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Kinesis (KR:키네시스) is a character originating from the separate dimension of FriendStory and is part of the Magician branch. Despite being labeled as a Magician, he employs the power of telekinesis (the ability to move physical objects with the power of the mind) rather than utilizing magic.

The damage he deals to foes consequentially is actually physical damage, but his main stats are still INT and Magic Attack. He wields a Psy-limiter as his primary weapon and a Chess Piece as his secondary weapon.[4]

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Main Story

The Sinkhole

Due to the barrier between Maple World and Earth thinning, a high-school boy from Seoul, South Korea gained the power of psychokinesis and decided to use his new skills to become a superhero, giving himself the name Kinesis. Kinesis began to make a name for himself by intervening to rescue people and his popularity soon grew online. Together with his tech-savvy friend Jay and his girlfriend Yuna, Kinesis learned to control his powers. Some time after gaining his abilities, Kinesis ran a training program created by Jay in order to assess his capabilities. After finishing the program, Jay told Kinesis that Yuna was looking for him in school. There, she - as well as Jay remotely - reminded Kinesis to keep his identity secret, as he had a tendency towards the spotlight. Yuna then asked him to collect signatures to renovate the gymnasium, reminding him that he was the president of the student council. While he collected the signatures, Kinesis was amused to learn about the various rumors that the media was posting about his true identity.

Jay then contacted him about several monsters that Kinesis had fought a few days ago, asking him to return back to their hideout. There, Jay told Kinesis that he had been tracing an anonymous user known only as WM, who kept posting blocks of text and code. He and several other hackers had attempted to decode them, but they soon noticed that the timestamps on WM’s posts lined up with the appearance of monsters. Because of this, WM gained a cult following, with many believing that he was some sort of prophet. Jay was able to decrypt WM’s code because he realized that WM used a local TV broadcast to encrypt the messages, which was why his colleagues weren’t able to figure out the encryption. However, Jay noted that it was exceedingly simple to decrypt the code once he understood the missing element, as though WM wanted it to be uncovered. With the decrypted text, Jay was able to learn exactly where and when the monsters would appear and told Kinesis that the most recent post suggested that the next attack would be at Kinesis’ school, the School for the Gifted. He advised against Kinesis going, believing it to be a trap, but Kinesis insisted on rushing in without a plan.

Inside the school, Kinesis found the students being terrorized by Motes. He fought them off and asked Jay what kind of monsters they were, to which Jay replied that there were rumors of dust monsters at a nearby school, Shinsoo International School. He asked Kinesis to collect whatever remnants the monsters left behind, and so Kinesis collected Twisted Dust Balls while continuing to save the students. As he moved through the school, he felt as though someone were watching him. Suddenly, his head began throbbing and he blacked out for a moment, causing him to lose control of his powers, resulting in the desks and chairs levitating around the classroom. After waking up, he dismissed it as him being tired and decided to return to the hideout. On his way, he encountered a black cat on the street and decided to take it home, naming it Nero. He gave Jay the dust balls from the Motes and left him to analyze them. The next day, Jay told him that he was mystified by the Motes, as they seemed to be like ghosts, even though he knew that it wasn’t possible. Nevertheless, he explained that he had found another code from WM. Kinesis immediately asked Jay to direct him there. However, Jay told Kinesis that he knew that Kinesis was hiding something, as he had lost the uplink with Kinesis at school, even though the Psy-limiter showed a spike. Kinesis explained that he had passed out and lost control of his powers, which worried Jay. He began telling Kinesis that he didn’t feel comfortable sending him to the field in his condition, but suddenly an emergency news report announced that an unknown assailant had been attacking people at random in Seoul’s Hannam subway station.

Against Jay’s recommendations, Kinesis rushed to the scene and defeated the Motes attacking people on the subway. He made his way through the subway cars and encountered several Troublemaker monsters. After defeating them, he contacted Jay to report in. Jay told him that Nero had gone missing, which worried Kinesis. He waited for the subway cars to stop moving so that he could get off, but realized that they wouldn’t stop. Suddenly, an announcement broadcasted that regular service on the train had been interrupted and advised caution. Kinesis’ head began throbbing again just as the White Mage appeared before him. The White Mage called Kinesis special, as he was the first human of their world to get abilities from the other. The White Mage’s eyes turned red as he told Kinesis that he was the catalyst that the White Mage had been looking for. He then used his powers to cause a massive sinkhole to manifest around Kinesis, dragging in everything within a large radius of the city.[5] Soon after, Yuna rushed to the hideout to meet with Jay, who discovered that Kinesis wasn’t dead, but rather he was in the sinkhole, which appeared to have caused everything in its radius to go missing instead of being destroyed. Jay explained that the sinkhole incident wasn’t unique to Seoul, as parts of Earth had been disappearing all over, as though their world was being absorbed by another. He believed that there was a connection between these events and Kinesis’ powers, as those unknown forces began to destroy parts of Earth at the same time that Kinesis gained control over the fundamental forces of the universe. Yuna realized that Jay had been helping Kinesis with his powers primarily in order to gather data, rather than to humor Kinesis’ theatrics of being a superhero.

The Magician Association

Meanwhile, Kinesis awoke at the Magician Association headquarters in Ellinia, where he met a wolf magician named Three Moon. Nero also appeared and transformed into a girl, introducing herself as Nella Medionel Roonia, which meant “half-child of the sacred moonlight” in the ancient tongue. As she began explaining how she came from an important magician family, Kinesis laughed and continued to call her Nero, much to her annoyance. She then told him that she had tried to stop him from meeting the White Mage, but she wasn’t able to successfully tail him. When Kinesis expressed his confusion, she told him to wait for her master, Grendel the Really Old, to arrive. While they waited, Three Moon told Kinesis to help prepare dinner. Nero led Kinesis to the forest, where he collected bird eggs from the Sparrows and firewood from Axe Stumps. When Grendel still didn’t arrive after dinner, Three Moon recommended that they go search for him and advised them to meet with Fanzy the cat. Upon arriving, however, Fanzy told them that Grendel had just returned to headquarters. They returned back to the Magician Association, where Kinesis officially met Grendel.

Grendel explained that the White Mage of Earth had exploited Kinesis’ powers to create a massive sinkhole in Seoul. Seeing Kinesis’ shocked expression, he agreed to answer any questions that Kinesis had. He first told Kinesis about the Magician Association, explaining that organization was created in order to establish a unified center of research that could be shared with all magicians in order to prevent knowledge from being lost, such as when the Black Mage first devastated Maple World. He told Kinesis that he had many apprentices, including Nero, and that he had sent magicians to keep tabs on Kinesis’ world once they became aware of it, with Nero being chosen to watch over his city. Kinesis asked why they had brought him to Maple World, to which Grendel explained that the sinkhole kept growing larger while he remained inside of it, making it necessary to extract him. Once Kinesis had been brought to Maple World with the combined powers of all the Magician Associations’ summoners, the sinkhole ceased to expand. However, the laws of physics stopped working inside the sinkhole, making it impossible to assess the damage, though he promised that Yuna and Jay were safe. He told Kinesis that he would need to remain in Maple World until he mastered his powers for his own safety, as well as the safety of his friends.

He added that the Magician Association was curious about his powers, as psychokinesis was extremely rare in Maple World despite how common magic was. He thought that it was strange how Kinesis developed his powers when Earth lacked even the most basic magic, but added that the White Mage was capable of seizing his powers and pushing them to untold heights. However, he explained that they could help him control his powers, as Nero was the one responsible for helping him regain control at the school with her Restraining Magic. He also told Kinesis that the White Mage of Maple World had performed the unthinkable centuries ago in their world, and as Maple World and Earth were linked, it was likely that similar events would be mirrored on Earth. Having all his questions answered, Kinesis then began training with Nero to master his powers. She first had him collect tails from Evil Eyes. Next, she had him fight Curse Eyes. Finally, Nero had Kinesis collect Cold Eye tails. While training, he encountered several talking brooms, which Nero explained had been enchanted by Elwin after he was inspired from a TV show he watched on Earth.

Finding the Missing People

Having gained more control of his powers, Grendel agreed that it was safe for Kinesis to return to his own world. After reuniting with Jay and Yuna, Kinesis learned that several people had gone missing in the sinkhole, and that they were likely on Maple World. Kinesis resolved to rescue them and went to visit Three Moon. With his help, Kinesis was able to rescue the missing people at Ellinel Fairy Academy, Gold Beach, the Swamp Region, and Riena Strait. Kinesis returned to the Magician Association to find that all the missing people had stayed behind to thank him. After they left, Kinesis began feeling guilty for having caused the disaster, but the magicians told him that the blame lay with the White Mage. Kinesis then asked about the other missing people, to which Three Moon explained that the rest of them were stuck in the dimensional crack between Maple World and Earth. Kinesis realized that the missing people should snap back to Earth if the source of the sinkhole were stopped.

Yuna Kidnapped

Elsewhere on Earth, the White Mage was walking on the crowded streets, where the billboard broadcasts showed the return of the missing people. The White Mage was pleased that Kinesis had grown faster than expected, though he decided that he could wait no longer.

Meanwhile, Kinesis continued to develop his powers and was sent by Nero to the Excavation Site to keep training. Some time later, Jay contacted Kinesis and told him that Yuna had seemed depressed lately. Kinesis went to school to find her, just as she arrived at the hideout. Suddenly, a Troublemaker smashed through the window and kidnapped Yuna. Jay immediately called Kinesis and explained the situation. Kinesis rushed after Yuna and ran into Nero, who led him to the subway. Kinesis began chasing after the Troublemaker and fought his way through the powerful Omens. He caught up to the Troublemaker at the edge of the sinkhole, where it jumped with Yuna. Realizing that it was a trap, he went to go see Grendel with Nero in order to plan out his next move. Soon after, news reports began covering an unexplainable tornado that had formed in the sinkhole, which showed no signs of stopping. At the Magician Association, Grendel explained that the properties of the sinkhole had changed ever since the tornado had manifested. Kinesis asked what the White Mage wanted, to which Grendel explained that he was attempting to merge their worlds. Though their worlds were separated by dimensional barriers, certain conditions could break them and create a pull towards each other. Jay asked what would happen if the worlds merged, but Grendel replied that no one knew and suggested that perhaps only a god could perceive the result. Kinesis realized that his powers were born from the first intersection of Maple World and Earth, and that his psychokinesis stemmed from the shattering of the dimensional barrier. He wondered whether he was the first of many others who would develop such powers. Three Moon then tasked Kinesis with ensuring that the dimensional cracks didn’t collapse in order to save the people trapped inside them. Kinesis first went to Aqua Road to stabilize the cracks.

Joining the Alliance

Three Moon summoned Kinesis back to headquarters and gave him a letter from Empress Cygnus, who invited him to join the Maple Alliance. Kinesis recognized Cygnus from Shinsoo International School, as the two had collaborated for inter-school events many times in the past. Nevertheless, he met with Cygnus and joined the Alliance.

Stabilizing the Dimensional Cracks

Some time later, Three Moon sent Kinesis to stabilize the dimensional cracks in the Nihal Desert, after which he told Kinesis to continue training in order to close the sinkhole once and for all.

Saving Yuna

Soon enough, Kinesis maxed out his Psy-limiter and Grendel believed that he was ready to face the sinkhole. Kinesis and Nero made their way to the sinkhole, where the powerful tornado was still blowing. Inside the sinkhole, Kinesis fought his way through the Omens and reached the eye of the storm, where he was shocked to find Yuna as the source of the tornado.

He then saw that the White Mage had appeared and asked him what he was. The White Mage called himself a liberator who had given the gift of freedom to their world, such as how he liberated the power of the tornado from Yuna. He told Kinesis that he had given him no choice, as he needed to create another being in order to help him in the absence of Kinesis’ power. He also added that by choosing Yuna, he would ensure Kinesis’ return as well. Kinesis vowed to defeat the White Mage, who merely laughed at Kinesis’ confidence. He told Kinesis that people loved him for his noble deeds and asked how long it would last, explaining that power was feared and hated. With the breach between the two worlds growing, the White Mage told Kinesis that there would be more people with powers appearing, and that not all of them would be heroes. Kinesis told the White Mage that he sounded as though he had been around forever, to which the White Mage conceded that maybe he had, claiming that this wasn’t his first life. The White Mage then asked if Kinesis had ever wondered about the reason for his own existence. He claimed that he knew the reason behind his own existence, before clarifying that he meant to say that he remembered why. The White Mage explained that he existed to break down barriers, and that he had been brought into existence to fulfill a great purpose to that end. However, Kinesis told the White Mage that he was merely hiding behind fancy words, claiming that he was really a coward that hid behind his plots, and called him the worst kind of villain. The White Mage merely chuckled and told Kinesis that it wasn’t the first time he had been called that. He then told Kinesis that this was a test to see if Kinesis had the strength to stand in a different world.

He then disappeared and left a Master Omen in his place, which Kinesis managed to defeat. Nero then used her containment magic on Yuna to stop the tornado and took her back to the hideout. There, Grendel congratulated Kinesis on closing the sinkhole, though he added that the barrier between their worlds had become irreparable, and that Earth would soon become consumed by Maple World. However, Grendel did mention that this wasn’t the first time something like that happened, suspecting that it was perhaps all planned centuries ago by the Black Mage. He then told Yuna that she had the power to control wind. Her surprise caused the wind in the room to start swirling until Nero told her to calm down. Grendel told her that the failing barrier between the two worlds meant that more and more people would soon find themselves with similar powers. Kinesis then decided that he would create his own organization similar to the Magician Association in order to help them learn to control their powers and use them for good, which would prove the White Mage wrong.

Final Quest

Three Moon reached out to Kinesis in order to congratulate him for achieving full mastery of his powers. To commemorate it, he gave Kinesis a blessing imbued with the power of the guardians of Maple World, hoping that it would aid Kinesis in his journey.

Black Heaven

Kinesis is currently the only class that does not have an exclusive cutscene set at the beginning of Act 2. This is because his story chronologically takes place after the events of Black Heaven.

Heroes of Maple

Despite not appearing in the blockbuster, his past actions involving the White Mage are referenced during Dr. Lim's speech about parallel dimensions and the sinkhole incident.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Yuna for Kinesis.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Kinesis is "Hero of the Mysterious World".


At the Magician Association headquarters, Kinesis called Yuna and told her about the battle with the Black Mage. Though the Black Mage of Maple World was finally gone, Kinesis said that the White Mage still existed in their world and asked her to keep an eye on things there. Yuna eagerly told him that she would continue practicing with her powers in order to prepare to face off against him one day. Jay then asked if Kinesis was still going to be gone for a while longer, which Kinesis confirmed, saying that there were many loose ends to tie up. Jay noted how Kinesis had been gone for a while and asked if he ever got lonely. Just then, Three Moon and Nero arrived, ready to hear about the final battle, causing Kinesis to smile and tell Jay that it wasn’t so bad. As he prepared to hang up, he warned Jay to be careful and said that as long as the White Mage was still around, nobody was safe.



  • Kinesis is first class to have animated artwork in the character creation UI, which is slowly being applied to all classes.

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