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Onmyouji Ayanokouji Kanna (JP:陰陽師 綾小路神那), or Kanna (JP:カンナ), is a playable character originating from Mark of Honor. With a Fan in her hand and her spirit fox Haku at her side, she calls on the strength of spirits to attack at her will.

Kanna joined forces with the Sengoku Warriors in order to prevent Oda Nobunaga from becoming the Demon King. After the ritual was disrupted, the Sengoku Warriors were unexpectedly transported to Maple World. Under the leadership of Princess Sakuno, Kanna now helps the Sengoku Warriors defeat Oda Nobunaga and return back to their homeland.


Main Story

Battle at Honnou-ji

In the Sengoku era of the world of Sokoku, the Great Diviner, Abeno Seimei, had a premonition that a being would appear in the nation of Hinomaru with the power of the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, threatening the entire realm. However, Abeno Seimei also had a premonition that five skilled heroes would rise to oppose Oda. These heroes were the Children of the Five Stars, each bearing a mark somewhere on their bodies that showed proof of their heavenly vessels.

Centuries later, a warlord named Oda Nobunaga appeared and planned to become the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven. With an overwhelming military force, Hinomaru was quickly seized into hegemony. For the Demon King Ritual, Oda required a special sacrifice. Princess Sakuno was the first daughter of the Matsuyama clan and held an immense font of mana within her body. On Oda’s orders, Sakuno was kidnapped and the Matsuyama clan was wiped out. Oda then brought Sakuno and his army to Honnou-ji, where he planned to perform the ritual that would grant him immortality and untold power. Hoping to stop him, a united military force of Daimyos, composed of the great lords Mouri Motonari, Uesugi Kenshin, and Takeda Shingen, formed an alliance called the Sengoku Warriors and led their armies to Honnou-ji Temple in order to put an end to Oda’s ambitions. Kanna was the apprentice of the great Spirit Walker Tsuchimikado Haruaki, with whom she joined forces with Kenshin in order to stop Oda Nobunaga.

Uesugi Kenshin arrived early at Honnou-ji with Haruaki and Kanna. Haruaki told Kanna to stop the ritual in the Western Wing, explaining that it would cause the power flowing into the temple to cut off. However, he warned that in order to fully stop the ritual, she would need to destroy the altar in the basement. Kanna arrived in the Western Wing, where she disrupted the flow of power, causing the barrier to weaken. She then fought past Oda’s Spirit Walkers with her mystical fox, Haku. As she continued on, she noted that the barrier was continuing to collapse as a result of the other warriors succeeding in destabilizing it.

Soon after, Kanna discovered the entrance to the basement hidden by magic. She easily dispelled the glamour, scoffing that such weak spells couldn’t hinder her. Proceeding into the basement, Kanna discovered her former classmate, Mori Ranmaru, conducting the ritual to link Sokoku with the Demon Skies. The two Spirit Walkers began dueling, with Kanna attempting to destroy the altar and Mori defending it. As the battle dragged on, Kanna realized that their powers were too evenly matched for her to be able to destroy the altar in time. With no other choice, Kanna used her full power and had Haku unleash a devastating series of magical attacks. Though Mori blocked most of them, a single attack was able to slip past his defenses and destroy the altar, causing Princess Sakuno, who was being used as a conduit to the Demon Skies, to awaken. After Oda defeated Hayato, he noticed Sakuno attempting to disrupt the ritual and warned her of the consequences of doing so when the link to the Demon Skies was nearly complete. However, Sakuno merely told Oda that she was unconcerned with the ramifications and disrupted the ritual, creating a large beam of light that engulfed the temple and transported everyone to Maple World.

An Unfamiliar World

In Maple World, Kanna awoke in Zipangu to the sight of Haku. Soon enough, she encountered a man named Naoe Kanetsugu, who explained that the battle had been chaotic, and that he had seen someone fighting Oda, although he had no idea no way of knowing who it was. He congratulated Kanna for disrupting the ritual and told her that Akechi had planned to betray Oda and take all of Hinomaru for himself. He explained that Akechi had fought for hours as he attempted to reach Oda, though a large beam of light had erupted from the temple before he could enter, which had teleported them all to an unfamiliar world. He told her that he had arrived a few days ago, and that he had discovered her while searching for Kenshin. He then told her that those who had arrived earlier had set up a base nearby. Kanna wondered whether destroying the altar had caused the ritual to fail, though Haku told her not to blame herself, as she had done everything that she could. Kanetsugu then escorted her to their base, Momijigaoka, which he explained had been established by Mouri Motonari, one of the three leading Daimyos of the alliance. Kanetsugu then told her to go on and meet Motonari while he continued searching for Kenshin.

Inside the base, Kanna approached Motonari and introduced herself as Haruaki’s pupil. Unable to recognize her, Motonari immediately grew angry at Kanna inviting herself into the base, calling her a fool blundering in. Kanna was taken aback and explained that she had been sent by Kanetsugu. Motonari immediately apologized, though he asked her to first prove that she could handle herself, as the physics and energy of the new world was much different from their homeland. After training to recover some of her strength, Kanna was deemed fit to carry out missions by Motonari. Nevertheless, Kanna still felt that her strength had diminished greatly, though Haku noted that he felt perfectly fine and couldn’t understand why everyone kept saying that they felt weaker. Kanna then decided to find her master and Princess Sakuno, as she feared that Oda had also come to the unfamiliar world. Just then, Motonari told Kanna that soldiers in dark armor had appeared in the area, though the strange light had left them lightly armed and disorganized.

Kanna defeated the Oda scouts and collected some of their reports for Mouri, who was pleased to hear that Oda’s forces were weakened by new world as well. After venturing outside again, she ran into Kanetsugu, who was on the same mission. Believing that Motonari had meant for them to complete, Kanetsugu ran off to win the supposed contest. After being egged on by Haku, Kanna rushed to defeat as many Oda scouts as she could, although Kanetsugu defeated her nevertheless. He then asked Kanna to return ahead to camp without him, as he wanted to find Kenshin as soon as possible before she starved in the wilderness. Refusing to be outdone, Kanna decided to find and defeat the high-ranking soldiers, hoping that it would force the scouts to retreat.

As she proceeded deeper into the woods, she was surprised to encounter Kenshin, who was battling Oda’s advanced scouts. Hoping to impress her, Kanna fought as many scouts as she could, ignoring Haku’s protests that she couldn’t compete against Kanetsugu, let alone someone as strong as Kenshin. Nevertheless, Kenshin was impressed and claimed that Kanna would have made a better pupil than Kanetsugu. She then asked Kanna whether she knew what had happened after the flash of light, to which Kanna told her that they had set up a base. She then escorted Kenshin to Momijigaoka, where Kanetsugu was both relieved and flustered to see Kenshin safe. Shingen then noticed Kenshin and remarked that Oda wasn’t the only swamp rat to have made it through, calling Kanetsugu a lapdog when he jumped to defend Kenshin’s honor. Motonari then broke up the quarrel and began explaining the details of the battle in the temple, as well as details about the new world. He then ordered them to put their rivalry aside, as they needed to focus on building their alliance to defeat Oda once and for all.

Motonari then told Kanna that the Oda army had discovered the base, and though their forces were still weak, their numbers would soon overwhelm the base. As Kanna prepared for battle, she sensed a faint, familiar energy near the Oda base, Momijigahara. Surprised that the Oda army was already building a camp, Kanna decided to investigate what the army had brought with them to generate such energy. Fighting through the soldiers, Kanna discovered a mysterious foxtail and brought it to Motonari, who explained that warriors who had participated in the raids against the Oda forces had returned with similar tails. Suddenly, Kanna’s master, Haruaki, emerged from the foxtail, much to everyone’s surprise. Haruaki explained that he had arrived before everyone else, having been being transported at the same time as Oda and his forces. In order to avoid being discovered by Oda’s men, Haruaki had disguised himself as a number of foxtails, though the Oda soldiers had taken a liking to the foxtails and brought them, and thereby him, straight into their camp.

Having been rescued by Kanna, Haruaki began explaining the true purpose of the ritual. He explained that Oda had sought to conjure the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven from the Demon Realm, a world that was as different from their homeland as Maple World was. He explained that much like how it was possible to contact Maple World, Oda had sought to make contact with the Demon Realm through an ancient ritual. Upon discovering the Demon Realm, Oda had devised a plan to create a portal to the Demon Realm in order to bring the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven into their world, which was why Haruaki had launched the mission at the Honnou-ji Temple. Though he congratulated them on interrupting the ritual, he explained that no one could have predicted the consequences, which were that the gate to the Demon Realm had been warped, causing them to be transported to Maple World instead. Kenshin and Shingen both immediately resolved to defeat Oda, though Motonari reminded them that they needed to first regain their strength.

Finding Allies

Haruaki then took Kanna aside and confided in her that Princess Sakuno was not among them. Kanna was worried that Oda’s men may have captured her, but Haruaki reassured her that Oda needed her alive, as the ritual required the blood of her lineage. He also reminded her that she needed to be ready, as the fates of both Sakuno and Oda rested on her shoulders. He then noted that the Oda men were well-nourished, whereas the people of Momijigaoka were struggling to obtain food. In order to remedy this, Haruaki decided to send Kanna on a mission to make alliances, regain her strength, and find a way to create a supply route. He instructed her to find a nearby town to the south of the camp, though he warned her that the enemy had likely created a pathway to get to it. Kanna then fought her way past the Oda forces and soon arrived at the Mushroom Shrine, where she encountered Kino Konoko. After exchanging greetings, Kanna asked Kino whether she had noticed anything strange in the area. Kino told her that a group of suspicious people had recently been spotted near the Mushroom Shrine. Kanna decided to investigate and encountered several Mecha Warrior Prototypes. After defeating them, she reported back to Kino and told her that they were likely not an immediate threat to the Mushroom Shrine. Kino then asked whether Kanna could investigate the mechanical ninjas in the area, whom Kanna determined to be hostile, numerous, and appearing to be searching for something.

Realizing that the robots were a threat to the Mushroom Shrine, Kino asked Kanna to investigate several robots wielding guns. After defeating them, Kanna warned Kino that the gun-wielding robots were even closer to the Mushroom Shrine than the mechanical ninjas, and so she warned Kino to be cautious. Kino resolved to seek out long-term help and agreed to answer Kanna’s earlier question about strange occurrences in the area. She explained that there was a constant influx of dirt blowing into the area, as well as a storm near the shrine, which she noted was an uncommon occurrence. Kanna realized that Oda must not have made contact yet and asked Kino to point her to the nearest shogun, explaining that she was a skilled Spirit Walker who could offer her services. Unsure of Kanna’s strange question, Kino explained that the closest person to a shogun in Maple World was Empress Cygnus in Ereve. When Kanna was confused about what Ereve was, Kino jokingly asked whether Kanna wasn’t from Maple World before giving her a book to help get acquainted with her new surroundings.

Regarding Maple World itself, Kanna read that a suspicious aura had been reported near the Mushroom Shrine, exuding a sense of immense power surrounded by darkness and greed. Kanna wondered whether it could have anything to do with Oda Nobunaga. She also read about the Transcendents who maintained balance over the fundamental laws of light, life, and time. Kanna speculated that there might be other Transcendents that were yet to be discovered and wondered whether they could help the Sengoku Warriors return home. On the next page, she learned about Grandis and its three major races, the Flora, the Nova, and the Anima, as well as its three Transcendents and their statuses. Finally, she read about the Interdimensional Portal that connected Maple World and Grandis, lamenting at the possibility that there truly might not be a gateway that could return them home. Kanna then thanked Kino and resolved to visit the Empress. Believing that Kanna had greater need of it, Kino allowed Kanna to keep the book about Maple World.

Rescuing Sakuno

Before she could head out, however, Kanna received a letter from Haruaki ordering her to return to Momijigaoka immediately, as they had discovered the location of Princess Sakuno. Kanna immediately rushed back to base, where Haruaki told her that their scouts had sighted the princess imprisoned deep within the eastern wing of Honnou-ji. Though she fortunately appeared healthy, she was under tight watch by the Oda guards. Kanna immediately declared that they needed to launch a rescue operation, but Haruaki told her that they didn’t have the strength, reminding Kanna that both she and the rest of their military forces needed more time to recover. Though he conceded that they had made several allies in Maple World, Haruaki explained that they couldn’t draw them in so soon and risk fighting Oda with exhausted forces. Shingen then interjected that he agreed with Haruaki, adding that they couldn’t risk their forces for a single person, even if it was Sakuno herself. However, he claimed that there was still a way and proposed sending a small group of elite warriors to infiltrate the enemy camp. With the other Daimyos in agreement, Shingen planned for the group to enter through the western Honnou-ji walls, but Motonari then suggested that they attack from the east, as Oda wouldn’t expect them to strike at the same place that they had during the original Honnou-ji raid. Kanna volunteered to go, explaining that she was nimble and didn’t wear armor. Kenshin agreed and ordered Kanetsugu to accompany Kanna.

With the plan finalized, Kanetsugu moved in first to scout while Kanna followed. After she arrived, she rendezvoused with Kanetsugu, who told her that the security around the eastern wing was lacking, just as Shingen and Motonari had anticipated. He then left Kanna to rescue the princess while he secured their escape route, though he warned her to be cautious, as it was possible that the enemy’s frail security might be a trap. Kanna covertly infiltrated Sakuno’s prison and rescued the princess, but just as they were about to escape, an Oda guardsman discovered them and began to attack. After defeating him, Kanna led Sakuno through the escape route, where Kanetsugu met them and escorted them back safely to Momijigaoka. Back at the base, Sakuno met with the leaders of the Sengoku alliance and thanked them for the rescue operation. Having met them for the first time, Sakuno introduced herself as Matsuyama Sakuno, the eldest daughter of Matsuyama Nobukane and the acting head of the clans. The other Daimyos noted that Sakuno had a commanding presence in spite of her young age and remained hopeful that she would have the ability to lead the Sengoku alliance.

Haruaki then asked Sakuno whether she had learned anything about Oda while she had been in his custody, as their own intel was severely lacking. Sakuno explained that even though the only person she had spoken to was the guardsman who delivered her meals, she had seen that Oda had been surrounded by many Spirit Walkers and conjurers, although nothing had seemed out of the ordinary. Haruaki then asked Kanna whether she had any questions for Sakuno. The princess was pleased to see Kanna again and noted that Haku had grown since their last meeting. Kanna began reminiscing about when she and her grandfather had first moved to Matsuyama territory. She recalled how Sakuno had always been desperate to leave the castle, noting that she herself would have traded everything to stay there for even one night, though she had been sent away to train as a Spirit Walker before she ever got the chance. She then pointed out the irony in Oda reuniting them and hoped that something good had come of the journey after all, with their victory over Oda finally allowing them to return to their homeland and resume their normal lives.

Soon after speaking with Sakuno, Haku noted that Kanna’s true skills were returning, adding that it was good because he was getting tired of doing all the work. Kanna amusedly asked Haku what he did besides sleep, to which Haku claimed that he did all sorts of things when he had enough mana, which he pointedly remarked that he was still waiting for. Kanna then realized that she ought to release some of the mana that she had stored up, as the weak magic that she had been using thus far wouldn’t do for the difficult journey ahead. After releasing a small amount of her mana, Haku demanded to know whether Kanna intended to starve him, as he was nothing more than a house cat without mana. Kanna claimed that she wanted to be careful with how they used mana in Maple World, as there was no way of knowing how it would interact with the new laws of the strange land. However, she silently noted to herself that she had released as much as she could, acknowledging that it was hardly enough to defeat Oda and resolved to grow more powerful.

Traces of Akechi Mitsuhide

Deciding that she needed to learn more about Maple World before making her next move, Kanna began to explore Victoria Island and soon made her way to Henesys, where she met Athena Pierce at the Bowman Instructional School. Kanna greeted Athena and explained the situation which had led to her being transported to Maple World. Though Athena sympathized, she told Kanna that she had no idea about how to help and instead referred her to Grendel the Really Old, to whom she sent a note outlining her request for him to help Kanna. Kanna then traveled to the Magic Library in Ellinia,, where Grendel greeted her and recognized her from Athena’s note, which indicated that Kanna was facing the threat of a demon. He asked what sort of demon Kanna was facing, citing Balrog, the Black Mage, and Pazuzu as many possibilities of the Demon King whom she was hoping to defeat. He then gave Kanna a list of books to read through, although she discovered that none of them had the answers she sought. Grendel apologized for not being able to help, though he hoped that she would find her answers when the time was right.

Just then, Kanna received a letter from Athena Pierce, which stated that a suspicious man who seemed like he had come from Kanna’s world was speaking with the Black Wings at the Golem Temple. Athena also wrote that he had a feminine appearance and a large sword. Kanna immediately headed to the Golem Temple and infiltrated Francis’ hideout, where she fought and defeated the Puppeteer. She then asked Francis to tell her everything he knew of the strange man who had arrived earlier. Francis told her that the man had asked to join the Black Wings, though he had explained that he wasn’t the one who made the decision to accept new members, and so he had passed the man’s request on to the leader of the Black Wings. When Kanna asked him what the man’s name was, Francis struggled to pronounce it and butchered it as “Akechyou Mister Heydey”. Puzzled, Kanna left the hideout and soon realized that Francis had meant to say that the man’s name was Akechi Mitsuhide. She was surprised that Akechi wanted to ally with the Black Wings and realized that Oda’s ambitions had grown to the point that he sought to control both Hinomaru and Maple World. She decided to return to the Bowman Instructional School and reported what she had learned to Athena, warning her that Oda sought to conquer Maple World. Athena replied that even though she didn’t know much about Kanna’s enemies, anyone who allied with the Black Wings was a threat to Maple World, and so she couldn’t sit by and watch idly. She then pledged her support to Kanna as a citizen of Maple World and promised to spread the news and gather support from the people to come to her aid.

Riding Haku

Soon after, Haku told Kanna that their spiritual power was beginning to return, enough that he could maintain his original form. However, without a way to store the spiritual energy, Haku asked Kanna to seek out Kobayakawa Takakage for help. Kanna obtained a Spirit Shroom from Takakage, which she fed to Haku, allowing him to grow strong enough to let Kanna ride him.

Meeting with the Empress

As Kanna continued to grow stronger, she decided to seek out Empress Cygnus in Ereve. After arriving on the island, she spoke with Neinheart, who noted that he had never seen someone with as peculiar clothing as she was wearing, which reminded him of a report he had recently received from Zipangu from an informant that reported that a terrible storm had recently occurred there, with its aftermath bringing forth a new land. Realizing that Kanna was from that new land, Neinheart asked whether she was a friend or foe. Kanna reassured him that she was an ally and explained the story of how her land had been transported to Maple World, as well as the threat of Oda’s army. Neinheart told her that he believed her, as her story lined up with the reports of the shift in the Black Wings’ operations. He then allowed Kanna to meet Cygnus, who told Kanna that Oda’s threat meant that the people of Maple World would need to rally together to defeat him. She also explained that she would need the full cooperation of the Sengoku Warriors and asked Kanna to deliver the message. Before Kanna could return to Momijigaoka, Neinheart reported that remnants of Oda’s army had been sighted near El Nath and asked her to meet with Alcaster, who would provide further details.

Investigating the Black Wings

Kanna arrived in Orbis on her way to El Nath, where she encountered Kanetsugu, who explained that he had been sent by Haruaki to collect information from various places in Maple World. After he asked her about her tally of how many monsters she had killed, Kanna made up that she had killed 5,000 enemies, though Haku quietly scoffed that she had hardly killed 500. Impressed, Kanetsugu wished her well and continued on with his mission. Kanna then proceeded with her own and traveled to El Nath, where Alcaster informed her that Oda’s forces were preparing for a ritual, and that one of them had the same outfit as hers, only black. Fearing that he was Mori Ranmaru, Kanna proceeded on and soon encountered several Oda Spirit Walkers with a Black Wings henchman. She noted that Mori wasn’t present amongst them, and that they had enchanted several of the monsters nearby. The Black Wings henchman asked the Spirit Walkers who Kanna was, to which they claimed that she was an enemy and moved to attack her.

After Kanna defeated them, she returned to Alcaster and reported that Oda had used spells to provoke the monsters from afar, as he was likely aware that she was tracking him. She also reported that she had encountered a rabbit-like creature and asked what it could be. Alcaster explained that it was a member of the Black Wings, adding that nothing good could come of Oda’s alliance with them. Haku noted that Oda seemed to be making a spectacle of his schemes, with evil auras and menacing monsters loudly proclaiming his intent. Kanna replied that he had never been known to ally with other before and wondered why he needed such power, even going so far as to incorporate the monsters of Maple World into his plans. On her way back to report to Momijigaoka, Kanna ran into Kanetsugu and explained what had happened in El Nath. Kanetsugu explained that he had found similar evidence in Aqua Road and noted that Maple World was in grave danger. He offered to bring Kanna’s report to the base along with his, allowing her to continue her investigations while he got to see Kenshin again.

Joining the Alliance

Kanna then continued growing stronger until she was contacted by Haruaki, who explained that the Empress wanted to speak with her. Kanna traveled to Ereve, where Cygnus explained that the Black Mage, who had once threatened Maple World, had returned again. Believing that the Black Mage would soon turn to attack other worlds, including Kanna’s homeland, Cygnus extended an invitation to join the Maple Alliance. Kanna explained that it was the duty of a Spirit Walker to stop the evil spirits that tormented the people and declared that she would stand with Cygnus.

Darkness in Mu Lung

As Kanna continued regaining her strength, Princess Sakuno passed along a message from Neinheart, who had requested for Kanna’s assistance in investigating Oda’s army near Mu Lung. Kanna traveled to Mu Lung and spoke with Tae Sang, who explained that a group of suspicious people had passed through near the Peach Farm, and that they wore similar clothing to Kanna. Kanna then headed to the Peach Farm and spoke with Tae Soo, who explained that the Peach Monkeys and Reindeer had gone berserk after the suspicious group had passed through. Fearing that they would ruin the harvest, Tae Soon asked Kanna to calm the monsters down. After Kanna defeated the monsters, she returned to Tae Soon, who wondered why the group wanted to disrupt the harvest. He then sent Kanna to Do Gong at the Mu Lung Temple, as he kept watch over everything that happened in Mu Lung. Do Gong explained that Maple World’s energy flowed strongest in Mu Lung, likening the town as the piece the held together the whole puzzle. Because of the threat to Mu Lung, Do Gong believed that Maple World’s energy was the goal of the perpetrators. Their actions at the Peach Farm had led Do Gong to believe that they would soon be upon the forest, where the energy of Mu Lung flowed the strongest. He told Kanna to defeat the Sage Cats in the forest, who had been warped by Mu Lung’s energy. While fighting the Sage Cats, Kanna found Oda’s Clan Seal teeming with dark energy, which she brought to Do Gong.

Do Gong realized that Oda’s forces had been planning to warp the monsters of Mu Lung and realized that they were likely heading to the Goblin Forest, which was a sinkhole of energy. Inside the forest, Kanna was shocked to find Mori Ranmaru and demanded to know what he was planning. However, Mori countered by asking what he or Oda stood to gain from corrupting the monsters and allying with the Black Wings. Puzzled, Kanna began stammering that Mori caused chaos, but as she continued wondering what the reason for it was, Mori snapped at her, asking her whether she was blind and whether there had been chaos at Honnou-ji. His words caused her to recall Akechi Mitsuhide’s rebellion, after which Mori told her that Akechi had left with a troop of Oda soldiers on a supposed reconnaissance mission moments before the battle at Honnou-ji had begun, explaining that Akechi had hoped to use the chaos created by the battle for his own ends. Kanna then realized that Akechi had been behind everything. Mori explained that he had been sent to Mu Lung in order to deal with Akechi, although he had found Kanna instead. Though he wished that he could defeat her, Mori said that he had more important business and warned her not to cross paths with him again. He then disappeared, but before Kanna could chase after him, King Sage Cat appeared and decided to punish her for trespassing into his territory. After Kanna defeated him and escaped, she was troubled to know that Akechi was yet another threat that they had to face. Soon after she sent a letter to Momijigaoka detailing what she had learned, she received one in response from Princess Sakuno, who thanked Kanna for uncovering the truth and reminded her that they needed to defeat both he and Oda.

Stopping Mori Ranmaru

Some time later, Princess Sakuno contacted Kanna and explained that Mori Ranmaru had been discovered. Kanna noted that she had seen him in Mu Lung and wondered what he was up to. Sakuno noted that Mori was once Kanna’s classmate and asked whether it was difficult to face a former friend in battle. Kanna explained that she had never liked him from the beginning, which annoyed Haku, who asked why Sakuno could ask such a question when it would be considered impertinent for him to ask. Sakuno then told Kanna that Mori hadn’t been seen near Honnou-ji in some time, though Sanada Yukimura had reported that he was preparing for a ritual deep in the mines of El Nath. Kanna traveled to the El Nath mines and spoke with Yukimura, who explained that Mori was preparing for an unknown ritual. He wondered whether Mori was planning to open the link to the Demon Realm, though he noted that it would be impossible without Princess Sakuno. Though Kanna dismissed Mori as foolish, Yukimura reminded her that in spite of his youth, Mori had great power and knowledge, as Oda accepting him into his ranks was proof enough. Kanna then confronted Mori and put an end to his ritual.

Taking Honnou-ji

Soon after, Sakuno contacted Kanna once again and ordered her to return to Momijigaoka immediately, as Shingen had summoned the entire alliance. Back at the base, Shingen addressed the Sengoku Warriors and explained that Oda’s forces had been broken, having lost Akechi Mitsuhide and several lesser generals. With Niwa Nagahide missing, only two of the Four Heavenly Kings remained: Shibata Katsuie and Takigawa Kazumasu. He also explained that he had just received word that Oda had moved his base out of Honnou-ji, and though Shibata was possibly in the area, Shingen expressed his confidence that they could take Honnou-ji for themselves. The Daimyos resolved to take the temple and sent their forces immediately. At the southern gate, the Daimyos gathered together, where Shingen told Kanna that because of her accomplishments in Maple World, she was the only one whom he could trust to create a diversion for their forces to charge in. Kanna entered the battlefield and fought the soldiers, allowing the Sengoku Warriors to follow. She then proceeded deeper and fought the samurai captains in the temple plaza. Shingen then asked her to defeat Takigawa and claim victory for their forces.

Inside the temple, Kanna encountered Takigawa and urged him surrender, claiming that there was no reason for him to throw his life away for Oda. Reminding her that he was one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Takigawa rushed to attack. After a fierce battle, Kanna managed to defeat him. Kanna then demanded to know where Oda was hiding, but Takigawa laughed that he didn’t know, as Oda would not be so foolish as to reveal his plans to mere footsoldiers. He explained that the only thing he knew was that Honnou-ji was worthless, collapsing soon after. News of the alliance’s victory quickly spread amongst the troops as they all celebrated having retaken Honnou-ji. In Momijigaoka, Haruaki congratulated the alliance, though he noted that there was more work to be done, as Oda was missing and his base’s location remained a mystery. He lamented that the only thing they had learned was that Honnou-ji once had great spiritual power, though it seemed to be gone. He speculated that if Oda had left Honnou-ji to find a new base, he would likely be looking for a location of great power.

Stellar Detectives

Kanna and Hayato joined forces with Chase, Jett, and Zen after PULSAR kidnapped, Nene, a mystical turtle with an immense font of mana. The group called themselves the Stellar Detectives and eventually discovered a large research ship which PULSAR had hijacked, where they were attempting to drain Nene's mana in order to create mutant clone copies of the mystical animal. The Stellar Detectives successfully rescued Nene and stopped PULSAR, although the Space Pirate Commander wiped their memories. Eventually, Kanna and the others regained their memories and vowed to stop PULSAR.

Black Heaven

Several days after the operation to rescue 10 Boogies, Princess Sakuno addressed the entire Sengoku alliance. Sakuno explained that a few days ago, she had received a letter from Neinheart that Maple World was being confronted by an incredible menace, and that the entire Alliance was moving to combat it. She added that Neinheart had also closed his letter with a request for help from the Sengoku Warriors. She then told the soldiers that even though Maple World wasn’t their home, they had learned to appreciate it, as it had much of the beauty and tranquility of their homeland. In the name of the Matsuyama clan, Sakuno then ordered the Sengoku Warriors to claim an honorable victory over the Black Wings. Motonari, Shingen, and Kenshin immediately moved to mobilize their troops as Sakuno took Kanna aside and explained that Empress Cygnus had bestowed a special mission upon her. She told Kanna that Cygnus valued her spirit and powers, and so the Empress wished for Kanna to join her on the front lines. Though Kanna was grateful, she began asking whether her place was Sakuno, though the princess reminded her that it was a great opportunity for her to bring honor to the Sengoku Warriors. Kanna then swore on her family name of Ayanokouji that she would bring victory.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Tsuchimikado Haruaki for Kanna.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Kanna is "Fated Master of Spirits".


Several days after the victory at Tenebris, Princess Sakuno addressed the Sengoku Warriors at Momijigaoka. She told the soldiers that when they had first joined forces with the Alliance, their goal had simply been to vanquish Oda Nobunaga, and that they never would have suspected that their battle would have taken them to Maple World, where they would meet new enemies and allies alike. Having fought with the Alliance, she proudly proclaimed that they had vanquished the Black Mage, whom she called the greatest evil of all. She then congratulated the troops for their dedication before presenting Kanna, whom she described as having led the battle with courage and honor. As the soldiers cheered Kanna, Shingen noted that the time for celebration was upon them. Yukimura also proudly told Kanna that she had been impressive, and that he could learn much from her. Kenshin warmly told Kanna that she had become a blade of justice to cut down her foes, though Kanetsugu stubbornly reminded her that she still wasn’t as great as Kenshin. Haruaki then told Kanna that she had exceeded all expectations, even exceeding his wildest dreams. Motonari proudly noted that the Sengoku Warriors were now feared and renowned worldwide, which was an excellent position for them. However, Sakuno then reminded the crowd that the path ahead was still difficult, as Oda Nobunaga, Akechi Mitsuhide, and the villains of Grandis were still enemies that they were yet to face. However, she proclaimed that their unbreakable bonds of unity would see them prevail the battles ahead. With that, she declared that they would celebrate their victory in Kanna’s honor.

Later that night, Kanna was standing amidst the cherry blossom trees when Haku pointed out Hayato standing on the castle balcony with Princess Sakuno. He then proposed that they sneak up and eavesdrop on the conversation, though Kanna scolded him for suggesting it, reminding him that eavesdropping was wrong, and that it would be rude to Sakuno. Haku pouted over Kanna worrying about Sakuno, asking when the last time was when she had tended to his needs by feeding him Star Candy. Amused, Kanna fed several pieces of candy to Haku, who was placated. Just then, Haruaki found Kanna and approvingly noted that she was enjoying the party. He then commended Kanna, explaining that she had saved the world and honored the ways of the Spirit Walker in the process. He then asked how she had found her way when she had entered the heart of chaos, where evil flowed freely. Kanna admitted that it had been difficult, as there had been times at the darkness had been so great that she could no longer see the cycles of the spirit. However, as she had continued stumbling blindly, a single light had pierced through the darkness, which had embodied the hopes, dreams, and determination of everyone who had been counting on her. As an afterthought, she added that Haku had helped as well, to which Haku wagged his tail and proudly proclaimed that he had indeed. Haruaki warmly smiled and noted that he couldn’t have done a better job himself. However, he added that her journey as a Spirit Walker was far from over, as there were still many evils in the world. With that, he excused himself, explaining that he was needed elsewhere.


Like Demon Slayer's Demon Fury, Kanna has a special form of Mana. The only way for her to regain Mana is by natural regeneration via Manaflow or via Mana Balance.

Job Advancements

1st Job Advancement

Given automatically upon reaching Level 10.

2nd Job Advancement

Reach Level 30 and accept the quest above Kanna's head.

3rd & 4th Job Advancement

Both Job Advancements are given automatically by reaching Level 60 and 100 respectively.

5th Job Advancement

For information on the 5th Job Advancement, visit this page.


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