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Lion King's Castle

Ifia was the Queen of the Lion King's Castle, before she was murdered. Her murder was the reason why Von Leon, the Lion King sold his soul to the Black Mage (because he found the Crest of Ereve on her dead body). Now Ifia, as a ghost, weeps in sadness because Von Leon, who was so kind suddenly became cold and heartless. The once beautiful castle she lived in is now destroyed and ablaze. All Ifia wishes for now is Von Leon so he can once again return to his gentle personality.

Before the ancient Alliance invaded Lion King's Castle, Von Leon had made a rose garden for Ifia. When time passed by and Von Leon's kingdom was destroyed, the Key to the Rose Garden fell into the hands of a Grey Vulture. When an adventurer will eventually arrive is the time where Ifia begins attempting to restore Von Leon, by starting off with showing him the rose garden.

Rose Garden

Ifia asked the player to talk to Cecilia, the caretaker of the Rose Garden.


NPC Ifia
Function Queen
Quests involved
Location Roof of the Fifth Tower


Ifia 1
Ifia 2
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