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Evan (KR:에반) is one of the six Heroes. He is one of the two Heroes who is a Magician, the other being Luminous. Evan starts his journey on a farm as the son of a farmer. As the Dragon Master, he uses a dragon to fight alongside of his primary weapon, which is either a Wand or a Staff, while Documents or Shields are used as a secondary weapon.[2]


The Six Heroes

Centuries ago, there lived a powerful magician named Freud. Mighty even by the standards of Maple World, he delved into many different areas of magical research, but the highest among his interests was the study of the Onyx Dragons. His greatest desire was to find a way for humans and dragons to live together in peace. After many years of study and exploration, this desire would bring him before the greatest of Onyx Dragons, the Dragon King, Afrien .

The King of the Onyx Dragons, Afrien was the greatest of his kind. Despite their many differences, Afrien loved humans as he loved all life. When Freud appeared before him, he found a kindred spirit, a human who shared his philosophical love for all lifeforms. Not wishing to miss out on this opportunity, Magician and Dragon pledged to each other a Spirit Pact of mutual defense and understanding. They bound themselves together using many powerful rituals and spells, creating the first Spirit Pact, the forerunner of the many that would come later. Under the pact, their two spirits would become one and the resulting bond would be unbreakable, even lasting past death.

The benefits of the Spirit Pact were many and powerful. Magician and Dragon nurtured each other, each becoming stronger together than they ever could have alone. Together they ushered in an era of peace and justice, shining all the more brightly for the brief length of time that it lasted. It was shattered when a great evil entered Maple World - the Black Mage. When the Black Mage discovered the incredible power of the Onyx Dragons, he coveted it for himself. One night while Freud was away, the Black Mage granted himself an audience with the great Onyx Dragon King.

Unable to understand the source of the Onyx Dragon's great power, the Black Mage asked Afrien to join him and betray Freud and the humans he had in his care. He promised the King that by working together they could become more powerful than anyone could imagine. Afrien tried to explain that the source of the Onyx Dragon's power was the love and trust that came from the Spirit Pact. He was incapable of betraying his friend, nor would he have broken the pact even if he was capable of it. Infuriated, the Black Mage vowed that if the Onyx Dragon would not join him, he would be destroyed. He sieged Leafre, the home of the Onyx, and wiped out all the Onyx Dragons, except for a single egg that Afrien protected.

During the final battle, Freud and the other Heroes managed to seal the Black Mage, but at a great cost. The Black Mage cast a final curse at the Heroes, encasing them in ice. But unexpectedly, Afrien used the power of the Spirit Pact to take Freud's share of the curse. After the battle, Freud took Afrien to a remote island near Rien, where Afrien fell into a deep slumber as the cursed ice grew around him. Freud spent the remainder of his life trying to help the people of Maple World rebuild, and hid the last Onyx Dragon egg so that his successor could find it and create a new Spirit Pact.

Main Story

The Spirit Pact

Evan seeing Afrien in his dream.

Evan forming a bond on Mir and seeing his egg.

Centuries later, a young boy named Evan had a dream in which he met a large Onyx Dragon, who told him that he had been destined to become a Dragon Master. Upon awakening, Evan saw that the symbol on the dragon’s forehead had been imprinted on the back of his hand. After completing some chores around the farm, Evan was sent by his father to find a lost piglet. As he approached it, he accidentally fell down a large covered hole in the ground and found himself in a forest exactly like the one from his dream. Instead of finding a dragon, however, he found an egg. Taking the egg, Evan climbed out of the hole and took the piglet back to his father. He then obtained an incubator from his brother Utah and placed the egg inside it. Soon after, the egg hatched and a baby dragon emerged from it. The dragon introduced himself as Mir and explained that their souls were now bound together by the Spirit Pact. With Mir’s help, Evan learned that he was able to use magic, allowing him to quickly complete his other chores. After feeding Mir, Evan was sent by his father into town to deliver a letter to Chief Stan. Stan read the letter, which explained that there was a shortage of pig meat. Offering to help, Evan was sent by Stan to hunt Orange Mushroom caps. Mir then explained that helping people had to be the Dragon Master’s calling and urged Evan to find other people in trouble. Evan went to Rina’s house, who needed Blue Mushroom caps for a Blue Mushroom Porridge that she wanted to make for her sick friend Maya. However, she warned Evan not to go near the monsters, as they were much more dangerous than Orange Mushrooms. At Mir’s insistence, Evan went anyways and brought the caps for Rina to make the porridge. Soon after, Chief Stan contacted Evan and said that he needed help with something, but he first wanted to test Evan’s strength. He asked Evan to bring back a puppet from the Crying Blue Mushrooms. After proving himself, Stan asked Evan to investigate the Golem Temple, as the Golems had become increasingly restless. At the Golem Temple, Evan found a mysterious building with a puppet hanging from it. He reported his discovery to Stan, who mused that the town could handle weaker monsters like Pigs or Mushrooms, but Golems would be extremely dangerous.

Local Hero

Soon after, Stan contacted Evan and told him that Camila, Utah’s girlfriend, had been kidnapped by the Golems while she was out picking strawberries. Evan rushed to the temple and quickly defeated the Enraged Golem who had taken her. After bringing Camila back to town, Stan expressed his gratitude. Wondering about the cause of the Golems’ behavior, Stan asked Evan to speak with Camila about anything strange she might have noticed. Camila told him that she had seen Enraged Golems coming out of the same mysterious building that Evan had discovered. Stan then asked Evan to go into the building and eliminate the Enraged Golems to see if they had any clues. After doing so, Evan brought back a Golem puppet, confirming Stan’s suspicions. As a final favor, Stan asked Evan to warn the other towns of Victoria Island. He asked Evan to go see Bruce, an archeologist who was sent to study the Golems’ behavior, in order to have him explain the details to the other towns. Bruce told Evan that he couldn’t possibly go to every town on Victoria Island, and instead suggested that Evan ask Luke, a member of the Victoria Guard, as he could more easily spread the word. He suggested that it would be helpful if Evan brought evidence, and so Evan found a Golem puppet and took it to Luke. Though Luke was doubtful that a puppet could cause something so major, he nevertheless accepted Bruce’s word as a professional and agreed to warn the other towns. At Luke’s request, Evan traveled to Perion to warn Ayan, a resident of the town, of the monsters. Ayan then asked Evan to accept a position with the Victoria Guard and help around the town. After consulting with Mir, he accepted the position and was made into an honorary guard, as he was too young to be an official one. For his first mission, Evan was asked to find an Explorer who had gone missing in northern Perion. He found the missing Explorer, Christopher, who was severely dehydrated. Evan brought him Cold Stump Sap in order to help quench his thirst. He then reported back to Ayan, who asked him to update the warning signs around Perion to ensure they were up to date with correct information. After fixing the signs, Evan learned from Ayan that Smirking Ghost Stumps had been discovered, just as Evan had warned, and asked him to see if they had a puppet in them as well. Evan successfully returned with a puppet and, realizing the magnitude of the situation, Ayan decided to call in official Victoria Guard members to defend the town. Though Evan was no longer needed, she told him that because of his actions, he had grown more famous. She also told him that others around Victoria Island would benefit from his help as well.

Studying Onyx Dragons

As Evan continued his adventures, Mir went through a metamorphosis and grew larger as Evan became stronger. Realizing that he knew very little about dragons, Evan decided to research more about Mir’s species. They went to Henesys to find Jay, Chief Stan’s son, and asked him if he had any books on dragons. Jay told him that he did, and allowed Evan read it at the house, as he had been meaning to read it himself. Evan read that Mir’s species was part of a category called Special Dragons, but details about Special Dragons were in the next volume of the book. Jay suggested that they visit the Magic Library in Ellinia in order to find the next volume. There, Grendel the Really Old told them that the book had already been checked out. After a long search, Evan finally tracked down the owner and obtained the book. He then discovered that Mir was an Onyx Dragon, whose souls were completed after forming a Spirit Pact with a human who possessed a soul of the same frequency. However, he also discovered that Onyx Dragons were said to be extinct. Refusing to believe that he was the last of his kind, Mir insisted that they do more research. Evan asked Grendel about Onyx Dragons, who told them that his friend, Chief Tatamo of Leafre, was a Halflinger, a race of dragon experts, and promised to ask him more about Onyx Dragons.

Soon after, Grendel summoned Evan and Mir to the Magic Library. He told them that Chief Tatamo had gotten back to him and confirmed that he had information on Onyx Dragons. However, he said that Tatamo hardly talked about the Onyx Dragons, even to Grendel, as though there was something about the topic he felt guilty about. When Evan asked if there was any way to convince Tatamo to share what he knew, Grendel told him that Tatamo might help if Evan were to give him an Onyx Dragon scale. Evan asked Mir for a scale, but Mir refused and told him that it would create a bald spot on his hide. After Evan persuaded him with shrimp and fish from Gold Beach, Mir reluctantly allowed Evan to pluck a scale. Evan brought the scale to Grendel, who told them that he would let them what Tatamo said. Soon after, Grendel told them that Tatamo was very curious about how Evan managed to obtain an Onyx Dragon’s scale and wanted to meet him. Grendel offered to teleport them to Leafre, though he warned them not to roam outside the town, as the monsters in Leafre were far stronger than they could handle. At the Halflinger village, Tatamo was both amazed and relieved that an Onyx Dragon still lived, and a young one at that. When Evan asked how the Onyx Dragons became extinct, Tatamo merely told him that a dark force wiped them out centuries ago, though he claimed that he had no idea why. He offered to let Mir stay in Leafre, where he would be cared for by the Halflingers, but Evan and Mir both refused and told him that they belonged at each other’s side. Tatamo laughed and said that he understood, adding that Mir’s existence made him all the more determined to find another Onyx Dragon. After leaving Leafre, Mir told Evan that he felt sad thinking that he was the last of his species. However, he reassured him that he still had hope that other Onyx Dragons still existed.

The Puppet Thief

Soon after returning to Victoria Island, Evan and Mir were contacted by Sabitrama, a shaman from Sleepywood. Sabitrama had heard stories about Evan’s heroic actions around Victoria Island and requested his help. He explained that someone had stolen his bag of herbs, which he used to make medicine, and suspected that the perpetrator was a thief from Kerning City. Evan went to Kerning City to investigate, where he ran into Alex, Chief Stan’s runaway son. In exchange for information on Henesys since he ran away, Alex gave Evan a tip to seek out JM From tha Streetz, who knew everything in Kerning City. JM demanded a fee of Stirge Wings for information, after which he told Evan that it was unlikely that anyone from the city had taken the herbs, as potions were much more convenient in modern day. Because of this, JM suspected that the thief had taken the herbs in order to use them rather than to sell them. He told them to speak with Nella, whose keen sense of smell might help them find the herbs. Evan explained the situation to Nella, who was offended by Sabitrama’s belief that the thieves of Kerning City were criminals, explaining that the thieves of Kerning City merely adopted a particular aesthetic, and that they had no interest in taking other people’s livelihoods. She swore to Evan that the thief wasn’t from Kerning City and resolved to find them herself in order to restore Kerning City’s honor. Nella soon contacted Evan and told him that she had sent her men to gather information on the thief, and that one of them had found a clue in Sleepywood. However, he had been attacked by Wraiths on the way back to Kerning City and lost his report. Evan and Mir recovered the report in the Kerning City subways and brought it to Nella. She explained that the report was written in a secret code that only thieves used. After translating it, she learned that the thief had gone to a cave at the end of the forests of Ellinia. Inside the cave, they found a lone puppet, who explained that his master had been injured while fighting his enemies. Since the puppet had no money to buy potions, he stole the bag of herbs in order to heal his master. As his master’s wounds still hadn’t healed, he begged them to bring him some potions in order to help his master. After bringing him the potions, the puppet thanked them and returned the bag of herbs. Evan returned them to Sabitrama and told him how Nella had aided him in recovering the herbs. Sabitrama felt ashamed for his prejudice against Kerning City and asked Evan to apologize to Nella on his behalf. After Evan passed on Sabitrama’s message, Nella was pleased that Kerning City’s honor had been restored.

Joining the Secret Organization

Soon after, the puppet contacted Evan and told him that he needed bandages to treat his master’s wounds. Evan and Mir hunted Jr. Wraiths in the Kerning City subway and brought them to the puppet to use as bandages. The puppet was overjoyed and asked if they would be willing to join his master's secret organization. Though he didn’t know the name of the organization was, he assured Evan that its members performed good deeds throughout Maple World. Evan believed that, as a Dragon Master, he should join such an organization and accepted the puppet’s offer. The puppet told Evan that he would speak to his master and try to pull some strings in order to recommend him. Soon after, the puppet contacted Evan and told him that his master had agreed to let Evan join, provided that he pass the entry test, which was to eliminate Ligators in the Swamp Region, as they were disrupting his master’s construction of a new base. After passing the entry test, Evan was told that there was yet another condition to join, which was to collect Croco skins. After Evan brought him the skins, the puppet told Evan to expect to hear from him soon.

Sure enough, the puppet soon told Evan that he had been accepted as a temporary member of the organization, though he added that Evan might soon be promoted to an official member after some time. He told Evan to go to the sixteenth floor of Orbis Tower, where they would find the details of their first mission behind a secret brick. He told Evan that, upon becoming an official member, he would be able to meet directly with other members and choose which missions he wanted to accept. The puppet then transported them to Orbis Tower, where Evan found a badge for the secret organization, as well as instructions to hunt Rapid Growth Accelerants from the Muddy Swamp Monsters in Kerning City. Evan was also told to keep the instructions and the Accelerants behind the secret brick. After completing the mission, Mir wondered what the Accelerants would be used for, to which Evan suggested that they might be used to make crops grow faster.

The Second Mission

Evan and Mir were soon contacted by Hiver, who told them that he was the one who had given them their first mission. Evan asked if he was the owner of the puppet, but Hiver told them that its owner was Francis, whom he outranked. He also congratulated Evan and told him that the Rapid Growth Accelerant had been a big help to their organization, adding that even though Evan was not yet an official member, he had gone up in the ranks enough to be ready for his next mission. He told Evan to go to the Forest of the Dead in El Nath, where he was to defeat the Decaying Coolie Zombies and take their Decaying Zombie Molars, after which he was to take the molars and go to the Chief’s Residence basement, where he would give the molars to a goblin named Shammos and take what he gave in exchange. Though Evan and Mir had a bad feeling, they nevertheless completed their mission and gave the teeth to Shammos, who gave them a black key. Hiver then told Evan to put the key inside a small stump on the outskirts of town, explaining that another member of the organization would come pick it up. Mir was excited about having completed yet another mission and asked Evan if he felt as though they had done something good for the people of Maple World. Though he was confused about the purpose of the mission, Evan agreed that defeating the zombies must mean that they had done some good. Mir then wondered why the organization was so clandestine, as no one would know about their good deeds if the organization was secret. Evan supposed that it wouldn’t be humble of them to brag about their good deeds. Soon after, Mir experienced another metamorphosis and grew even larger as Evan’s magical mastery increased.

Dragon Riding

Grendel contacted Evan and asked how his research on Onyx Dragons was going. He had heard a rumor about someone on Victoria Island riding a dragon and wondered if Evan might be able to ride Mir. Mir told him that it was possible, but that Evan would need a saddle, as well as lessons on how to ride a dragon. Evan asked Grendel where the dragon rider could be found and learned that they were in Perion. There, they met the dragon rider FangBlade, who told them that he could teach Evan how to ride a dragon if he were to find a mount. FangBlade suggested that they try checking Ereve, as many of the people there rode birds. In Ereve, Neinheart demanded that Evan state his name, job, and purpose, as Ereve was a restricted area. Evan was confused, as he had seen many people entering and leaving Ereve. Neinheart explained that they were Cygnus Knights and ordered Evan to leave immediately. Evan persistently asked how Ereve made their mounts, but Neinheart once again asked Evan for his name, job, and purpose. Evan introduced himself as a Dragon Master, which intrigued Neinheart enough that he resolved to look into what a Dragon Master was. He then told Evan that they outsourced production of saddles to Kenta in the Aquarium. With that, Neinheart insisted that they leave at once. They then went to speak with Kenta, who was intrigued by Mir. After taking his measurements, Kenta asked for Freezer Leather, a Seruf Pearl, and a service fee. After providing the items, Kenta made a saddle for Mir. They returned to Perion, where FangBlade taught Evan how to ride Mir.

The Mysterious Island

Grendel contacted Evan and told him that a new book had arrived in the Magic Library, which held a clue on the Onyx Dragons. When Evan arrived, Grendel showed him the book and explained that it was a voyage log written by John from Lith Harbor, which detailed his encounter with a dragon that had black scales and four golden horns while he was marooned on an island covered in ice. Evan and Mir went to Lith Harbor in order to speak with John, who gave them a map to the island and told them to ask Teo to ferry them. Teo told them that the route to the island was especially perilous, and that he didn’t have the skill to take them. However, he mentioned that Olaf, an experienced sailor, would be able to help them and suggested that they buy him a drink in order to persuade him. Evan bought Olaf his favorite drink, a Tropical Fruit Punch, and Olaf agreed to take them, although he said that due to the harsh conditions on the voyage, he would need a stronger ship. He asked Evan to bring Wooden Boards and Slates from the monsters at the Excavation Site in Perion in order to fortify the ship, after which he told Evan that he would reach out once it was ready.

Soon after, Olaf let Evan know that he had finished fortifying the ship. Evan and Mir climbed aboard and, after a long voyage, they finally arrived on the island. Mir was amazed at how quiet the island was, as the only noise came from the gently crashing waves. Directly in front of them was a large cave, inside which they found a large magical ice wall that separated them from what appeared to be a large Onyx Dragon. As they didn’t want to accidentally hurt the dragon, Evan decided to leave the ice wall alone and resolved to return after thinking of another way to get inside.

The Third Mission

Evan was contacted by Hiver, who began explaining his third mission. Evan interrupted him and asked to learn more about the organization, as he knew nothing about it, despite being a member. Hiver told Evan to come to the Frog House in Ludibrium, where he introduced himself by name and explained that he was a top leader of the Black Wings. He explained that the Black Wings did many things to help Maple World, but their primary goal was to bring back the ‘great' Black Mage. Though he couldn’t elaborate too much, he told Evan that the Black Wings had been created to revive the Black Mage, and that his return would be the greatest thing that could happen to Maple World. With that, he gave Evan his third mission, which was to capture the ghosts of Secret Master Soul Teddies. While collecting them, Mir asked Evan if he had felt that something was off, as rumors stated that the Black Wings were the same organization hated by the people of Edelstein. Mir felt that he wasn’t sure whether they were on the right side or not. After returning to Hiver, Evan began to voice his concerns, but Hiver quickly dismissed him and said that he needed to focus on preparing the ghosts that Evan had collected.

Soon, Hiver contacted Evan and told him that his preparations were complete. He gave Evan and Mir a pouch containing the spirits they has captured and told them to use a special portal he had created, which would take them to the Sky Terrace. There, Evan was to climb up a ladder and release the Master Soul Teddy spirits in order to chase everyone away. Evan and Mir followed his instructions and released the spirits, causing the guard who was patrolling the area to run away in fear. Evan was confused about why he had been told to do this, and after returning back to Frog House, he attempted to question Hiver. However, Hiver interrupted him once again and promised to answer his questions after the mission was complete. He told Evan that, thanks to his actions, a member of the Black Wings had been able to break through the first layer of security at the Sky Terrace. He then asked Evan to go further inside and defeat a monster called the Door Block. Evan and Mir returned to the Sky Terrace and encountered the Door Block, who called them thieves and asked how dare they try to steal the Seal Stone of Ludibrium. After defeating the Door Block, they returned to Hiver, who thanked them for their work and told them to get some rest, promising to contact them with their next mission soon. He then disappeared without having answered any of Evan’s questions. Evan and Mir agreed that there was something strange about the Black Wings, as things weren’t adding up about the missions they had been completing.

Turtle Island

For their fourth mission, Hiver told them to obtain a map from Captain Hwang in Herb Town. He told them to ask the captain for a map of Turtle Island, as he would know what they meant. In Herb Town, Captain Hwang agreed to give them the map in exchange for defeating the pirates who had been harassing the people of Herb Town. After Evan and Mir eliminated the pirates, the captain gave them the map, but warned them that the journey to the island was perilous and recommended that they didn’t go. Evan then contacted Hiver to report their success. Hiver was impressed and teleported them to Frog House, where he told them that he had a fifth mission ready. With the map, Hiver modified the special portal that had taken them to the Sky Terrace and explained that they could use the portal to get to Turtle Island. He then gave Evan a Gruesome Bone that reeked of dark energy and told him to place it on an altar inside the cave they would find, after which they were to leave immediately, no matter what else they found. He explained that an evil being had placed a spell on the island that prevented the Black Wings from entering, which was why he needed Evan’s help.

Evan reluctantly agreed and took the portal to Turtle Island. Upon arriving, he and Mir immediately realized that Turtle Island was the same island they had sailed to with Olaf. They entered the cave and placed the bone upon the altar, causing its dark energies to melt the ice wall between them and the Onyx Dragon. Hiver was pleased and told them to head outside, where a boat was waiting for them. Evan attempted to tell Hiver about the Onyx Dragon, but Hiver told him to ignore it and escape before the dragon awoke. As they left the cave, Mir became increasingly frantic and told Evan that something was terribly wrong about the whole situation. Evan agreed with Mir and they decided to return to the cave, where they found Hiver and several Black Wings henchmen attempting to kill the dragon. Evan and Mir quickly defeated the henchmen and knocked back Hiver, who was impressed by their strength. He decided to retreat, but warned that they would likely be enemies once their paths crossed again.

The sleeping dragon then awoke and telepathically spoke to Evan, introducing himself as Afrien, the King of Onyx Dragons. Evan asked him why the Onyx Dragons had gone extinct and why Afrien was trapped inside the ice cave. Afrien told Evan the story of how he and Freud had formed the Spirit Pact, and how the Black Mage destroyed the Onyx Dragons. To elaborate, he showed Evan a memory of himself speaking with Freud shortly before they stormed the Temple of Time. Evan witnessed how Afrien had asked Freud to take care of his egg if he were to fall in battle, and how, in turn, Freud had Afrien promise that he would do everything in his power to survive, as well as promising not to sacrifice himself on Freud’s behalf. Evan then realized that Mir was Afrien’s child, though Afrien asked Evan not to tell Mir, explaining that he was as good as dead, and that the knowledge would only bring Mir pain. He told Evan that when the Black Mage cast his curse on the Heroes, he had taken the curse in Freud’s place. He explained that the ice around his body had nearly melted, but that his body had become one with the island. Because of this, the animals who lived there would die if he were to move. Freud had cast a spell on the island to prevent anyone affiliated with the Black Mage from entering, and made it so that only a Dragon Master could awaken Afrien. Evan asked how Hiver knew all this, to which Afrien said that it wasn’t important. He then added that the important thing was that Hiver had used Evan. He explained that since Hiver couldn’t enter the island himself, he had manipulated Evan into breaking the spell and awakening Afrien. He then told Evan that his only wish was that Evan and Mir stop the Black Wings. As Mir hadn’t seen Afrien’s memories, he asked Evan to tell him what he had learned. Evan kept his promise not to tell Mir about his ancestry and instead explained that the Black Mage, far from being the force of good that Hiver had promised, was the one responsible for wiping out the Onyx Dragons.

Realizing that they had been manipulated, Evan and Mir decided to visit each of the places they had completed missions in in order to see what consequences their actions had wrought. In Orbis, they learned from Lisa that the Rapid Growth Accelerant had caused much harm due to the Giant Nependeaths it created, and that only the actions of a passing traveler had resolved the situation.

Next, they went to the Chief’s Residence in El Nath, where they spoke with the Magician Instructor Robeira. Evan asked if they had done good work by hunting the zombies, to which she responded that they had indeed. She told them that if it hadn’t been for the zombies, El Nath could have developed further such that they would have the resources to find a way to get rid of them. However, she warned them to take care of any zombie teeth they recovered, as the teeth contained a dark corruptive energy. She told them that the corruption had taken hold of Shammos, who continued to perform misdeeds in spite of wanting to atone for his wrongdoings. When Evan asked what Shammos had done wrong, Robeira explained that Shammos had been caught with a copy of the key to the basement of the Chief’s Residence. Although she had taken it away, she believed that he had likely made more copies and explained that there was an old treasure stored in the basement, which needed to be protected at all costs.

In Ludibrium, they spoke with a guard named Marcel, who told them that the Door Block had guarded an important treasure. Although no one knew what the treasure was, its theft was a major incident in Ludibrium. After realizing just how badly their actions had inflicted misfortune on the people of Maple World, Evan and Mir were furious and decided to confront Hiver at Frog House in order to get revenge. There, Hiver told them that while they had been useful for a time, they had become nothing more than hindrances. Evan and Mir unleashed their full power, which overwhelmed Hiver enough that he retreated. Knowing that he had probably returned to the Black Wings base in Edelstein, Evan and Mir decided to follow him there.

Birth of an Alliance

Evan and Mir arrived in Edelstein in order to get revenge on Hiver. Mir suggested storming the Verne Mine and attacking all the Black Wings, but Evan told him that he didn’t want to attack random people just because they worked for the Black Wings, reminding Mir that they themselves used to be part of the Black Wings until recently. They decided to go undercover in order to learn Hiver’s location and asked Bavan where Hiver was, making up a story that they owed him money. Bavan agreed to contact him in exchange for Nependeath’s Honey from Orbis. After bringing him the honey, Bavan told Evan that he had arranged for him to meet Hiver in the Verne Mine. Inside the mine, however, Black Wings henchmen ambushed them and Evan realized that Bavan and Hiver had set up a trap. After defeating the henchmen, a strange woman arrived and had a stand-off with Evan, though she quickly realized that he was a civilian and disappeared. Evan and Mir also realized that she was likely an enemy of the Black Wings and left to go confront Bavan. In town, however, they recognized Claudine the doctor as the same woman from the mine. After confronting her, she told them to meet her in Edelstein Park if they wanted to question her. There, they both realized that they were on the same side, and so Evan asked if he and Mir could team up with her. However, Claudine told them that she couldn’t trust them yet, as they might be a spy or too weak. To prove themselves, she told them to take the secret route to Gelimer’s laboratory and bring back Black Wings emblems from his henchmen. After bringing them back, Claudine told them that, even though they could have gotten them from their commanders, she felt as though she could trust them, not only because of their actions, but also because of the intelligence that the Resistance had stolen from the Black Wings which detailed their dealings with the Onyx Dragons. She told them about the upcoming Continental Conference and asked if they wanted to accompany her, to which Evan and Mir happily agreed.  

After receiving unanimous confirmations, the First Continental Conference took place and the Maple Alliance was officially created.

Final Quest

Mir soon felt Evan’s soul growing stronger and resonating with him. Through the power of the Spirit Pact, they gained a new power that signified that they had become the true successors of Freud and Afrien.

Mirror World

While searching for the Goddess Teardrops, Alpha and Beta encountered Evan in Mirror World Henesys. Evan helped lead them to Larelle, the Goddess Teardrop.

Black Heaven

The day before the operation, Evan visited his family’s farm in Henesys, feeling bad that he would constantly show up and disappear, unable to even say goodbye to his parents most of the time. He met his family and decided to explain the truth about his constant absences, telling them that he had become a hero, and that he was going to war. However, his parents didn’t take him seriously and simply laughed it off as Evan being melodramatic about doing his farm chores. Before he left, his mother gave him some steamed potatoes to share with his friends. As he headed out, Utah caught up with him and told Evan how proud he was of him. He then gave Evan a limited edition copy of Angelic Buster’s first album and asked him to get it autographed. The morning of the operation, Evan found Mercedes and offered her steamed potatoes that his mother had made, much to her annoyance.

Heroes of Maple

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The details below contain SPOILERS, you may want to view this after completing the storyline in-game.

Evan and Mir visited Slumbering Dragon Island and learned that the demon army was using it as its staging ground.

Evan activates the Abraxas

Together with Aran and Shade, they found Afrien and learned that Freud had predicted a great threat to Maple World, though he had left instructions for Evan to avert it.

Evan rallied together the other Heroes and together, they entered the Sanctum of Abraxas and found an airship called the Eye of Abraxas, which Freud had left behind for his successor. After learning that they needed to find a powerful object called the Transcendence Stone, the Heroes crossed dimensions to Earth and attempted to recover it, although Damien found it first.

With the Transcendence Stone, Damien gained the power of the Transcendent of Life from Alicia. Evan and the other Heroes fought and defeated Damien atop the World Tree, after which they used the stone to scatter Alicia's life force to save Maple World.

Black Mage: Origin

Some time after the World Tree incident, Evan was helping his family harvest potatoes. When his attempt to use magic to harvest the potatoes resulted in them being set aflame, Evan realized that he needed to practice his magic in order to become strong enough to face the Black Mage. Luminous agreed to tutor Evan and began teaching him the complex theory behind magic. Evan, unable to keep up, began wishing that he had been born with natural talent. However, Luminous warned him that overwhelming talent could corrupt a person. To demonstrate this, he took Evan to the ruins of the Aurora Great Temple in the Forest of Peace and told him the origin of the Black Mage and how he fell to darkness. Evan asked Luminous what the point of even trying was if such a powerful mage could fall to ruin. Luminous reassured him that if humans could turn from brilliance to shadow, then even a regular child could attain greatness, pointing out how Evan had ascended from a simple farmhand to the Dragon Master. His faith renewed, Evan eagerly agreed to continue studying under Luminous in order to become stronger.

Labyrinth of Suffering

A scene in the final act of Labyrinth of Suffering involves the Adversary (your character) falling into despair in a void of darkness within their mind. The Adversary, whose morale and strength are almost completely diminished, talks to a voice that provides the motivation for them to continue. The voice, whose identity depends on the Adversary's job, manifests as Freud for Evan.


In the final act of Limina, the Adversary (your character) dies after defeating the Black Mage. The Adversary wakes up in the Erda Flow, serving as the afterlife, where the White Mage thanks you for putting an end to the battle. After the conversation, he gives you a unique title based on your class; the title he gives to Evan is "Heir of the Great Mage".



  • Evan is known to be gullible, having accidentally assisted the Black Wings several times, thinking that they were heroic. This left a mess in which Aran had to clean up, though these traits were seen less often in the second blockbuster.
  • There are some continuity errors and contradictions in Evan's storyline about Freud.
    • According to Mercedes' storyline, Freud was extremely exhausted and eventually died.
    • According to the Silent Crusade storyline, it was not Freud who protected the last Onyx Dragon, but a Crusader who travelled back to Leafre of Past and secured the egg, then brought it to Afrien who protected the egg.
    • According to the Silent Crusade storyline, Freud and Afrien predicted that someone might travel through time before the Black Mage was sealed. To counter this, they expended their energy to freeze time in order to prevent anyone stopping the seal from being created.
    • According to Luminous' introduction, Aran did not order the other Heroes to cover Freud's escape, nor did he attempt to.
    • According to Shade's storyline, Afrien took the Black Mage's curse instead of Freud. This was later confirmed in the introduction of the first act of 'Heroes of Maple'.
  • Originally, JapanMS's version of Evan is linked to Dual Blade, where they have a misunderstanding and become enemies if the player is playing as this class, the player will fight Dual Blade as a Level 20 boss. This was later changed back to the original storyline.
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