyuk, Cheeky Myung, and Licky-lips Yeol. They were pleasantly surprised to see Lara and asked how she was doing, and so Lara explained how she had discovered the secret of the bell during her travels in Maple World and how she had helped the Alliance fight the Black Mage. They were impressed by Lara’s bravery, claiming that they would have been too afraid to fight a powerful Transcendent. However, Lara told them that she was only able to do it thanks to the actions of everyone else who had helped her, including the people of Narin Village, and thanked the trio for helping her start out in her journey. Just then, Gri appeared and Lara told him how much she had missed him. Gri told her that he had heard the rumors of how she fought the Black Mage and Lara replied that she had many stories to tell him. Gri noted that she was still as reckless as ever, though he grinned and added that it was part of her charm.



  • Lara coincidentially resembles Lala of TalesRunner, which is a game developed by Rhaon Entertainment and published by Smilegate.

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Skill Pink Powerhouse.png Pink Bean Pet Mini Yeti.png Yeti

Beast Tamer

Class Beast Tamer.gif Chase

Child of God

Class Zero.png Zero


Class Kinesis.png Kinesis

Wu Shen

Class Mo Xuan.png Mo Xuan


Skill Macro Test.png Game Master Skill Banner of Plenty I.png Guild Skills Skill Monster Riding.png Miscellaneous Skills