Illium is a member of the Verdant Flora race and a descendant of those surviving Verdant Flora. He is a Magician-type class who uses a Lucent Gauntlet as a primary weapon and Lucent Wings as a secondary weapon.


Flora Civil War

Hundreds of years ago, the most powerful race on Grandis were the Flora - magic users with brilliant red wings and mastery over the mytocrystals they used to cast their magic. Through their wings, they channeled the flow of mana into the mytocrystals embedded on the back of their hands, allowing them to cast powerful spells. The Flora were a caste-based society, with the God-King on top, followed by the Gods, Priests, and the powerless commoners. The last God-King of the Flora was once a kind man, protected by the Knights of the Einherjar. Several years into his reign, however, he inexplicably underwent a dramatic change of personality. In his belligerence, he attempted to incite a war against the other races of Grandis. A faction of Flora opposed him and asked that the God-King strive for peace with the other races. However, when it was revealed that this faction had plans to share their power with the commoners, they were accused of treason. They had their wings and magic stripped, and then were exiled. They became known as the Verdant Flora, while the ruling faction became the High Flora.

Despite their defeat, the Verdant Flora learned to combine technology with their residual crystal magic and regained much of their old power. Most of this was the result of the Verdant Flora God, whose placement in the Flora caste system as a God demonstrated that his magical power was exceeded by only the God-King. Also known as the Ancient Master, he not only found a way to create mechanical blue wings for the Verdant Flora, but also created a powerful artifact called the Elder Crystal, in which he imprinted his personality and powers. Through unknown means, he was also able to create a pocket dimension in Maple World, which would later be known as the Sanctuary of the Ancient God, through which he could speak with one who had fused with him through the Elder Crystal.

Eventually, the Verdant Flora learned of the dark ambitions of Prince Gerand Darmoor to seize control of the capital with the help of some of the Knights of the Einherjar. The Verdant Flora rushed to the High Flora capital, only to find that the prince had murdered his father and framed the Verdant Flora, thus sparking the Flora Civil War. The bloody conflict lasted for hundreds of years, with great casualties on both sides. The final battle of the Flora Civil War caused massive death on such a scale that it finally broke the balance of life on Grandis, resulting in Darmoor’s awakening as the Transcendent of Life. With his new powers, Darmoor obliterated nearly every living being on the battlefield. He then approached the wounded God of the Verdant Flora, who managed to survive Darmoor’s attack, and sealed him inside the mytocrystal on the back of his hand. He then sacked the Verdant Flora capital of Aboris, effectively ending the war. Agate, the disciple of the Verdant Flora God, took the Elder Crystal and led the survivors into a pocket dimension called Sanctuary. There, the Verdant Flora lived in secrecy for many decades. Agate became the Headmistress of the Crystal Academy, where she would oversee the training of future generations of Verdant Flora, waiting for the one who would save their race to appear.

Main Story

The Boy with No Wings

Centuries later, a young boy named Illium was studying the history of the Flora with the help of his robot, Ex. Illium needed parts for his machines, but since the Verdant Flora were isolated in Sanctuary, his only hope was to use the Crystal Gate in order to enter the outside world, though attempting to leave the Sanctuary was punishable by imprisonment. Illium briefly considered using a flash bomb to sneak past the guards around the Crystal Gate, but decided against it. However, Ex interpreted his words as a command and launched a flash bomb on the guards. Illium used it as an opportunity to sneak past the blinded guards and made his way to the Crystal Gate. Just as the guards regained their sight, Illium entered the Crystal Gate and arrived in Savage Terminal. He was shocked to learn that the Verdant Flora were hiding in a scrapyard, but Ex pointed out that it was the ideal place to hide. Illium then went to attack some Hedgehogs in order to hunt for the parts he needed.

Meanwhile, Agate arrived in Savage Terminal and asked two of her fellow Verdant Flora, Darius and Curly, whether they had seen anything during their patrol. Curly reported that he had overheard a conversation earlier about someone sighting a High Flora in Savage Terminal. Agate grew concerned and asked if the rumor was true, but Curly believed that it was likely a Verdant Flora because their wings were reported to be mechanical, making the others realize that someone had illegally left the Sanctuary. Agate asked Darius to investigate and to ensure that their safety hadn’t been compromised. Just then, one of the Crystal Gate guards contacted Agate and reported that a child had just left Sanctuary. After a brief investigation, they confirmed that the missing child was Illium. Agate told the others that she would find Illium and ordered them to wait for her in Sanctuary. She soon found Illium and Ex being attacked by a group of Hoodlums. Ex was worried that Illium’s vitals were critically low, but just then, a flash of light emanated from Illium that defeated all the Hoodlums and knocked out the exhausted boy.

Agate took Illium and Ex back to the Sanctuary, where the boy woke up to Agate and the guards standing over him. Agate asked Illium how old he was, to which he responded that he was 153. She noted that his crystal was faint for his age, and that his wings lacked magical aura, meaning that the power he had exhibited earlier was much greater than he seemed capable of. Agate told him that leaving Sanctuary was forbidden and asked if he was prepared to accept the consequences. When Illium apologized to her, she asked if he even knew who she was. Ex answered for him and explained that she was the Seeker of the Verdant Flora and the Headmistress of the Crystal Academy, and accompanying her were Darius, the Guardian of the Verdant Flora, and Curly, the Engineer of the Verdant Flora. Agate was impressed by Illium’s engineering abilities and told him that because of his young age and his mechanical aptitude, she was willing to let him off with a warning. However, as punishment, he would begin courses at the Crystal Academy, much to the shock of both Illium and the guards. Later on, Ex told Illium that it was hardly a punishment, as many dreamed of attending the Academy. Illium asked what had happened before he had been knocked out and Ex explained that Illium had a magical overload, and that the resulting explosion had defeated the Hoodlums.

The Crystal Academy

The next day, Illium and Ex met Agate outside the Crystal Academy. She gave them a tour of the facility and told Illium that while he didn’t seem to possess control over his mytocrystal, he still possessed power, however unstable. She explained that she had brought him to the Academy so that he could learn how to control his powers in a safe environment. Illium then went to his first class, where he was surprised at how many students there were. Though he was afraid of social interaction, he decided to engage in class nonetheless. Professor Kalsat began his lecture about the different types of mytocrystals. The first crystal he showed was grossular, a green crystal used to treat wounds and recover health. Next, he showed a red crystal called pyrope, which had explosive power, but was difficult to extract mana from. Throughout the lecture, Illium tried to answer the professor’s questions, but spoke too quietly in order to avoid attracting attention. When Kalsat asked about a third crystal, Ex grew frustrated by Illium’s reticence and loudly answered that it was obsidian, which was difficult to find and held dark magical energy, which one should be cautious of. Kalsat was impressed by Ex and told the class that for the rest of the lesson, they needed to collect grossular shards from Green Grossular monsters. Having little magical power, Illium took much longer to collect the shards and became late to return to class.

For his next lesson, Illium went to magical combat training, led by Professor Andrada. The students took turns attacking a dummy, but when Illium’s turn came, he was only able to use a weak physical attack. Andrada instructed him to gather the mytocrystal energy inside his wings and transfer it to the crystal on his hand in order to launch a magical attack. When he realized that Illium had no wings, he encouraged the boy to find other ways to use magic, even if they were unorthodox. Illium then used one of his mechanical javelins to attack the dummy, causing it to explode. The other students were awestruck by his attack and wondered how he had done it. Andrada was impressed and then instructed the class to eliminate practice robots in the combat training room. Though Illium was unable to meet his quota for the number of robots to destroy, Andrada accepted it nevertheless. As Illium and Ex moved to their next class, Agate spoke to them telepathically and asked how classes were going, explaining that she could communicate with him through the lights, and told Illium not to be discouraged. Knowing that he was struggling, she offered private tutoring lessons after school in order for him to be able to catch up with the rest of his class.

After the lesson ended, two students, Dean and Sinaria, approached Illium and introduced themselves. Dean was curious about Ex and why Illium had no wings, as well as why the mytocrystal on his hand didn’t glow. Illium was overwhelmed by Dean’s rapid-fire questions, which Sinaria interpreted to mean that Illium didn’t want to talk to them. As they left, Illium called out that he was happy to meet them, but that he was nervous. A girl named Carnelian then introduced herself and explained that Dean was generally overenthusiastic. With that, she left for her next class and Illium left for his. His third class was on Gate Creation and taught by Professor Citrine. She explained that the mana that the Verdant Flora drew from mytocrystals was used for their spells, and that one application of it was the creation of Crystal Gates. She explained that Sanctuary existed within a Crystal Gate, and that it served as a virtual space created with magic, which was why the sky was perpetually dark and crystalline. Though the Crystal Gate was extremely useful in hiding themselves from the High Flora, construction of a gate was quite difficult. For their first class exercise, Citrine asked them to get into pairs of two. Illium was quite flustered at having to interact with others, but despite his best efforts, he was unable to find a group. Just then, a boy named Morian approached Illium and suggested that they team up since they were the only two without a group. After everyone found their groups, Citrine told them to collect Amethyst Shards for their gates. Illium and Morian struggled to gather enough shards and eventually returned late to class, where Citrine told them that she expected further improvement in the future. After class ended, Ex guided Illium to the Headmistress’ office so that he could begin his lessons with Agate.

Lessons with Agate

Agate teaching Illium

Outside the office, Illium overheard Darius asking Agate what she was thinking by rewarding Illium for behavior that could have endangered all the Verdant Flora. He warned her that Illium’s actions could have resulted in their discovery, or worse, the loss of the Elder Crystal, and suggested that they strengthen security around the Elder Crystal by stationing more guards to protect it. Agate assured him that the Elder Crystal was safe before greeting Illium. With that, she asked Darius to take his leave. After he left, she asked Illium if he had overheard everything, which he sheepishly confirmed. Ex then explained that some of the students had behaved unfavorably towards

Agate guiding Illium on use of crystal

Illium, but Agate reassured him that it would get better with time. She told him that he was special because he was the only one to have overcome his limitations so spectacularly, and she encouraged him to believe in himself and train hard. For their lessons, she had Illium attack larger practice dummies with his javelin. After successfully defeating them, Agate told him that he would grow more powerful with practice. Illium asked if it would be possible for him to become as strong as her, to which she promised him that with his talents, he had the ability to surpass her. Over the next few months, Illium continued to practice under Agate’s tutelage, fondly considering his lessons with her to be the best time he ever had at the Crystal Academy. With her help, Illium grew much stronger and honed his unique style of fighting in the absence of his wings.

One day, Illium left Agate’s office and decided to head to the library for his studies. Just then, he heard somebody shouting for help. He entered the training room and found Dean being attacked by haywire training robots. After Illium and Ex rescued him, Dean thanked them and apologized for his behavior in the past. Illium accepted his apology and even helped Dean recover his belongings from the other training robots. After Dean left, Ex told Illium that someone had tampered with the training robots and warned him that no one in the Crystal Academy was safe. Illium assured him that they would tell Agate during their lessons tomorrow. The next day, Illium was studying history in Professor Lutil’s class. Sinaria summarized their last lesson on the Flora Civil War, in which Prince Gerand Darmoor nearly wiped out the Verdant Flora and banished their God. In exile, their God helped the Verdant Flora recover their power by creating mechanical wings, which allowed them to draw mana and channel it through their mytocrystals. Professor Lutil told the class that the God of the Verdant Flora was the hero of their race, and that the annual Festival of the Gods was intended to honor him and bring hope to their people. She reminded them that the festival would be held at the end of the semester, and that the Crystal Academy would be responsible for organizing a grand display of light and magic.

Festival of the Gods

As the end of the semester approached, the students were tasked with creating sculptures. Ex helped Illium construct his sculpture by directing him to gather Pyrope Shards. As Illium and Morian finished gathering their shards, they heard someone crying. They discovered Carnelian, who told them that Dean had transformed her crystals into candy. Illium and Morian gave her some of the crystals they had gathered, which she was greatly appreciative of. After making up the difference, Illium and Morian returned to class, where Lutil reminded them to display their sculptures in the town square. Next, they went to their Crystal Gate class, where Citrine explained that those who hadn’t finished their homework would need to stay after class. She then told everyone that after the lesson, they would be able to create a small Crystal Gate to hide in. She instructed them to gather Obsidian Shards, which were held in the classroom since they were dangerous. After gathering their mytocrystals, the class succeeded in creating a small Crystal Gate that allowed everyone to enter.

After class was over, Morian was required to stay behind since he hadn’t finished his homework. Agate then contacted Illium and told him that their lesson would take place at the Sanctuary Entrance. At the entrance, Illium and Ex overheard some soldiers saying that there were rumors that Specters had managed to get through. However, their superiors had managed to stop the intruders and moved the Crystal Gate as a precaution. As Illium began to look around for Agate, the guards asked him to help them extract mana from nearby mytocrystals. Illium harvested Sanctuary mytocrystals and brought them back to the guards. Just then, Agate appeared and thanked the soldiers for their hard work. Illium asked her if they were in danger from the Specters, but Agate assured him that nothing would happen as long as they stayed vigilant. After their lesson, Illium began to head back to the school. Just then, Morian arrived and told him that he had just finished his private tutoring lesson with Professor Citrine. He asked Illium if he wanted to get food, but Illium told him that he wanted to start on his sculpture.

He and Ex went to the lab and got started on their sculpture using the Pyrope Shards they had gathered in class. Illium was determined to do his statue justice, as the festival felt much more meaningful to him as of late. He told Ex that when he was younger, he would visit the Festival of Gods every year and look at the mysterious lights. However, his time with Agate and the others had taught him to appreciate the lights as testaments to their efforts. After gathering more materials, he continued to work and soon created a mechanical statue. Just then, Darius appeared and scoffed at Illium’s efforts, calling him a low level engineer. He ordered Illium to throw away his project immediately, calling it an affront to the Gods of the Flora. Ex attempted to console Illium by telling him that the Verdant Flora had regained their magic by combining mytocrystals and technology, and so in all likelihood, the Gods of the Flora would have been pleased by Illium’s unique creation. Illium thanked Ex and decided to continue enhancing his project with rarer metals. After improving his statue further, he sensed a crystal glowing nearby. As he approached it, the light it gave off in response to Illium’s presence significantly increased. Against Ex’s recommendations, he touched the Elder Crystal, causing a strong magical reaction. Just then, Agate appeared and chastised Illium for using Academy crystals without permission. After she left, Illium wondered why she had been unnecessarily harsh. Unbeknownst to him, Darius had been watching in secret. Soon after, Illium finished the rest of his sculpture and was pleased by his final product.

At the Festival of Gods, everyone was unanimously impressed with Illium’s creation, which combined mytocrystals with technology flawlessly. After the festival was over, Illium was inspired to enhance his sculpture and transformed it into another robot named Machina.

Fall of Sanctuary

Agate defending Illium

Just then, Illium heard a disturbance and went outside to see what was going on. He was shocked to find that the tampered training robots were attacking the Crystal Academy. Outside, the Crystal Gate had opened to allow Specters to invade Sanctuary. Curly reassured the soldiers that if they defeated all the Specters, they wouldn’t be found out. However, Darius appeared and opened several more Crystal Gates. Curly asked how Darius could have betrayed his people, to which Darius explained that he would rather destroy everything than see the future tainted by the abominations created by engineers such as Curly. Agate and the other professors rushed to the school entrance, where Darius told Agate that it all could have been avoided if she had only handed over the Elder Crystal without a fight. The other professors tried to tell Agate that it was too late to save Sanctuary, but Agate refused to give up hope. She ordered the students to take shelter from the Specters, just as Illium rushed outside to see the situation. He told Agate that he could help, but she told him that he could do more good by protecting his friends. The students then rushed into the school and barricaded themselves inside, but Specters still managed to enter the halls. However, they watched in amazement as Illium single-handedly drove back the Specters with the help of Ex and Machina. They all wondered how Specters could have entered the school and briefly considered if the professors had been defeated. However, Illium refused to believe it, claiming that Agate was strong. Just then, a wounded Agate arrived and Ex noted that her magic was dangerously out of balance, likely from excessive energy expenditure. Against

Illium grief stricken by his teacher's death

Illium’s protests that she needed healing, Agate opened a Crystal Gate for the students to escape through. All the students disappeared through the gate except for Illium, who continued to stay behind. He asked Agate if she was coming with them, but just then, Darius appeared with the Specter army. Illium jumped in front of Agate, promising to protect her. However, Darius began charging up an attack that Ex noted would be fatal to them, and so Agate pushed Illium aside and blocked the attack. Darius was shocked that Agate still possessed such power in spite of her exhaustion and immediately retreated. Severely drained, Agate collapsed on the floor, and with last bit of strength she had left, she gave Illium the Elder Crystal, explaining that it was the relic of her master, the last God of the Verdant Flora, and that it was the last remaining key to unleashing his power. She told Illium that the door to the Sanctuary of the Ancient God awaited him in a different dimension and tasked him with finding it in order to awaken the Elder Crystal’s power. With her dying breath, she entrusted the fate of the Verdant Flora in Illium’s hands and reminded him that no matter what anyone else said, he was special.

Just then, a horde of Specters arrived and surrounded Illium. Ex detected an immensely powerful force radiating from the crystal and warned Illium that he was detecting a foreign consciousness within the relic. However, Illium grasped the Elder Crystal in both hands, allowing its power to flow through him. Illium’s appearance and personality then fused with that of the God of the Verdant Flora, turning his dark hair, which normally covered his eyes, short and snow white, and from his back grew radiant blue wings. With his new powers, he easily destroyed the Specters around him and promised his fallen teacher that he would master the powers of the Elder Crystal in order to protect the Verdant Flora and defeat Darmoor. He and Ex rushed outside the Academy and found Morian and Sinaria trapped beneath rubble. After rescuing them, the trio fought their way past Specters until they met Dean and Carnelian. Illium explained what had happened with Agate and the Elder Crystal and told them that they needed to survive and carry out Agate’s final wishes. They gathered the rest of the students and rushed to the main Crystal Gate. Morian noted that there was something off about the gate, but the students nevertheless jumped through it and arrived in Savage Terminal. However, the Crystal Gate then collapsed, cutting them off from Sanctuary. The students wondered whether they would ever be able to reach Sanctuary again, but Dean rallied together the students and vowed that they would return to Sanctuary together as the Verdant Flora Youth Expedition. Illium was pleased that everyone had agreed to follow him and told them that, together, they would find the Sanctuary of the Ancient God.

Seeking Asylum

As he was the only one who had been outside Sanctuary before, Illium led them around Savage Terminal. Just then, a group of Roving Hoodlums approached them and mistook them for High Flora, who had been recently sighted around Savage Terminal. The Hoodlums decided to rob the students, but Illium managed to defeat them all. He then demanded that they tell him everything they knew about the other dimension. The terrified Hoodlums told him that the Nova would know more about it and begged him to let them go. Illium then took his friends to Pantheon, where they marveled at the strange architecture. Just then, Beldar spotted them and, mistaking them for High Flora, ordered the knights to arrest the children. The students explained that they were Verdant Flora, but Cartalion retorted that the Verdant Flora had been wiped out by Darmoor during the Fall of Aboris. Beldar added that the Verdant Flora were said to have nursed a vicious hatred for the High Flora, which had caused Darmoor’s awakening as the Transcendent of Life and brought destruction upon them all. Illium and the students protested that those were merely rumors, and that the few survivors of the Verdant Flora had been in hiding for ages. Ex also added that unsubstantiated rumors were a foolish means by which to judge others. Irritated, Beldar told them that Heliseum didn’t need the Verdant Flora’s interference in order to survive. Morian pointed out that since they were all victims of Darmoor, they should be united against him. Cartalion then told Beldar to calm down and asked what they were all doing in Pantheon. Illium told him that they were looking for the other dimension, and that they would leave Pantheon as soon as they could, to which Cartalion ordered them to leave Pantheon before sundown.

Meanwhile, Kaiser overheard the entire exchange and let Kylan know. Kylan invited the students to the Great Temple and explained how Kaiser had mentioned that they were looking for information about the other dimension. He asked why they were looking for it, to which Illium responded that he was looking for an object that might be able to prevent Darmoor from causing further destruction. As their goals were united, Kylan told them that he would assist the students in going to the other dimension and asked them to bring him Gravi Stonegar Magic Stones. After giving him the materials, Kylan began to tell them about the other dimension when Beldar and Cartalion arrived. Cartalion reminded them that they had been ordered to leave Pantheon immediately, but Kaiser then stepped in and explained that the students had offered to help him with his mission. He told them that with the Magic Stones, the Interdimensional Portal had become much easier to activate. Beldar was still suspicious of the students, but Kylan told him that he believed them to be trustworthy. He then explained to Illium and the others that they would find the other dimension beyond the portal and cautioned them to take care. With that, the students entered the portal and emerged in the Six Path Crossway in Maple World.

Searching for the Sanctuary of the Ancient God

Upon arriving, they encountered Pilot Irvin, who asked them if they wanted to go to Gold Beach. Carnelian asked him if he could answer a few questions instead, but Irvin told them that he was busy and suggested that they ask Chief Stan in Henesys. The students went to see Chief Stan, who was amazed at their brilliant wings. They asked him if he had ever heard of the Sanctuary of the Ancient God, to which he explained that he had heard of the Temple of Rhinne, the Goddess of Time, in Leafre. However, he added that Rhinne was a goddess of Maple World and doubted that she was also the God of the Verdant Flora they were looking for, though he hoped that they would be able to find it one day.

Having reached a dead end, Illium suggested that they all split up to look for clues. They agreed to meet in Professor Citrine’s class, where the Crystal Gate that the students had all constructed together in class still remained, and so they decided to use the classroom as their hideout. After splitting up, Ex recommended that Illium first start his search in Gold Beach. However, even after thoroughly investigating Gold Beach, they were unable to find any trace of the Sanctuary of the Ancient God. Soon after, the students heard a rumor about the glaciers of Rien melting and decided to investigate. After helping save Riena Strait, Illium was happy to have helped, though he was disappointed that they hadn’t learned anything about the Sanctuary of the Ancient God.

Third Job Advancement

Soon after, Carnelian reached out to Illium and told him that she had made a new friend who had seen something similar to the Crystal Gate. They traveled to the Relic Excavation Camp in Perion, where Carnelian introduced them to Shuang, an archeologist working at the camp. Sinaria wondered whether the Crystal Gate could be found in such a dust pit, but Carnelian told her not to insult Shuang’s work. Illium told everyone to calm down and asked Shuang if she had seen anything like the Crystal Gate before. Shuang led them deeper into the excavation area where she had last seen the gate, but was surprised to find it missing. They decided to wait for a while to see if the gate would appear. After waiting for some time, Shuang asked them to help her with her work until the gate appeared. She explained that progress on the excavation had been slowed because of the monster attacks and asked Illium to defeat Wooden Boards and Rocky Masks. After helping Shuang, Illium and the others returned back to where they were waiting.

Soon enough, a Crystal Gate began to manifest before them. Dean stepped towards the gate, but it refused to open for him. However, it reacted to Illium and opened so that only he could enter. Illium then entered into a white void filled with fog, where a large crystal glowed with power. From the void, he heard a voice telling him that he stood on hallowed ground, and that, though he was weak and incomplete, the power of the Elder Crystal lay within him and with the Verdant Flora. With that, the power of the Ancient Master surged within Illium and pushed him outside the Sanctuary back into Maple World. As the other students rushed to see if he was okay, Illium explained that he had found the Sanctuary of the Ancient God. Sinaria excitedly asked him how they could get there, to which Illium told her that it was concealed, preventing him from reentering without searching for it again, much to Sinaria’s irritation. However, Carnelian pointed out that they had made progress. Illium thanked his friends for all their help in reaching the Sanctuary of the Ancient God, even if for a brief moment.

Joining the Alliance

Some time later, Neinheart contacted Illium and the other students and explained that he had heard about them from his sister Lilin, who had mentioned how they had been helping people around Maple World, such as helping her with Riena Strait, and asked if they would be interested in meeting him in Ereve. After Illium arrived in Ereve, Neinheart told him that the Empress wanted to meet with him. Cygnus greeted Illium and explained that she wanted to recruit him into the Maple Alliance. Illium was surprised by her request, as he was from another dimension and wondered what he could do for Maple World. He also felt that it was unwise to fight for a different world, rather than for the Verdant Flora. Cygnus responded that she had heard from Kaiser that the people of Grandis were fighting against Gerand Darmoor. Illium told her that Darmoor was responsible for massacring his people, and that he was the sworn enemy of the Verdant Flora. Cygnus asked if he knew that Magnus, the Nova traitor and a follower of Darmoor, had served as a Commander of the Black Mage. Illium was surprised to learn that Darmoor’s reach had extended even to Maple World. Cygnus told him that both Darmoor and the Black Mage were evil beings who threatened the peace of both Grandis and Maple World, and that they needed to be stopped. She added that, in exchange for their support, the Alliance would fight alongside them to liberate Grandis as well. Illium told her that he needed to discuss it with his friends first, and that he would give his answer to her soon.

Back at the hideout, Illium heard his friends’ opinions. Sinaria was against the arrangement, claiming that they didn’t have time to meddle with outsider affairs. However, Morian believed that the Alliance seemed powerful. Sinaria countered that they could become strong themselves and called him a coward for not believing in Illium. Illium told Sinaria that she was being harsh, and that, with the Alliance’s resources, they could find the Sanctuary of the Ancient God faster. Upon hearing this, Sinaria immediately changed her stance and agreed to join the Alliance. Illium and the others returned to Ereve and told Cygnus that they would join her. She was pleased by their decision and officially welcomed them into the Alliance.

Ambush in Ereve

Soon after, Sinaria reached out to Illium and told him that she had found out that the Crystal Gate had recently appeared in Ereve, urging him to rush there before the others so that he could catch it before it vanished. Illium arrived in Ereve and found Sinaria speaking in a low voice to a receiver, “…there’s no problem… trust me… for the future… Verdant Floras…” Just then, Sinaria spotted Illium and led him to where the Crystal Gate was rumored to be. Ex noted that there was unusual energy in the area, but Sinaria dismissed it as energy from the Crystal Gate. Illium arrived to find a horde of Specters that rushed to attack them. He defeated them and pressed forward, but Sinaria quickly rushed ahead and told him to follow. Just then, more Specters surrounded him and Illium realized that it was a Specter trap. Suddenly, both Ex and Machina were forcibly powered off. Without the support of his machines, Illium fought off the Specters alone and barely managed to defeat them. After they disappeared, Ex and Machina were both able to power on again. Sinaria then appeared and angrily asked Illium why he hadn’t followed her, explaining that the Crystal Gate had vanished. After he explained that the Specters had laid an ambush for him, Sinaria told him that the enemy had likely tried to lure them out by creating a fake Crystal Gate, which Illium found plausible.

Fourth Job Advancement

At the Sanctuary hideout, Illium and the other students discussed their findings on the location of the Sanctuary of the Ancient God. Carnelian reported that she had befriended several people at the Aquarium, and that they had told her about something glittering in the Deep Sea. There, they found a Crystal Gate that allowed only Illium to enter. Inside, Illium once again entered the Sanctuary of the Ancient God, where the voice of the Ancient Master told him that those who were bound by time’s shackles could not enter, and that only Illium, as the chosen one, had been permitted to enter the sanctuary. He explained that, though Illium’s time hadn’t yet come, the time of the crystals had arrived. He then transferred his full power into the Elder Crystal before sending Illium back to Maple World. Illium then told his friends about what had happened, and though most of them were impressed that Illium was the chosen one of the Verdant Flora, Sinaria was intrigued that the crystals were awakening.

Ambush in Leafre

Some time later, Sinaria contacted Illium and reported that a Crystal Gate had been sighted in Minar Forest, and so the students all split up to search the area. Illium, Sinaria, and Morian searched the Burning Forest with Deus and Ex, but they were unable to find any trace of it. Suddenly, a horde of Specters arrived and Sinaria rushed towards them. Illium warned that it was too dangerous, but he was shocked to see that the Specters obeyed her. Just then, Darius arrived and stood beside Sinaria. He greeted Illium and told him that once he took the Elder Crystal and presented it to Gerand Darmoor, the Verdant Flora and the High Flora would reunite and achieve glory and power comparable to that of the ancient Flora, allowing them to rule all of Grandis. As Illium moved to attack, Darius used his magic to freeze him in place, along with Morian, Deus, and Ex. Darius then revealed that he had allowed Illium and the other students to escape Sanctuary, as he needed the Elder Crystal’s power to mature while Illium trained in Maple World. Sinaria then told Illium that there was only one future, that which recognized the Flora as the superior race, and implored him to see that she and Darius were working for the future of the Flora. Darius added that he had underestimated Illium, as he could never have imagined that Illium was the heir to the Ancient Master’s power. He invited Illium to join them in creating a new future for the Verdant Flora, claiming that they would be unstoppable together.

However, Illium refused and told Darius that his vision of the future went against everything that Agate and the others had given their lives for. Realizing that he couldn’t convince Illium, Darius attempted to seize the Elder Crystal. However, Illium broke free of Darius’ spell and defeated the entire Specter army with his full power. Furious, Darius vowed that he would never give up and disappeared with Sinaria.

Some time later at the Aboris Royal Palace, a High Flora Priest reported to Gerand Darmoor that Darius had failed them, asking what could be done. Darmoor replied by saying, “The struggles of life can sometimes be difficult to see...” (In non-GMS translations, Darmoor states, "The meaningless struggle of immature life… What a pathetic existence," which is the phrase that is the most associated with him.)

Final Quest

Ex told Illium that something was happening to the Elder Crystal and suggested that they move back to the Sanctuary. There, a sudden flash of light emanated from the crystal and imbibed new power into Illium, marking him as the true owner of the Elder Crystal.

Meeting Adele

Adele received a letter from one of her contacts in Maple World that told her of a Verdant Flora boy who had been sighted in northern Perion. After chasing down rumor after rumor, she finally met Illium. Looking at his blue mechanical wings, she was reminded of something from her past, though she couldn’t say what it was. Illium was initially suspicious of Adele, but after gaining his trust, he invited Adele to Sanctuary in order to chat. Illium told her that the High Flora had sent someone to hunt him down, though it didn’t seem like Adele was in league with them, as he doubted that Darmoor would send someone with burned-out magical conduits like hers. However, he wondered why her wings had burned out and why she had sought him out. After Adele told him about her adventures and her lost memories, Illium told her that her time serving the old God-King had happened very long ago, and so his robot, Ex, explained that the God-King she had served was a wise man of excellent character, though he had turned into a tyrant some years into his reign and led a campaign of domination against the other races. Believing the Flora to be superior to all others, he had decided that it was their duty to ‘fix’ the other races. Adele thought to herself that the God-King she remembered would never do such a thing, but somehow, she also felt that Ex’s words seemed to be true.

Suddenly, she was consumed by a memory of the God-King giving a speech denouncing the other races as savages, claiming that it was their responsibility for showing them the way. She remembered the doubt that seeded the Knights of the Einherjar as he commanded them to lead his armies into battle. Ex told her that the High Flora claimed that the Verdant Flora had murdered the God-King, adding that it was far from the truth. Adele asked who had killed him, to which Ex said that it was unknown, though the Verdant Flora suspected that Darmoor was involved. Illium added that it was difficult to find out exactly what had truly happened, as none of the records agreed with each other. Illium suspected that the answer lay in Adele’s memory of when the Einherjar fell and asked her to tell him what the truth was, as it would clear the name of the Verdant Flora. Adele recalled that she had only remembered red wings, meaning that it had been an internal fight between the High Flora. Illium thanked her for clearing the matter and transported her back to Maple World. Before he did, however, he warned her that chaos was returning to Grandis. As she would need to pick a side soon, he hoped that they wouldn’t be enemies.

Heliseum Reclamation HQ

Kylan summoned Illium to Pantheon and told him that Beldar had requested aid from the Maple Alliance about reclaiming Heliseum. Illium mentioned that Beldar didn’t trust him, but Kylan told him that Beldar might see the Verdant Flora in a different light if Illium were to help the Nova. Illium went to see Beldar, who told him that he still didn’t trust Illium, though he trusted Kylan’s recommendation. He asked Illium to meet with Tiron, who would escort him to Edea and Piston. At the Transitional Dimensional Door, Tiron told Illium that the Specters had launched a surprise attack, and that Edea and Piston were cut off from the rest of the soldiers. Illium fought off the invaders and reached the commanders.

Some time after pushing to Downtown Heliseum, Morian contacted Illium and told him that Beldar wanted to speak to him. In Pantheon, Beldar told Illium how Edea had mentioned that he had been helpful in reclaiming Heliseum, for which Beldar wanted to offer his deepest gratitude and apologies for mistrusting Illium and the other Verdant Flora. He admitted that the Nova records of the Verdant Flora revealed a dark history, but that Illium’s actions had proven that their histories were biased. He welcomed the Verdant Flora to visit Pantheon whenever they wished and implored them to let him know if they ever needed the Nova’s help.

In the City Center, Illium also met Ark, who nervously shared his story, not knowing how Illium would react to meeting a High Flora. As Ark spoke, Illium occasionally asked questions politely. Ark also listened to Illium’s story about the Verdant Flora, and how Darmoor had recently discovered their home. Illium told Ark that it had been his master’s dying wish that the High Flora be stopped and hoped that they would meet again.

Black Heaven

On the day of the operation, Illium was about to board with Ex and Machina when Dean, Carnelian, and Morian caught up with him. Illium told them that he had hoped to sneak away without anyone noticing. Carnelian told Illium that she was paying too much attention not to notice and asked him to be careful. Dean asked if he was sure that the Verdant Flora ought to get involved in someone else’s war, but Illium told him that he couldn’t ignore the Alliance’s call for help, adding that they would need the Alliance’s help eventually too. Ex also chimed in that Illium’s magical skills would be further improved through the experience. Illium’s friends told him to come back safely and to bring back food. Illium laughed and told them to contact him if they learned any more about the Sanctuary of the Ancient God.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Agate for Illium.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Illium is "Mystic of a Different World".


At the Sanctuary, Illium finished recounting the battle against the Black Mage to the others. Carnelian was glad to know how Illium had played such a major role, as the Alliance would surely aid the Verdant Flora in return. Though Illium said that he hadn’t done it just to win their favor, he was glad to have made some allies, adding that he had grown fond of Maple World. The others agreed, having made many friends in Maple World themselves while searching for the Sanctuary of the Ancient God. However, Carnelian also pointed out that they couldn’t afford to grow complacent. Illium agreed, reminding them that Agate had entrusted him with the Elder Crystal, and with it, the future of the Verdant Flora. The others agreed that they needed to work together in order to make their dream come true. Illium recalled how they had felt when their home had been attacked by Darius and told them that they couldn’t let anyone threaten Maple World or Grandis, even Darmoor himself. Morian asked if they could really take down Darmoor and return to their ancestral home. Illium reassured him that he was certain that they could and declared that their next destination was mainland Grandis, where everything began.


Nexon has commissioned an artist to draw a webtoon called Grandis – The Ancient War, which serves as a prologue of Illium's story.



  • During the storyline, Illium is revealed to be 153 years old, meaning he is the equivalent of a teenager by Floran standards.
  • Illium is the ninth class who is not a human, succeeding Mercedes, the Demon, Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Xenon, Zero, Beast Tamer, and Cadena.
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