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Skill Focused Time Focused Time

  • Class: Zero
  • Type: Active
  • Level Requirement: 200
  • Maximum Level: 1
Increases the Attack Power and Magic ATT of all nearby players using the power of the Transcendents.
1 Consumes 10 Time Force, increases Attack Power and Magic ATT by 4% for 40 minutes.
Cooldown: 2 hours

Skill Focused Time 인탠시브 타임

  • Class: Zero
  • Type: Active
  • Level Requirement: 200
  • Maximum Level: 1
초월자의 힘으로 주변 모든 유저의 공격력과 마력을 증가시킨다.
1 타임 포스 10 소비, 40분간 공격력, 마력 4% 증가
재사용 대기시간 2시간

Skill 0th Job Novice: Zero
ClassArtwork Zero
Skill 1st Job Alpha: Zero
Skill 1st Job Beta: Zero
V: Zero
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