Icon Name Type Description
Skill Spotting Small Change.png Spotting Small Change Passive Get bonus mesos when hunting monsters.
Skill Banner of Plenty I.png Banner of Plenty I Passive Every Monday, you'll get guild potions that fully restore your HP/MP and Guild Blessings that raise your Attack Power/Magic Attack.
Skill United Front.png United Front Passive Reduces the damage taken by guild members.
Skill Guild Expertise.png Guild Expertise Passive When a guild member eliminates normal monsters between Lv. 101 - 200, they earn more EXP.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 3+
Skill Guild on Fire I.png Guild on Fire I Passive Increases guild members' Attack Power and Magic Attack.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 5+
Skill Amidst the Stars.png Amidst the Stars Passive Increases guild member Star Force rating.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 5+
Skill On My Way.png On My Way Active Moves you to the guildmate of your choice in the same channel. Cannot be used on all maps.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 5+
Skill Merchandising.png Merchandising Passive Get discounts when purchasing items from stores and bonuses when selling items to stores. (Does not apply to items with resell prices of 70% or more of their purchase prices.)
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 10+
[Required Skill]: Spotting Small Change Lv. 3+
Skill Banner of Plenty II.png Banner of Plenty II Passive On Mondays, get even better Banner of Plenty benefits.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 10
[Required Skill]: Banner of Plenty I Lv. 4
Skill Team Players.png Team Players Passive Increases guild members' damage against normal monsters.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 10
Skill Enhancement Mastery.png Enhancement Mastery Passive Increases your success rate when you use regular scrolls or Spell Traces. Excludes the following scroll types:

Potential Scroll
Bonus Potential Scroll
Potential Stamp
Bonus Potential Stamp
Chaos Scroll
Pure Clean Slate Scroll
Innocence Scroll
Equip Enhancement Scroll
Star Force Enhancement Scroll
Lucky Item Scroll
Golden Hammer
Yggdrasil's Blessing
Some Pet Equip Enhancement Scrolls

[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 15+
Skill Guild on Fire II.png Guild on Fire II Passive Increases guild members' Attack Power and Magic Attack.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 15+
[Required Skill]: Guild on Fire I Lv. 3+
Skill Rise, Minions!.png Rise, Minions! Active Revives all party members. If they are part of your guild, restores full MP as well.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 15
Skill I Summon Thee.png I Summon Thee Active Summons the guildmate of your choice in the same channel. Cannot be used on all maps. The cooldown will activate even if your guildmate rejects your request, so give them a heads up first.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 15
[Required Skill]: On My Way Lv. 3
Skill Item Salvation.png Item Salvation Passive When you fail a scroll and your item is about to be destroyed, there's a chance your item won't be destroyed.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 20+
[Required Skill]: Enhancement Mastery Lv. 4+
Skill Banner of Plenty III.png Banner of Plenty III Passive On Mondays, get even better Banner of Plenty benefits.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 20
[Required Skill]: Banner of Plenty II Lv. 1
Skill Well-Rounded.png Well-Rounded Passive Boosts guild member stats.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 20
Skill Fearless.png Fearless Passive Decreases the death penalty duration.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 20+
Skill Upgrade Salvation.png Upgrade Salvation Passive When you fail a scroll or Spell Trace enhancement, there's a chance the upgrade count will not be consumed.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 25+
[Required Skill]: Item Salvation Lv. 4+
Skill Arcane Force.png Arcane Force Passive Boosts the Arcane Power of guild members. Must have completed A Greater Power quest to receive the effect.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 25
Skill Guild on Fire III.png Guild on Fire III Passive Increases guild members' Attack Power and Magic Attack.
[Requirement]: Guild Lv. 25+
[Required Skill]: Guild on Fire II Lv. 1+
Skill Sharenian Demon Mount.png Sharenian Demon Mount Active Allows you to ride a Sharenian Demon Mount. Double-tap the jump key to use the High Altitude Flight skill.
Skill Boss Slayers.png Boss Slayers Active Temporarily increases Boss Damage.
Skill Undeterred.png Undeterred Active Temporarily increases Defense Ignored.
Skill For the Guild!.png For the Guild! Active Temporarily increases Damage by a certain ratio.
Skill Hard Hitter.png Hard Hitter Active Temporarily increases Critical Damage at a certain ratio.
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Class Hoyoung.png Hoyoung Skill Land's Connection.png Lara


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