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Guard Captain Darknell is one of the Black Mage's minions, and he is the chief of the Elite Bosses (Black Knight, Mad Mage, Vicious Hunter, Rampant Cyborg, and Bad Brawler).


Formally known as Kellad, he was the captain of the royal guard of Sharenian. He became the teacher of Sharen IV. When Sharen III tried to kill Sharen IV, he stopped him and saved Kellad's life. Later, Sharen III was vindictive and tried to execute him for treason, but Sharen IV was able to keep him alive. In the end, he becomes the commander of the​ Sharenian Defense Unit, which is the knighthood of the knights (Hardin, Ain, Ryan, Quieg, Ed) who failed. After Sharen III summoned Ergoth Dunamis in response to a coup lead by his son, Sharen IV, Kellad and his squad were trapped in an alternate dimension created by Ergoth. Forced to relive the events of Sharenian's fall for centuries, he and his squad went insane. Eventually, his squad turned on him and he had no choice but to order Quieg to kill them. After the Black Mage freed him and gave him the power to resurrect his squad, he pledged to serve him and remain forever loyal. Eventually, he becomes Guard Captain Darknell, combined with Ergoth via the Rubian, a jewel infused with the Black Mage's Transcendent power.



  • Ergoth's leitmotif/theme BGM was Eregos, but in Awake update, his theme changed to SubterminalPoint, the same theme as Guard Captain Darknell.


  1. He shares a voice actor with Ed.
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