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NPC Hiver

Hiver is a member of the Black Wings, who was behind the theft of many Seal Stones throughout Maple World. While Aran tries to retrieve the Seal Stones before the Black Wings, Hiver makes off with them before Aran can secure them. Hiver also recruits Evan to help him steal some of the Seal Stones, tricking him into assisting the Black Wings in their missions.

He reappears in Black Heaven. After the maple Alliance member cannot bring themselves to hit Baroq disguised as Cygnus, Hiver teleports behind the member and hits them with a wrench, knocking them unconscious. During the raid on the Lumiere, Hiver pilots the 'Black Heaven', but is quickly beaten by the now conscious alliance member. He exclaims "what kind of monster is that hero..." before his ship descends from the sky. Believing they have defeated the Black Heaven, the Alliance celebrates, but is cut short when the real Black Heaven reveals itself from the clouds.


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