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An item is an in-game object that can be purchased in MapleStory using Mesos, Maple Points or NX, earned from quests or dropped by monsters. There are five main groups of items, namely Equipment, Usable, ETC, Set-Up and Cash. By default in-game, the item window is opened with the I key.


Equipment is designed to augment a character's abilities or just to improve their looks. There are several different categories of equipment depending on where the items are to be worn. Players can change to a higher levelled equipment after meeting the minimum required stats, though some high-level equipment can still be considered bad due to their purpose of not being worn for (e.g a boss fight).

Most equipment in the game is class specific, but there are also a fair amount of equipment that can be worn by any class as long as the character meets the minimum level and statistics requirements.

Equipment Sets

Inaccessible / Event Equipment Sets

The following Equipment Sets can no longer be completed, due to the equipment being inaccessible (either due to events or the relevant content being removed).

Primary Weapons
Eqp Timeless Executioner.png Swords [1H] Eqp Vifennis.png Axes [1H] Eqp Battle Hammer.png Blunt Weapons [1H] Eqp Magicodar.png Wand [1H]
Eqp Dragon Staff.png Staff [1H] Eqp Raven Horn Baselard.png Dagger [1H] Eqp Plain.png Shining Rod [1H] Eqp Purple Haze.png Soul Shooter [1H]
Eqp Dragon Claymore.png Swords [2H] Eqp Tavar.png Axes [2H] Eqp Dragon Flame.png Blunt Weapons [2H] Eqp Pinaka.png Spear [2H]
Eqp Hellslayer.png Polearm [2H] Eqp Metus.png Bow [2H] Eqp Golden Raven.png Crossbow [2H] Eqp Songs of Nature.png Dual Bowguns [2H]
Eqp Red Craven.png Claw [2H] Eqp Celestial Cane.png Cane [1H] Eqp King Cent.png Knuckle [2H] Eqp Concerto.pngGun [2H]
Eqp Infernalizer.png Hand Cannon [2H] Eqp Dragon Energy Skull.png Whip Blade [1H] Eqp Jaihin Desperado.png Desperado [1H] Eqp Simple Iron Sword.png Katana [2H]
Eqp Iron Fan.png Fan [2H] Eqp Talon Scepter.png Scepter [1H] Eqp Utgard Psy-limiter.png Psy-limiter [1H] Eqp Briser Surtr.png Arm Cannon [2H]
Eqp Lapis Type 7.png Heavy Sword [1H] Eqp Lazuli Type 7.png Long Sword [1H] Eqp Fafnir Chain.png Chain [1H] Eqp Fafnir Lucent Gauntlet.png Lucent Gauntlet [1H]
Eqp Fafnir Ancient Bow.png Ancient Bow [2H] Eqp Fafnir Dragon Ritual Fan.png Ritual Fan [1H] Eqp Fafnir Mercy.png Bladecaster [1H]
Secondary Weapons
Eqp Silver Aquila Shield.png Shield
(Warrior / Magician / Shadower)
Eqp Virtues Medallion.png Medallion
Eqp Sacred Rosary.png Rosary
Eqp Berserk Chain.png Iron Chain
(Dark Knight)
Eqp White Gold Book (Epode).png Magic Book
(Explorer Magician)
Eqp Blasted Feather.png Arrow Fletching
Eqp True Shot.png Bow Thimble
Eqp Death Sender Charm.png Charm
(Night Lord)
Eqp Slashing Shadow.png Dagger Scabbard
Eqp Heavenly Katara.png Katara
(Dual Blade)
Eqp Wrist Armor.png Wrist Band
Eqp Falcon Eye.png Far Sight
Eqp Center Fire Bomb.png Powder Keg
Eqp Arcturus Fist.png Fist
Eqp Fist of Trust.png Martial Fist
Eqp Ereve Brilliance.png Jewel
(Cygnus Knights)
Eqp Soul Shield of Justice.png Soul Shield
Eqp Dragon Mass.png Mass
Eqp Dragon Master's Legacy.png Document
Eqp Infinite Magic Arrows.png Magic Arrow
Eqp Carte Finale.png Card
Eqp Karma Orb.png Orb
Eqp Golden Fox Marble.png Fox Marble
Eqp Masterwork Charges.png Charge
Eqp Maximizer Ball.png Magic Marble
(Battle Mage)
Eqp Wild Heron.png Arrowhead
(Wild Hunter)
Eqp Eternal Magnum.png Magnum
Eqp Force Shield of Extremes.png Demon Aegis
Eqp Octa Core Controller.png Core Controller
Eqp Nova Truth Essence.png Dragon Essence
Eqp Transmitter Type-A.png Warp Forge
Eqp Green Soul Ring.png Soul Ring
(Angelic Buster)
Eqp Fire Phoenix Blade.png Kodachi
Eqp Mother Nature Whisper.png Whistle
(Beast Tamer)
Eqp Queen Chess Piece.png Chess Piece
Eqp Glory Lucent Wings.png Lucent Wings
Eqp Ultimate Path.png Abyssal Path
Eqp Perfect Relic.png Relic
Eqp Moonstone Fan Tassel.png Fan Tassel
Eqp Noble Bladebinder.png Bladebinder
Eqp Royal Purple Mardi Gras Mask.png Face Accessory Eqp Kenta's Goggles.png Eye Accessory Eqp Dark Shards.png Earrings Eqp Dark Angelic Blessing.png Ring
Eqp Pendant of the Spirit.png Pendant Eqp Tenacious Exquisite Belt.png Belt Eqp Victoria Explorer.png Medal Eqp Tenacious Spiked Pauldron.png Shoulder
Eqp Pocket Watch.png Pocket Item Eqp Bounty Hunter Badge.png Badge Eqp Gold Maple Leaf Emblem.png Emblem
Eqp Otherworld Cygnus Totem.png Totem Eqp Deluxe Android (M).png Android Eqp Reverse Mask.png Dragon Equipment Eqp Pure Gold Machine Leg.png Mechanic Equipment
Eqp Roro the Familiar Manager.png Famiiars Eqp Red Ribbon.png Pet Equipment
Eqp Pickaxe.png Mining Tool Eqp Shovel.png Herbalism Tool


Usable Items
Recovery Items
Use Power Elixir.png Potion Use Unagi.png Food Use All Cure Potion.png Cure Use Pet Food.png Pet Food
Use Scroll 60%.png Equipment Scrolls Use Equip Enhancement Scroll.png Enhancement Scroll Use Potential Scroll.png Potential Scroll Use Return Scroll - Nearest Town.png Teleport Scroll
Use Red Snail Familiar.png Familiar Card
Use Arrow for Bow.png Arrow Use Ilbi Throwing-Stars.png Throwing Star Use Split Bullet.png Bullet
Use Blue Ribbon Pig Piece.png Transformation Item Use Summoning Sack.png Summoning Sack Use Mastery Book 20.png Mastery Book Etc trans.png Bag
Profession Items
Use Smithing Recipe.png Recipe Etc Superior Abrasive.png Abrasive
Equipment Enhancement
Use Pink Bean Soul.png Soul Use Rebirth Flame Lv. 150.png Rebirth Flame


Etc Items
Etc Blue Snail Shell.png Leftovers Etc Gwin's Diary.png Book Game Piece Stimulator
Etc Pie Flour.png Quest Items Etc Herb Bag.png Bag
Profession Items
Etc Superior Mold.png Crafting Material Etc Bronze Ore.png Ore Etc Marjoram Flower.png Herb Etc Superior Item Crystal.png Item Crystal
Etc Bronze Plate.png Refined Ore Etc Juniper Berry Flower Oil.png Refined Herb Etc Magic Powder (Brown).png Magic Powder


Set-up Items
Setup The Relaxer.png Chairs Setup Kid Ghamster.png Decorative Items Setup The Brave.png Titles Setup 12 slot chair bag.png Bag

Cash Shop Items

Cash Shop Items
Shop Permits NX Equipment Covers Coupons Special Scrolls
Use AP Reset.png Miscellaneous Items Pet Brown Kitty.png Pet
Equipment Enhancement
Use Red Cube.png Cube
Armor HatTopOverallBottomShoesGlovesShieldCape
Accessory Face AccessoryEye AccessoryEarringsRingPendantBeltMedalShoulderPocket ItemBadgeEmblem
Etc Mechanic EquipmentAndroidMechanical HeartDragon EquipmentPet EquipmentTotem

One-Handed SwordOne-Handed AxeOne-Handed Blunt WeaponDesperadoBladecasterWandStaffShining RodScepterPsy-limiterLucent GauntletDaggerCaneChainRitual FanWhip BladeSoul Shooter


Two-Handed SwordTwo-Handed AxeTwo-Handed Blunt WeaponSpearPolearmKatanaArm CannonFanBowCrossbowDual BowgunsAncient BowClawKnuckleGunHand Cannon


ShieldMagic ArrowSoul RingMagic BookCharmMassArrowheadJewelFistSoul ShieldCardMedallionArrow FletchingWrist BandDocumentKodachiCore ControllerDemon AegisOrbRosaryBow ThimbleFar SightMagic MarbleMartial FistFox MarbleKataraDragon EssenceIron ChainDagger ScabbardPowder KegWhistleChess PieceChargeWarp ForgeLucent WingsMagnumAbyssal PathRelicFan TasselBladebinder

PotionFoodCurePet FoodEquipment ScrollEquip Enhancement ScrollTeleport ScrollFamiliar Card / FamiliarsArrowThrowing StarBulletSummoning SackMastery BookBagRecipeSoul WeaponRebirth Flame
LeftoversQuest ItemBagCrafting MaterialOreHerbItem CrystalRefined OreRefined HerbMagic PowderAbrasive
ChairDecorative ItemTitleBag
Cash Item
Item/Special ScrollMiscellaneous ItemsPetCube
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