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Hoyoung / Ho Young is an Anima Thief, and it is the first ever playable class from that branch which was released in KMS. They use a newly introduced weapon: Ritual Fans (different from the ones which are used by Kanna) as their main weapons.

As Taotie devours more spirits, his power grows and so does Hoyoung's.



Master and Hoyoung

Hoyoung, a dashing rogue from Grandis, is an Anima who learned the art of magic in the realm of the sages. In the foot of Mt. Songyu, he is a disciple of the Master. In the hermitage, he reading a book about Tai Yu who sealed away the Four Perils (Hundun, Qiongqi, Taowu and Taotie) when the Master went out for a while. In the book it said that, some say Tai Yu descended from the heavens, other say he was a monster, himself because he was crazy strong, and he could blow away a whole legion of monsters with just one swing of his fan, and he is a master shapeshifter and he could create clones of himself, and he had a heart of gold, and whenever someone asked who he was, he'd always give the same answer, "I am but a simple wanderer." But after he reading that book, the Master did not return. He came to the magic training grounds, dig up a piece of wood because of his drills. And he sits on a wood pile at the entrance and uses a knife to engrave symbols of heaven, earth, and humanity. In the meantime, he is attracted by someone calling him.

He arrives in the mountain vantage. Frightened by the Master, he is about to go back, but he continues to come to the rock with a talisman to find someone's voice. There someone asks to release himself from the seal in the rock, but he refuses. But when he heard someone say that if he removes the talisman on the rock, he will grant his wish. He tries to remove the talisman, but soon reattaches and leaves.

But the wind blows the talisman and a monster appears. He wakes up Taotie without his knowledge. Awakening Taotie, he is in a crisis, but he is tricky and again seals the Master's talisman. Taotie sealed with Hoyoung's body because of his lack of magic. But because of the small vessel of Hoyoung, all the monsters that Taotie swallowed have awakened.

Releasing the seal of the Taotie, a fearsome fiend who visited chaos upon Grandis in the distant past, Hoyoung departs from the tranquil valley he has called home, setting off on a journey into the world.[6]

Cheong-woon Valley

To find out more about the different monsters released from the seal of Taotie, he journeyed to Cheong-woon Valley to find the released monsters and goes to a local tavern listen to the information. Guests are talk that monsters appeared but private investigators catch them, and that village information shops are starting to hire them. He also hears of a small temple outside the village, a big old man who died, and a handsome monk who comes in after he died.

He decides to be a private investigator and goes to an Information Broker Bureau. He arrives to the information broker Kaling and tries to register himself as a private investigator, but she asks him to give him a certificate of his strength. He fans himself because he pretends to be hot, but Kaling finds out that Hoyoung's fan is a fan of a great man so she registers him as a private investigator.

He became a private investigator and he meets his senior Farasi and greets her. She says that she is Anima, and use the Shapeshift skill to hide its characteristic. He learns the Shapeshift skill. She stresses that she is a senior and handed him the donkey's work.

Farasi and Hoyoung

He is dissatisfied with the character of Farasi, but after several months, the two spent a long time together, becoming friendly with each other, and progressing together to eat soup frequently.

He is officially commissioned by a client. The client who is a trainee of the temple, asks him to search for trainees who is missing one or two things. After finding clues, he goes to a cliff to find the culprit. At the end of the cliff are magpie monster, lost temple objects, and trainees. The magpie monster hears the bell and becomes a spirit again. He trying to chase the spirit that came out after the magpie monster, but falling from the cliff. He calls out a Nimbus Cloud to get away from the crisis and recovers the spirit to Taotie.

Several days later, he runs all sorts of errands. Both the trainees and the Handsome Monk are back. The trainees give the villagers to dolls which are made by the Handsome Monk. Like this, it seems that the peace came to the village.

Farasi says she is tired of living on the ground, and she says she will solve of the Handsome Monk incident, quit the private investigator work and return to her hometown of the sea. He goes to Kaling and sends out a trap when he is asked to see a faceless monster in his village. The monster caught in the trap ran away with his bag, and there were dolls in the bag. Suspicious, he goes to the temple. He sees the trainee acting like a rat in front of the temple entrance, suspiciously looking for real trainees trapped inside the temple. The trainees were robbed of their faces and magic. When he reaches the Sanctum Entrance, he sneaks into the Sanctum to sneak out the fake trainees guarding the entrance. In the Sanctum, a feast was held. Farasi was kidnapped next to the Handsome Monk.

Suspicious of Handsome Monk, he fights him, but he is forced to flee and shouts "Ultimate Sage Skill: Thirty-Sixth Stategem!" (Fleeing is best)

Hoyoung and soup

Running away, he goes back to the village and eats soup but does not feel good. He then plans with the private investigators.

While he is going back to the Information Broker Bureau, Some Back Alley is noisy, and grunts are bothering a bamboo-hatted beggar.

Handsome Monk and Hoyoung (1)

He scolds grunts and lets the bamboo-hatted beggar drink water.

Handsome Monk and Hoyoung (2)

The identity of the bamboo-hatted beggar is the real Handsome Monk without a face. The Handsome Monk tells the past to him. The Handsome Monk says he carelessly his nail clippings out, and the rat monster had eaten it and took his face and strength, and it became so strong. Taotie says to Hoyoung that a flea monster that sucks on power stuck with a rat monster. He works with a real Handsome Monk and goes back to the Sanctum with a rat monster.

Hoyoung and Fake Handsome Monk (1)
Hoyoung and Fake Handsome Monk (2)

He fell into a crisis by the fake Handsome Monk, but it was actually a fake. He tricks him, then smashes his back to spit out his nails, returning him to the original rat monster. In the meantime, the real Handsome Monk who has regained its original appearance breaks the doll that sucks the power of those who the rat monster have distributed throughout the town of Cheong-woon Valley. After losing his strength, the rat monster loses to Hoyoung and becomes a small mouse and runs away. The spirit is absorbed by Taotie.

He thinks there are other monsters who have fled elsewhere besides Cheong-woon Valley. Kaling gives him information about Maple World.

  • Guide to Grandis

The world of Grandis exists as a cluster of individual worlds.

Many unique races populate these planetoids...

But the major races of Grandis are these:

The Flora, the Anima, and the Nova.

It is said that the Flora are the most populous race.

There are three Transcendents in this world.

Gerand Darmoor, the Transcendent of Life.

Chronica, the Transcendent of Time.

And Aeona, the Transcendent of Light.

It's said that Chronica dwells in a place known simply as the Chronica Sanctuary.

It's said that, when Chronica disagreed with Darmoor's will, Darmoor imprisoned them and stole their power.

Of Aeona's current status or whereabouts, little is known.

- Young Swordsman K

  • The Flora: Past and Present

In ages past, the High Flora and Verdant Flora were one.

However, disagreements that led to a civil war split this once-unified people into the two groups we known today.

History shows the two factions have often been at war.

And then...

When the vile cruelty of war had reached a fevered pitch...

Gerand Darmoor, the prince of the High Flora, awakened as the Transcendent of Light.

And with his overwhelming power, he laid waste to the Verdant Flora.

During this time, it's said that the Anima disappeared without a trace.

At present, only the Nova in Category:Pantheon are fighting back against Darmoor's forces.

- Curious Girl AB

He reads this and thinks that he remember reading a bit about Gerand Darmoor, who is trying to rule the world and snuff out anymore who does not share his brand of crazy, so he sounds like a huge tool.

There exists a portal that can spirit you away to another dimension entirely.

They say the taking of a Transcendent's power by another Transcendent is what caused it.

There are actually several such portals in Grandis.

The surest place to encounter one of these portals, if one is so inclined, is within Pantheon's Great Temple.

That stable portal is connected to a place called Maple World.

- Anonymous Young Man A

He read this and thinks that maybe another dimension entirely is where Master went.

  • Visiting Maple World

When I went through the door from Savage Terminal, I found myself in Pantheon.

There was a portal in the Great Temple there, just like I'd heard.

I didn't know what this 'Maple World' place was like, but I entered the portal nonetheless.

When I arrived there, I started travelling the land. It turned out, Maple World was a pretty interesting place.

There was also a rumor I heard going around that a Transcendent that was once sealed was about to awaken.

I didn't catch his name, but everyone calls him the Black Mage...

What? you don't believe me?

Al right, then let's have a duel. Whoever wins gets to be right. How does that sound?

- Brawler C

He starts to explore Maple World to bring peace back to them.[7] At this time, Kaling talks to herself something.

Fiend Seal





Availability of Hoyoung
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