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Monad is a 2018 Summer Blockbuster to be added to MapleStory as a part of ARK update, exclusive to all non-KMS regions (except Thailand). The blockbuster delves into a region near El Nath, the Abrup Basin, and strange occurrences in the area.

Monad Act Selection Screen

Act 1: Refugees

The traveler received a letter from an old woman, who wrote that they were her last hope. She explained that she and her granddaughter lived in the deep forest of Abrup Basin, beyond the El Nath Mountains, where people were disappearing from the valley and the creatures of the forest were growing strange and vicious, with her granddaughter being one of the many who had vanished. As the people of the valley had turned their backs on her and each other, and with a terrible force looming in the distance, the old woman explained that she had sent the message out, hoping that a hero would answer the call. The traveler decided to help the old woman and began their trek through the El Nath mountains. As sunset drew near, the traveler discovered an abandoned test and wondered whether it was a temporary base camp for hunters. As the cold of nightfall was approaching, they decided to rest there for the night. After clearing away the snow and starting a campfire, the traveler decided that they would explore the valley after making it down the mountain in order to meet the woman who had sent the letter. Warmed by the fire, the traveler soon fell soundly asleep.

Elsewhere, a girl had a dream of another girl with blue skin and white facial marks being chased through a forest, as well as a girl with pink hair lying in the snow. The girl with blue skin soon encountered an old man, while a stranger watched them in the shadows. Meanwhile, red snow began falling around the girl with pink hair as the snow around her grew red as well. The girl then awoke with a start and opened her windows to see that the village was on fire.

Soon after, the traveler was awoken by the sound of a drunk man shouting from the edge of the cliff. As the traveler attempted to get him to move back from the edge of the cliff, the man pointed at the flaming village while speaking incoherently. The traveler immediately began to scale down the mountain, where they encountered wild wolves. Surprised at how the man had managed to climb all the way up the mountain, the traveler realized that he would likely get eaten if he followed them down, and so they decided to clear out the monsters along the way for his sake. As they fought past the monsters, they noticed a large, tentacled monster at the outskirts of the village, as well as the cries of a girl screaming in fear. They discovered the girl surrounded by monsters on the path down the mountain. After defeating the monsters, the girl thanked them for rescuing her and explained that monsters had swarmed the village, which were larger and more terrifying than the ones on the mountain. The traveler escorted the girl to the base of the mountain, where they saved a village archer from a large wolf. The archer explained that Fembris, one of the wolves of legend, had arrived to burn their village to the ground, and that it was calling more monsters to help. The girl explained that the Fembris of legend was a massive wolf that devoured the sky, fated to end the world in flame and misery. Though real Fembris wolves weren’t as large, they were still able to breathe fire.

The traveler then entered the battle, helping several knights and villagers defeat the monsters in the village. Along the way, they helped several villagers who were trapped underneath rubble before encountering Fembris. A knight who introduced himself as Cayne aided the traveler, using his magic to create a shield against Fembris’ flames. Together, they successfully defeated Fembris. The traveler then noticed several people trapped on top of a burning guard tower and bravely scaled past the fire to rescue them. As the knights began putting the fires out, Cayne rushed over to one of the people whom the traveler had rescued, a girl named Alika, while another villager rushed to grab her son. Just then, Butler, the Vice Captain of the knights, demanded Alika to explain herself, asking what use a scholar was atop a burning tower and reminding her that he had told her countless times to stay safe. Alika retorted by asking where she could have gone to stay safe, to which Butler replied that she could have found a safer place than an inferno, asking what the knights would do if she was injured, or worse. Cayne then attempted to diffuse the situation, pointing out that Alika was just fine. Butler immediately turned on Cayne, berating him for failing in his duties to protect Alika. He then ordered the knights to follow him in repairing the village, though he told Cayne to first take some time to ponder his failure.

As Butler and the other knights walked away, Cayne told Alika that he had thought that she had still been inside the house, reminding her of her promise to him that she would stay safe. He then apologized, realizing that he never should have left her side. However, Alika told him not to apologize, as she had been the one who had told him to go and help the villagers. She then turned to the traveler and thanked them for their help. Cayne asked the traveler for their name, recognizing that they weren’t part of Afinas. The traveler introduced themselves and thanked Cayne for his help as well. Cayne then introduced himself and thanked them for saving Alika, whom he called his goddess and muse. He claimed that he was forever in their debt, to which the traveler told them that they were even, as he had helped them as well. Cayne agreed and began to marvel at his own prowess. Alika pulled him out of his bravado and pointed out that the villagers still needed help. (Here, the player gets a choice to either help the villagers or look for the old lady who sent the letter. If the player chooses the second option, Cayne pauses and calls them over, prompting another choice between the same two options. Even if the second option is chosen again, Cayne takes the player with him anyways.)

The three then encountered a woman named Shulla, who was lamenting over her missing daughter’s photo and hat. Cayne told the traveler that Shulla’s daughter had gone missing some time ago, and that Shulla had carried her daughter’s photo and hat ever since. The traveler recalled that the old woman in the letter had also mentioned that her granddaughter was missing. Realizing that multiple people had vanished, they decided to help Shulla and ask her about the disappearances. The traveler found the missing items in the rubble and returned them to Shulla, but before they could question her, the chief of the village, Kan, arrived and thanked everyone who had come together to help the town, though Cayne told him to hold his thanks, as it was the sworn duty of Afinas to serve as protectors. He then introduced the traveler, whom Kan thanked on behalf of their village, Kaptafel. As he began to leave to check on the wounded, he noticed Shulla clutching her daughter’s belongings and reminded her that, though he knew that she was in pain, she could not afford to lose herself to despair, as many others were managing their suffering and coming together for the good of the village. Cayne was annoyed by Kan’s callousness, while Alika told them that they ought to give Shulla space. As they began walking away, Cayne noted that it was freezing and asked the traveler if they agreed. When the traveler told him that it wasn’t too uncomfortable for them, Cayne believed that they must be native to Abrup, but was surprised when he learned that it was their first time there.

Cayne then began asking what their reason for coming to Abrup was, as he doubted that it was for sightseeing. Alika attempted to get him to drop the subject, but Cayne merely laughed that the traveler must be just as curious about Afinas’ mission as he was of theirs. The traveler then asked why the knights had come, to which Cayne explained that he himself had been given few details, as the knights had only been dispatched to Abrup recently in order to investigate the unusual monster activity, and to address the situation before it went out of hand, though he noted that the latter hadn’t panned out as he had hoped. He told the traveler that the investigation was being handled by Alika, whom he explained was the youngest and most talented scholar of Afinas, though Alika dismissed his praise and explained that she was merely an apprentice. However, Cayne expressed great confidence in her abilities and reassured her that she would soon have the title to match.

Turning back to the subject at hand, Cayne told the traveler that the knights had been completely unprepared for how dire the situation was, and that they were ill-equipped to deal with the kind of full-scale invasion they had faced last night. However, he explained that even in spite of explaining the situation to their commanders, they had been ordered to continue aiding the residents as best as they could. Alika told Cayne that he was being too cavalier, as the reputation of Afinas was at stake. Cayne admitted that she was right, but pointed out that even she couldn’t call their last battle ideal. He then told the traveler that when they had first arrived in town, he had noticed that the villagers were tense. Upon looking into it, they had learned that dozens of people had gone missing all at once about six months ago. The traveler then asked what had happened to the giant tentacled monster that had been attacking the village. A confused Cayne told them that the largest monster he had seen during the attack was Fembris. The traveler wondered whether they had been mistaken, or whether they really had seen something huge moving in the smoke, though they were thankful that it hadn’t attacked the village in any case.

Wondering whether anyone else had seen the monster, the traveler decided to ask around the village. Alika then waved at a large man with an axe named Peytour, who greeted them and asked the traveler to introduce themselves. He was surprised when the traveler explained that they had come at the behest of a letter, wondering who could have sent it amidst the chaos. However, he put aside his curiosity and asked them if they were willing to help with the repairs. (The player can either agree to help or say that they have other matters to attend to, although Alika will insist that the player help if the second option is chosen.) Cayne explained that he couldn’t afford to leave Alika’s side, but Alika insisted that he help Peytour, claiming that she would be safer when the village was in a better state. Cayne then ordered a knight to stay by Alika’s side until he returned, after which he followed Peytour and the traveler into the forest.

Cayne and the traveler then hunted the Petreefied Eyeful monsters and began collecting their wood. As they fought, Peytour grew fatigued and decided to take a break, with Cayne insisting that he and the traveler could wrap up while Peytour rested so that he could return to Alika faster. The traveler noted that Cayne deeply cared for Alika, to which he explained that he was like her Prince Charming. Dismissing his lovesick musings, the traveler asked how important an apprentice scholar was to warrant such protection. Cayne explained that Alika was special, as she was a prodigy and the youngest of the Afinas scholars. Peytour spoke up and mentioned that he had heard that Alika was the daughter of a high-ranking scholar as well. Cayne attempted to wave away the comment, but at the traveler’s insistence, he admitted that he owed a great debt to her father, Rookhowell, though he insisted that he was doing it all for Alika’s sake.

Soon after, they finished collecting enough wood and began heading back to the village. On their way, Cayne realized that his brooch was missing and wondered whether he had dropped it in the forest. Peytour laughed and explained that there was a creature in the forest which was notorious for thieving, which was why the villagers usually didn’t take their valuables with them while going into the forest. The traveler then noticed the drunk man from the base camp and was relieved that he had made it back to the village safely. The man, who was still drunk, greeted Peytour as the village’s wise advisor and jokingly asked whether he could advise on where to find something to drink. He then began incoherently rambling about a giant shadow, which had been behind the burning village and snowstorms. This intrigued the traveler, while the man was pleased to know that they had also seen it. Pitying the man, whom he introduced as Aruhi, Peytour told them that he would get Aruhi settled and asked them to go on ahead. Though the traveler wanted to question Aruhi about the shadow, they decided to wait until he became sober.

Just then, Ullan, the chief’s daughter and the girl whom the traveler had saved at the mountain, arrived and thanked the traveler for rescuing her. She then revealed that Aruhi hadn’t always been a mess, explaining that she believed that the monsters and disappearances had made him break down and lose his mind, drinking his troubles away and putting on a jovial act. Though he had tried to clean up a few times, he would always go back to drinking. The girl added that Peytour was nice enough to continue looking after him. When the traveler asked if Aruhi had lost his family, the girl told them that it would be difficult to find anyone in the village who hadn’t lost their family. She then realized that she had gotten side-tracked and asked whether they had seen Pete and Elle, two tame Shrelephants. When the traveler and Cayne told her that they had only seen wild ones, the girl decided to head out in search of them. The two then went on to meet Peytour and Alika, who had laid Aruhi on the ground for him to rest. Peytour thanked them for bringing him the wood and then asked the traveler to bring him rope from Slaka.

On their way, the traveler was stopped by Butler, who noted that the traveler wasn’t native to the Abrup Basin and asked why someone so powerful would come there. Upon learning that they had received a letter asking for help, Butler asked to see it. Reading through it, Butler told the traveler that the letter hadn’t been sent by a resident, though the traveler ignored his provocations and explained that they had other matters to attend to. Before they left, Butler asked whether they intended to stay any longer, which the traveler confirmed and explained that they had a duty to ensure that the sender of the letter was safe. The traveler then began walking away, which irritated Butler, who told them that he hadn’t finished speaking to them yet. He then told them that if they intended to stay, they would need to follow his orders for the duration of their time in Abrup. The traveler merely replied that it wouldn’t be a problem, so long as his orders lined up with their plans.

Before an angry Butler could retort, Slaka rushed over and warned the villagers of an incoming snowstorm. As the villagers gathered at the town square, Butler demanded to know why there was so much panic about a simple snowstorm. Slaka rebuffed Butler for his ignorance and explained that it seemed to be the biggest snowstorm in recent memory. Peytour reminded him that they didn’t need a panic, while Butler declared that they needed to repair as many buildings and set up as many tents as possible before it arrived. However, Slaka pointed out that Butler’s plan would kill them all, as none of their buildings were in any shape to weather a storm of such magnitude. Peytour agreed, explaining that they couldn’t set up a shelter in the few hours before the storm hit. Alika then suggested evacuating to another town, to which Peytour asked Chief Kan for his decision. Kan agreed and ordered everyone to pack up and head out immediately.

As they had good relations with the town across the river, Kan was hopeful that they would take the people of Kaptafel in. Shulla worriedly asked if they were abandoning the village, but both Kan and Peytour reassured her that they would return after the storm and rebuild the village so that their missing loved ones could return to see it just the way they remembered. Butler then asked one of his soldiers if headquarters had responded to their request for reinforcements, to which the soldier replied that headquarters had told them to await their response, which had not yet arrived. The traveler then began heading over to speak with Peytour when they overheard an argument between him and Chief Kan. Noticing the traveler, the two immediately stopped arguing and broke up. When the traveler asked what was wrong, Peytour reluctantly admitted that they had been discussing how to carry the injured, as all the wagons in town had been destroyed in the monster attack. Kan noted that the wagon outside of town had likely been missed in the attack, though Peytour believed that it was too small. The traveler suggested that they gather wood to enlarge it and offered to help.

While the traveler collected wood, an Afinas knight named Gillie and several other soldiers arrived to aid them. The traveler then brought the wood to Peytour, who asked them to check on preparations while he worked on the wagon. While walking through the village, the traveler overheard several villagers talking about an unfavorable decision that Kan had made, with some noting that he was behaving like a dictator. When the traveler approached the group and asked if they could help with anything, one of the villagers noted with resentment how Kan was forcing the traveler to run around town doing his work for him. When the traveler pointed out that Kan was preparing a wagon for the injured, the villager told them that he was sure that it was Peytour who was preparing the wagon, not Kan.

The traveler soon encountered Kan scolding a villager for working on his house instead of packing. The villager began explaining that he was fixing his house because Kan had said that they would come back, but Kan told him that he could repair the house after returning, as they had to leave before the snowstorm arrived. The villager grew upset and explained that he had nothing to pack and no family to tend to, to which Kan told him to help the others. The villager confessed that he didn’t want to leave, but Kan replied that all Kaptafel villagers were mandated to leave. The chagrined villager told Kan that he had merely wanted to explain himself, adding that he would comply, despite disagreeing with Kan’s decision. He told Kan that he had been fixing his house to cope with having to abandon his home, but Kan explained that he couldn’t risk others following his example and wasting time, adding that the traveler ought to rest if he didn’t want to help the others. Irritated with Kan’s behavior, the villager replied that he hadn’t realized that Kan was so cold. After the villager stormed off, Kan noticed the traveler. Feeling ashamed, he told the traveler that he could tell that they were thinking that he was too harsh and defended himself by explaining that he was responsible for all the villagers, and that everything would fall apart if even one of them were to ignore his orders. The traveler noted that it must pain Kan as well, but Kan sadly replied that he had no time to feel.

The traveler then ran into Ullan, who told them that her Shrelephants, Pete and Elle, were still missing. The traveler agreed to help and promised not to tell her father, Chief Kan, as he would be mad at her for wasting their time. The two then headed to the outskirts of Kaptafel and began calling out for the Shrelephants. Ullan believed that Elle had gotten scared and run off, with Peter chasing after her. The traveler noted that the Shrelephants seemed intelligent, to which Ullan explained that they were different from other Shrelephants, with Pete especially seeming as though he could read her mind. She also added that Pete was the fastest Shrelephant in Abrup, while Elle’s immense strength would allow her to pull the wagon. As they prepared to go further out, Chief Kan appeared and stopped Ullan, scolding her for being so obsessed over her pets instead of preparing to leave. Furious at the way her father was dismissing Pete and Elle, whom she regarded as family, Ullan ran off.

Kan apologized to the traveler for Ullan’s behavior, though the traveler merely told him that it was alright and decided to chase after her. The traveler caught up with Ullan, who told the traveler that she was upset at her father’s dismissive attitude towards Pete and Elle. She explained that she had found the two Shrelephants during her first expedition with the hunters when she was ten. The pair had lost their mother to werewolves, and she had discovered them hiding between the rocks. Though Kan had been against her adopting Shrelephants, her mother had sided with her and taught her how to take care of them, even helping her name them. She began tearing up, explaining that she couldn’t afford to lose Pete and Elle after having lost her mother. However, she realized that her father was right about helping the village and decided to go back, hoping that the Shrelephants, with their intelligence, would catch up.

They returned back to the village, where the traveler encountered Shulla looking for something. The traveler asked her what she was doing, to which she explained that Kan was right, and that she couldn’t afford to give in to despair. She told the traveler that she was trying to prepare food for the journey, as she knew that the weak and wounded would have difficulties with the trek to the next village. The traveler decided to help Shulla look for food, but they were only able to find bread that had been charred by the fires. They then decided to speak with Peytour in order to find another means of obtaining food. Just then, the wind began picking up as the snowstorm started approaching. Kan decided that they would have to make do, believing that they could go without food for one day. However, Peytour pointed out that the sick and injured couldn’t survive without food, rebuffing Kan when he declared that they would have to tolerate it.

After a pause, Kan decided to lead the hunters, with the traveler agreeing to go with them. As the party headed towards the village gates, Slaka found them heading out and refused to join, believing that they couldn’t outrun the storm if they delayed any further. Alika and Cayne then appeared to see what the commotion was about. When the traveler explained the situation, Alika replied that she could see both sides and noted that Kan hadn’t explained the situation properly to Slaka. She then offered Cayne to help them, ignoring his protests. Slaka then reluctantly agreed to join the group, though he noted that he would only stay for ten minutes. With so many people, the party was easily able to obtain Shrelephant meat and quickly returned back to the village, where the villagers were ready to head out. Ullan then told the hunters to stand down, as they were scaring Elle, who had recently returned with Pete. The caravan then headed out on their journey to the other town.

Right at the start of their travels, Butler told Chief Kan that he would take command, as the Afinas knights were protecting the caravan. However, Kan countered that since the villagers formed the majority of the group, he would remain in charge, explaining that Butler ought to keep his focus on matters of defense since he was unfamiliar with the land and the weather. Butler retorted by asking if Kan had ever led so many people, though Kan swung back by asking if Butler had ever led his dispatch through a snowstorm as strong as the one that they faced. Just then, Slaka appeared from the rear guard and chided them both for arguing when there were monsters chasing after the caravan. Believing that they couldn’t outrun the monsters, Slaka explained that they could either fight or dump some of their food as a distraction. The traveler immediately voted to fight them off, but Butler believed that they ought to dump their food in order to hasten their pace. Annoyed at Butler wanting to throw away their hard-earned food, Kan told him that they would send the hunters and the Afinas knights to face the monsters. As they continued arguing, the traveler realized that they would have to make a decision. (Here, the player can either choose to send the knights to defeat the monsters, dump some of the food, or volunteer to lead our forces to defeat the monsters.)

After dealing with the situation, Alika, Peytour, and the others explained that they had been deciding who would lead the caravan and reached a consensus that it ought to be the traveler. Though the traveler was hesitant, as they knew little about Abrup or Afinas, Alika reassured them that Chief Kan would help them manage the people while Vice Captain Butler would help them manage their enemies, adding that they were the best choice specifically because they were an outsider, and thus had no personal attachments to any group. Realizing that everyone unanimously agreed, the traveler agreed to take on the role of leadership. Kan then began telling the traveler about their mission, explaining that the distance between Kaptafel and the next town required nearly a full day’s travel and involved crossing the Frozen River. He also told them that food was their primary concern, as their weaker members might not survive without it. He also pointed out that every decision that the traveler made would have consequences and affect others’ opinions, which might cause them to leave.

(The following sequence is a minigame in which the player needs to manage four separate factions: the Authoritarians, the Egoists, the Defenders, and the Residents. The situation slightly changes depending on the choices made, and as such, there is no set canon way of completing this sequence.)

The first situation the player encounters is when Butler confronts them and angrily points out that they hadn't mentioned that people have been injured. The player can either say that they'll treat the wounded immediately, which reduces the Authoritarian Morale, ask Butler for advice on how he would handle the situation, which increases Authoritarian Morale, or say that it’s not serious and decide to carry on, which reduces both Authoritarian and Defender Morale. If the player asks Butler for advice, he approves the player asking for advice when they're not qualified. He also points out that the dispatch has a Devata named Janyt, who has healing abilities. Cayne then approaches the player and asks what Butler wanted. When the player tells him that they asked for advice, he tells them not to rely too much on Butler, as he might use them to accomplish his mission. Here, the player can either ask him what he means, or claim not to trust anyone, which reduces Defender Morale. If the player asks Cayne what he means, he explains that Butler’s mission is on the verge of failure and his dispatch has been left in shambles, and so he can’t report back in such a situation. He also adds that Butler likely feels that Abrup is a massive trap, with no way out, but the player's sudden appearance and capable leadership skills are a way for him to salvage the situation by using them.

The next situation has the player meet Slaka, who notes that the snowstorm is letting up. He then tells the player to relax while the storm is still far away, as the player should take it easy when they can, especially since they're in charge. Here, the player can either tell him that they can take care of themselves, or tell him to keep his eyes on the snowstorm, both of which reduce Egoist Morale. The player can also tell him thanks for the tip and say that they might take his advice, which increases Egoist Morale. Picking the last option makes Slaka say that the player is a better leader than Kan and Butler.

Soon after, Chief Kan tells the player that it’s been half a day since they've left Kaptafel and suggests stopping and giving everyone a break to eat. Here, the player can either choose to stop and let everyone eat, which increases everyone’s Morale and reduces the food supply, ask him why everyone needs to eat now, or decide to push on, which reduces Resident Morale. If the player chooses to give everyone food, Kan says that there ought to be regular stops for meals in order to give the impression that the caravan is stable. After the player agrees, Kan tells them that they've made a good decision, but reminds them that food is limited, and so not everyone will be able to have their fill.

Alika then the player to ensure that the children and wounded get their portions first. Kan tells the player that if they let their emotions sway their judgement, they might end up losing everyone’s trust. He explains that it’s tradition in Kaptafel to allow hunters to eat first, which guarantees their strength to continue hunting, and that it’s a tradition that’s kept them alive through many harsh winters. Alika then asks for at least the children to eat first. Here, a new minigame appears, in which four people appear, each representing the four factions, and three pieces of meat of varying sizes. The player has to drag the meat to the group that they want to feed, but clearly some groups will get a smaller portion of meat and one group won’t get anything at all.

In the next situation, a loud noise rises from the rear of the caravan and Slaka and Peytour rush to check what it was. After the player checks what is happening, they witness an argument between Slaka and Peytour. Slaka wants more food than he received because he claims that he risked his life to get their food supplies before the caravan headed out. Chief Kan yells at him and says that even he can’t ignore how cold and hungry everyone is. Slaka then notices the player and asks whether they've decided who gets what food. Peytour then tells Slaka that the player is making difficult decisions and asks him to sacrifice just a little for the good of everyone. Slaka demands to know why he needs to be chained down to everyone else and claims that he would rather take his chances on his own than be dragged down by us. The player then gets the choice to either tell Slaka that he can have more food, or tell him to stop arguing and remind him that the caravan needs to conserve its supplies. If the player gives more food to Slaka, he tells them that they should have done it from the beginning and Kan tells the player that they'll regret making such a decision, as they've undermined Kaptafel's values. If the player tells him to back down, Kan backs the player up and says that everyone needs to rely on rules, not emotions. Slaka then asks whether Kan really thinks that the caravan stands any chance without his help.

Soon after, Peytour comes up to the player and explains that Chief Kan used to be a great chief, but that he’s been overwhelmed by the situation, and so he falls back on discipline and rules as a result. He explains that he doesn’t expect them to understand or agree with him, but he just thought that they ought to know. The player notices that Peytour looks very sad about Kan’s change. Here, the player can either say that they understand how Peytour feels, or say that they understand how Kan feels, both of which increase Defender Morale. The player can also say that they don’t have time to worry about it, which reduces Defender and Resident Morale.

The player then realizes that Peytour, who is a lumberjack, might know about the old lady who wrote the letter, since she said that she lives in a cabin in the forest. The player shows the letter to Peytour, who smiles and says that he knew that the old woman was strong, adding that he’s glad to hear that she hasn’t given up. The player asks him to explain all about her, and so he explains that her name is Sanaan and she lives alone in the forest with her granddaughter. He explains that six months ago, people began disappearing all over Abrup, and soon after that, Sanaan visited Kaptafel in search of her granddaughter. Because of the letter mentioning the monster attacks, Peytour believes that it had been written recently. When the player asks if he knows where she is, he tells the player that he doesn’t, but the last he’s heard, she was planning to go to another town to look for her granddaughter. However, he adds that that was months ago, and she might’ve returned to her cabin in the Windsleep Forest.

The next situation has a knight rushing up to the player in fear, explaining that monsters have come out of the fog that cover everything they touch in fog. The player can either agree to hunt them together, which increases everyone’s Morale, or they can send the knights to hunt the monsters, which reduces the number of people in the caravan. If the player leads the assault, they discover a mysterious Yeti monster, which has been responsible for creating the snowstorm in the first place.

After the battle, Butler tells the player that after watching their actions over the journey, he admits that he’s misjudged them and compares them to the finest Afinas knights. The player can either tell Butler that it means a lot, or they can ask him about Afinas, which increases Authoritarian Morale. If the player chooses the latter option, Butler explains that Afinas is a gathering of great scholars protected by an accomplished cadre of knights.

After Butler leaves, Slaka comes up to the player after having eavesdropped. He explains that the monster from the previous sequence was a Yeti, and that he had seen it at the monster raid on Kaptafel. He notes that it avoids fire, and since it has ice powers, he has decided to name it Frostflail Yeti. The player can either tell him to keep his eyes on the snowstorm, or say that it all seems obvious, both of which reduce Egoist Morale. The player can also say thanks for the information and add that it’ll be sure to help, which increases Egoist Morale. Picking the last option causes Slaka to give the player a secret tip that he’s never given anyone else before, which is to always fight a Yeti up close because its thick fur and hide is a natural defense against ranged attacks, which he’s learned the hard way as an archer.

Some time later, Alika comes up to the player and asks in concern whether they're tired. The player can either say that they're okay, but trying to act tough to keep everyone happy, which increases Defender and Resident Morale, or they can say that they're busy, which reduces everyone’s Morale. If the player chooses the first option, Alika tells them that they don’t have to carry the burden alone, since there’s lots of people ready to help. She also admits that she struggles with leadership, and she suspects that Kan and Butler do too.

Soon after, a knight reports that there’s monsters on the path to the next town and advises the player to clear them out. The player can either go with the knights to hunt them, which increases everyone’s Morale, decide to take them out upon getting closer, which reduces Authoritarian and Egoist Morale, or decide to take a detour around them, which reduces Resident Morale. If the player chooses to go with the knights, Alika gets annoyed at Cayne showing off after clearing out the monsters. Meanwhile, Gillie is clearly enamored by him. After the battle, Cayne rushes back to Alika and Gillie compliments the player and notes that Cayne must like them a lot for him to leave Alika’s side for their sake. She then rambles for a while about how much she loves Cayne and then asks the player whether they understand him better. The player can either say that Cayne seems cool, say that they're not sure whether they'll ever understand Cayne, or note that he’s cheerful but he sometimes takes things too far.

Peytour then tells the player that they're arriving at their destination soon. Everyone is relieved and the player can either tell Kan that, thanks to him, everyone’s made the journey safely, which increases everyone’s Morale, or they can say that they're finally done with such an awful job, which reduces everyone’s Morale. If the player chooses the first option, Kan tells them that everyone is indebted to them, and he’s even fine with everyone placing their faith in a newcomer over their long-standing chief.)

Upon arriving at the next town, however, the caravan was shocked to find that it had been destroyed. Butler advised the traveler that they ought to make a brief stop and then head out again. Gillie worriedly told Butler that many of the knights had been injured along the way, advising that they stop so that the wounded could be treated. Peytour also concurred, as the villagers were exhausted from the hunger and cold. However, Butler replied that their priority was to reach a safe place as soon as possible, which Kan agreed with. Butler asked the traveler what they ought to do, to which Alika reminded them that if they pushed everyone to set out again, they would be sure to have injuries, especially since night had fallen. She also noted that they had some time before the snowstorm catch up, which would allow them to rest for a while. She added that they needed to build a fire for warmth and cooking first. (The player can either choose to rest first or set out immediately. Even if the player chooses the second option, Shulla will collapse and everyone is forced to rest anyways.)

As everyone prepared to make camp, Butler approached the traveler and told them that even though they were a brave warrior, they lacked the experience needed to command. He assuaged them by saying that it wasn’t their fault, as they merely needed a trusted advisor, just as Peytour was to Chief Kan. He then asked if they really thought it wise to spend time resting before moving out. The traveler explained that they were aware that there were certain risks, such as the snowstorm and the monsters, but they pointed out that they were sure to lose people if they were pushed without rest. However, Butler accused them of allowing their emotions to cloud their judgement, explaining that the correct decision was clearly to push onward, as giving tired and disappointed people time to think would only lead to further despair. He explained that they needed to give the people a goal, as they would be too busy to complain if they were too busy to think. The traveler countered by saying that such tactics would work for trained knights, not for ordinary people. After a pause, Butler revealed that, much like the traveler, he had been a wandering mercenary for years before becoming a knight. As a result, he explained that he had spent more of his life with the commoners than with trained knights, and entreated the traveler not to discount the wisdom that he had gained about how ordinary people thought and what they were capable of. The traveler thanked Butler, who then told them that he would be happy to take over if the pressures of leadership became too much.

Though the traveler believed that Butler had made some strong points, they decided that they would make their stop an opportunity to rest, rather than to despair. They then approached Slaka to ask for help in collecting wood and meat, but Slaka refused to help and told them to ask the knights. He then noticed Cayne and Alika and asked why Cayne always followed her around. To the traveler’s surprise, he called out to Cayne and told him that the traveler needed him to go hunting. However, Cayne replied that he was already on another mission, but Alika overheard him and shouted across that he could leave her side. Cayne then asked Slaka to come with them, believing that more people would allow the task to be completed faster. Knowing that Slaka would protest, the traveler declared that they would go alone to avoid any hassle, to which Slaka felt a twinge of guilt and declared that it would be the last time he helped. The three then collected firewood and meat, which they distributed to the people.

On their way to distribute the rations, the traveler gave some to Alika and suggested that she make soup with it, which could hopefully feed everyone. Alika, suddenly unsure, turned to Janyt and asked whether she had made soup before. Realizing that neither of them knew how to make soup, the traveler began to explain that they just needed to boil water and pour the meat and spices inside when it boiled. Alika laughed sheepishly and told them that the culinary book that she had been referring to had made it seem much more complicated. As they began waiting for the soup to finish, Aruhi approached the traveler, who noted that he seemed to be more sober. Aruhi swore that he had been sober since the expedition and explained that he had come because he had heard that the traveler had received a letter from the old woman. Realizing that he had likely overheard their discussion with Butler, the traveler confirmed it, to which Aruhi exclaimed that he had seen the ones who had stolen the missing people. However, Kan appeared and told Aruhi not to waste his energy on useless prattle, telling the traveler that Aruhi was merely a broken man rambling because he couldn’t cope. However, Aruhi swore that he had cleaned up, though Kan pointed out that he reeked of his vices. Though he was caught, Aruhi claimed that Kan never had faith in him, even before it had all fallen apart. The traveler then asked Aruhi to describe what he had seen, but Aruhi refused, claiming that nothing he said would bring back his wife and daughter.

As Aruhi stormed off, Ullan confronted her father and asked how he could be so callous by kicking people while they were down. As Kan walked away, the traveler asked why they couldn’t trust Aruhi. Ullan explained that even though there may be some truth in his words, they were hidden underneath a mountain of ramblings. Despite his unreliability, Ullan told the traveler that she had picked out bits that were similar each time he told his story, with the most notable being a dozen people in white, rock-hard armor taking everyone to a giant dish in the forest and disappearing. The traveler conceded that stranger things had happened in Maple World, to which Ullan explained that she and the other villagers had lived in Abrup their entire lives, and though they had heard about strange people and contraptions from time to time, she wondered why they would appear in the woods out in Abrup, of all places, and why Aruhi would be the only one to see any of it. She explained that the adults believed that he had made up the whole story in order to give himself a reason for losing his family, as their being kidnapped by those strange people would mean that it wouldn’t have been his fault for not saving them. She then added that he had likely gone to drown his sorrows again. She sadly told the traveler that Aruhi never got better, despite however much she wished he would, and neither did her father. Realizing that she had said enough, she decided to turn in for the night.

As Ullan walked away, Alika noted that trying to change oneself was perhaps the hardest task of all, adding that it took a great deal of maturity for Ullan to keep smiling as she did. The traveler replied that she was still a child, and so it fell upon them to ease her burdens, to which Alika agreed and made a promise to help spare her as much sorrow as possible. With that, the two headed to bed and went to sleep. Late into the night, however, Cayne awoke the traveler for their turn on night watch and told them to take the east line. There, the traveler defeated the monsters rushing into the area. After finishing up, they were surprised to see that Alika had woken up and come over to where they were standing watch. She explained that she had a nightmare and had wandered too far while walking around to clear her head. She asked if they were alright, reminding them that they could assign guard duty to the knights instead. The traveler explained that they wanted to give the Afinas dispatch a chance to rest, as they had been working non-stop. Alika then asked if they had learned who had sent the letter, to which they told her that it wasn’t anyone from Kaptafel. As the traveler had done so much for them, Alika offered to help them find the sender. However, the traveler told her that they didn’t need anything in return for their help, as they were doing it merely because it was the right thing to do. Alika acknowledged them, but explained that that was precisely why she wanted to help, as the traveler deserved their gratitude. The traveler then asked what her dream had been about, but Alika uncomfortably asked to discuss it another time.

(Here, another minigame starts, which is exactly like the first one, in which the player needs to make decisions on behalf of the four factions.

At the start of the journey, Kan tells the player that Slaka has deserted and taken what little food they had left. Butler then comes over smugly and tells the player that he was right about it being a mistake to waste time resting, as Slaka couldn’t have stolen their food if they hadn’t stopped. Some people who overhear begin to regret stopping and others feel betrayed by Slaka. The player then get the choice to either say that Slaka will be back, since he won’t last long on his own, which reduces Authoritarian Morale, or they can say that everyone can gather more food, which also reduces Authoritarian Morale, but raises Resident Morale. If the player chooses the latter option, Butler asks when they'll have time to hunt and what they'll do if someone gets injured, pointing out that it all could’ve been avoided.

As the caravan continue on, Hawalu, Shulla’s son, offers to sing a song as thanks for the dinner and rest. The player can either tell him that they're busy, which reduces everyone’s Morale, or allow him to sing, which increases everyone’s Morale.

Soon after, Butler tells the player that the scouts have found a group of monsters and says that it’s a chance for the player to correct their previous mistake. The player can either lead the knights, which increases Authoritarian Morale and the food supply, send the knights out without helping, which reduces Authoritarian Morale and increases the food supply, or declare that they don’t have time and push ahead, which reduces both Authoritarian and Resident Morale. If the player chooses to lead the knights, Butler gives them three minutes to bring back as much food as possible. There is a maximum food capacity which ends the timer early if the player caps out.

After the hunt, Aruhi – who has been watching the tail now that Slaka is gone – is clearly drunk, but says that he’s been watching the storm, which is still far away. The player can either ask him what he’s really been up to, thank him for his help but assign someone else to the rear, or tell him good work and keep it up. If the player chooses to tell him good work, he feels feel happy that the player trust him. He then asks if the player was the one who had asked about the big shadow in Kaptafel. Here, the player can either say that it was them, lie and say that it wasn’t them, or ask him if he’s sure that he’s okay. If the player chooses to say that it was them, he says that he saw the giant shadow through the snow and fog sweeping through the forest like it was swimming. The player then tells him that they saw it too, but none of the other villagers did, and that they've been putting off asking people since they don’t want to stress anyone by talking about giant monsters. However, the player decides that they will have to ask for the good of the caravan.

After this, Chief Kan tells the player that it’s time to ration the food again, though one group will have to go hungry. This is the same minigame as before, in which the player has to drag the different sized meats to one of four people, each representing a faction.

Ullan then approaches the player and gives them two small pieces of meat. The player tries to give it back, but Ullan insists and says that they’re from Shulla, since they didn’t have anything else to offer. She then awkwardly hands it off and leaves. The player then gets the choice to either decide that they don’t want to let it go to waste and eat it, which reduces Resident Morale, or they can give it to Shulla and say that they’re leftovers after handing out meals, which increases both Defender and Resident Morale. If the player chooses the second option, Shulla thanks them and says that Ullan hasn’t eaten since leaving Kaptafel, and so it’ll help feed her, since the portion that Shulla had shared with her hadn’t been enough.

As the player reflects on their time as a leader, they realize that decisions come more easily to them now, especially after learning the importance of compassion. Peytour then comes to thank the player for your leadership, and for taking input from both Kan and Butler. He apologies for the Kan and Butler's behavior, but swears that they’re only doing what they believe is right for everyone. The player can either say that they understand, which increases everyone’s Morale, or they can say that they don’t understand why Kan and Butler are so difficult, which reduces Authoritarian Morale.

Some time later, Gillie reports that there’s poison clouds up ahead. Some villagers start to fall as they breathe in the gas, but Gillie shoots a fire arrow at the gas to burn it away. The player can either decide to go in themselves and save the fallen people, which increases Egoist and Defender Morale, or they can order the knights to speed away and leave the people behind, which reduces the number of people in the caravan. If the player chooses the first option, they must save Shulla and Aruhi by going through the poison gas and dragging them to safety.

Gillie then reports that the caravan under attack, but suddenly falls as a glob of poison sticks to her arm. However, she steels herself and rushes in to fight the monster. The player can either help her, which increases everyone’s Morale, or they can cover the other villagers in the caravan, which increases Egoist Morale but reduces the number of people in the caravan. If the player chooses the first option, it leads to a battle with a creature that spews poison.

After the battle, Butler asks the player what they plan to do once they find the old woman who sent the letter. The player reminds him that the letter had asked them to help Abrup as a whole. Butler is satisfied and asks whether that means the player will stick around until everyone is safe again. Here, the player can either say that they can’t say for sure, which reduces Authoritarian Morale, or say that they'll see things through, which increases everyone’s Morale. If the player chooses the second option, Butler reminds them that everyone is depending on them, and that the player has the full support of Afinas, assuming that he can trust the player's judgement.

After Butler leaves, Alika and Cayne walk up and give the player fresh water. They then ask what Butler wanted. The player can either tell them that they had told him that they would see things through, which increases everyone’s Morale, or they can say that they haven’t decided anything yet, which reduces Egoist Morale. If the player chooses the first option, Alika and Cayne and pleased, and they tell the player that there’s an air of hope about with everyone united together. They also promise to help find the old woman.

Soon after, Kan sees a group of people being chased by monsters. Alika shouts out that they need to be saved. The player can either tell Kan not to signal the group to come aboard, which reduces Defender Morale and increases the number of people in the caravan, or the player can clear out the monsters, which increases Defender Morale and increases the number of people in the caravan.

Kan then tells the player that people are waiting for food to be distributed, but he notes that there isn't enough food for everyone. After the caravan stops to let people eat, the player has to play the same minigame of dragging food.

After eating, Alika tells the player that they've done the right thing by taking in the refugees. She explains that the refugees’ town had also been destroyed by monsters, and that they had encountered more monsters the closer they got to the forest, which was why they were taking a detour to the nearby town of Svarti. She then asks if there is any food to spare for the newcomers, but Chief Kan tells the player that there's barely enough for his own people, and so he doesn’t believe that it's fair to make his people suffer for strangers. Here, the player can either give the newcomers whatever is left, which reduces Egoist Morale and the total amount of food, say that no food can be spared for the newcomers, which reduces Defender Morale, or tell everyone that there isn't any food left for anyone at all, which reduces everyone’s Morale.

Suddenly, Aruhi reports that the ice that the caravan was crossing hadn’t held the weight of the caravan, and so it’s cracked. He also explains that someone has fallen into the icy river while helping others and started drowning. Kan says that the snowstorm is almost here, and so they can’t risk everyone just to save a single person. The player can either decide to save the drowning person themselves, send a group to rescue them, or say that they can’t afford to stop. Regardless of the option picked, Aruhi confronts Kan and says that Peytour is the one drowning and asks how he could throw his friend’s life away, calling him a monster. At his words, even Butler, who had sided with Kan, changes his mind and says that we can send a small group. The player then goes to save Peytour themselves.

Peytour soon begins to recover from his shock and the player asks how he’s feeling. Peytour thanks the player and, upon seeing Kan, tells him that he’s doing well, adding that he mentioned it just in case Kan had been wondering. When Kan remains silent, Peytour asks if he has nothing to say, to which Kan uncomfortably says that he had made the choice that he had to. Peytour acknowledges that he did, and that he can’t change it, adding that he fears that Kan will come to regret it. After Kan walks away, Peytour tells the player that six months ago, Kan had lost his wife. He explains that at the time, everyone in the village had been out hunting. Though their tradition was to never leave the town unguarded for any reason, it hadn’t been possible in that case. He explains that those had been strange days, as there was nothing to hunt, even though it wasn’t winter. Kan had believed that everyone could survive the winter if all the hunters had gone together, despite knowing that it would leave the town vulnerable. As game was scarce, it had taken the hunters a long time to return, but when they did, they had been shocked to see that monsters had attacked the village in their absence. Because of that, Kan had become obsessed with rules after having broken one, which had led to the death of his wife. Having no time to process his emotions, Kan had become stringent in his attempts to protect the town, but even that had not been enough to prevent the monster attack and the snowstorm.

Soon after, Butler tells the player that he’s planning to request for reinforcements again once they reach the next town. He then says that he’ll take command from the player, adding that their leadership has been adequate. The player can either ignore him, which reduces Authoritarian Morale, or remind him that they had taken on leadership because it had been the will of the group, and so they'll continue doing so as long as the majority wants you to do it, which reduces Authoritarian Morale, but increases Egoist, Defender, and Resident Morale.

Hawalu then walks up to the player again and asks if he can sing a song. The player can either say yes, which increases everyone’s Morale, or tell him maybe later.

In the distance, the next town is finally visible, encircled with wooden walls. Alika tells the player that it’s Svarti, and that Ullan had told her that Kaptafel and Svarti haven’t always been on good terms. The player notes that Alika has gotten very close with Ullan. She then asks the player if they think that Svarti would turn them away. The player can either ask what she means by not being on good terms, or they can tell her that it’ll be okay. If the player chooses the first option, Alika explains that there had been a misunderstanding some time ago, and that it had never been cleared up.)

As the caravan finally arrived at the entrance to Svarti, Kan called out to see if there were any people in the village. Butler noted that the walls were intact, and there had been no sign of a struggle, which led him to wonder whether everyone had simply taken shelter. As they waited for someone to respond, Gurnardson, the chief of Svarti, opened a peephole in the wooden door and noted that he had never expected Kaptafel to suffer so greatly from the monster attacks throughout Abrup Basin. However, he explained that he couldn’t take in the villagers, as Svarti didn’t have the resources to support them. As he shut the peephole, Butler announced that he was part of the Afinas dispatch tasked with protecting Kaptafel and promised to assist in the defense of Svarti if Gurnardson took them in.

Gurnardson returned and agreed after considering it, though he explained that he expected them to abide by his rules, which were that they were responsible for their own food, as Svarti would provide shelter and nothing else. Noting several sour faces in the crowd, Gurnardson declared that his rule was law in Svarti, and that those who complained were unwelcome. Alika attempted to tell Gurnardson that it was a lot to ask of the villagers, but Butler snapped at Alika to hold her tongue, reminding her that the negotiations didn’t concern her. He then addressed the villagers and told them that the hunters and knights ought to depart as soon as possible, ordering every able-bodied adult to step forward and help. He ordered Cayne to come with them as well, reminding both him and Alika that he would punish them if they attempted to undermine his authority again. As they hunted, Cayne began complaining about Butler, explaining that he was not qualified to be a commander because of his attitude and the way that he looked down on Alika because of her age.

After they brought back Hellfang meat, Gurnardson told them that they couldn’t possibly expect the people of Svarti to eat such tough, tasteless meat and relegated it to the caravanners. He then asked them to hunt better meat for the people of Svarti, and though everyone was irritated, they held their tongues as Kan asked whether Shrelephant meat would do. The group then went into the forest to hunt the Shrelephants, but just as they were finishing up, they heard Shulla crying out in fear and discovered her being attacked by a Grimgaze Werebeast. After Kan fired an arrow at it, which freed Shulla from its clutches, Cayne and the traveler chased it off. Kan then yelled at Shulla, reminding her that he had told the villagers to stay away from the forest. As he continued berating her, Peytour intervened and told Kan that Shulla didn’t deserve such treatment.

Defeated, Kan told Peytour that he was tired, and that he wanted an end to losing people and sacrificing everything. He explained that he wanted to protect people, but that he couldn’t do it if they couldn’t help themselves. Peytour then attempted to lift Kan’s spirits by explaining that all the people of the village trusted him and cared about him, as none of them would be there without his leadership. As Kan walked away, Shulla called out after him and apologized for being so weak, though she expressed her commitment in persisting on the hard journey ahead. However, she noted that he was still stuck in the past, explaining that she knew first-hand how that felt, and urged him to overcome his guilt for the monster attack that had led to his wife’s death. The other hunters agreed and told him that everyone was waiting for him to be his old self again, as the chief who led with his heart. Kan then broke down crying as Shulla, Peytour, and the hunters huddled around him in unison. Seeing the vulnerable moment, Cayne suggested to the traveler that they finish hunting.

After finishing, they returned to the entrance to Svarti, where they found Kan and the others. Chief Gurnardson then accepted the meat, but declared that there were other matters to discuss first. He explained that they didn’t have enough sleeping quarters for them and told them that they would need something to keep themselves warm, promising to let them in after gathering Werebeast Fur. A furious Kan then demanded to know how Gurnardson could abandon common decency and use suffering refugees to do his chores. Alika then gently dissuaded Kan, explaining that even though she agreed, they couldn’t afford to lose their tempers, suggesting instead that they prove their differences through their actions. Peytour then told the knights that they should rest, and that he and Kan would finish the task with the traveler. They then brought the furs back, after which Gurnardson haughtily left to find a space for them.

Butler wondered in disgust how someone could treat their neighbors so callously, to which Kan explained that Kaptafel had few dealings with Svarti in the past, as they had merely traded goods, but Svarti had grown suspicious of them, especially when their livestock went missing. As the gate continued remaining shut, Butler suggested forcing their way inside before the snowstorm hit, with Kan noting that he would almost prefer breaking the door down and letting Svarti be attacked by monsters at that point. Suddenly a loud rumbling shook the ground as Gurnardson and several warriors emerged from the gate. In fear, Gurnardson explained that poison gas was spreading, causing the traveler to realize that it may have come from the same monster they had encountered during their expedition. Knowing that fire arrows was its weakness, the archers shot covering fire while Cayne and the traveler finished it off. Grateful for their intervention, Gurnardson opened the gate and allowed the refugees inside at last.

Act 2: Windsleep Forest

Chief Gurnardson led the refugees to a paddock for livestock, laughing that they would find it more comfortable than the frozen snowfields. Kan sadly noted that, aside from the walls, their situation was the same as being in the ashes of Kaptafel. As everyone began preparing the beds, Butler ordered an Afinas soldier to provide their new location to headquarters, and to inquire once again if reinforcements were on their way. Cayne noted that Butler would be reprimanded for his failure in securing a safe living space for the villagers once everything was over. However, the traveler reminded him that the situation was far from over, as they needed to look into why the monster attacks were escalating. Cayne noted that it seemed strange how Afinas headquarters were refusing to send in reinforcements, despite how many unknown factors the knights were facing. When the traveler asked if headquarters were short-staffed, Cayne explained that Afinas had thousands of troops at the ready, and so they had no shortage of people unless a war itself were to start. Cayne then left to prepare Alika’s tent, after which the traveler noticed a Svarti man approaching.

When the traveler asked what had brought him to the paddock, the nervous man introduced himself as Thorson, a distant relative of Chief Gurnardson. Kan then came over and asked Thorson if he had been watching them. Thorson stuttered that he didn’t have any malicious intentions, but rather, he had merely wanted to meet people from the outside world. Kan furiously began asking if they were spectacles for him, when the traveler diffused the situation and told Thorson that, though they believed that he meant well, Chief Gurnardson hadn’t been kind to the caravanners, which was why they were skeptical of Svarti’s people. Thorson explained that Gurnardson’s behavior was likely because Svarti itself was in dire straits, as the few who remained were starving after monsters had claimed their livestock and the fish had disappeared from the river. He added that Svarti had been suspicious of inviting Kaptafel villagers because of the stories of how Kaptafel had been stealing Svarti’s livestock, though Kan hotly denied the rumor.

The traveler then spoke with Thorson, who explained that because Svarti was a village of fishermen and harpooners, he had recognized that the toxic beast which they had faced was an Actinops, one of the fish they used to catch. He explained that Actinops were transparent, down to their blood, and that their taste made them Abrup’s local specialty. He wondered whether its pink appearance was because of it eating something pink, adding that Actinops had high regenerative capacities that allowed them to puff themselves up and maintain that form for as long as the wanted, pointing out how far the monster had been able to stretch its arm out. He also revealed that Actinops were poisonous, which lined up with his theory about the toxic beast’s poison. Based on what he knew about Actinops, he told the traveler that their best chance to attack was when it stood still to regenerate.

The traveler then noticed several guards speaking with each other conspicuously. When the traveler asked what was wrong, one of them jumped and began explaining that that they were on their way to take care of the monsters that they had seen on their way to Svarti. When the traveler offered to lend a hand, the guard told them that they could take care of it themselves. Just then, Hawalu appeared and began singing a song to cheer the Afinas knights on, which motivated them to do their duty. Suddenly, one of the soldiers collapsed, but got up immediately before explaining that he had felt strange for a moment, and so the other soldiers told him to rest while they went on ahead. (The player can either offer to help again, or tell them good luck and let them leave. However, is the second option is picked, the choices reset, forcing the player to choose the first option.)

The soldiers graciously accepted the traveler’s help and noted that the feeling that they had when the traveler had offered to help must be how the villagers had felt when the Afinas knights had aided them, which made them feel even better about their work. The traveler then defeated the Raging Werebeasts around the area and returned to the soldiers, who thanked the traveler. They explained that, though they didn’t have it easy as soldiers, the knights seemed like they never slept at all, noting that Gillie especially took on a lot of work to help the soldiers out. Because of her dedication, the soldiers told the traveler that they were all working hard to become official knights one day. Just then, Butler came over and asked what was going on, furious to know that the soldiers had asked for help to do their job. The traveler attempted to defend them, explaining that they had insisted on taking the soldiers’ responsibilities, but Butler merely replied that there was no need to speak on their behalf, as they answered for their actions.

After the soldiers returned to their post, the traveler told Butler that the soldiers were exhausted, but Butler replied that in wartime, a lack of discipline meant certain defeat. He explained that in his younger days, he had fought for days without sleeping or eating, lambasting the soldiers for complaining about their jobs while having full meals and being able to sleep by warm fires. He then fumed that on top of keeping the soldiers in line, he was dealing with rumors of a massive shadow during the battle at Kaptafel, adding that it was bad for morale. The traveler learned that Williams, one of the soldiers whom they had helped, had been the one who had started the rumor, and so they decided to ask him about it. The traveler met with Williams, who apologized if the traveler had gotten in trouble with Butler on his behalf. The traveler then asked about the massive shadow, but Williams insisted that he must have been hallucinating, afraid of getting in more trouble with Butler. The traveler then explained that they had seen the same thing, but Williams continued denying it. Kan then arrived and noted that there were quite a few villagers talking about the shadow as well, calling it the ‘smoke shadow’, though no one knew whether it was just a strange cloud or an actual creature. He revealed that the villagers had seen it many times when there had been snowstorms, smoke, or even thick fog, with most assuming that it was the shadow of a mountain or an odd cloud.

The traveler then went to the tent where the wounded were being treated, where they discovered Hawalu. Hawalu was glad to see them and offered to sing them a song. (The player can choose between “Who Lives in Windsleep Forest”, “Yummy Meat”, “Abrup, Land of Snow”, or “The Wind Blows”. After each song is played, a new dialogue option is opened with Hawalu. The player can ask him if Eyefuls had stolen his necklace, which he confirms and adds that they had also taken both Ullan’s and his mother’s hairpin. The player can also ask him about the forest singing, to which he explains that the spirits of his departed ancestors still live in the forest and send warm winds to Abrup until recently. You can ask him his favorite meat, to which he says that he can’t say when Pete is around, implying that it’s Shrelephant meat, though he adds that he likes bread. You can also ask him about breath-wind, which he explains is the wind of his grandfather, adding that its breeze feels like spring. He also says that he’s heard of a special season called summer on the other side of the mountain and wonders what it's like for the weather to always be hot. You can also ask him if he likes snow, to which he says that he does, though his mom doesn’t let him eat it. He adds that he doesn’t like snowstorms because he has to stay home all day when they come.)

The traveler then encountered Janyt and Alika taking care of the injured. The traveler asked Janyt if they could help, but Janyt told them that the blessings of Afinas would suffice for the wounded. Confused, the traveler asked Alika if there was anything that they could do, to which she asked them to find supplies for treating injuries, as there was a limit to Janyt’s Devata healing powers. She explained that the Abrup people had a traditional remedy made from melted Leatty Crystals, and so she asked them to meet Cayne at the snowfield near the river in order to collect the crystals. At the riverbank, the traveler met Cayne, who noted that they always seemed to come where he was and teasingly asked if they liked him, claiming that they had gone pink in the face. While collecting the crystals from the Raging Leatty monsters, Cayne wondered whether Butler should have asked for more Devatas from Afinas. He explained that Devatas were all healers, almost like saints of Afinas. Their abilities made them well respected, especially since it drained their energy to use their special magic.

After collecting the crystals, Cayne and the traveler returned to Svarti and gave them to Alika, who thanked them profusely. The traveler then turned to Janyt and noted that it was amazing that she had been able to heal so many people, which Alika agreed with. However, Janyt claimed that she merely shared the blessings that she had received from Afinas. Cayne laughed that no one adored Afinas as much as Janyt. Alika then told Cayne and the traveler to rest up while she finished treating the injured. The two then began walking around the area, noting that it was finally starting to look like a proper camp, with the sturdy walls giving people hope. The traveler realized that there seemed to be a sense of calm, noting how many villagers were singing the praises of the Afinas knights.

Now that the traveler had some free time, they decided to investigate whether the old woman had stopped by Svarti. They spoke with Thorson and asked whether he knew about the old woman who lived in the cabin in the forest with her granddaughter. After thinking a bit, Thorson recognized the description of the old woman and her ‘witch’ granddaughter. Intrigued at his calling her granddaughter a witch, the traveler asked whether the woman had visited the town several months ago. Thorson explained that he wasn’t sure, as Chief Gurnardson typically dealt with visitors, though he offered to ask the chief on their behalf. As he headed off, Peytour appeared and asked whether they had learned more of Sanaan, the old woman. When the traveler told him that Thorson had gone to ask, Peytour noted that Thorson seemed to be quite friendly. The traveler then remembered that he had called the woman’s granddaughter a witch, to which Peytour laughed and explained that she was merely different, adding that some people concerned themselves too much with such differences. When the traveler asked how she was different, Peytour clarified that it would be more appropriate to say that she was special, both in her natural abilities and her skin color.

Just then, Alika approached the traveler and gave them medicine, explanting that she had forgotten to give it to them earlier. She then asked Peytour what he meant about the woman’s granddaughter being special. Peytour explained that the Sanaan and her granddaughter, Blanche, had once been villagers of Kaptafel, though it had been before he had settled in the town proper, and that it was said that Sanaan had raised Blanche since she had been a baby, with the girl’s differences becoming more and more obvious as she grew. Though her differences weren’t a problem, the villagers had begun to notice Blanche’s strange characteristics: blue-gray skin, swift running, and incredible archery skills. Though he had never met Blanche, Peytour explained that from the stories about the girl, he could imagine people fearing or even hating her, mainly out of ignorance. Based on the description of her blue-grey skin, the traveler asked whether Blanche was a demon. Peytour clarified that she was a half-blood demon, and that Sanaan had taken her into the forest in order to keep her safe. Though that was all he knew, Peytour explained that he had always felt pity for them, as they had been forced to struggle on their own because of the ill treatment of others.

Just then, Thorson returned with Gurnardson, who told the traveler that they would need to pay for his information, asking for half the Leatty Crystals that they had brought back. The traveler moved to collect more, but Alika stopped them and ordered the knights to collect the crystals so that the traveler could first hear the story. After receiving the payment, Gurnardson revealed that Sanaan had come twice to Svarti. The first time she had come, around four or five months ago, she had been looking for Blanche, but as Svarti had no outsiders at the time, Gurnardson had turned her away. Meanwhile, her second visit had been around two months ago, shortly before the monster attacks, though Gurnardson explained that he had turned her away again. He then revealed that he had overheard her mumbling about returning home, and so he believed that it may have been the last place where she had looked. The traveler and Alika immediately realized that if she had returned to her cabin, then she was in danger from the monster attacks. When Gurnardson asked why the traveler was looking for Sanaan, they explained that she had been the one who had called them to Abrup. Peytour noted that, in a way, they had Sanaan to thank for their survival, as her letter had led the traveler to aiding Kaptafel. However, he told the traveler that it was too dangerous to venture into the woods, as there was no guarantee that Sanaan was still there. The traveler acknowledged his concerns, but pointed out that every second counted if Sanaan was truly in danger.

Peytour then had an idea and told them to give him a moment. While they waited, the traveler noted that Alika seemed to have something on her mind. After hesitating, Alika told the traveler to be careful and to come back safely. As Alika walked off, the traveler went to see Peytour, who gave them a map of Windsleep Forest. He explained that Sanaan’s cabin was beyond the Grim Vale in Windsleep Forest and warned them not to enter the Grim Vale under the current circumstances, instead suggesting them to take the path around it. However, he added that they should make camp in the canyon of Grim Vale if they needed to spend the night in the forest, as they would be more secluded while they rested. He then wished that the breath of Windsleep Forest be with them. The traveler then decided to head out, but met Thorson on the path outside. Warning that the forest was dangerous, he gave the traveler a special relic which had been passed down as an heirloom in Svarti for generations, though he asked them not to tell the chief. He explained that he had been waiting for the day when he could do good for someone. The honored traveler promised to return it when they came back. They then set out and began fighting through the monsters, noting how eerily silent it was. Suddenly, they heard Alika screaming and rushed back to discover Alika and Pete the Shrelephant surrounded by monsters. After defeating them, the concerned traveler asked Alika why she had followed them, to which she explained that she had been worried about them, and so she couldn’t let them go on their own. Though she knew that they could defend themselves, she told them that she had packed medicine, a compass, blankets, and emergency rations for the journey ahead. The traveler then realized that she had rushed out earlier while talking with Peytour because she had been packing.

They attempted to convince Alika to return home to safety, but Alika reminded them that she had become the youngest scholar of Afinas because of her talents, and so she was confident that she would be able to help them, adding that she had come too far for the traveler to ask her to turn back without escorting her safety. The traveler, both amused and annoyed by her nerve, reluctantly allowed her to stay. As they continued heading through the forest, Alika tied several red ribbons around the trees along the way, explaining that it would mark the path that they had taken in case they got lost. Soon after, they were surprised to encounter a flying Eyeful monster, which opened a portal and led them somewhere inside a canopy in the trees. There, they noticed many treasures around them, including the brooch that Cayne had lost, and realized that the flying Eyeful was the culprit behind the many thefts. Realizing that there were many other treasures, Alika suggested that they return the items back to their owners.

After exiting the portal, they continued deeper into the forest and noticed how beautiful it was, with the leaves of the trees frozen and sparkling. They then noticed a pink object on the ground and wondered whether it was a type of mushroom. Between a flying Eyeful and the strange pink plant, Alika wondered what was happening in the forest. As the pink plant’s tentacles pulsed, Alika noted that it seemed pretty. As she continued touching it, the plant shivered and released pink pollen, which gathered a horde of monsters. The pair began defending themselves from the onslaught, but as Alika began to get overwhelmed, she threw a large rock onto the pink plant and crushed it. To her surprise, the monsters around them froze in place, causing her to realize that the pink plant was controlling the monsters, with it sending out the pollen after interpreting her touch as a threat. Though the traveler was intrigued, they reminded Alika to be careful, as there was much about the forest that they didn’t know. Alika apologized, but wondered what kind of a creature had the power to control other living things, as she had never seen anything like it in the field or in her books. Though she considered whether the plant was the cause of the monster mutations, and whether it was native to Abrup, she realized that they didn’t have time for it and instead decided to gather samples of the plant to bring back to Afinas headquarters for study.

Immediately upon taking the plant, however, the two were caught in a gust of wind that send them floating into the trees. As they soared into the air, they noticed a fortified town in the distance and realized that it could keep the people of Kaptafel safe. They continued soaring through the air until landing on the ground, though the traveler landed hard on a frozen lake that cracked its surface, causing them to fall into the icy waters. The traveler struggled to remain afloat, losing consciousness just as Alika rushed to save them. Soon after, they regained consciousness and thanked Alika for saving them. Noticing that the sun was setting, Alika suggested that they make camp for the night. Recalling that Peytour had suggested sleeping in Grim Vale, they headed deeper into the vale and found a cave to camp in. The traveler also realized that Alika hadn’t yet eaten, and so they decided to gather food and told her to wait inside.

After gathering Shrelephant meat, they returned to find that Alika had set up a fire. As they prepared soup and began eating, Alika heard someone crying, though the traveler told her that it was the wind. After a moment of silence, Alika noted that it had been a long day, with the traveler agreeing and mentioning how they had been traveling non-stop since leaving Kaptafel. Alika then revealed that she wondered whether she was doing enough for those who relied on her, or if she was a burden on those she meant to help. The traveler reassured her that she worked too hard for that to be true, though Alika apologized for burdening them by following them all the way out to the forest. However, the traveler waved away her apology, reminding her how she had saved them from drowning. As they reminisced about how their campfire felt just like the night they had camped at the destroyed village during their expedition, Alika recalled how the traveler had asked her about her dreams. She revealed that she had never told anyone about her dreams before, as she feared that telling someone would make them come true. However, she told the traveler that, just this once, she felt that she could safely tell them.

She explained that in her dreams, it was always dark and cold, and that she always saw the same girl running through a black forest, chased by an unknown person or thing. Though her skin was bruised and battered from falling, she would continue going. The dream would then skip ahead to her lying still on the barren snowfield, though Alika affirmed that the girl was alive, adding that she would always feel as though she was that girl upon awakening, with the dream reoccurring every night for months. She explained that she wondered what the dream meant, whether the girl was awaiting her somewhere or if she needed help, adding that she felt that having the same dream each night was significant, especially because her father was in her dream as well, wearing his usual Afinas scholar robes, though she couldn’t say whether he was saving the girl or if he had more sinister motives. She then revealed that the reason she had followed the traveler was because she felt that there was something waiting for her in Windsleep Forest. Though she lamented that she had found nothing yet, the traveler assuaged her by saying that she had taken the first step towards resolution. Alika laughed and thanked the traveler, claiming that they were starting to remind her of her friend. (Here, the player can either ask if she’s talking about Cayne or say that her friend must be quite thoughtful, just like themselves. If the player chooses the first option, she says that Cayne is a good friend, but she’s talking about another, very important friend. If the player chooses the second option, she laughs and says that she thinks that her friend would get along with them quite well. Either response leads to the same follow-up dialogue choice, in which the player can either ask her to tell tell them more, or say that they'd like to meet her friend sometime, with both of those options leading to the same explanation.)

Alika explained that her friend’s name was Vivere, and that they were best friends, practically family. As they had been together for so long, Alika explained that it bothered her that they had never been apart for so long.

(This opens up a very dynamic dialogue tree, which reveals different bits of information depending on the choices made. As not all the dialogue can be unlocked, it will take multiple playthroughs in order to obtain all the revealed information. Presented is a summary of all the different information which Alika reveals:

About Vivere: Alika says that Vivere isn’t a scholar, but assures the player that Vivere is much smarter than her. She explains that learning came naturally to Vivere, as opposed to herself, who had been expected to study from a young age. The player asks whether she’s jealous of Vivere, which Alika denies. She claims that she’s genuinely happy to have a friend like Vivere, who’s had a huge impact on her life. She then asks what she appears to the player as, in the sense that she wants to know what kind of person the player thinks she is. The player tells her that she’s kind and smart and cheerful. Alika laughs and says that she wishes that she could show them her true self, elegant and graceful. She explains that Vivere is the reason why she can stay bright and cheerful, as she would have been a miserable shut-in with her books without her influence, calling Vivere her only family. Regarding how they met, she explains that when she was five years old, her father had gone on a long observational study, and when he returned, he had brought back Vivere with him. At the time, she hadn’t cared where Vivere had come from or why she was there, only that she had a new friend to keep her company.

About her father: She tells the player that it was difficult studying since a young age because she was hardly ever praised, as nothing she did was enough for her father, while everything she accomplished was credited to him by others. Because of that, she had tried harder than anyone to be perfect so that no one could possibly find fault with her, which she claimed was worth it, because that drive had led her to becoming the youngest Apprentice Scholar in the history of Afinas. She also tells the player that her favorite quote is, “If you can dream it, you can do it”, which has kept her going the whole time. Regarding her father, she says that he’s her biological family, but she feels like Vivere is her real family. She explains that her father has always been more of a scholar than a father, to the point that it’s hard for her to remember that they’re related. The player then points out that he’s still her father, to which she concedes that he’s provided a lot for her materially by paying for her studies, which had made it possible for her to meet Cayne and Vivere. She also says that it’s hard for her to escape accusations that she’s only in her position because of her father, and her father’s refusal to correct them has further created a rift between them.

About Cayne: She says that the player likely already knows how she met Cayne, since he talks about it so much. She explains that Cayne was assigned to be her bodyguard about three years ago. He was a rising star in the Knights and volunteered for the job, though at the time, she had suspected that he had only wanted to get into her father’s good graces. At first, she was intensely uncomfortable, as she was worried that he would report her every move, or order her about on her father’s authority, but she was surprised that he genuinely cared about her, and she soon grew to trust him. She tells the player that she’s confident that Cayne is always looking out for her, and that he’ll be there to keep her safe.

About Afinas: She says that Afinas is a research organization centered on studies of the self, and that it was founded by philosophers hundreds of years ago in order to answer questions such as where people come from, who they are, and where they’re going. Though she says that monster research could reveal new leads in the search for those answers, she believes that there’s no way that it could be a high priority since she had been assigned to it. She then laughs that she’s just given the player a textbook answer, explaining that if they joined Afinas, that would be the kind of stuff they’ll drum into the player's head. When the player mentions that Cayne had said how Afinas had thousands of soldiers at the ready, she says that it’s true, thought she doesn’t know the exact number. She adds that there’s even more if one counts deployed teams and reserve soldiers. She explains that since Afinas is focused on studies of humanities, the organization takes a huge interest in the betterment of mankind and the protection of the less fortunate. Though it had started as a group of scholars, it now has more knights and volunteers than researchers, which has allowed their people to expand to all sorts of remote places, giving them a greater sense of pride and confidence.

About her dreams: She says that it’s embarrassing, but the player tells her that she shouldn’t be embarrassed, asking her why she should care if someone doesn’t like her dreams. She laughs and agrees, but makes the player promise not to tell Cayne. She then says that since she’s only left Afinas headquarters a few times in her life, she wants to travel to a new world, where no one knows of Afinas, and live amongst its people and share her knowledge for the good of all. The player says that it’s a good dream, but they ask why she wants to hide it from Cayne. She tells them that in a perfect world, she wants both Cayne and Vivere to be there with her.

At the end of all dialogue paths, she tells the player that she wants to ask them something, which has to be kept secret from everyone. She then asks if they want to join Afinas. The player can either say yes or no, but it has no effect on the story, as she asks the player to seek her out if they change their mind if they say no.)

Realizing that it was getting late, the traveler suggested that she head to bed. Alika wondered whether they would survive the night, but the traveler reassured her that they would. Upon noting their hesitant expression, Alika promised them that they would find the old woman, as the breath of Windsleep Forest was with her. She explained that she had always wondered what that greeting meant, and that she now finally understood it, adding that it felt as though the breath of Windsleep Forest was what had led them on their journey. The two then went to sleep, but the traveler was awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of Alika having a nightmare. After the traveler went to sleep again, they woke up the next morning to find that Alika and Pete had gotten up early, eager to continue their mission. Alika suggested that they leave Pete at the camp, as she was worried that he would be in danger from the monsters ahead. The two then left Pete behind and headed out, fighting past the monsters on the way. Through the forest, they noticed that the pink plants, which Alika named Jellyrashes, were on the trees, spewing out pollen that controlled the monsters.

As they proceeded onward, Alika fell into a deep hole in the ground, unable to climb out. The traveler cut a long piece of slime from a Jellyrash and used it as a rope to lift her out. Alika then noted that the hole must have been dug by someone, meaning that someone had to be living nearby. They continued onward, noting more traps and monsters, and finally reached Sanaan’s cabin, which they were pleased to see had been untouched by monsters. Inside, they found the cabin empty, but with no signs of a struggle, they concluded that Sanaan had likely fled to a safer place. Searching the cabin, the traveler discovered a journal with its latest entry dated from last month, a cup of dried soup, a single slipper, a ball of yarn that had likely fallen out while Sanaan had been packing, as well as a photo of Sanaan and Blanche. Upon seeing Blanche’s face, Alika was shocked and began to tell the traveler something, but she was interrupted by the screeching of monsters outside. Looking through the window, the pair were shaken to find an immense horde of powerful monsters being led by a massive tentacled creature, which the traveler recognized as the giant shadow. Fearing that the army was heading for Svarti, the traveler and Alika decided to follow them.

Upon leaving the cabin, the two encountered a Frostflail Yeti and began fighting it. As their battle prolonged because of an incoming snowstorm, Alika noted that the monster army was getting away and suggested heading for the trees. The traveler apologized for not being able to finish it off, explaining that the snowstorm had forced them to keep a distance, and its tough hide making it difficult to finish off. Alika assured them that it wasn’t their fault, explaining that the Fembris in Kaptafel, the Actinops in Svarti, and the Frostflail Yeti were all different from usual monsters, lamenting that there wasn’t time to research their mutations in order to determine the cause of their frenzy. The traveler decided that they would gather samples for Alika and give them to her later, after which the pair continued to follow the army. As they continued jumping across the trees, they noticed that there were several red ribbons on the branches, which caused them to realize that the monsters were attacking Svarti. Realizing that there were too many for them to fight, they resolved to find a way to draw the monsters away from the village.

Suddenly, Alika noticed the Jellyrashes on the trees and realized that the monsters being controlled by the Jellyrash pollen would stop moving if the Jellyrashes were destroyed. To their surprise, however, destroying one of the Jellyrashes in the trees caused the monsters to start clawing at the trees in an attempt to reach the traveler and Alika. The traveler realized that the monsters were following them, and so Alika suggested that they make the monsters chase them away from Svarti. The pair then continued destroying Jellyrashes and leading the monsters away from Svarti before finding a frozen lake. Recalling how they had fallen in earlier, the traveler decided to set a trap by finding a weak point in the ice. Suddenly, however, the large tentacled monster appeared and prepared to attack. As they prepared to run, Pete the Shrelephant appeared to rescue them. Climbing aboard, the traveler and Alika fled from the monster, but found themselves on the edge of a cliff. With no choice, Pete jumped off the edge and used his trunk as a propeller to ease their fall, though the tentacled monster continued to pursue by scaling down the cliff. The three eventually crashed through the icy surface of the lake and sank deep into its waters.

Act 3: Harmonious Abrup

"A giant monster and countless monster legions... I cannot end this by myself.
I need to unite Abrup and get ready for the last battle in Skuas, the stronghold in the valley."

Alika took the unconscious traveler back to the villagers, where she learned that Svarti had also fallen. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to convince the villagers that the giant monster was real, noting that their despair had resulted in them turning on each other, squabbling instead of facing reality. However, Alika believed that they needed to face the incoming monster attack together as one people if they had any hope of surviving. As the villagers headed for Skuas Fortress in their caravan, the traveler awoke to the sight of the concerned villagers. Peytour thanked them for their actions in leading the monsters away from Svarti, which he attributed to being the reason why they had been able to fend the monsters off and escape. Alika explained that Svarti’s wooden walls had been destroyed, but it hadn’t been razed like Kaptafel or the other towns. When the traveler asked why they had evacuated if Svarti still stood, Alika told them that it was because they couldn’t hope to withstand another monster attack. She then explained that the town that they had seen while floating in the air during their expedition in Grim Vale was a fortress called Skuas, which had been built into the natural defenses of the land, allowing it to stand for over 300 years.

Noting the traveler’s face, Alika told them not to consider it running away, but as an opportunity for them to rally together and plan how to strike back. Though she admitted that not everyone had been in agreement, they had all compromised to travel to Skuas before deciding how to proceed from there. After Alika brought the traveler soup, she explained that Pete had saved them, to which Cayne bitterly noted that they didn’t need a knight to help after all. As Alika profusely apologized once again, the traveler realized that Cayne was upset that Alika had snuck out of town without telling him. The caravan soon arrived at Skuas, where Birna, the chief of the town, greeted the refugees. She explained that it was natural for Skuas to aid their kin, as their ancestors had taught them to unite against adversity. She apologized for not sending aid when their villages had been attacked, as they had little to offer, but offered lodging for them as soon as it could be prepared. As Birna left to oversee preparations, the Afinas knights noted that Skuas was an admirable fortress that could be the perfect means for counterattack after improving its natural defenses. Just then, Birna returned and explained that it wouldn’t be possible to take in everyone, though she offered a place for the wounded, the old, the weak, and the children to stay at the local inn, medicine from their general store, and an open field for the others to pitch their tents. Butler then asked about Skuas’ military forces, and so Birna led him for an assessment.

Gurnardson and Kan then got into an argument about whether they should have stayed in Svarti, with Gurnardson noting that with the holes in Skuas’ walls, it would have been better to stay in Svarti, where they had beds. Meanwhile, the Afinas soldiers began whispering amongst themselves over whether the Afinas reinforcements were actually coming. Just then, Gillie broke up their talk and reminded them that they had no time to be gossiping about headquarters when the villagers were watching them. The traveler then organized the villagers and met with Birna and the Skuas soldiers. Alika then addressed the entire group and explained how they had discovered the giant monster leading an army during their expedition to find the old woman who had summoned the traveler. The traveler added that they had spent many years adventuring across Maple World, coming to rely on their own power, but explained that the threats in Abrup were such that even they were helpless. However, they told the group that they were strong together and rallied them into uniting against the monsters. However, the villagers claimed that they had no experience fighting monsters and looked to Afinas to protect them.

Suddenly, Sanaan stepped forward and told the crowd that it wasn’t the job of the traveler or Afinas to help them, but rather, it was their own fight to save their home. The traveler immediately recognized Sanaan as the one who had sent them the letter. Ullan then stepped forward and reminded Aruhi that he needed to find his missing daughter, with the traveler adding that there was much to help out with, and not all of it fighting, which helped slowly rally more to lend their support, ignoring the protests of Gurnardson. After the traveler’s speech, Birna told them not to concern themselves with the naysayers amongst the group, as they understood what was needed for triumph. She noted that the common ground they had was that they all wanted to survive, which would help rally everyone together. She explained that Skuas had taken in many refugees in the past, and that it wasn’t the first time that they had faced such hardships. She also added that such meetings were necessary to unite the people, and that their actions would be told in stories for generations.

The traveler then met with Sanaan after their long search. Peytour expressed how relieved he was to see that she was safe, as did Kan and Gurnardson. As the two chiefs sheepishly apologized for turning her away, Birna castigated them for having forgotten what she had said about considering the needs of their kin, demanding to know how they could call themselves leaders by behaving so cruelly. After a shocked pause, Kan asked Birna not to treat them like children, explaining that they needed to make tough decisions for the good of their people. However, Birna retorted that she was treating him like a chief, which meant holding him to a higher standard. Sanaan then told Birna not to worry herself with lectures, as her being in Skuas was all that mattered. She then turned to the traveler and welcomed them to Abrup. The traveler apologized for keeping her waiting, but Sanaan dismissed their apology, noting that they had clearly had their hands full. Birna added that they were every bit the hero that people claimed, even having managed to bring together two hard-headed chiefs such as Kan and Gurnardson. However, the traveler pointed out Alika and explained that the credit for uniting the chiefs should go to her.

Sanaan profusely thanked them both and told them that their kindness meant a great deal to her. She explained that on her long search for her granddaughter, she had seen the transformation of the monsters firsthand, though she had been saved by Elva, the general store owner, and brought to Skuas. Unable to search for Blanche or wait for her at their cabin, Sanaan explained that all she could do was write hundreds of letters begging for help, though she noted that the traveler was the only one who had answered her call. Though the traveler told her that they couldn’t find Blanche, Sanaan told them not to be sorry, as what they had done was far greater than helping one old woman. Alika then gave Sanaan the picture of her and Blanche, for which Sanaan thanked her, explaining that her only regret had been leaving the picture behind. The traveler noted that Blanche was special, which Sanaan agreed with. Suddenly, Ullan heard them speak Blanche’s name and ran over to ask if it was true that Blanche was missing, running off when they confirmed it. When the traveler asked why Ullan was upset, a sad Sanaan told them that she was stuck remembering something from the past, noting that it was a shame that people still didn’t understand that being stuck in the past without acknowledging their mistakes prevented them from moving forward in the future, to which Birna and Peytour agreed.

Just then, Butler and the other knights arrived, and so Sanaan told them to meet her later for a chat after they finished attending to their duties. Butler then asked the traveler what their next move was, to which the traveler suggested blocking the path to Skuas and repairing the walls. Butler approved of their plan and looked to Peytour, who explained that they had many options all around them for creating the roadblock, with both the traveler and Alika realizing that he was referring to wood. Unexpectedly, a surprisingly sober Aruhi also volunteered to help gather wood, along with several other soldiers from Kaptafel and Skuas offering to provide defense. Cayne asked the traveler whether they were planning to catch an Eyeful in a hollow tree, noting that there was a reason they had become thieves, much to the traveler’s confusion.

The group then headed out and began fighting the Petreefied Eyefuls for their wood. During their mission, Aruhi approached the traveler and asked if they believed that he was clean. When both the traveler and Peytour confirmed it, Aruhi revealed that the day when he had returned home from the Skuas market, he had seen footprints everywhere, which he had followed to see friends and loved ones being carried away screaming by demons covered head to toe in steel armor painted white. Aruhi admitted that he had been a coward and hidden, waiting for it all to end. He remained adamant that he had been telling the truth the entire time and asked if they believed him now that he had become sober. Peytour sadly noted that there were no other witnesses and the kidnappers had left no trace, but the traveler decided to ask people from other villages to corroborate Aruhi’s story, causing Aruhi to profusely thank the traveler for trusting him.

The group then finished collecting wood and began heading back when they saw Slaka being chased by monsters. After they defeated them all, Peytour confronted Slaka and demanded to know how he had the nerve to return after stealing the caravan’s food. Slaka retorted by asking how Peytour could treat him so coldly when he had decided to turn back and return to help the villagers. The traveler then asked why he had stolen their food, to which Slaka sheepishly told them not to worry about it for now. He explained that at the top of the El Nath mountains, he had been able to view the entire Abrup Basin, from where he had seen a giant silhouette surrounded by a red snowstorm, out of which thousands of monsters were spilling out. Realizing that the same thing had happened before Kaptafel had been attacked, Slaka explained that he had returned to warn them that the red snowstorm was still raging around Windsleep Forest. Though they were annoyed at Slaka stealing their food, the group nevertheless thanked him for his information and took him back to Skuas, though Peytour put him to work immediately.

The traveler then noted that Peytour and Aruhi had good instincts in their striking ability with axe throws while fighting monsters and realized that they had potential as fighters. The traveler then decided to train them both by sparring with them at once, overwhelming the pair with their strength. While taking a break, the traveler noticed that Ullan was upset and went to speak with her. Ullan broke down and explained that it was her fault that Blanche was gone. She told the traveler that she and the other children of Kaptafel used to play with Blanche when they were younger, but because of her unnatural skin color and strength, the children had started bullying her and called her a monster, after which Sanaan and Blanche had left town, never to return. She blamed herself for forcing Blanche away into the cabin, which had resulted in her getting kidnapped with the others in the forest. The traveler then told Ullan that she could apologize to Sanaan, silently realizing that they could also ask her about Aruhi’s story. The traveler then went to see Sanaan and asked why she was standing outdoors. She explained that Einar, the young man who lived in the house she was standing outside, had shut himself inside again. The traveler then asked her whether she had seen any suspicious strangers in the forest six months ago, but Sanaan told them that she hadn’t seen the kidnappers.

As Sanaan and Elva led the traveler to a fire, Sanaan asked them whether they had seen the Jellyrashes in the forest and explained that the giant creature controlled all the monsters of the forest through the Jellyrashes, which it created by mixing a strange red powder it produced with the snow that it kicked up, creating a massive red snowstorm. She told the traveler that she had only seen it once, and that it had been tearing parts of its own body off. The traveler suddenly realized that if they were to destroy the Jellyrashes faster than the monster produced them, they would be able to limit the monsters that it could control to only the ones directly around itself. After speaking with Sanaan, the traveler met with Elva, who explained that she might be able to answer their question about suspicious individuals because of the rumors she heard as a store owner. She told them that one of their herb gatherers had seen several suspicious people in the forest wearing white steel armor that covered even their face, such that it would be easy to lose them in a blizzard. Realizing that Aruhi’s story lined up with hers, the traveler asked who the herb gatherer was, to which Elva explained that he had gone into the forest to find his missing wife and never returned. She then asked the traveler for a favor, explaining that the chaos with the monsters had left her short on supplies, and so she asked them together Eyeful antennae, Optusa leaves, Leatty Crystals, and vials of clear Actinops blood. The traveler brought the ingredients to her, after which Elva let them keep her notes on ingredients. She then explained that she was helping Sanaan mend armor for those who needed it, such as Einar. (The player can either choose to give her a piece of armor, or say that they don't have any. Offering to give doesn't actually remove anything from the player's inventory.) After finishing refurbishing a helmet, Sanaan explained that she hoped that it would give Einar the courage to go outside.

Suddenly, the group heard a noise and went to investigate. At the town square, they found Gurnardson and Slaka arguing about his being in the town. Just then, Cayne arrived and amusedly asked the traveler if they should break up the fight. He explained that he had come back from training the villagers, who had lined up to join after seeing the traveler train Peytour and Aruhi. Before they could break up the fight, Kan and Thorson arrived to separate the pair, though even they were unsuccessful. Chief Birna then arrive and chided Gurnardson and Slaka for squabbling when everyone around them was working hard. After the pair left, Sanaan gently told Birna not to scold them too hard, as the pair didn’t have the years of experience that they did. She added that the conflict would help shape them into understanding the necessity of cooperation. Just then, a miner appeared and told Birna that they had successfully finished testing the new ballista, though they needed more wood to make others. When the traveler asked about the ballista, Birna explained that Alika had drafted several blueprints for possible weapons, and that they had chosen to build the ballista because of the few resources it required.

The traveler and Birna then noted that Gurnardson had a sour expression and went to speak with him. Gurnardson claimed that Slaka had started the argument by asking why they weren’t doing anything, to which Birna interrupted and noted that Slaka was right in asking why he hadn’t been doing anything. When Gurnardson and Thorson stammered that there was nothing to be done, the traveler pointed out that there was always something to do. After a pause, Gurnardson asked the traveler to teach them how to fight with their harpoons. The traveler agreed, but explained that they hadn’t taught Peytour and Aruhi to fight with axes, but to use their experience as woodcutters to fight. At the training area, Gillie oversaw the sparring match and gave pointers to the harpooners as they fought with the traveler. Impressed by their tactics, Gillie suggested incorporating nets into their attacks in order to trap monsters. As they continued their sparring practice, Sanaan arrived to let the traveler know that their food supplies were nearly gone. Empowered by his sparring match, Gurnardson offered to join the expedition for food while Slaka offered to lead the way, as he was enamored by Elva.

As the group hunted Shrelephants, they noticed an Eyeful and began chasing after it, which led to them being teleported to its lair. The group discovered the treasure trove that the Eyeful had stolen, including a cattle name tag. Slaka realized that the monsters had eaten the cattle and the Eyeful had brought the tags back to its nest, which meant that Kaptafel hadn’t stolen the Svarti cattle as they had claimed. The traveler then discovered an orange helmet and realized that it could be a helmet from the armored people that Aruhi and Elva had been talking about. As they returned back to Skuas, Fembris appeared in their path and the traveler jumped forward to defend the group. The traveler bravely faced Fembris and, with the help of the harpooners and their nets, they managed to defeat it. They returned back to Skuas, where the traveler gave Aruhi the helmet from the Eyeful nest to prove that he was telling the truth. As he broke down crying, the others felt guilty and profusely apologized to him for doubting his story. The traveler then showed the helmet to Cayne and Alika, who asked whether they had found it in the forest. When the traveler explained that they had found it in an Eyeful nest, Alika noted that there were likely more such nests. The traveler agreed and told Alika that they had also brought back many stolen items as well. They then asked what she had done with the other items from the first nest they had discovered, to which she explained that she had left them at the general store as a common area where people could look for their belongings. Cayne happily chimed in that he had been able to recover his brooch.

The three then began heading to the general store in order to place the stolen items there, but they were stopped by Ullan and several other villagers, who explained that they were on their way there as well in order to apologize to Sanaan. Ullan, Kan, and the other villagers then tearfully apologized to Sanaan, who was touched and told them that even though she had moved on, she appreciated them thinking of her and Blanche. She reassured Ullan that it wasn’t her fault that Blanche had gone missing, and that she had never once thought of blaming her for it. Kan then offered a place in Kaptafel, but Sanaan politely declined, explaining that she couldn’t leave her cabin until Blanche returned. Kan told her that all the villagers had given up on finding their missing family members except for Aruhi, whose vindication had led him to decide that Kaptafel would resume the search for their missing loved ones, including Blanche. The traveler then went with Alika and Cayne to deliver the lost items to Elva, who told them that over half the missing items from the first lot had been claimed, including a necklace that belonged to Einar’s sister. She explained that she had given him his sister’s locket and Sanaan’s armor, though he had cried a lot upon receiving them.

After delivering the missing items, the traveler told Alika and Cayne about their battle with Fembris. The pair noted that if Fembris had been sighted at the edge of Windsleep Forest, it meant that they needed to prepare for attack, though they knew that they had no time left. Alika explained that the ballistas had been completed, with construction of the catapults nearly being complete. In order to check on the wall repairs, the group went to see Birna and told her that Fembris had been sighted near Skuas, and that it had been leading the first wave during the attacks on Kaptafel and Svarti. Just as the traveler offered to help repair the walls, Thorson, Aruhi, Elva, Slaka, and Ullan arrived with Sanaan and pledged their support as well. As the group worked on repairing the walls, Einar arrived and asked the traveler if he could join in and help avenge his sister. He explained that he had lost his parents at a young age, and that he had done everything that he could to help his little sister by performing manual labor such as hauling barrels, cutting wood, and sweeping chimneys, which was how he had gotten strong.

After finishing hauling stones for the wall, the traveler led Einar to the training grounds, where Cayne offered to help him with his technique while the traveler sparred with them. The traveler was hesitant about Cayne’s teaching, as his only two instructions were for Einar to block and stab, though Alika promised the traveler that Afinas taught their knights better than Cayne did. After the traveler finished sparring with them, the group decided to take a break. Einar then asked Cayne whether his kindness was because of what he had learned from Sanaan, though Cayne told him that Sanaan had asked for him to be treated like everyone else. The traveler added that Sanaan was worried for him, to which Einar vowed to repay her kindness, telling the traveler that their speech had moved him, particularly the part in which they had described how there had always been people who had helped them during their journey.

He then decided to tell his story to the pair, explaining that his parents had died shortly after his sister, Julieta, had been born. Though there was a large age gap between the two, Einar cared deeply about her and took whatever odd jobs he could do in order to support them both. The day after many townspeople had disappeared, he had gone out alone to cut trees, despite Julieta’s protests for him not to go, as well as his own fear. Before he could leave town, Birna had stopped him and asked him to help with something else in town. Not knowing that he hadn’t left town, Julieta had packed a lunch and left for the forest in order to deliver it to him, never to be seen again.

Einar told the pair that he was cursed, believing it to be his fault that his entire family was gone. Though Cayne attempted to tell him not to blame himself, Einar explained that he regretted everything that he hadn’t done to prevent Julieta’s disappearance. However, he admitted that it was now the other way around, as the kindness of Birna, Elva, and Sanaan had spurred him to leave his home and stop wallowing in his own remorse. He then showed them a locket containing a photo of himself and Julieta, with Cayne noting that she looked quite different from him with her pink eyes and hair. Einar then thanked the traveler for helping him realize that he needed to take a stand and committed himself to fighting the monsters and atoning for abandoning Julieta. Invigorated, the three then decided to spar for a while until Cayne noted that Alika was speaking intently with Birna, a serious look on her face. (At this point, Einar tells the player that he’s fine practicing on his own, and the player gets the option to either leave him alone, or to spar with him for a while.)

Cayne told the traveler that Einar reminded him of himself, explaining that the effort that Einar was putting into training was the same effort that had gotten him recognized by Afinas, adding that he had great popularity there. Just then, Gillie arrived and claimed that his fans had dwindled in number. She told the traveler that Cayne used to be highly popular while rising through the ranks of the Afinas knights, as he had started young and had flashy skills, similar to the type of knights from storybooks. Regardless of his popularity, however, Cayne had been honorable and kind, exemplifying the traits of Afinas knights. However, she admitted that even though she admired him, she missed his old self who focused on doing the right thing, adding that he was different because of Alika, though she insisted that it wasn’t a jibe at her. After a pause, Cayne replied that he liked who he was presently, causing Gillie to comment that she was perhaps seeing him for who he really was. After Gillie left, Cayne told the traveler that Alika’s father was a father figure to him as well, as he had offered Cayne a chance with the Afinas knights when he had nowhere to go, attributing Alika’s father to being responsible for everything he had. He explained that he had wanted to return the favor, and to get some recognition by joining the knights.

The traveler then decided to visit Alika and gave her the samples that they had collected from the Actinops, Fembris, and Frostflail Yeti that they had encountered during their journey. Alika thanked them profusely for giving her something to bring back to Afinas as an achievement and asked how she could repay them, to which the traveler merely told her that they were content as long as she was happy. They then noted that she looked as though something was wrong and asked what the matter was. She explained that progress on the catapults had been hindered because there were no ropes in Skuas that were strong enough to strap the rocks into. Though the traveler insisted that they could find some, Alika warned them that it was too dangerous for anyone to leave the fortress when Fembris and the other monsters were in the area. Nevertheless, the traveler protested that they would be fine alone, as finishing the catapult would significantly bolster their defenses.

Though Alika denied their request, the traveler decided to sneak out anyways. In the forest, they saw red snow descending and realized that the attack was coming imminently. They also noticed that there were many Jellyrashes growing in the area and realized that they could use the Jellyrash goo as rope, recalling that they had done something similar to rescue Alika from the large hole in the ground. After gathering the Jellyrash ropes, the traveler returned back to town, where Alika confronted them. The traveler apologized and showed her the sturdy ropes, which she and the miners noted ought to be strong enough for the catapults. Nevertheless, Alika entreated them to be safe, reminding them that both she and everyone in the town needed them for the upcoming battle. Just then, another miner appeared and explained that her schematics to strengthen their mines with gunpowder had increased their efficiency by thirty-fold.

Just then, a soldier yelled for the gates to open up as Einar and several other scouts were being chased by monsters outside. The traveler and Cayne immediately rushed outside and held off the onslaught until the others could reach safety. After returning back to the town, the other villagers gathered around as the scouts reported that the monster army had reached the other side of Sunglow Forest, nearly upon Skuas itself. Just then, red snow began to fall on Skuas, with the traveler noting that the army was right at their doorstep. The traveler then thanked the villagers for coming together in their time of need, with the villagers, in turn, thanking the traveler for tirelessly leading them through the situation. The town immediately rallied together and mobilized as Butler noted that they wouldn’t be able to rely on Afinas reinforcements after all.

(The battle mechanics here are that there are three battlefronts and the player has to choose which one to face.)

As the battle raged, the villagers were forced to pull back as the monsters advanced and breached the fortress. To their shock, the giant monster began climbing over the castle walls, causing the traveler to immediately order everyone to retreat, though they quickly realized that there was nowhere to retreat to. The traveler then bravely faced the monster as the others cut down the Jellyrashes to weaken it. As the monster fell, its face armor broke open to reveal a girl with pink hair inside a sac within its head cavity. Einar rushed forward and recognized that it was actually his sister, Julieta. The others looked in shock as Einar broke down, watching Julieta and rest of the monster body vaporizing away. Cayne immediately rushed forward and consoled Einar by reminding him that Julieta’s death wasn’t his fault. As they led him back in town, Sanaan congratulated Einar and told him that he had made them all proud. Noticing that he was crying, she asked what the matter was. Einar tearfully began telling her about Julieta, but stopped and told her that it was nothing, allowing her to lead him away. Meanwhile, the other villagers began celebrating their victory, hoping that with the defeat of the giant monster and its army, they could finally return safely home.

Alika then asked Cayne for some privacy, after which she asked the traveler if they remembered the dream that she had told them about. She explained that initially, she wasn’t sure whether the girl running in the forest and the girl lying in the snowfield were the same, though she now knew that Blanche was the girl running in her dream, while Julieta was the girl lying in the snowfield. She then asked the traveler if they had any leads on the abductions, to which they replied that they merely had clues, but nothing concrete. Alika told them that she wanted to help them uncover the mystery, as she believed her dreams were cries for help. Though she hadn’t been able to help Julieta, she explained that she hoped to save Blanche and the others who had been kidnapped from Abrup. As she had been drawn into the mystery by a dream, and the traveler had been brought in by a letter, she believed that such simple events leading to everything that had happened was a sign that they were meant to work together.

Elsewhere, in a mysterious office, a man named Dester noted how incredible the experiment had gone, lamenting that it had ended so soon. Though he noted that he still had many unanswered questions, he decided that there would be other opportunities, adding that he should congratulate ‘them’ when they returned. Around the room were beakers and other scientific apparatus, as well as a board with photos of Blanche and Princess Sakuno.)

Back in Skuas, Alika and the Afinas dispatch prepared to head back to headquarters, while the traveler prepared to head back. Alika apologized for not being able to stay and oversee repairs, but promised to send more forces and relief supplies as soon as she returned back home. The three chiefs profusely thanked the traveler and the knights, promising them a place in their village any time they wanted to visit. As they began to head out, the traveler noted that Einar and Sanaan weren’t present amongst the villagers who had come to see them off.

Some time later, Alika was riding in a carriage when she fell asleep. In her dream, she found herself in a space filled with Antellion crystals. Each time she reached out to touch one, she found that it immediately shattered. Suddenly, mirror-like crystal walls manifested around her, upon which several unfamiliar faces manifested. On one mirror wall, Oda Nobunaga manifested, claiming that he had found a new path to become the Demon King. On another surface, Burke appeared and noted that if he had ‘the power’, none of the tragedies that had befallen would have happened. On yet another wall, Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin appeared besides Princess Sakuno, who vowed that the Sengoku Warriors would return. The voices all began overlapping each other, with Oda vowing not to fail again, Burke vowing that he would do whatever it took to set things right, and Sakuno continuing her last sentence, vowing that she, Matsuyama Sakuno, swore that her will would be carried out.

Suddenly, the mirror walls shattered to reveal a large projection of Naricain, who spoke aloud to address his father, Christopher Crimsonheart, noting that he was ultimately right about those that sought the power of the Antellion never resting. After he vanished in a blinding flash of light, Alika continued running through the dream space until she encountered the Antellion itself. Noticing an indentation in the crystal, Alika took out a fragment of the Antellion hanging on her necklace and gazed at it intently, with the symbol of Afinas shining within it. As she placed the fragment in the indentation, a strange hooded person wearing the robes of Afinas appeared behind and spoke aloud that the truth that they had sought for so long was finally within reach, noting that they would at last become complete.


Act 1

First Completion
Eqp Kaptafel Hat.png Kaptafel Hat Coupon
Use Eyeful's Equipment Trading Coupon.png Eyeful's Equipment Trading Coupon
Use Medal of Honor.png Afinas Medal of Honor (Grants +500 Honor EXP when used)
Use Abrup Food Rations.png Abrup Food Rations (Gives a random item that grants a 1 second buff)
Repeated Completions
Use Medal of Honor.png Afinas Medal of Honor (Grants +500 Honor EXP when used)
Use Kaptafel Snowfield Tonic.png Kaptafel Snowfield Tonic (Grants +300 Willpower EXP when used)
Use Cayne's Hand Cream.png Cayne's Hand Cream (Grants +300 Diligence EXP when used)

Act 2

First Completion
Skill Shrelephant Mount.png Shrelephant Mount
Eqp Alika's Knight.png Alika's Knight
Use Eyeful's Equipment Trading Coupon.png Eyeful's Equipment Trading Coupon
Use Medal of Honor.png Afinas Medal of Honor (Grants +500 Honor EXP when used)
Use Abrup Food Rations.png Abrup Food Rations (Gives a random usable item that grants a 1 second buff)
Repeated Completions
Use Medal of Honor.png Afinas Medal of Honor (Grants +500 Honor EXP when used)
Use Svarti Fish Oil.png Svarti Fish Oil (Grants +300 Insight EXP when used)
Use Shrelephant Scent Pouch.png Shrelephant Scent Pouch (Grants +300 Charm EXP when used)

Act 3

First Completion
Setup Abrup Celebration Chair.png Abrup Celebration Chair
Eqp Savior of Abrup.png Savior of Abrup
Use Eyeful's Equipment Trading Coupon.png Eyeful's Equipment Trading Coupon
Use Medal of Honor.png Afinas Medal of Honor (Grants +500 Honor EXP when used)
Use Abrup Food Rations.png Abrup Food Rations (Gives a random item that grants a 1 second buff)
Repeated Completions
Use Medal of Honor.png Afinas Medal of Honor (Grants +500 Honor EXP when used)
Use Skuas Roasted Coffee.png Skuas Roasted Coffee (Grants +300 Empathy EXP when used)
Use Butler's Pomade.png Butler's Pomade (Grants +300 Ambition EXP when used)


Daily Missions

(Resets at midnight server time)

  • [Daily Mission] First Elimination of the Day!
    (Eliminate Julieta 1 time)
    • Reward: Use Mysterious Meso Pouch.png Abrup Meso Pouch x 1
  • [Daily Mission] Exhaust the Day Away!
    (Enter Julieta 3 times in a day)
    • Reward: Use Boss Julieta Additional Entry Ticket.png Boss Julieta Additional Entry Ticket x 1
  • [Daily Mission] Eliminate the Jellyrashes
    (Eliminate 100 Jellyrashes in one mission against Julieta)
  • [Daily Mission] Daily Boss Mission Clear!
    (Clear all Boss Julieta daily missions in a day)

Weekly Missions

(Resets every Thursday at midnight server time)

  • [Weekly Mission] Boss Battle Participation!
    (Enter Julieta 14 times in a week)
    • Reward: Setup 2x Boss Julieta Reward per Round Bonus Ticket.png Boss Julieta Additional Entry Ticket x 1
  • [Weekly Mission] 7th Time's a Charm!
    (Eliminate Julieta 7 times in a week)
    • Reward: Use MONAD Mission Stamp.png MONAD Daily Mission Stamp x 1
  • [Weekly Mission] Death to the Jellyrashes!
    (Eliminate 300 Jellyrashes in a week)
    • Reward: Use MONAD Mission Stamp.png MONAD Weekly Mission Stamp x 1
  • [Weekly Mission] Daily Boss Clear 3 Times!
    (Complete [Daily Mission] Daily Boss Mission Clear! 3 times in one week.)
  • [Weekly Mission] Weekly Missions All Clear!
    (Clear all Boss Julieta weekly missions in a week)

Achievement Missions

(Can be completed once each)


  • [Achievement Mission] Sing Along!
    (Listen to Hawalu's song 10 times)
  • [Achievement Mission] Shrelephant Rider!
    (Escape on the Shrelephant without getting hit at all)
  • [Achievement Mission] Thief of the Forest!
    (Visit the Eyeful's Treasure Trove at least 2 times)
  • [Achievement Mission] Abrup Sweet Abrup
    (Clear all Scenario missions)

Original Soundtrack

MapleStory OST: MONAD



  • At the end of Act 3, the cutscene revealed that the characters in the Monad Blockbuster has linkage to almost all MapleStory Overseas contents so far, such as Masteria Through Time and the Sengoku storyline.
  • The word "Monad", in Philosophy, is a term meaning "unit" used by philosophers to signify a variety of entities from a genus to God
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