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Ericsson is a fairy in Orbis who helps an adventurer find the whereabouts of Hella. He also has a strong interest in cats.

In FriendStory, his counterpart is the security guard of the Old Shinsoo International Building, making sure pesky kids do not wander into the supposedly haunted building. During his shifts, he secretly takes care of a litter of cats in the old building.


NPC Ericsson
Quests involved
Location Orbis Park


City Center

NPC Ericsson (FriendStory)
Function Security Guard
Location City Center

Old Shinsoo International School Building

NPC Ericsson (FriendStory)
Function Security Guard
Location Classroom

NPC Ericsson (FriendStory)
Function Seurity Guard
Location Front Gate


  • In an old series of quests from Magatia (that are now blocked), it is revealed that Ericsson is the younger brother of Phyllia, the fairy wife of Dr. De Lang. Phyllia writes a letter to Ericsson asking if he can create a medicine to cure her sick daughter Keeny, and sends you to Ericsson. When you meet Ericsson, he mentions that he hasn't seen Phyllia in years, and didn't even know that she had a daughter (his niece). He asks you to get materials from Pixies to get medicine two separate times (the second being more potent), but neither is enough to cure Keeny's condition.



  1. He shares voice actors with Mihile(Job), Eckhart, Von Leon, Big Headward, Neinheart (Cygnus Returns video), Stan and Gelimer (Black Heaven animation).
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