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An item is an in-game object that can be obtained in MapleStory through purchase with in-game currencies, earned from quests or monster drops. There are five main categories of items, namely Equipment, Usable, Etc, Set-Up and Cash. By default in-game, the item window is opened with the "I" key.


Main article: Equipment

Equipment are designed to augment a character's abilities or to change cosmetic looks. It has several different categories made to fit different parts of the character.


Usable Items
Recovery Items
Use Power Elixir.png Potion Use Unagi.png Food Use All Cure Potion.png Cure Use Pet Food.png Pet Food
Use Scroll 60%.png Equipment Scroll Use Equip Enhancement Scroll.png Enhancement Scroll Use Potential Scroll.png Potential Scroll Use Return Scroll - Nearest Town.png Teleport Scroll
Use Red Snail Familiar.png Familiar Card
Use Arrow for Bow.png Arrow Use Ilbi Throwing-Stars.png Throwing Star Use Split Bullet.png Bullet
Use Blue Ribbon Pig Piece.png Transformation Item Use Summoning Sack.png Summoning Sack Use Mastery Book 20.png Mastery Book Etc trans.png Bag
Profession Items
Use Smithing Recipe.png Recipe Etc Superior Abrasive.png Abrasive
Equipment Enhancement
Use Pink Bean Soul.png Soul Use Rebirth Flame Lv. 150.png Rebirth Flame


Etc Items
Etc Blue Snail Shell.png Leftovers Etc Gwin's Diary.png Book Game Piece Stimulator
Etc Pie Flour.png Quest Item Etc Herb Bag.png Bag
Profession Items
Etc Superior Mold.png Crafting Material Etc Bronze Ore.png Ore Etc Marjoram Flower.png Herb Etc Superior Item Crystal.png Item Crystal
Etc Bronze Plate.png Refined Ore Etc Juniper Berry Flower Oil.png Refined Herb Etc Magic Powder (Brown).png Magic Powder


Set-up Items
Setup The Relaxer.png Chair Setup Kid Ghamster.png Decorative Item Setup The Brave.png Title Setup 12 slot chair bag.png Bag

Cash Shop Items

Cash Shop Items
Shop Permit NX Equipment Cover Coupon Special Scroll
Use AP Reset.png Miscellaneous Items Pet Brown Kitty.png Pet
Equipment Enhancement
Use Red Cube.png Cube
Armor ArmorAccessory
Weapon WeaponSecondary Weapon
Recovery PotionFoodCurePet Food
Equipment ScrollRebirth FlameSoul Weapon
Equip Enhancement Scroll
Others ArrowBagBulletFamiliar CardMastery BookRecipe
Summoning SackTeleport ItemThrowing Star
BagLeftoversQuest Item
Profession AbrasiveCrafting MaterialItem CrystalMagic Powder
HerbOreRefined HerbRefined Ore
BagChairDecorative ItemTitle
Cash Item
Cash ItemCubePet