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Kyrin is the job instructor for the pirate job of the explorer class. She resides in Nautilus's Navigation Room.

Kyrin is an exceptional navigator and sailed the seas, amassing a pirate following before her ship, the Nautilus in Nautilus Harbor, which was named after her ship.

She is half elf, as she was born to Yuris. She is also the younger sister of Tess. Yuris will not disclose who the father is but Tess mentions that it is Destonen.

In Black Heaven, she acts as the captain of the Lumiere, steering it through the skies. After a member of the Alliance stabilises the ship's steering, Kyrin steps back in and takes care of the steering once again. When the Alliance themselves launch a surprise attack on the Black Heaven, Kyrin and her pirates distract the main forces while the member, Brighton, Checky and Belle sneak on board the ship. The attack was a failure, with the Resistance job instructors presumed to fall to their deaths.

She and her pirates will make an appearance in the Moonbridge Expedition in Black Mage.



NPC Kyrin
Function Pirate Instructor
Quests involved
Location Navigation Room

Maple Island

NPC Kyrin
Function Pirate Job Instructor
Location Split Road of Destiny


NPC Kyrin
Location Outpost


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