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Ipos Bloody Set
File:Character Ipos Bloody Set.png 3 Set Effect:
Weapon Defense: +350, Magic Defense: +350
4 Set Effect:
All Stats: +10, PvP Damage: +4%
5 Set Effect:
PvP Damage: +5%, Max HP: +15%, Max MP: +15%
6 Set Effect:
All Stats: +15, PvP Damage: +6%

Armor and Accessories

Picture and Name Requirements Effects
Eqp Agares Bloody Gear
Ipos Bloody Gear 
Level 130 STR: +16, DEX: +16, Max HP: +125, Max MP: +125
Weapon Defense: +110, Speed: +5
Eqp Agares Bloody Cape
Ipos Bloody Cape 
Level 130 STR: +3, DEX: +3
Weapon Defense: +80, Magic Defense: +120
Eqp Agares Bloody Gauntlets
Ipos Bloody Gauntlets 
Level 130 STR: +9, DEX: +9, Weapon Attack: +1
Max HP: +30, Max MP: +30, Weapon Defense: +57
Eqp Agares Bloody Mail
Ipos Bloody Mail 
Level 130 STR: +13, DEX: +13, Weapon Defense: +165
Avoidability: +20, Accuracy: +20
Eqp Agares Bloody Boots
Ipos Bloody Boots 
Level 130 STR: +8, DEX: +8, Speed: +5, Jump: +5
Weapon Defense: +88


Picture and Name Requirements Type Effects
Eqp Ipos Bloody Longbow
Ipos Bloody Longbow 
Level 130 Bow Weapon Attack: +111, Knockback: 75%
DEX: +8, STR: +4, Accuracy: +50
Eqp Ipos Bloody Crossbow
Ipos Bloody Crossbow 
Level 130 Crossbow Weapon Attack: +114, Knockback: 68%
DEX: +8, STR: +4, Accuracy: +50
Eqp Ipos Bloody Dual Bowguns
Ipos Bloody Dual Bowguns 
Level 130 Dual Bowguns Weapon Attack: +111
DEX: +8, STR: +4, Accuracy: +50
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