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Kaiser is the legendary savior of the Nova race who reincarnates across the ages. A warrior wielding a Two-Handed Sword and a Dragon Essence, Kaiser uses the power of the dragons to decimate the battlefield.

Decades ago on Grandis, Kaiser was the protector of the Nova and defended Heliseum from Magnus, his former comrade and an exiled Nova who pledged loyalty to Gerand Darmoor. After sacrificing himself to buy enough time for his people to escape, Kaiser was reincarnated into a young Nova boy named Kyle in present day.

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Fall of Heliseum

Decades ago, the former Kaiser learned from Cartalion and Fenelle that Aboris, the Verdant Flora capital, had fallen after Gerand Darmoor awakened as the Transcendent of Life. Knowing that the High Flora would soon launch their attack on the Nova capital city of Heliseum, Kaiser rushed to defend it. He encountered Magnus at the city outskirts and, believing that his old friend had returned from exile to aid Heliseum, Kaiser let his guard down, allowing Magnus to cut him with his poisoned blade. Though he was dying by the moment, Kaiser attempted to buy time for the survivors of Heliseum to escape to the sanctuary city of Pantheon. He engaged Magnus and the Specter army alone in a fierce battle, and though Kaiser managed to cut off one of Magnus’ horns and left a scar on his eye, he knew that he would soon succumb to the poison. Realizing that there was only one way to stop Magnus, Kaiser sacrificed his life in a fiery explosion that wiped out the Specter army and severely injured Magnus, who was only able to survive through the power he received from Darmoor. Magnus fled the scene, but not before he stole Kaiser’s legendary sword Kaiserium. Through Kaiser’s sacrifice, Beldar of the Heliseum Council was able to lead the survivors of Heliseum to Pantheon and brought with him four relics that the priests of Pantheon used to create a Protective Shield around the city, making it impossible for Magnus and the Specter army to enter.

Main Story

Kaiser Awakening

Many decades after the fall of Heliseum, the Nova continued living in Pantheon, whose borders were safeguarded by the Protective Shield from the four Nova relics. Two children named Kyle and Velderoth became friends with a girl named Tear, who had been shunned by the Nova for having been born without magic or a tail. Together, they became the Heliseum Force and trained every day in order to become strong enough to take back their capital. Velderoth and Kyle soon became knights, bringing them one step closer to realizing their dream. One day, Kyle sensed that something was wrong at the East Sanctum while training. There, the three encountered strange priests whom they had never seen before approaching the relic. Velderoth decided get reinforcements and told Kyle and Tear to keep an eye on the priests, warning them not to play hero. While overhearing the priests, Tear quickly realized that they were planning to steal the relic and weaken the Protective Shield. Before the priests could take it, Tear charged ahead and grabbed the relic first, immediately falling unconscious upon touching it. As the priests advanced on Tear, Kyle suddenly felt a fiery power within himself and awakened as Kaiser. He launched a devastating attack upon the priests in his final form before falling unconscious. As the remaining priests approached Kyle in order to finish him off, an unconscious Tear tapped into the power of the relic, inadvertently allowing her to defeat them. By then, Velderoth had brought reinforcements, all of whom witnessed Kyle’s awakening and took the two children back to Pantheon.

Soon after, Kyle woke up in the infirmary and learned from Fenelle and Cartalion that he had awakened as the next Kaiser. As such, he had a grand destiny to live up to as the Guardian of the Nova. Kaiser then asked where Tear had gone, to which they explained that Tear had run off after learning that she had been cursed by the relic. As Kylan had gone after her, Kaiser decided to let him handle it and instead began asking Fenelle about his new role. Fenelle told him that the destiny of Kaiser depended on the time he was born into. Given the dire situation the Nova found themselves in, she warned Kaiser that his destiny was sure to be one of the most burdensome of all. As Darmoor had conquered nearly all of Grandis, the Nova were the only ones left who could hope to fight against him. Though Darmoor was the Transcendent of Life, Fenelle hoped that a strong alliance of warriors backed by the powers of other Transcendents could help win the war, and added that it was his duty as Kaiser to see it through.

She explained that the previous Kaiser had sacrificed himself to defeat Magnus and his army, and that Kaiserium, the legendary sword of Kaiser, had also disappeared with the previous Kaiser. Regarding the history of Grandis, Fenelle told him about the Flora Civil War, of which Gerand Darmoor was one of its strongest opponents, firmly believing in peace. Fenelle believed that Darmoor’s powerful will had helped him awaken as the Transcendent of Life, but his awakening had left him mentally troubled, as he believed that peace was impossible in life as it was, and so he vowed to wipe out all life and recreate it as he saw fit.  After speaking with Fenelle, Kaiser decided to test his new powers and spent some time training. He then decided to check up on Tear and went to ask Velderoth if he knew where she was. After learning that she was likely at the hideout, he went to see her and asked how she was doing. Though Tear appeared happy, Kaiser could clearly tell that she had been crying. He learned that she was feeling guilty about having weakened the Protective Shield, though she told him not to worry about it, as she didn’t want to ruin anyone else’s day.

Kaiser decided to cheer Tear up by collecting sparkling rocks, which she used to love when they were kids. After collecting a sparking rock from the Limestone Tokkas, he suddenly realized that he should instead give her flowers, as he believed that girls liked flowers, and collected some from the Alert Grobblers. He returned to the Heliseum Hideout and gave them to Tear, who thanked him, but mentioned that she would have liked sparkling rocks instead. After Tear left, Velderoth arrived and suggested that they have a hunting match. They competed to collect Laloong Tails, which Kaiser easily managed to win with his new powers. Realizing that he had been beaten for the first time, Velderoth sarcastically said that he should have known better than to challenge the powerful Kaiser before storming off.

Helping the Nova

Unsure of what Velderoth’s problem was, Kaiser decided that he ought to help the Nova and went to see Kylan at the Great Temple. Kylan asked him to collect Alert Grobbler Stalk in order to restock his medical supplies. After collecting them, Kaiser went to see Cartalion, who asked him to defeat Kaloong monsters in order to help control their numbers. Kaiser soon returned from his mission and spoke with Cartalion, who asked him whether he had ever heard of Angelic Buster and explained that she was a cute new superheroine helping the Nova before apologizing for going off-topic. He then told Kaiser that with his new position, he ought to set his sights higher than simply doing trivial chores and told him to ask Fenelle for more serious work. Fenelle immediately realized that Cartalion wanted her to ask Kaiser to lead the knights and said that Kaiser was never an all-powerful being immediately after awakening. She explained that she had known three Kaisers in her lifetime, and that all of them had started out as Kyle had, adding that both he and Tear were fast approaching their destinies. When Kaiser asked what she meant by Tear’s destiny, Fenelle explained that Tear had gone to seek her fortune, and that she had seemed inspired. She told him that, whereas Kaiser sought to fulfill the people’s expectations, Tear sought to prove herself in her own way, but added that it wasn’t the true path for either of them.

Theft of the Relics

After speaking with Fenelle, Kaiser sensed something strange and went to investigate. He soon encountered Nefarious Priests who were planning on eliminating him. Kaiser began fighting them off and forced them to retreat. Though he chased after them, the priests managed to escape. He then told Cartalion about what had happened, but Cartalion told him that he needed proof of the priests’ treachery before he could safely turn on them and asked Kaiser to check on the other sanctums. Kaiser headed to warn Anor in the North Sanctum that the priests might attack the sanctum. Anor thanked him for the information and asked him to bring back Grumpy Grobbler Stalks since he was already there. Kaiser brought back the Grumpy Grobbler Stalks to Anor, who thanked him and explained that Angelic Buster had dropped by, and that she had also warned him of a possible attack. Kyle began to grow frustrated that Angelic Buster kept interfering with his duties, but Anor told him to relax and explained that he had asked for her help, adding that he hoped that she would stick around. With that, Anor told him to check on the South Sanctum. At the South Sanctum, Kaiser warned Christina to be on guard for a possible attack. Christina immediately began to flirt with Kaiser and said that she needed a brave hero to defend her. She then asked him to defeat Amethyst Tokkas, which were attacking passing travelers. After returning, Christina told him that she would be alright and asked him to check on the West Sanctum.

Just as Kaiser was about to leave, he felt a dark energy near the outskirts of the South Sanctum and went to investigate. There, he encountered a horde of Nefarious Priests who had come to steal the South Sanctum relic. After defeating them all, Christina thanked him and sent him back to Pantheon in order to let Cartalion know. In Pantheon, Cartalion told Kaiser that he needed to reinforce Ismail because of how weak he was. At the West Sanctum, Kaiser arrived to find that not only was it completely deserted, but the relic was also missing. Kaiser used his ability to sense auras in order to track down the Nefarious Priests, but after defeating them, the priests told him that they didn’t know anything about the relic. Kaiser returned to Cartalion, who sent a medical team to the West Sanctum. He told Kaiser that they had a crisis on their hands and asked him to let Fenelle know that two of the four relics were missing. Fenelle told Kaiser that she would discuss the matter with the priests. After speaking with them, she told Kaiser that they had determined that it would be impossible to maintain the Protective Shield with only half the relics, and that once it failed, Darmoor’s army would be able to invade Pantheon. She explained that even if they were able to reclaim the relic, it would take time for it to recharge the Protective Shield, and as such, she told him that reclaiming the relic as soon as possible was paramount.

Kaiser returned to Cartalion, who told him that his scouts had found the location of the Nefarious Priests’ base. Kaiser rushed over and fought through the defenses before encountering the priests’ leader speaking to a hologram of Magnus. Their leader reported that two of the relics had been lost, with one of them in their possession. Magnus was pleased and told him that he would prepare for his assault on Pantheon. After the call ended, Kaiser attacked the priests’ leader and defeated him, thus reclaiming the relic. He successfully returned to Cartalion and gave him the relic, as well as the news of Magnus’ imminent assault.

Assault on Pantheon

As Cartalion mobilized the knights to prepare for Magnus’ attack, he asked Kaiser to check the eastern border to scout for enemy activity, as it was the closest point to Heliseum. There, Kaiser encountered and defeated a wave of invading Specters. He reported the news to Cartalion, who was shocked that Magnus had launched his attack so soon. He asked Kaiser to buy them some time to get their defenses ready, and so Kaiser returned to the battlefront and engaged the Specter army. Soon after, Kaiser was redirected to reinforce Angelic Buster in the north until the Protective Shield was fully recharged. After a fierce struggle, Kaiser managed to repel the army, even before the Protective Shield came back up.

Cartalion was surprised at how weak Magnus’ army was, but nevertheless was pleased that the attack was finally over. However, he quickly realized that the Specters were preparing a summoning ritual at the western border, and that a massive invasion army had appeared at the northern and southern borders. Cartalion summoned Kaiser and told him that if the summoning ritual were to continue, Magnus’ entire army would be teleported straight into Pantheon. After Kaiser successfully stopped the ritual, Cartalion thanked him profusely and asked him to check with Fenelle on the status of the Protective Shield. Fenelle asked Kaiser to buy them time to power up the shield by reinforcing Angelic Buster and the other knights in the south. Kaiser fought to his limit, but even he was ultimately overwhelmed by the Specters. Just as he faltered, the Protective Shield was finally restored, immediately vaporizing all Specters inside Pantheon.

Turning the Tides

After the battle was over, Kaiser realized that the Protective Shield was a powerful weapon against the Specters and formulated a plan to lure the entire Specter army inside the borders, where they would then reactivate the Protective Shield and wipe out all of Magnus’ forces at once. He proposed his plan to Fenelle, who supported his idea, despite knowing the risks that it posed. After the plan was approved, Kylan gave Kaiser the Magic Amplifier device used to activate the shield and asked him to bring it to Cartalion. Cartalion told Kaiser that Captain Piston would take the Amplifier and drop it near the Specters’ summoning ritual square in order to bait them into using the Amplifier to power their summoning ritual, which would bring the entire army to Pantheon, at which point they would reactivate the Protective Shield and wipe them all out at once. As Magnus’ entire army was summoned to Pantheon, Angelic Buster lured them in through the southern border, where nearly all the Specters were vaporized upon the Protective Shield’s reactivation.

Having decimated Magnus’ forces, Cartalion excitedly told Kaiser and Angelic Buster that they finally had an opportunity to retake Heliseum. He then asked the pair to defeat the stronger Specters still inside the city, whose strength allowed them to resist the Protective Shield’s magic. After Kaiser and Angelic Buster cleaned up the remaining Specters, they were shocked to find Magnus inside the Protective Shield’s radius. Magnus praised Kaiser for his cunning plan, just as Velderoth arrived. Kaiser told Magnus that he had no power inside the Protective Shield and claimed that it was over. However, Magnus simply laughed and told Kaiser that he was nothing compared to his predecessor. As the three moved to attack, Magnus easily managed to defeat them, even while weakened by the Protective Shield’s magic. Just then, Cartalion arrived and immediately summoned reinforcements to capture Magnus. However, Magnus told Cartalion that he wasn’t in the mood for another fight and quickly retreated. After Cartalion took the three back to Pantheon, he told them how terrifying it was to witness Magnus’ immense power and noted that Magnus was in possession of a corrupted Kaiserium.

Velderoth's Betrayal

Kaiser was just as shaken and wondered how they could ever hope to take back Heliseum after witnessing Magnus’ power. He then returned to the Heliseum Hideout in order to check on Velderoth, who had been wounded by Magnus. There, he encountered Tear consoling Velderoth, who was shaking with fear. Velderoth began mocking Kaiser for losing to Magnus, claiming that he wasn’t a hero like the Nova believed. He also added that Kaiser had only beaten him in their hunting match because of his new powers, and that Kaiser had always been weaker than him before being chosen. He bitterly wondered why Kyle had been chosen as the next Kaiser, believing that it should have been himself because of his superior strength, adding that Kaiser had been handed out free power that he didn’t deserve. As Kaiser began to retort, Tear told him to leave Velderoth alone. Kaiser then asked if she was alright, as she had several bruises on her, but Tear lied and explained that she had merely tripped. As the two began to joke around together, Velderoth became even more furious at their casual attitude and decided that he was leaving the Heliseum Protector Vanguard, claiming that it was a worthless group in the end. Believing that he had no future in Pantheon, he stormed off and left the city in search of power.

Reopening the Interdimensional Portal

Some time later, Beldar summoned Kaiser and told him that the Heliseum Council had approved of the plan to advance on Tyrant’s Castle. He explained that it would be Kaiser’s responsibility to gather allies for the invasion because while Magnus might be a conquerable foe, Darmoor was certainly not. The Council had ordered Kaiser and Angelic Buster to travel through the Interdimensional Portal in the Great Temple in order to find allies in the unknown world, though he added that they would first need to break the seal on the portal. Kaiser went to see Fenelle, who told him that though he had been ordered to break the seal, he shouldn’t let the war-hungry Council push him into hasty action. When Kaiser asked where the Interdimensional Portal came from, Fenelle explained that it had been formed when Darmoor stole Chronica’s powers, which caused a tear in the fabric of spacetime. Fearing that Darmoor or some other threat could use the portals to invade, the Nova had chosen to seal the portal for their own safety. Kaiser then asked her to tell him about Darmoor and Chronica, and so Fenelle explained that Darmoor was the prince of the High Flora, and that he was a strong opponent of the Flora Civil War, believing that the carnage cheapened life. When the High Flora destroyed themselves, he survived the disaster and awakened as the Transcendent of Life. Having gone mad with grief, he sought to destroy all living things and remake life as he saw fit.

Fenelle also explained that Chronica was the Transcendent of Time, though little was known about them. Darmoor had confronted Chronica at their sanctuary and insisted that they help Darmoor wipe out all life. However, when Chronica refused, Darmoor sealed them away and stole their powers. She added that, alongside Darmoor and Chronica, Aeona was the Transcendent of Light, although no one in Grandis knew about her other than the fact that she existed. Kaiser asked her to explain who the Transcendents were, and so Fenelle told him that the Transcendents were representatives of their three Overseers, the beings that created the worlds. She explained that not all Transcendents were the same, as some were created immortal, whereas others were mortal and reincarnated. After having answered Kaiser’s questions, Fenelle sent him to Kylan in order to help him open the Interdimensional Portal.

Kylan told Kaiser that he had heard rumors that Angelic Buster was joining them, and that he was worried for her safety. Kaiser then collected Onyx Stonegar Magic Pebbles in order to break the seal, as well as Gravi Stonegar Magic Pebbles to reactivate the Interdimensional Portal. Kylan then used the materials to reactivate the Interdimensional Portal. Cartalion told Kaiser that the hopes of the Nova rested upon him to find a Transcendent in the unknown world and to convince them to aid the Nova. He also asked Kaiser to bring back unique materials from the other world in order to aid Kylan with his research. Kaiser then entered the Interdimensional Portal and arrived in Maple World.

Nova Alliance

Kaiser's adventures in Maple World soon caught the attention of the Alliance and Neinheart reached out to Kaiser for an important discussion. Kaiser recognized Neinheart from the stories he had heard that the Cygnus Knights used to rule Maple World many years ago and agreed to hear him out. After arriving in Ereve, Kaiser asked Neinheart why there were so many knights around them and warned that he didn’t like traps. Neinheart laughed and asked Kaiser to excuse the knights, as they took their security very seriously. As Kaiser didn’t feel evil energy from them, he decided to trust Neinheart and asked why he had been summoned. Neinheart explained that the Cygnus Knights fought against the Black Mage, and that they had recently formed a worldwide Alliance against him. He told Kaiser that he wanted to invite him to join the Alliance, as he was both powerful and a champion of justice. To his surprise, Kaiser didn’t immediately accept, explaining that he had never heard of the Black Mage, and that as a representative of the Nova, he needed to deliberate with his people first.

Just then, Shinsoo addressed Kaiser and told him that he looked just like Magnus. Kaiser immediately grew suspicious and demanded to know how she knew Magnus. Shinsoo told him to relax and explained that Magnus was a Commander under the Black Mage centuries ago, and that she had merely noted how strange it was that they looked so similar. Kaiser was surprised to hear that Magnus had been in Maple World until he realized that it could very well have been possible with the Interdimensional Portals in Maple World and Grandis. Shinsoo added that she didn’t know much about Magnus, but recalled that he was terribly arrogant. She added that he only cared about power and defeating his enemies, and that he had vanished soon after the Black Mage had been sealed. Kaiser asked when the Black Mage had been sealed, to which Shinsoo told him that it had been a few centuries ago. Kaiser explained that the Nova didn’t know much about Magnus, but that they could be sure that he had only taken over Heliseum a few decades ago. Unaware that time on Grandis passed at a tenth of the rate it did on Maple World, Kaiser believed that the timeline didn’t seem to fit,

When Shinsoo asked how he knew Magnus, Kaiser introduced himself as a warrior of the Nova from Grandis and told her that Magnus was an exiled warrior of the Nova who had returned to conquer their capital. He added that Magnus was the great disgrace of their race, as well as his eternal enemy. Kaiser realized that the Alliance and the Nova had a common enemy in Magnus, who had served both the Black Mage and Gerand Darmoor. After Kaiser explained who Darmoor was, Shinsoo realized how dire the situation was on Grandis and offered to extend help to the Nova. Kaiser told her that he would discuss the matter with the Council and return with his response. He then returned to Pantheon and spoke with Beldar, explaining everything that had happened to him on Maple World.

After learning about the Alliance’s invitation, Beldar asked if the people of Ereve were trustworthy and powerful. Though he couldn’t speak for their power, Kaiser told him that that they could be trusted. However, Beldar replied that trustworthiness alone wasn’t enough for the Nova and asked if he had found any Transcendents. Kaiser told him that he hadn’t, but Beldar still believed that there was a Transcendent on Maple World who could help them. Nevertheless, he admitted that they could use any help that they could get. Kaiser did add that he had heard about the Black Mage, who was a corrupt Transcendent that the people of Maple World were fighting, similar to Darmoor. Beldar was shocked at this unexpected news, explaining that he had hoped to ally with a Transcendent, but not one who had fallen to evil, and asked for Kaiser’s assessment of the situation. Kaiser told him that they couldn’t join with anyone as bad as Darmoor and believed that the Alliance would make good allies. Beldar explained that they had hoped to launch their attack on Tyrant’s Castle as soon as possible, meaning that they needed reinforcements quickly. He hoped that with the Alliance’s firepower, they would be able to attack soon. He congratulated Kaiser for his good work and told him that he would speak with the Council and have a reply ready soon.

Soon after, Beldar contacted Kaiser and told him that the Council had decided in favor of joining the Alliance, despite the dangers of going to war against two Transcendents, and asked Kaiser to deliver their reply to Ereve. Neinheart was pleased by the good news and told Kaiser that he would begin formalizing the arrangement.

Reunion with Angelic Buster

Kyle soon contacted Angelic Buster, who was surprised to see him. She asked how his time in Maple World had been going, and so he explained that he had been busy training and getting stronger. He told her that she reminded him of another girl he knew who looked exactly the same as her. She tactfully changed the subject and asked if he had found any warriors to help the Nova. Kaiser explained that he had encountered the Maple Alliance, which the Council had decided to join. In exchange for helping the Alliance defeat the Black Mage and the Black Wings, the Alliance would help the Nova reclaim Heliseum. Tear was surprised at how mature Kaiser had become after learning that he had successfully negotiated an alliance. Kaiser then asked how she had been doing in Maple World, to which she merely said that she had been doing well. Kaiser told her that his heart felt warm, as though he was seeing a piece of home after meeting her.

He asked if she had made any allies, but she vaguely mentioned that she hadn’t made too many. Kaiser told her that she didn’t need to justify herself and added that he hoped that Tear was doing as well as she was. He explained that he kept thinking about how she was doing alone in Pantheon after Velderoth had left and wistfully said that he missed the old days together. Angelic Buster accidentally let slip that she also missed those days, to which Kaiser asked if she had a friend like Tear at home. She told him vaguely about Kyle and Velderoth, without specifying their names, prompting Kaiser to ask more about her life back in Pantheon. The two then spent many hours talking together about their time in Pantheon and Maple World. Kaiser later told her that she was a light for the Nova, and that he hoped to be as inspiring as her. Tear was touched at how considerate and mature Kaiser had become, and the two then went their separate ways.

Exploring Maple World

Kaiser soon grew comfortable with Maple World, having realized that life there was similar to Grandis. Just then, he sensed an evil energy and followed it to Sleepywood. There, he met Ilji and asked him if he knew where the evil energy was coming from. Ilji told him that it would likely be coming from the Cursed Temple, which Kaiser noted felt just like the Specters, but also different somehow. He asked Ilji if he needed help with anything, to which Ilji explained that he had come to train, though he was afraid of the Drakes. He asked Kaiser to hunt Copper Drakes and tell him what their weakness was. After hunting the Drakes, Kaiser returned to Ilji and told him that they only attacked with a simple charge, and so watching them carefully and keeping them at bay was the best strategy. Next, Ilji asked him for help on finding the Drakes’ weakness. Kaiser fought the Drakes and told Ilji that they had the same attack pattern, and so they just needed to be taken out faster. Next, Ilji asked for help fighting Red Drakes. Kaiser told him that they had a dangerous fire attack, and so he needed to keep recovery items nearby. Ilji then asked Kaiser to hunt Ice Drakes. Kaiser discovered that they had a long range attack to watch out for. Finally, Ilji asked him to find the Dark Drakes’ weakness, and so Kaiser learned that Ilji would need to combine all the previous strategies into one in order to defeat the Dark Drakes. Ilji thanked him for his help and promised to become a powerful warrior soon.

After helping Ilji, Kaiser continued his journey into the Cursed Temple. At the entrance, he met a wounded man named Gwin, who told him that he had been injured by the monsters inside the Temple. Kaiser entered and first defeated the Wild Kargo, then the Tauromacises, then the Taurospears, and finally a Jr. Balrog. From the Jr. Balrog, Kaiser found an Evil Essence that resembled Specter energy, and so he decided to ask Kylan to investigate it. Kylan noted that it was distinct from Specter energy and assured Kaiser that Darmoor didn’t have a hand in it.

Later during his travels, Kaiser learned that Pixies held mystical Cloud Pieces in Orbis and decided to bring one to Kylan, who merely just deemed it mystical.

The Black Mage's Laboratory

Soon after, Neinheart reached out to Kaiser and told him that the Alliance had discovered the Black Mage’s laboratory in Magatia. He explained that they had found several interesting documents, and though he had already sent copies to the Nova, he wanted to show one particular document to Kaiser directly. After receiving the documents, Kaiser reviewed them and found interesting information on the Transcendents. He read that the Black Mage had cut off a part of himself that was imbued with light and embraced the darkness, putting him at odds with Rhinne and the World Tree. He was pleased to note that the Black Mage didn’t know the location or identity of the World Tree, but realized that the Black Mage’s attempt to steal the Transcendent of Time’s powers was similar to how Darmoor robbed Chronica.

Kaiser returned to Pantheon and discussed the document with Fenelle. She noted that the main takeaway was how something strange seemed to happen when Transcendents used each other’s powers, as Darmoor’s use of Chronica’s powers resulted in the Interdimensional Portals appearing all across Grandis. She noted that Magnus also disappeared from Maple World after the Black Mage took Rhinne’s power. Kaiser asked if it meant that the Interdimensional Portals appeared when other Transcendents used the power of the Transcendent of Time. Fenelle replied that it seemed to be the case and conjectured that Magnus had returned to Grandis when the Black Mage had used Rhinne’s power, which may have accounted for the time gap between him leaving Maple World and arriving on Grandis. However, Kaiser pointed out that the Interdimensional Portal had just been discovered recently. Fenelle reasoned that the power of time was likely sealed away along with the Black Mage, but suddenly realized that the implications of the portal’s reappearance meant that the seal on the Black Mage must have been broken, allowing for the twisted powers of time to form the Interdimensional Portal once again. She told Kaiser that the Alliance needed to be informed immediately and warned him that with Maple World facing the return of their biggest threat, and with the Nova preparing to launch their attack on Magnus, the situation had gotten much more serious.

Kaiser soon gave the report to Angelic Buster and Ark in order to keep them informed about the Alliance's latest findings.

Kaiser's Essence

While training, Kyle heard the voice of the previous Kaiser calling to him. The former Kaiser told him about his battle with Magnus and how he had sacrificed himself in order to help the survivors of Heliseum escape to Pantheon. He also explained that Magnus had only been able to survive his Ancestral Prominence through Darmoor’s power. Kyle mentioned how he had heard that Magnus had traveled to Maple World in order to restore his life, but the former Kaiser then changed the subject and told Kyle that he would pass on his Essence, granting Kyle the full powers of Kaiser. The former Kaiser told Kyle that he would contact him again once he was ready to become a Grand Kaiser. With the former Kaiser’s Essence, Kyle gained full mastery over his Kaiser powers and enhanced his ultimate Kaiser form.

Final Quest

The spirit of the former Kaiser reached out to Kyle and asked him to come to the Great Temple. There, he congratulated Kyle on achieving the rank of Grand Kaiser even faster than he had. He then bestowed his blessing upon Kyle, granting him the final piece of Kaiser’s power.

Meeting Illium

While visiting Pantheon, Kaiser overheard an exchange between Beldar and Illium, who had led the surviving Verdant Flora to Pantheon in order to access the Interdimensional Portal. He asked Kylan to help Illium, and so Kylan asked Illium to gather materials to help make the Interdimensional Portal easier to activate. Though Beldar was still suspicious of Illium's intentions, Kaiser personally vouched for the Verdant Flora and allowed them to travel to Maple World.

Meeting Ark

While investigating the Interdimensional Portal, Ark traveled to Pantheon, where he was immediately weakened by the Protective Shield due to his half-Specter features and fell unconscious. He was awoken by Kaiser, who was alarmed by Ark’s Flora ears and Specter arm. He, along with Cartalion, Beldar, and Fenelle, took Ark to the edge of the Protective Shield, where they began to question him. Beldar noted that Ark had Flora ears, but no magic wings, and suspected that he was related to the last group of Flora children who had come to Pantheon recently. Cartalion pointed out that Ark’s arm was definitely Specter, noting that he had been weakened by the Protective Shield, which was intended to keep Specters out, and wondered whether Ark was in league with Magnus. Kaiser countered that Ark would have known about the Protective Shield if that were true, which Fenelle agreed with. Ark then explained that he was a deserter of the High Flora army, and that he now fought against them. Though he explained his situation, Beldar still didn’t trust him, but Fenelle told them that Ark’s auratic vibration was tranquil, and that she sensed that he had a strong will to do good. With Fenelle's approval, the group agreed to allow Ark to travel through the Interdimensional Portal and left Kaiser to escort him there. Along the way, Ark asked several questions about the portal, Magnus, and the other dimension, which Kaiser graciously answered before sending Ark off on his way to Maple World.

Some time later, Ark felt a strange energy in Sleepywood and decided to investigate. There, he met Kaiser, who told him that he had already investigated the area and found no traces of the High Flora. Ark then discussed with Kaiser about the looming threat facing Maple World. Kaiser told Ark that though he hadn’t found any traces of the High Flora, his trip hadn’t been a waste and told Ark that he would contact him soon.

Information Broker Bureau

While reading through several documents about Grandis, Hoyoung read a document compiled by Kaiser, under the alias of Young Swordsman K, which detailed the three major races of Grandis - the Flora, the Anima, and the Nova - as well as the three Transcendents of Grandis and how Darmoor stole Chronica's powers and imprisoned them in the Chronica Sanctuary.

Meeting Adele

While searching for her memories, Adele heard about Kaiser and believed that, as he was a reincarnating entity, he may know something about the old God-King. She met with Kaiser in Minar Forest, where he told her about how Magnus had betrayed the former Kaiser, which triggered one of her latent memories.

Meeting Lara

As Lara made her way to Pantheon to use the Interdimensional Portal, she was greeted by Kyle and Tear at the outskirts, who had been sent by Fenelle. They then escorted her to the Great Temple, where Fenelle judged her worthiness to use the Interdimensional Portal.

Heliseum Reclamation HQ

Pushing Forward

Kaiser was summoned back to Pantheon by Beldar, who told him that the Heliseum Reclamation HQ was under attack by Specters. He asked Kaiser to lead a small support squad in an effort to crush the Specter forces while they were distracted. At the edge of the Heliseum Reclamation HQ, Kaiser met Tiron, who told him that the Specters had ambushed them and trapped their forces. Kaiser fought off the Specter invasion and rescued Piston and Edea. Back at the base, Edea told Kaiser that their supplies were running thin and asked Kaiser to speak with Piston about what he could do to help. Piston told him that the Specter Battle Hounds had been scouting to find their HQ and asked Kaiser to defeat the Battle Hounds, as well as to bring back their horns. After completing his mission, Kaiser returned to Edea, who asked him to eliminate the Specter Shieldbearers in the Forest of Choices. During the battle, Kaiser defeated the Warrior Specter leading the Shieldbearers and returned with a Specter Commander Badge. Edea was impressed by Kaiser’s skill, as only Specter generals carried such badges. At Piston’s request, Kaiser allowed him to borrow the emblem to show the troops that they were making good progress. Piston then asked Kaiser to work with Harpoon in order to resupply their rations. Harpoon asked Kaiser to get Dinogoth meat for the camp. After returning, Harpoon told Kaiser that Piston was looking for him. Before that, however, Maroon asked Kaiser to help escort the supply lines by defeating the Dinorams in their way and to recover any lost supplies.

The Blue Dragon Cannon

After helping Maroon, Kaiser went to see Piston, who told Kaiser that they were in the process of reconstructing an ancient weapon called the Blue Dragon Cannon and told him to meet Cartalion in Pantheon in order to discuss the details. In Pantheon, Cartalion told Kaiser that they had been building the Blue Dragon Cannon in secret for several months and stressed the importance of the weapon to Kaiser, telling him that it was a last resort that would need to be dismantled after they were finished using it, as the weapon was too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands. He told Kaiser to speak with Beldar about how he could help finish construction. Beldar asked Kaiser to collect Animal Oil as fuel for the weapon, which he collected from the Red Speeyors. With the necessary fuel, Beldar told Kaiser that the Blue Dragon Cannon was ready and asked him to take it from Cartalion and bring it over to Edea. At the Heliseum Reclamation HQ, Edea told him that Tiron and Angelic Buster had found the location of a Specter supply base and asked him to launch the weapon. Though Kaiser was unsure how to use it, Edea told him that he needed mental clarity in order to allow the spirits of the past Kaisers to help him wield it. Kaiser went to see Tiron, who told him that Angelic Buster had helped him get the coordinates to their target. After getting the coordinates, Kaiser successfully fired the cannon onto the Specter base.

Eurenth and the Shadowdealers

He returned to Edea, who congratulated him on his mission and asked him to see Eurenth, whose information could help them push forward into the central regions, and gave him a cookie to give to Eurenth as well. He delivered the cookie to Eurenth, who spat it out and told Kaiser that Edea had poisoned it. Though he realized why Edea had sent Kaiser to his hut, Eurenth planned to make him pay for having forced him to eat the poisoned cookie. First, he made Kaiser collect firewood from the Red Speeyor monsters nearby. Next, he had Kaiser collect Dinoram Tenderloins for him. Finally, he had Kaiser use the firewood and meat to cook steak for him, claiming that the former Kaiser was an exceptionally good cook. Just then, his pet Popo told Kaiser that it would help him cook for Eurenth in exchange for food and blankets. Kaiser brought back Dinoram Tenderloins and Blue Speeyor Fur Coats for Popo, who gave him a batch of special spices. Kaiser used the spices to cook a steak for Eurenth, who was thoroughly impressed by Kaiser’s cooking skill. In exchange, he gave Kaiser a D-03 Transmitter, which would allow him to contact the Shadowdealers. He explained that the Shadowdealers were ruthless, and that they would do anything for money, claiming that they had handed the secret of creating Vision Bombs to the High Flora.

Kaiser went to the Shadowdealer Meet-Up Spot and used the transmitter. A Shadowdealer named Tonero picked up and demanded to know his identity, as the transmitter ID code belonged to Eurenth. After Kaiser introduced himself, Tonero arrived at the meeting spot and asked to trade Dinodon Sharp Fangs in exchange for the information that Kaiser was seeking. After bringing him the fee, Tonero gave him an envelope with all the information he needed and told Kaiser to bring it to Eurenth. Before he could return, however, the D-03 Transmitter began to ring. When Kaiser answered it, a Shadowdealer named Romero told him to meet up back at the clearing. There, he told Kaiser that he would trade valuable information in exchange for Dinoram Claws. Once he finished, Kaiser brought the claws to Romero, who gave him another envelope full of information. As soon as Romero left, Tonero returned and told him that he would give a third piece of information in exchange for helping Romero. After Tonero left, Romero returned and traded his final piece of information, as well as his own D-02 Transmitter, in exchange for Kaiser’s D-03 Transmitter. Kaiser reluctantly agreed, remembering the promise he had made to Tonero.

He returned to Eurenth with the information, who told him that it would be useful to Edea. However, he was displeased that Kaiser had lost the transmitter. He took the D-02 Transmitter from Kaiser and offered to make him a new D-03 Transmitter in exchange for Blue Speeyor Tom Fur Coats. With the coats, Eurenth was able to create a new D-03 Transmitter for him. Eurenth then gave him the envelopes to give to Edea. While she looked over the information, Edea told him that Maroon needed his help. Maroon asked him to bring Dinogoth Shoulder Meats and Blue Speeyor Fur Coats. After helping Maroon, Kaiser returned to Edea, who asked him to collect Sparking Specter Stones from the Specter Miners.

Taking Downtown Heliseum

After returning, Edea told him that she had received an urgent message that the Specters had kidnapped Captain Tiron. Kaiser rushed into the battlefield and single-handedly destroyed the Specter forces in order to rescue Tiron. Edea then told him that they were ready to attack the Specter army, explaining that he would be the bait that would lure them into the valley, where she would obliterate them. They were successfully able to retake Downtown Heliseum, allowing them to move their base forward.

The Guardians of Heliseum

Having taken the city, Edea told Kaiser that their next target was Tyrant’s Castle and asked him to speak with Piston and Tiron about the status of the operation. Piston told him that they didn’t have enough forces to directly engage the Specters in a full-scale war and recommended that they try to strengthen their forces. Tiron added that there were a large number of Specters in the city and suggested that they try to chip away at Magnus’ forces with guerrilla tactics. After reporting back to Edea, she asked him to break into the castle while they reinforced the camp, as the guards would never expect a lone soldier. She warned him that two of the Heliseum Guardians, Victor and Treglow, had been unable to be rescued when the capital had been lost, and that they were now under Magnus’ control. She asked him to get the details from Eurenth and gave him another cookie to bring to him, claiming that she had cursed it so that his house would burn down if he didn’t eat it.

At Eurenth’s hut, Kaiser gave the cookie and relayed what Edea told him. Eurenth regretted teaching her magic, though he agreed to give Kaiser the information he sought. He explained that Edea, Victor, and Treglow had been the three Guardians of Heliseum. Victor was a renowned painter, whose work had a huge influence on the Nova people. He had come from a long line of artists, and his father, who was said to have seen works from other dimensions, had named his son Victor in the hope that the line would continue. However, Victor eventually fell in love with a dead woman and painted his masterpiece in her image. Learning of a magical canvas that could bring art to reality, he had spent his life attempting to find it. Knowing that Victor would easily fall under his influence if he obtained it, Magnus asked Darmoor to find the canvas and used it in order to bait Victor into becoming his servant. However, Darmoor cursed the canvas so that when Victor painted the woman, it spat out a doll in her form and trapped Victor’s soul inside the painting, leaving his body as a puppet for Magnus that painted new minions on the cursed canvas.

Meanwhile, Treglow was a genius scientist who was particularly adept at chemistry. Though he had become a guardian, Treglow secretly wanted to make an artificial creature, which was a taboo among Nova scientists. Magnus pretended to be a merchant and sent a spy to support Treglow’s research, building an amicable relationship with him. Magnus was able to obtain rare materials from other worlds for Treglow, though no one knew how Magnus had the ability to travel to other worlds. Though Treglow was close to finishing the artificial creature, Magnus sabotaged the experiment just before the invasion, which caused a huge explosion and left Treglow mad with grief. Treglow had created twisted creatures, and in his madness, he declared them his great success and offered them to Magnus for his army. The third Guardian, Edea, had a foul temper according to Eurenth, but she was perhaps his greatest student. However, he explained that he had expelled her because she had destroyed all his possessions, blown up houses, and forced him to eat her terrible cookies. Though she seemed to be cool-headed, Eurenth was convinced that she would reveal her true nature one day.

With that, Kaiser asked him for an envelope with the information that Edea requested, but Eurenth decided to put Kaiser to work because of the cookies he had brought from Edea. He told Kaiser to bring him Yellow Speeyor Fur Coats and Dinodon Sharp Fangs from the Forest of Coexistence. His pet Popo also asked him to bring Dinoram Tenderloins, as Eurenth refused to feed it. After finishing the two tasks, Eurenth wrote a letter for Edea that described the curse that Victor and Treglow were under, as well as what powers they possessed. Kaiser returned with the letter to Edea, who thanked him.

Velderoth's Challenge

Suddenly he heard a strange noise and went to investigate at the city border. There, he encountered Velderoth leading an army of Specters and immediately transformed into his Kaiser form. Velderoth called Magnus “Lord Magnus” and told him that he had sought out Magnus after seeing how easily he had defeated them, adding that, unlike Kaiser’s awakening, Magnus could bestow power on anyone. Kaiser tried to reason with Velderoth, but he refused to listen, instead challenging him to single combat and claiming that he would leave with his Specters if Kaiser could best him. After a fierce battle, Velderoth acknowledged Kaiser’s strength and retreated, promising that he would deliver Kaiser to Magnus. After Velderoth left, Edea told Kaiser that it had been a reckless decision to fight him, as it could have been a trap. Kaiser was disturbed by how arrogant Velderoth had become and wondered what Magnus had done to him. He decided to chase after Velderoth, though Velderoth was able to hide and escape amidst the thousands of Specters.

Breaking the Seal

He returned to Edea, who mused that Velderoth had a weak will, despite being unmatched in battle skill. She acknowledged Kaiser’s distress about his friend becoming a traitor, but told him that he would likely need to fight Velderoth again, as he had become Magnus’ third Guardian of Heliseum. She then explained that, according to Eurenth’s information, Magnus had learned the secrets of the Nova royal family’s defenses, and that he was using a similar seal to guard the path to the throne room. She told him that they would likely need the Shadowdealers’ expertise to undo the seal and asked him to see Tonero. Tonero told him that Treglow was their first obstacle, and that he needed Red Speeyor Stalks in order to analyze his creatures. He brought the materials to Tonero, who told him that he would begin his research immediately. Kaiser then went to see Romero, who proposed another deal with him. He asked Kaiser to bring him Specter’s Deadly Poison from the Guerilla Specters. With the poison, Romero created a special reagent that he asked Kaiser to drink. Kaiser instead proposed that he would pay Romero to drink it himself. Romero drank the reagent and immediately began turning purple. He asked Kaiser to bring the Specter’s Deadly Poison to Tonero, with which Tonero was able to create an antidote for Romero. He explained that Romero’s alchemical knowledge was lacking, and that Tomero himself realized that the Specters’ poison was the result of Treglow’s chemical knowledge.

After giving Romero the antidote, Kaiser went to find Edea, who asked him to speak with Fenelle about how they could undo the ancient Nova seal on the castle gate. Fenelle told Kaiser to speak with Anor and Kylan for the information about the unsealing ritual. Kaiser obtained a Harvesting Guide from Anor that explained how to extract life energy. Back at the Great Temple, Kylan told Kaiser that the Nova seal ritual used on the castle was based on life energy, meaning that Life Spark was the core of it all, though he didn’t know how to extract it. Kaiser passed on the information to Fenelle, who told him that she would investigate it. In the meantime, she told him that Beldar needed to see him. Beldar told Kaiser that there were signs that the Specter army was planning an aerial attack. Kaiser rushed to Piston, who told him that a letter from Velderoth had arrived. Upon reading the letter, Kaiser learned that Velderoth wanted to fight one-on-one, and that he was prepared to pull out the entire Specter army if he lost. Though Piston warned him that it was a trap, Kaiser felt responsible for Velderoth’s fall and decided to accept his challenge.

Kaiser made his way towards the castle and fought his way through the Specter army. At the castle entrance, Kaiser wondered where Velderoth was, as only Specters had greeted him. Fearing that it was a trap, he rushed back to the downtown HQ, where Edea told him that while he was gone, Angelic Buster had learned that the enemy was planning an all-out attack. Angelic Buster had managed to fight off the attackers, but Piston had been wounded, though she assured him that he would make a full recovery. Kaiser went to see Piston, who told Kaiser not to blame himself for what happened. He also told Kaiser that he had convinced Angelic Buster to put on a show for them along with Edea. He asked Kaiser to help convince Edea to participate by getting enough signatures from the army.  Kaiser convinced Harpoon, Maroon, and Tiron to gather support from the soldiers, which left Edea with no choice but to concede. Together with Angelic Buster, they put on a show that proved to be a massive hit with the Alliance.

After the show, Edea told Kaiser to see Fenelle about getting the information about the unsealing ritual. Fenelle told Kaiser that they needed to observe the reactions of the materials and the life energy used on the seal. She gave him her research notes to bring to Edea, who asked him to help Tonero while she looked it over. Tonero explained that the Shadowdealers hadn’t received proper compensation for helping the Nova yet and asked him to perform some tasks as payment. First, Kaiser helped a Shadowdealer named Gallero collect Morrow Tree Sap from Full Moon Hill and eliminate Guerilla Specters. Next, he helped Tonero obtain Specter Candy from Guerilla Specters, which was said to improve the Specters’ concentration and awaken their latent powers. Finally, he helped Romero obtain Battle Hound Broken Horns and Tamer’s Whips in order to surpass Tonero as top trader. Intrigued by their relationship, he asked Gallero about them. Gallero explained that the two brothers had been friends from a young age, though Romero had always been jealous of Tonero’s abilities.

Kaiser then returned to Romero, who asked him for more Battle Hound Broken Horns and Tamer’s Whips, as well as Specter Candy in order to keep his spot as top trader. After helping him, Gallero called Kaiser over and told him that Romero had accidentally flooded the market, and that he would be losing his profits. In order to help Romero, Tonero secretly purchased Battle Hound Broken Horns and Tamer’s Whips in order to increase their value. He then gave Kaiser a gold pouch and asked him to convince Gallero to buy Romero’s entire stock for a profit. Gallero successfully bought the stock and gave Kaiser a cut of the profit. Tonero then told Kaiser to find Specter Wrenches from Specter Engineers for the unsealing ritual. After bringing them back, Tonero explained that the wrenches contained a special mineral that could only be found on select regions across Grandis, which the Heliseum Reclamation HQ had been stealing from Specter Engineers in order to mine.

As the Shadowdealers weren’t experienced with refining ore, he asked Kaiser to go to Ardentmill in Maple World and speak to Cole. There, Kaiser asked Cole if he could extract the minerals out of the Specter Wrenches. Cole agreed and told him that he would send the minerals to Tonero as soon as he could. Kaiser returned to Heliseum, where Tonero told him that the shipment arrived just before Kaiser himself. He then gave Kaiser another assignment from Edea, which was to collect Sparkling Specter Stone, Welding Goggles, and Hard Back Horns. Kaiser returned with the ingredients, but Tonero then told him that a new Specter agent had appeared, which was much stronger than regular ones. He asked Kaiser to eliminate the Power Specters and bring back their Hard Back Horns. Kaiser returned and explained that the Power Specters resorted to brute force, and so they could be eliminated with some strategic skill. Tonero then told him about a report from Tiron about the Specters launching a small-scale attack. Kaiser intercepted their forces and successfully drove them back before returning to Edea. She told Kaiser that the enemy forces were at a disadvantage, which was an opportunity for them to route the remaining Specters back.

Infiltrating Tyrant's Castle

Kaiser was successful in rerouting the Specters and returned to Edea, who told him that Cartalion had arrived to replace Piston as commander while Piston was injured. Cartalion asked Kaiser to infiltrate the castle in order to thin out the enemy numbers for the exhausted Nova troops. He gave Kaiser a Specter disguise made by Eurenth and his own D-02 Transmitter and sent him to Tyrant’s Castle. Kaiser successfully infiltrated the castle and contacted Cartalion, who asked him to learn the abilities of the high-ranked Specters in the castle. Kaiser learned the battle tactics of the Warrior Specters and collected Specter Cubes from the Magician Specters. Tiron then contacted Kaiser about how to escape, explaining that there was a secret tunnel behind the center golden ornament in the Castle Foyer. After escaping, Kaiser met with Cartalion, who told him that Edea had perfected the unsealing ritual, and that it was his responsibility to protect her from Specters while she opened the castle doors. Kaiser successfully defended Edea, who blasted open the castle door. Kaiser then stormed the castle and fought his way past the guards.

Proof of Greatness

Having secured the perimeter, Edea told him that their final objective was to secure the rest of the castle. She also told him that, because of his accomplishments, he had been promoted to General, though Kaiser was reluctant about the appointment since he preferred to work on the field. Edea told him that he needed to undergo a trial called the Proof of Greatness and asked him to speak with Cartalion and Piston. For his first trial, Cartalion told him about the wisdom of generals, explaining that they needed to be able to make quick decisions in battle. He then gave Kaiser his second trial and asked him to speak with the townspeople about their troubles in order to understand what it meant to be defenseless. Kaiser helped Tiron get new magnifying glasses for his code deciphering by lending him money and helped Romero with the side-effects of his poisonous reagent by bringing him Specter’s Deadly Poison to mix another antidote. Having passed the second trial, Cartalion gave him the final trial of defeating the Warrior and Magician Specters and bringing proof of his deeds. Having passed all the trials, Cartalion officially approved Kaiser’s promotion to Knight Captain. Kaiser then went to seek Edea for her insight and the two discussed the merits of him fighting on the front lines. Edea told Kaiser that she would speak with Cartalion about supporting him in his role as General so that he could continue his solo missions.

Storming Tyrant's Castle

The Alliance soon pushed forward into Tyrant's Castle and defeated Victor, Treglow, and Velderoth. They then confronted Magnus in his throne room and forced him to retreat. During the battle, Magnus also lost Kaiserium, which was reclaimed by Kaiser. After Edea helped him remove Magnus’ curse on the blade, he was able to wield the legendary blade of Kaiser once again.

Black Heaven

As Angelic Buster was about to board the Lumiere, she ran into Kaiser. After exchanging greetings, he explained that he had gone back to Pantheon in order to see Tear before the mission, but found that she was out. He asked Angelic Buster if she had gone to see anyone, to which she explained that she had a close friend, though her friend wouldn’t recognize her in her current form. Kaiser asked how someone couldn’t recognize the same person even with different hair and clothes, claiming that it only happened in comics. Both she and Eskalade silently sighed at his cluelessness before she changed the subject and asked if he was disappointed that Tear wasn’t there. Kaiser told her that it was fine, as he had left something for her at their hideout. She asked if it was a sparkling rock, which got Kaiser’s attention, as only he and Tear knew about how he collected shiny rocks for her. He then noticed that Angelic Buster’s voice even sounded like Tear and concluded that she and Tear were secretly friends, believing that it explained why they had so much in common, much to her relief and annoyance.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Fenelle for Kaiser.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Kaiser is "Descendent of Dragons".


At Eurenth’s hut, Angelic Buster ran into Kaiser. He told her that he was just leaving, as he had been looking for Tear and believed that he had just missed her. Angelic Buster internally cursed herself for not having come sooner. Kaiser then asked what she was doing there. Angelic Buster lied and said that she was looking for Tear as well, since she hadn’t seen her in a while. Kaiser told her that Tear was hard to track down, and that he worried about her. Angelic Buster told him not to, as Tear was doing great. He pointed out that she had just said that she hadn’t met Tear in a while, which she brushed off by saying that even two days felt like an eternity for close friends. Kaiser decided to head out and asked her to say hello to Tear for him. As he began to leave, Angelic Buster felt bad and called after him, making up that Tear had asked her to tell him something in the hopes that it would get him to stay. Thinking of an excuse to keep talking, she told him that Tear had wanted to thank him for the sparkling rock at the Heliseum Hideout. Kaiser asked if she had said anything else, to which Angelic Buster said that Tear had been touched by the gesture. He asked if she seemed happy, and appeared even more sad after Angelic Buster said that she was. He told her that it used to be the case that Tear would start crying after he would give her gifts and said that he loved the way that she smiled when she was teary-eyed with joy. He then told Angelic Buster that she was right about him not having to worry, as it sounded like Tear was doing fine on her own, and that she didn’t need him anymore. As he turned to leave, Angelic Buster called after him again and told him to keep waiting, as Tear might come by again. Kaiser told her that he didn’t need to, as it was enough for him to know that Tear was okay.

Several days later, in the Great Temple of Pantheon, Kyle met with the Former Kaiser, who asked why Kyle was visiting him, rather than celebrating. Kyle told him that he was afraid that he lacked the conviction needed to be a hero to his people and asked if the Former Kaiser believed that he had what it took to be a great Kaiser. The Former Kaiser asked why he doubted himself, to which Kyle explained that though they had defeated the Black Mage, they had lost many lives in the process and he felt that if he had been stronger, he could have saved them. He worried that he wasn’t cut out to be a hero, especially with Grandis being threatened just like Maple World, and that he would be responsible for its destruction if he wasn’t strong enough like the Former Kaiser. The Former Kaiser said that Kyle had more respect for him than he deserved. He pointed out his own failure to save Heliseum when Darmoor's forces had attacked, as he had arrogantly believed that he could protect the Nova himself, and that the cost of his hubris was abandoning his people through sacrificing himself. However, he pointed out that Kyle’s actions in helping defeat the Black Mage had saved countless lives.

Kyle told him that many others had sacrificed their lives to help him do so, but the Former Kaiser said that that was the difference between them, as Kyle was able to rally the people to his cause and have them fight alongside him with dedication through their faith. Kyle argued that that was the precise reason why so many had lost their lives, but the Former Kaiser replied that Kyle had taught them to believe in themselves. He told Kyle that his responsibilities were more than just protecting innocent lives, and that, above all, he needed to protect their spirits and inspire them to fight any evil that threatened their world. He said that the Nova had remained strong thanks to the leadership of past Kaisers, and Kyle slowly began to understand his point. He recalled how Tear used to be scared and helpless until she grew stronger and capable of standing up for herself. Though he had initially been sad that Tear didn’t need him anymore, he realized that she needed to believe in herself in order to be happy. He then vowed to lead others and teach them what they were capable of.

Job Advancements

For the second, third, and fourth job advancements, simply reach level 30, 60, and 100, respectively, then accept Kaiser's quest to advance.



  • Kaiser is the third class who is not a human, the first being Mercedes, followed by Demon, and is preceded by Angelic Buster ,Zero, Cadena , Illium and Ark.
  • The former Kaiser's weapon is named Kaisereum. The naming is likely a portmanteau of Kaiser and Heliseum.
  • Kaiser's name translates to Emperor in German. It was also the unofficial title of the Holy Roman/German emperor outside Germany.
  • In JMS, CMS and GMS rather than having one set of swords for the Tempest Blades skill, they appear as the same as the player character's equipped weapon.
  • Kaiser (Kyle), has a slight crush on Tear, even though he acts as an older brother to her.
  • Kaiser is voiced by Jang Min-hyeok in KoreaMS (Korean). He shares voiced actors with Magnus.
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