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Havoc is Gerand Darmoor's Apostle of Lightning. He serves as the main antagonist of the Cernium storyline and the leader of the invasion of Cernium, the city of gods.



  • Havoc is named after the real-life havoc. It means widespread devastation, destruction, and mayhem.
  • The Cash Shop equipment Havoc Heavy Sword, Havoc Horn, Havoc Uniform, and Havoc Wings are based on Havoc's atire.
  • The leitmotif/theme BGM Apostles plays when Havoc, one of the Apostles of Gerand Darmoor, transforms into his true form. This BGM is also used when Kaling appears in Hoyoung's final quest at level 200. However, she never has any direct contact with Darmoor in Hoyoung's story.


  1. He shares voice actors with Will and Limbo.
  2. He shares voice actors with Cadena (Male), Dual Blade (Chaos Trailer), Mechanic (Chaos Trailer), Magnus (Nova Cadena Animated Trailer), Mr. Hazard, and Carlisle.
  3. He shares voice actor with Limbo.
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