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The Familiar System is a feature that allows you to obtain special cards from monsters, make them stronger, and gain special bonuses while summoning them. Roro the Familiar Manager, a sentient handheld device, is given to every character by a Mysterious Man and his aide, to research and track all of the cards you collect. Many of the monsters you hunt will have a chance of dropping a Familiar Card (also known as "familiars") when defeated, and consuming these cards will allow you to summon that monster to assist you in battle, while also providing 2 random potential bonuses. At first, you will only be able to summon one familiar at a time, but you will be able to unlock two additional summoning slots as you progress.

As you collect more and more familiars, you will start to fill up Familiar Badges, which work as special sets dedicated to each area. Each set can give special bonus stats that will apply to your character (up to a certain amount at a time). Completing 1 Familiar Badge will unlock the 2nd Familiar Slot, and completing 10 will unlock the 3rd Familiar Slot.

Some monsters and bosses have familiar cards that are only obtainable through Familiar Booster Pack in the Cash Shop.

Roro the Familiar Manager
Eqp Roro the Familiar Manager
REQ Level 0
REQ Job Any
Number of Upgrades None
Tradeability Untradeable
Sold for Cannot be sold
  • Only one of this equipment may be in a player's possession at a time.
  • Only one of this equipment may be equipped at a time.

Familiar Badges

The sets listed in red cannot be completed without a Familiar Booster Pack.

Picture and Name Monsters Effects
FamiliarBadge Starter Badge
Starter Badge
Use Snail Familiar Snail Familiar
Use Blue Snail Familiar Blue Snail Familiar
Use Shroom Familiar Shroom Familiar
Use Red Snail Familiar Red Snail Familiar
Max HP: +10
FamiliarBadge Snowflake Badge
Snowflake Badge
Use Muru Familiar Muru Familiar
Use Murupa Familiar Murupa Familiar
Use Murupia Familiar Murupia Familiar
Use Murumuru Familiar Murumuru Familiar
Use Murukun Familiar Murukun Familiar
Max HP: +10
FamiliarBadge Oppressor Badge
Oppressor Badge
Use Potted Sprout Familiar Potted Sprout Familiar
Use Potted Morning Glory Familiar Potted Morning Glory Familiar
Use Grape Juice Bottle Familiar Grape Juice Bottle Familiar
Max HP: +10
FamiliarBadge Shadow Badge
Shadow Badge
LUK: +2
FamiliarBadge Magical Badge
Magical Badge
INT: +2
FamiliarBadge Secret Badge
Secret Badge
Weapon Attack: +1
Defense: +10
FamiliarBadge Mesa Badge
Mesa Badge
STR: +2
FamiliarBadge Peaceful Badge
Peaceful Badge
DEX: +2
FamiliarBadge Beach Badge
Beach Badge
Speed: +1
Magic Attack: +1%
FamiliarBadge Rebel Badge
Rebel Badge
Critical Rate: +1%
FamiliarBadge Mineral Badge
Mineral Badge
Defense: +10
Ignored Enemy Defense: +3%
FamiliarBadge Sandy Badge
Sandy Badge
Damage: +1%
Defense: +10
FamiliarBadge Machine Badge
Machine Badge
INT: +2
Magic Attack: +1
FamiliarBadge Toy Badge
Toy Badge
Max HP: +20
Ignored Enemy Defense: +3%
FamiliarBadge Clockwork Badge
Clockwork Badge
Max HP: +1%
Defense: +10
FamiliarBadge Forest Badge
Forest Badge
Use Mossy Snail Familiar Mossy Snail Familiar
Use Tree Rod Familiar Tree Rod Familiar
Use Mossy Mushroom Familiar Mossy Mushroom Familiar
Use Stone Bug Familiar Stone Bug Familiar
Use Primitive Boar Familiar Primitive Boar Familiar
Use Super-Charged Poison Golem Familiar Super-Charged Poison Golem Familiar
Max HP: +10
Defense: +10
FamiliarBadge Wave Badge
Wave Badge
Magic Attack: +1%
Defense: +20
FamiliarBadge Wings Badge
Wings Badge
Speed: +1
All Stats: +1%
FamiliarBadge Snow Badge
Snow Badge
Weapon Attack: +1
DEX: +1
FamiliarBadge Depths Badge
Depths Badge
Attack: +1%
Magic Attack: +2
FamiliarBadge Cloud Badge
Cloud Badge
All Stats: +1
Ignored Enemy Defense: +3%
FamiliarBadge Hatching Badge
Hatching Badge
All Skill Levels: +1 (except 5th Job Skills)
FamiliarBadge Time Badge
Time Badge
3% chance to recover 23 HP when attacking
Ignored Enemy Defense: +3%
FamiliarBadge Shrine Badge
Shrine Badge
15% chance to recover 45 MP after defeating a monster
Damage: +1%
FamiliarBadge Shuriken Badge
Shuriken Badge
DEX: +1
Damage: +1%
FamiliarBadge Showa Badge
Showa Badge
All Stats: +1
Damage: +1%
FamiliarBadge City Badge
City Badge
Weapon Attack: +1
Magic Attack: +2
FamiliarBadge Mighty Badge
Mighty Badge
STR: +2
Weapon Attack: +2
FamiliarBadge Exorcism Badge
Exorcism Badge
All Stats: +1%
FamiliarBadge Tyrant Badge
Tyrant Badge
Use Hoblin Hector Familiar Hoblin Hector Familiar
Use Elite Hoblin Familiar Elite Hoblin Familiar
Use Elite Green Hoblin Familiar Elite Green Hoblin Familiar
Use Combat Hoblin Familiar Combat Hoblin Familiar
Use Ferocious Hoblin Familiar Ferocious Hoblin Familiar
Use Rex Familiar Rex Familiar
All Stats: +1%
FamiliarBadge Lion Badge
Lion Badge
Use Crocky the Gatekeeper Familiar Crocky the Gatekeeper Familiar
Use Reindeer Familiar Reindeer Familiar
Use Blood Reindeer Familiar Blood Reindeer Familiar
Use Bearwolf Familiar Bearwolf Familiar
Use Grey Vulture Familiar Grey Vulture Familiar
Use Castle Golem Familiar Castle Golem Familiar
Weapon Attack: +1%
Max HP: +1%
FamiliarBadge Future Badge
Future Badge
Weapon Attack: +1%
Magic Attack: +1%
FamiliarBadge Mariner Badge
Mariner Badge
Jump: +1
LUK: +2
FamiliarBadge Cursed Badge
Cursed Badge
Defense: +2%
Critical Rate: +1%
FamiliarBadge Commerci Badge
Commerci Badge
Defense: +2%
Critical Rate: +1%
FamiliarBadge Mushking Badge
Mushking Badge
Weapon Attack: +2
Magic Attack: +2
FamiliarBadge Darkness Badge
Darkness Badge
Use Lotus Familiar Lotus Familiar
Use Lotus (2) Familiar Lotus Familiar
Damage: +1%
FamiliarBadge Dragon Badge
Dragon Badge
Use Alang Familiar Alang Familiar
Use Bonsun Familiar Bonsun Familiar
Use Wukong Familiar Wukong Familiar
Use Sondal Familiar Sondal Familiar
Use Gold Dragon Familiar Gold Dragon Familiar
Use Red Tiger Familiar Red Tiger Familiar
Max HP: +10
Ignored Enemy Defense: +3%
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