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Free Market entrance

An entrance to the Free Market, in Perion.

The Free Market is a central trading post where players can trade with other users. It used to allow players to set up personal stores, but this method has been removed and replaced with the Auction House. It is now host to various NPCs, including:

  1. Miss Richfield, who allows access to the Meso Market
  2. Eggrich, who allows access to the Auction House
  3. Fredrick, who used to allow players to claim their unsold items from a Vendor shop
  4. Scrooge, one of many NPCs that allows players to access their storage
  5. Collector, an NPC who purchases Intense Power Crystals dropped from bosses
  6. Ari, who allows players to trade Cash Shop equipment obtained from Surprise Style Boxes for stamps, which can be used to purchase new Cash Shop equipment from Shiro
  7. Shiro, who sells various Cash Shop equipment for stamps
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