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Set Effects Cumulative Effects
2 Set Effect:
All Stats +5
All Stats +5
3 Set Effect:
All Stats +10
Weapon Attack +5
Magic Attack +5
All Stats +15
Weapon Attack +5
Magic Attack +5


Picture and Name Type Requirements Effects
Eqp Crescent Moon Earrings
Halfmoon Earrings
Earrings Level 70 All Stats: +4
Max HP: +75
Max MP: +75
Defense: +30
Eqp Crescent Moon Ring
Halfmoon Ring
Ring Level 70 All Stats: +3
Weapon Attack: +2
Magic Attack: +2
Eqp Crescent Moon Belt
Halfmoon Belt
Belt Level 70 All Stats: +6
Max HP: +100
Max MP: +100
Defense: +75


Crafting these pieces of equipment requires Gallant Emblem, which were only obtainable through the Battle Square version of PvP. Since that content has been removed from every version of Maplestory, these pieces of equipment are currently impossible to craft or obtain.

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