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The Flora (KR:Hangul: 레프 romaja: Repeu lit. Lef) is one of the three major races of Grandis out of many races. It is also the race with the largest population. There are two sub-species of Flora; the High Flora (KR:Hangul: 하이레프 romaja: Hai repeu lit. High Lef) and the Verdant Flora (KR:Hangul: 우든레프 romaja: Woodeun repeu lit. Wooden Lef). The High Flora was capable of using magic, whereas the Verdant could not naturally use magic. This caused the High Flora to become power hungry, which led to plans to conquer all of Grandis. The Verdant Flora found out their plan and saw the King, but he was murdered by a prince of the High Flora, Gerand Darmoor. The assassination was framed on the Verdant Flora, sparking the Flora Civil War. Many Flora died, which led to Darmoor awakening Grandis' Transcendent of Life due to going insane at the loss of life around him.

In KoreaMS, Flora's original text is Lef. Their motifs are Elves (Elf) because they have a very long lifespan, sharp ears, and the race name itself is elf's anagram. The division between the High Flora and the Verdant Flora are also derived from dividing the Elves into High Elves (High Elf) and Wooden Elves (Wooden Elf) in some works. The nature-friendly aspect of the elf's image appears to be the Maple World's elf, and the image of high-tech ancient empire appears to be the Grandis' Flora.

The playable Flora classes are:

Characters and Skills
Job and Skills (Click on icon for skills)

Class Beginner.png Beginner Skill Link Manager.png Link Skills


Class Warrior.png Hero Class Warrior.png Paladin Class Warrior.png Dark Knight


Class Magician.png Magician (Fire, Poison) Class Magician.png Magician (Ice, Lightning) Class Magician.png Bishop


Class Bowman.png Bowmaster Class Bowman.png Marksman


Class Pathfinder.png Pathfinder


Class Thief.png Night Lord Class Thief.png Shadower


Class Dual Blade.png Dual Blade


Class Pirate.png Buccaneer Class Pirate.png Corsair


Class Cannoneer.png Cannoneer Class Jett.png Jett

Cygnus Knights

Class Warrior.png Dawn Warrior Class Magician.png Blaze Wizard Class Bowman.png Wind Archer Class Thief.png Night Walker Class Pirate.png Thunder Breaker


Class Mihile.png Mihile


Class Aran.png Aran Class Evan.png Evan Class Mercedes.png Mercedes Class Phantom.png Phantom Class Luminous.png Luminous Class Shade.png Shade


Class Blaster.png Blaster Class Battle Mage.png Battle Mage Class Wild Hunter.png Wild Hunter Class Mechanic.png Mechanic Class Xenon.png Xenon


Class Demon Slayer.png Demon Slayer Class Demon Avenger.png Demon Avenger


Class Kaiser.png Kaiser Class Angelic.png Angelic Buster Class Cadena.png Cadena Class Kain.png Kain


Class Illium.png Illium Class Ark.png Ark Class Adele.png Adele


Class Hayato.png Hayato Class Kanna.png Kanna


Class Hoyoung.png Hoyoung         Lara


Skill Pink Powerhouse.png Pink Bean Pet Mini Yeti.png Yeti

Beast Tamer

Class Beast Tamer.gif Chase

Child of God

Class Zero.png Zero


Class Kinesis.png Kinesis

Wu Shen

Class Mo Xuan.png Mo Xuan


Skill Macro Test.png Game Master Skill Banner of Plenty I.png Guild Skills Skill Monster Riding.png Miscellaneous Skills

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