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Lania is one of the main protagonists of the Luminous' storyline, the other one being Vieren. She is also the one who finds Luminous unconscious in Ellinia and nurses him back to health.

Luminous meets Lania and spends years living with her.


She lives in her home with Penny. After finding Luminous, Lania tends to him while he was still unwell, and nurses him back to health. When Luminous leaves Lania to get ingredients for a picnic, the darkness residing within him suddenly takes over, destroying Lania's home and injuring Lania. The player will then be prompted to choose the Light Path or the Dark Path.

If the player chooses the Light Path

If Luminous chose the light path, there will be a time skip, where it shows Luminous has helped tend Lania back to health, and where they rebuilt everything to what it was before.

If the player chooses the Dark Path

If Luminous chose the dark path, he'll just mock and laugh cruelly, before leaving Lania alone. After the Auguries quest line however, he will see Lania's spirit during the process of learning how to control equilibrium from Vieren.

Later in the story

Regardless of what path is chosen, Lania will survive.

Lania will next appear in the Luminous questline where Vieren and the player will create a light barrier and Sentrobo to protect Lania from the Black Mage.

Lania will then appear when Agent N informs the player that the Black Mage is on the move. Vieren, when found in Lania's Home will tell you that he was unable to stop the Black Mage and will tune your Aurora Prism so the player can go after Lania. Lania will be possessed by the Black Mage to attack the player. The player needs to defeat Lania in order to advance.

Lania will last appear in the Level 200 Quest of the Luminous storyline, where the player will be given the skill Hero's Echo and the medal Adversary of Destiny.


Luminous Tutorial

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Location None

Lania's Home

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Quests involved
Location Lania's Home



  • It is revealed after defeating the possessed Lania that she is the reincarnation of Lucia, a member of the Aurora in the past.
  • Laniaroid is modeled after Lania.


  1. Also provides the voice(s) of Mercedes (Female), Kaiser (Female), Evan (Female), and Lilin (Heroes of Maple).