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The Item Pot is a profession feature used for raising Imps to obtain random items. The item pot button can be found at the bottom of the inventory, where the conditions and levels of the imps can be seen. A character has to be at least Level 30 to use the Item Pot.

The most common items to raise are the Orange Imp and Gemstone Imp.

Other items can be placed in the item pot to further help the growth and development of your imps such as the Jukebox and Pounding Heart.

There are special event items that are easier and less time consuming to raise.


A Level 4 Sleeping Gemstone Imp. The Rice Ball item is in the left slot.

Imps are evolving pets with health, closeness, and hunger. They will reward the player with an exclusive item if raised properly, but will die if neglected. There are two typical varieties of imp - Orange Imps and Gemstone Imps. These imps are typically found through Herbalism and Mining respectively, or dropped by monsters. Other types of imps may be distributed as part of events, such as the Potted Mini Maple Tree. However, they are mostly raised the same way.

Raising Imps

To place an imp in an empty item pot, double-click it from the Use tab. There is a blue "Fullness" bar on the right side of the pot, and two horizontal bars at the bottom of the pot. The top one is the growth bar, and shows how much the imp has grown since it was placed in the item pot. The bottom bar is closeness, which does not have an effect on the imp's health. The higher the closeness with an imp, the better reward it gives when fully grown.

Level 5 Sleeping Gemstone Imp.

Imps must be fed in order to survive, and this is done by either giving them equipment or Etc. items that are similar to the level of the character raising the imp. Once the imp has a full fullness bar, it will go to sleep for approximately 20 hours. Once it wakes up it will have grown, but it will also be hungry. It is important to keep an imp's fullness above zero, otherwise its level will decrease. Once the imp is fully grown, it will give a reward depending on the type of imp and disappear from the item pot.

Types of Imp

Picture and Name Requirements Description
Use Orange Imp.png
Orange Imp
Level 30 Raise a cute Orange Imp in your item pot by double-clicking this item.

Grow your imp by feeding it gear that's similar to your level. It will reward you when it's fully grown!

Use Gemstone Imp.png
Gemstone Imp
Level 30 Raise a cute Gemstone Imp in your item pot by double-clicking this item.

Grow your imp by feeding it gear that's similar to your level. It will reward you when it's fully grown!

Imp Items

Imp Items are used to raise Imps in the Item Pots. Items are indicated to work on the left or right side of the imp.

Picture and Name Description Sold for
Pounding Heart Cropped.jpg
Pounding Heart
Put this item in your item pot to increase the creature on the right's/left's likability by 10.
JukeBox Cropped.jpg
Placing this in your item pot will put the creature on the right/left to sleep for three more days.
Triangle Rice Ball Left Cropped.jpg
Triangle Rice Ball
This rice ball will feed the creature on the right/left side of your item pot for the next 12 meals.
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