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Glona's Heart
Eqp Glona's Heart.png
REQ Level 180
REQ Job Any
STR +7
DEX +7
INT +7
LUK +7
Max HP +150
Max MP +150
Weapon Attack +5
Magic Attack +5
Defense +100
Number of Upgrades 1
Tradeability Normal Servers: Tradeable until equipped. Afterwards, can be traded with Platinum Scissors of Karma
Reboot Server: Untradeable
Rewarded from Fiona (Shadowknight Coin x 100 and 500,000,000 mesos)
Sold for 1 meso
Equipment Set Masteria's Legacy
  • Only one of this equipment may be equipped at a time.
  • This equipment can only be upgraded with Masteria Grandmaster Accessory Exclusive Enhancement Scroll, and cannot have additional slots applied with a Golden Hammer / Vicious Hammer.
  • This equipment requires Shadowknight Coins to use Star Force enhancements, at a rate of 5 per every enhancement level (0 -> 1 = 5 Coins, 1 => 2 = 10 Coins, 2 => 3 = 15 Coins, etc).
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