Esfera Guardian is a party quest located near Arcane River's Esfera region. To participate, talk to Shubert at the Base Camp. Esfera Guardian can only be attempted alone, and you will have 3 clears a day, meaning that you can reattempt or reset a run that you've already entered.

Destroy the Twisted Dimensional Gates that have appeared in Esfera using Shubert's Special Turret!

PQ Map

Small Dimensional Gate

Medium Dimensional Gate

Large Dimensional Gate

Map Esfera Guardian.png
Esfera Guardian

Esfera Guardian only has one map, with a time limit of 40 minutes. The objective is to destroy all 10 Twisted Dimensional Gates (displayed in red on the minimap) in varying sizes that are throughout the right side. To destroy them, you must fill up the Erda Gauge by defeating the Light and Dark Executors on the left side of the map; you are allowed to fill up the gauge and hold up to 10 Erda Shells at a time. After gathering Erda, you can press the Sit key near Shubert's Special Turret to use it. While sitting on the turret, you can press the Up and Down arrows to change the angle of the shot, the Shift key + arrow keys to move the camera, and the Spacebar to fire your shot.

The turret itself will allow you to use one of two shots. The first shot fires the Erda Shell, activated by pressing the A key, costing 1 slot on the Erda Gauge and firing the shot in a parabolic curve. The second shot fires the Super Erda Shell, activated by pressing the S key, costing 3 slots on the Erda Gauge and indicating the direction of the shot beforehand, which will fire in a straight line. If you spend at least 3 minutes inside the map, the Executors will begin to drop Shubert's Support Shot at a low rate, which will instantly destroy 2 random Twisted Dimensional Gates upon pickup.

Upon successfully destroying all 10 Twisted Dimensional Gates, you will be taken to the Reward Stage.

Reward Stage

Map Esfera Guardian Exit Map.png
Esfera Guardian Exit Map

This stage serves to give your rewards. If you successfully complete the PQ, you will obtain Eqp Arcane Symbol Esfera.pngArcane Symbol: Esfera. If you fail, you will be given no rewards, but the run will not count toward your daily completions.


If you complete the PQ, you will obtain Eqp Arcane Symbol Esfera.pngArcane Symbol: Esfera x 2. You can also immediately complete daily runs for every additional area you complete in Arcane River.

  • When Moonbridge is completed, you will be able to immediately complete 1 run to receive the Symbols instantly.
  • When Labyrinth of Suffering is completed, you will be able to immediately complete 2 runs to receive the Symbols instantly.
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