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Interdimensional Portal

The Interdimensional Portal of Maple World

When one Transcendent uses the power of another, it tears the very fabric of space and time.

― Fenelle

An Interdimensional Portal is a tear in the fabric of spacetime, created when a Transcendent steals and uses the powers of another.


There are at least two Interdimensional Portals known to exist throught the multiverse. The first exists in the Great Temple Interior of Pantheon on Grandis. The other exists at the Six Path Crossway of Victoria Island on Maple World. These portals were not created simultaneously, nor are they pairs. The portal on Grandis was just one of many created when Gerand Darmoor stole and used the powers of Chronica. On the other hand, the portal from Maple World did not manifest until after the Black Mage escaped his seal, as the powers he stole from Rhinne were also locked away with him for centuries. 

According to Kaiser, there are rumors that Darmoor may have used one of the Interdimensional Portals on Grandis to cross dimensions. It is unknown whether all the Interdimensional Portals on Grandis lead to Maple World, or where Darmoor traveled to, if he did at all. However, it is possible that at least another portal, aside from the one in the Great Temple of Pantheon, leads to Maple World, as Magnus was able to cross dimensions from Grandis to Maple World after being severely injured by the former Kaiser.

The portal in Pantheon had been closed for many years by the Nova, as they did not know where it led to and they feared that Darmoor may use it to invade the heart of Pantheon. After Magnus sieged Pantheon, the Heliseum Council decided to reopen the portal in order to seek a Transcendent of another world who could help them defeat Darmoor and Magnus. After opening the portal, Kaiser and the Angelic Buster traveled to Maple World, where they met with Empress Cygnus and joined the Alliance

Around the same time, the Black Mage finally broke free from his seal, and with him, the powers of time that he stole from Rhinne. This caused an Interdimensional Portal to form in Maple World, which led to Pantheon. The Alliance sent its forces to Grandis, intent on helping their Nova allies take back their capital city of Heliseum.

Soon after the portal in Maple World opened, the children of the Goddess, Alpha and Beta, escaped from Mirror World. However, instead of appearing in Maple World, they found themselves in Grandis. After the Black Mage's commanders confronted them, they learned that the two worlds were slowly merging into one. It is unknown what will happen to the portals if the world merge should be complete, although it could be speculated that the portals could act as wormholes that could lead to quicker movement across the hypothetically merged world.


Six Path Crossway

Interdimensional Portal
NPC Interdimensional Portal
Function Pantheon Portal
Location Six Path Crossway


Interdimensional Portal
NPC Interdimensional Portal
Function Move to Maple World
Location Great Temple Interior

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