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Most equipment in MapleStory can be improved in several ways via: Scroll Enhancement, Star Force Enhancement, Potential, Bonus Stats, and Soul Weapon Enchantment.[1]

Scroll Enhancement

Equipment with Enhancement Slots available can be upgraded with Scrolls or Spell Traces to greatly increase the stats that piece of equipment has. Almost all scrolls and spell traces will use up an upgrade slot for each enhancement attempt. Also, higher level equipment tend to have more upgrade slots available to it.

In MapleStory Global, most equipment can gain up to two additional Scroll Enhancement Slots through the use of Golden Hammers.

In the Reboot server, this system is mostly disabled with the exception of some scrolls, such as Potential Scrolls, that do not consume Enhancement Slots.

A piece of equipment can be Star Force Enhanced when it has no more upgrade slots available. However, if the player uses a Pure Clean Slate scroll to recover a failed enhancement slot the player must consume the enhancement slot before they can continue Star Force Enhancing the equipment.

Golden Hammer

In addition to the regular enhancement slots available to equipment, the player can apply two Golden Hammers to most equipment. A Golden Hammer will add an additional enhancement slot to the player's weapon.


Scrolls can be found in a multitude of ways. The player can buy them from some NPCs, obtain them as a drop from monsters, earn them as rewards from quests, buy them from other players, or obtain more powerful, limited availability scrolls from events!

Most scrolls will only work on one type of equipment. For instance, the Scroll for Two-Handed Sword for ATT 50% will only work on a two-handed sword. It will not work on a one handed sword, or a two handed mace. In general, the lower the success rate of the scroll, the higher the stat gains it will yield, but this is not always the case. When using a scroll, it is removed from the player's inventory regardless of whether it was successful or not. Some scrolls will also destroy the player's item if they fail.

With the exception of some particularly powerful scrolls, this method of enhancement has been superceded by Spell Traces.

Chaos Scroll

Unlike regular scrolls and Spell Traces, Chaos Scrolls give random stat boosts to the player's equipment. But be careful, Chaos Scrolls can sometimes decrease the power of the player's equipment.

  • Chaos Scroll - If it succeeds, it will randomly change all of the stats on the player's weapon from -5 to +5
  • Incredible Chaos Scroll - A more powerful version of the chaos scroll, if successful it will randomly change all of the stats on the player's weapon from -6 to +6
  • Chaos Scroll of Goodness - A type of Chaos Scroll that guarantees to make the player's item more powerful. If successful, It will randomly change all of the stats on the player's item by 0 to +5
  • Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness - One of the most powerful scrolls in the game, if successful it will randomly change all of the stats on the player's item by 0 to +6

Chaos Scrolls cannot add or modify any stat does not already exist on a piece of equipment. The player must introduce a missing stat, usually Attack or Magic Attack, through scrolls or bonus stats before using the Chaos Scroll. By using chaos scrolls, it is possible to obtain equipment with very high Attack or Magic Attack that would otherwise not have it.

Spell Trace

Spell Tracing is an enhancement system introduced to MapleStory in the Rising Heroes: Elite update in June 2014 to replace the Useable-Item-Based Scroll System. Spell Traces are ETC items that can drop from monsters, be bought from a variety of NPC shops in Maple World, be traded with other player, and sometimes be given out as event rewards. Spell traces were introduced as a way to simplify the scrolling process. They are generic and the same spell traces can be used to scroll any piece of equipment. The stat gains that are available from scrolling will change depending on the characteristics of the item the player is trying to scroll with spell traces.

As of MapleStory Global v.229.9.0, Spell Traces can replace the function of most Useable Scroll Items. Spell Traces can Scroll Enhance an equipment, recover enhancement slots of an equipment, or remove various enhancements from an equipment.

When a player Scroll Enhances an equipment with Spell Traces, there are 3 possible enhancement choices (4 for weapons) with varying success rates and stat enhancements. Enhanced stat values and Spell Trace Cost depends on the equipment level and type. Generally, higher equipment level and lower success rates will cost more spell traces but provide higher stat boosts.

During certain Sundays, success rates for spell traces may be increased (known as Spell Trace Fever Time) or spell trace consumption may be decreased.

Guide to increasing item enhancement chance

  • Lucky Day Scroll - These scrolls are extremely rare in the game. When they are used on an item, they increase the chance of success of the player's next scroll, or spell trace attempt, by 10%. It can make quite a difference when scrolling the player's gear. Due to their rarity, they are not always available to use. Be on the lookout and take advantage of them when the player can!
  • Spell Trace Fever - A semi annual event in MapleStory, Spell Trace Fever will increase the success rate of all spell traces by a set amount. Spell traces usually have 100/70/30/15% success rate, but during spell trace fever the success rates are upped to 100/90/50/25%. Spell Trace Fever effect stacks with Lucky Day scrolls.
  • Shielding Ward - These scrolls, sold in the Cash Shop, protect the player's equipment from being destroyed if a scroll fails. Shielding wards are used up whether the scroll succeeded or failed and only apply to the next scroll used. Superior Shielding Wards are required for superior equipment, regular Shielding Wards will not protect superior equipment.
  • Protection Scroll - These have the same effect as Shielding Wards, however they are available through regular gameplay. Like regular Shielding Wards, protection scrolls will not protect superior equipment from being destroyed. The player cannot use Protection Scrolls on Equipment with more than 12 stars.
  • Guardian Scroll - These scrolls, sold in the Cash Shop, protect the player's scroll from being used up if it fails. Guardian Scrolls will be used up regardless of whether or not the next scroll succeeds, so they are generally reserved for the rarest of scrolls.
  • Pure Clean Slate Scrolls - Available in 1/3/5/10/20% success rates, Pure Clean Slate scrolls restore a failed upgrade slot to a piece of equipment if it succeeds. Crucial to fully scrolling a piece of equipment, Pure Clean Slate Scrolls are readily available through the Elite Boss system in the game, as well as other content such as Ursus.
  • Innocence/Perfect Innocence Scroll - These scrolls, available through in game events and sold in the Cash Shop, completely reset a piece of equipment to base stats. They restore all upgrade slots, remove all Vicious Hammers used, reset scrolled stats to 0, and remove all enhancements from a piece of gear. Usually these are used when the player decide it is time to upgrade the player's equipment without replacing it. Note that these will not reset Potentials or boss souls.
  • Shield Scrolls - These work like preemptive Pure Clean Slate Scrolls. If one is used on a piece of equipment, it keeps the upgrade count from falling if the next scroll or spell trace used is unsuccessful. They can make scrolling the player's equipment much less painful, but they are only available through the Cash Shop.
  • Return Scrolls - Only usable with Chaos scrolls, these are sold in the Cash Shop. If used on an item before using a chaos scroll, it will allow the player to decide whether the player want to keep the stats from the chaos scroll or not. These are the easiest and most effective way to guarantee maximum stat gains from chaos scrolls, however this method can be very expensive.

Star Force Enhancement

Main article: Star Force Enhancement

A piece of equipment can be enhanced with Star Force after all of its upgrade slots have been filled by paying a sum of mesos. Enhancing equipment further increases some stats on that equipment.

If the player uses Star Force and fail to add a star to a piece of equipment twice in a row then the player enter Chance Time. Chance Time guarantees that the player's next Star Force attempt on that item will work.

Superior Equipment are rare pieces of equipment that gain massive stats from enhancing, turning it into some of the most powerful gear in the game.

Unlike scrolling where the player can choose different scrolls or Spell Trace options, enhancing always adds a pre-set amount of stats to the player's item. The stats affected and the amount they are increased are based on both the type of equip the player is enhancing and how many times it has been enhanced already. Fully enhancing the player's weapon is one of the most efficient ways to gain more attack or magic attack. Each enhancement made to a piece of equipment will add a star above its name.

Bonus Stat

Main article: Bonus Stat

Bonus Stats, also referred to as Flames, are additional stat values that can be added to equipment. The actual values are determined by the characteristics of the item receiving the bonus stats.


Main article: Potential

Equipment are frequently dropped with hidden potential and those that do not can be given potential using a Potential Scroll, Epic Potential Scroll, Unique Potential Scroll, or Legendary Potential Scroll. Hidden potential can be revealed by paying a sum of mesos or at no cost for equipment up to level 120, based on the player's Insight level.

There are two sub-systems of potentials: the Main Potential and the Bonus Potential. Each kind of potential can have two or three separate lines of stat value. In most cases, an item must already have the main potential before it can receive the bonus potential. The sole exception is if an equipment was created via Equipment Fusion, where there is a chance for the new item to receive only the Bonus Potential.

Potentials are also divided into various tiers of increasing stat value. These tiers, in order of increasing value, are: Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legendary.

In the Reboot server, the Bonus Potential System has been disabled.

Soul Weapon

Main article: Soul Weapon

Soul Weapon is a weapon upgrade system that uses Souls to boost a weapon's stats. Players have to collect Soul Shards from Boss Monsters and combine them into Souls to upgrade their weapons.


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